Cop notices the girl he sees every day is missing, so instinct takes over

Have you always wanted to help others? Do you want to make a difference in the world? If your answer is yes, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous careers out there that will let you do just that. You could help cure the injured as a doctor or a nurse, you could fight homelessness in your city as a shelter volunteer, or you could even keep your streets safe by becoming a police officer. With a whopping 421,459 police officers in the United States in 2016 alone, it’s fair to say that the country is already well protected from criminals and crime – but there’s always room for more! Of course, getting onto the police force is no easy feat, and you will need to pass numerous tests and exams before you can become part of the police academy, but it’s so worth it in the end.

However, if you’re just looking to roll around in your police car with your siren on full blast and carry a weapon on you at all times, this might not be the job for you. That’s because the job of a police officer is so much more than that. You need compassion, you need passion, and you need to have a drive to help people. Yes, the job of any police officer is to be vigilant at all times of the day, and not just for those who might have a penchant for crime. Instead, police officers need to be attentive to those who are simply going about their business.

They need to make sure routine stays within their town because those who stray from routine are normally the ones who have something to hide. It’s easy to do this because each town ticks around in a full circle each day. The same people drive the same way to work every morning, the kids finish school at the same time, and the same people use the fading light to sit on their porch and read their books before going to bed. Cops and law enforcement officers take note of these little routines and look out for any inaccuracies. That’s how one cop knew something wasn’t right because the same girl he saw every single day was missing, and that just wasn’t like her…

Here to protect and serve

If you’ve always wanted to help others and serve your country, you might want to consider a career in law enforcement. Not only do you get to lock away criminals and make the streets a safer place for your children, but you also get to look after those who are nearest and dearest to you in your town or city. You learn the little quirks of each person and each street. Because of this, it’s easy for cops to notice when something was amiss – like when a girl one cop sees every day mysteriously disappears.

However, to truly understand the bizarre nature of this story, we have to learn a little more about the girl in question. Who is she? Where is she from? Why did she disappear? Was there foul play involved? These are all of the kinds of questions that go through the minds of police officers on a daily basis, and one cop knew that he had to get involved when Klynn Scales went missing in the 1990s. The young girl lived in the bustling city of Kansas City, Missouri, when she was younger. She shared her home with her two brothers and her single mom, and from the outside, their lives were perfect. Unfortunately, the police officer soon came face to face with the knowledge that Klynn’s life was far from perfect.

Although Kansas City was an up-and-coming neighborhood full of affluent people and businesspeople during this time, Klynn and her family didn’t live in the epicenter of this city. Instead, they lived on the outskirts of the city, in a neighborhood that was far from ideal. The neighborhood was not the kind of place where kids could simply roam around and play in the streets, because it was incredibly dangerous. The whole area was full of poverty, crime, and a whole host of narcotics. Yet, that wasn’t even the start of their troubles…

A struggle to get by

Because Klynn and her brothers were raised by a single mom, they had little money to their name. Their mom often didn’t have money to pay their rent or pay their bills, and they didn’t have the chance to play with toys or go for days out like other children they knew. This meant that Klynn lived a very sheltered and simple childhood, but there was one thing that always cheered her up. Every single day, Klynn would make her way to the side of the road and wave to one of the many police officers in her neighborhood.

As each day passed and Klynn made her way to the side of the road to wave to the passing police officer, it became part of both of their routines. The police were more than happy to oblige a little girl’s request and give her a wave and a smile, and Klynn was happy to see someone smile at her every day. The police officer soon became an important figure in her life. She knew that he would turn up on time, she knew that he would always be happy, and she knew him as a stable male role model – something she had lacked in her life.

The waving ritual also became a routine for the police officer. He would drive by her house and check out the local area and would wave to Klynn every day as he went past. In his eyes, she was just a happy child who wanted to make friends, but what he didn’t realize was that there was so much more to the child than he thought. In fact, he was completely oblivious to what was going on behind closed doors, and he had no idea that Klynn and her brothers would often have to steal from a local store to get food.

Knew it was wrong

Although Klynn and her brothers knew that what they were doing was wrong and illegal, they didn’t have any other choice. Their mom was not feeding them, and they didn’t have any money to buy any themselves. If they wanted to survive, they needed to steal. Of course, the police officer didn’t know what these kids were doing – but he was instantly suspicious when Klynn didn’t stand by the side of the road and wave to him as he passed by one day. He knew he something wasn’t right, so he used his instinct to make his next move.

The cop could tell that something was fishy about the situation at hand. Although Klynn might have been busy, he wanted to make sure that she and her brothers were okay – and it’s a good thing he did. When the cop made his way out of his car and up to Klynn’s house, he knew that something sinister was going on. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He knocked louder, but there was still no answer. So, he opened the door and walked in, and didn’t expect to see the horrific sight that greeted him on the floor…

As the cop looked down by his feet, he saw that Klynn was lying on the floor. He could tell that she wasn’t asleep, because her eyes were wide open and she looked incredibly sick. She looked just like a bag of skin and bones, and she was shaking. Luckily, she was still alive. When Klynn noticed the cop above her, her eyes widened in shock. She couldn’t believe that someone had found her! Because she was struggling to breathe, the cop immediately picked her up and took her to the hospital.

A diagnosis

The cop stayed with Klynn while she was at the hospital because he wanted to make sure that she was okay and was going to make a full recovery. It was then that they received a diagnosis; Klynn had severe malnourishment. She had not eaten a proper meal in months and was feeling the full effects of this. If the cop hadn’t found her, she could have passed away. Although the cop tried to stay humble, Klynn wanted him to know that he had saved her life and that she would be forever thankful.

Even though twenty years had passed since the police officer had saved her from her malnourishment and neglect, Klynn had not forgotten about what the cop had done for her. She constantly thought about the man and what he was up to, and she couldn’t help but think that she owed him something. She knew that she couldn’t just sit by and think about him for the rest of her life, so decided to do something about it. She made it her mission to track the cop down and repay the favor for saving her life.

Although she was determined to track down her savior, Klynn soon realized that there was a problem with her plan. She had spent months waving to the police officer, and he had even saved her life, but she had no idea what his name was! All she knew was that he worked for the Kansas City Police Department, so decided to start her digging there. She found their Facebook page and looked through all of the photos to see if she could spot the man who had changed her life two decades ago. Could she find him?

Getting into contact

Sadly, Klynn couldn’t find the man who looked like her savior on the Facebook page – but she wasn’t going to give up. She messaged another police officer on the social media platform and explained her situation. She described the cop who had saved her life, and she asked if the officer knew of his name. It was then that the officer sent an email to a man by the name of Sergeant Jeff Colvin, who seemed to match that description perfectly. By this time, Klynn was getting even more hopeful.

As Sergeant Jeff Colvin heard of the story, bells started ringing in his mind. He was the police officer! He could remember so clearly the events of that day, and not a day had gone by that he hadn’t thought of the young girl that he had saved from her home. With a name and contact details in his possession, Jeff decided to reach out to Klynn and ask how she was doing. After they chatted for a while, the pair thought it would be best to meet in person. Klynn wanted to thank him face to face.

Sergeant Colvin was over the moon to meet Klynn in the flesh. After all, the last time he had seen her she was in a hospital suffering from malnourishment! The heartfelt thank you that Klynn displayed struck him, and he couldn’t help but show his emotions. He was so glad that he had managed to change the life of one person, as that’s all he wanted to do in his life. He joined the police force on the off-chance that he could do just that, and this experience made it clear to him that he had chosen the right career path.

Turning her life around

Klynn also took their meeting as an opportunity to update her savior on her new life. Sitting in that hospital bed was a huge wake-up call for Klynn when she was a child, and she knew that she had to make changes in her life. So, she spent the next two decades turning her life around, removing herself from toxic people, and focusing on herself. She even had dreams of being a cop herself and was studying at the Houston police academy in the hope that she would pass her training.

However, it seems as though a personal thank you was not enough for Klynn. She wanted the whole world to know what one man had done years ago, and how selfless one of the police officers for the Kansas City Missouri Police Department had been. He had changed her life, and everyone needed to know about her story. To do this, she once again took to Facebook. This time, she wrote a public post that explained her story and thanked the hero of her life for all that he had done to help her.

In this post, Kylnn noted that Sergeant Jeff Colvin was not just a police officer. He was a hero, and he was her guardian angel. He saved her when she was at her lowest point, and she helped him turn her life around. She even put this notion on a bracelet that she wears every single day! She also used the Facebook post to talk directly to those who worked as police officers and wanted them to know that everything they do, whether big or small, can have a huge impact on others.

Inspiring the world

Before too long, Klynn’s Facebook post gained traction, and more and more people logged on to read her incredible story. They were sympathetic towards her tough upbringing, and they were amazed that a police officer would go out of his way to check out something that just didn’t seem right. People across the world were able to read this story, and it inspired them to share their own stories. The more people liked and shared her page, the more the world got to thank their own heroes.

There’s no denying the fact that Klynn’s story is an incredible one. While she spent her early life waving at a police officer to give her a hint of happiness, she had no idea how this small action would actually save her life. Before too long, she realized that the police officers in her town were much more compassionate and observant than she thought because one particular officer could tell that she was in trouble. Once this cop’s instinct hit in, he did everything he could to try and save her.

Fulfilling her dream

Oh and by the way, in case you were wondering whether or not Klynn ended up becoming a fully fledged officer, the answer is yes. After years of dreaming, months upon months of training and hard work, Klynn was finally accepted as a member of the force. To fully display her joy at this accomplishment, she posted an entire monologue on Facebook regarding how happy and grateful she was, stating that “dreams do come true.”

But perhaps the most beautiful thing about her post was the way she brought her savior, Sergeant Jeff Colvin, into the mix. In regards to her graduation event from Police Academy, she acknowledged that it wasn’t going to be only her day, but his day as well. In addition, she said that she was “one step closer” to pinning her badge to her uniform. Now that right there is some true loyalty. And after knowing what Jeff did for her, can you blame her?

But it wasn’t just enough for these two to appreciate one another from afar. Even though Jeff Colvin didn’t live Houston, he flew all the way there just to be there for Klynn’s graduation from Police Academy. There really aren’t any words to describe the beauty of this story. It’s almost poetic, the way he saved her when he was a cop, and that in turn inspired her to one day become a cop. The cherry on top is him being here for this momentous occasion.


Klynn has certainly learned a lot about life over the years. Throughout the rough hardships she endured as a child, along with pushing herself to make a positive change as she grew older, there is no doubt that she built herself into a mountain of a woman. But there’s another thing about her that we haven’t mentioned, and that is that she’s a mother. As you can see in this picture, she has two beautiful children, one girl and one boy.

As you can see, she treats them well and loves them with all of her heart. It seems to be the case that she may be doing exactly the opposite than what was done for her. As we already acknowledged, she was malnourished as a child, and it led to her almost dying. As we see her and her kids going out for pizza, we feel satisfied knowing that Klynn would never treat her children in the same manner that she was treated – no matter how hard it gets.

There is another interesting parallel here. This is, of course, the fact that she seems to be a single mom. If you go to her Facebook, there isn’t one picture that may indicate that she’s married. In a picture with just her and her two kids, a friend commented, “What a nice family,” giving us a hint that she’s raising these kids on her own. In a strange way, she is having to deal with similar hardships that her own mother did – but she seems to be dealing with it a lot differently.

Token of gratitude

Why do you think people do good deeds? Do you think it’s because they are trying to get rewarded? Do you think it’s because they actually feel like it’s the right thing to do? We’d like to think that in general, people do good deeds because they know deep down in their heart that it’s the right thing to do, and any rewards they might get later are just a byproduct. Of course, when those rewards end up coming in, it can still be an emotional time.

Getting rewarded for doing something of value can come in many forms. It can come in the form of something tangible – like a object, such as a trophy or a gold medal. But it can also come in the intangible things, such as love and gratitude. We have no doubt in our minds that the biggest reward Klynn could possibly give Jeff is her lifelong gratitude and appreciation. But sometimes, people like to go above and beyond – and that’s what she did.

In order to truly cement in Jeff’s head how much he meant to her, Klynn got herself a bracelet which was embossed on it the following words: “Sgt. Jeff Colvin, A True Hero.” In addition, the metal bracelet had his badge number, 542, on it, along with the year that he saved her life, which was 1998. The bracelet serves as a symbol of Klynn’s gratitude towards Jeff, and we’re sure that it means a whole lot to him that she wears it.

Family man

It seems like Klynn is following in the footsteps of Jeff in more ways that one. We explained how she became a police officer just like he did, and we also talked about how she has two wonderful children. But it turns out that Jeff, too, has his own share of children. Here’s a picture of Jeff and his wife Vanessa, horsing around with their sweet young daughter. It’s a picture that exudes happiness, and we’re getting emotional tingles just looking at it.

Some people just have a good nature about them. The more you go through life, the more you realize that traits such as these are not easy to come by. When you find someone like that, you make sure that you hold on to them. It seems that that’s what Vanessa did when she found Jeff, sealing the deal and marrying him happily. And when they had their child, it seems apparent that they knew they would never let go, as this picture would thematically reflect on.

Having a good nature is certainly something to be proud of, but there are other elements that we should strive for as well. In order to be a family man, as well as an effective police officer, we need to constantly be aware of our surroundings. We need to be vigilant about our locations, our family, and our friends. In other words, it’s good to be kind, but we also must have a certain roughness that allows us to protect the people we love.

A devastating hardship

Sergeant Jeff Colvin is a man who has gone through his share of trials. On the Facebook page of his wife Vanessa, she posted a picture of a little boy with blonde hair, riding around on a toy bike. But while the picture itself is a wonderful one, the comments underneath shed light on a tragic story that no one should have to live. The comments read, “Happy Birthday Seth,” and “he would have been 9 today,” hinting at the sad truth of this particular episode.

But beyond any reasonable doubt, the comment that reads “rest in peace” makes it clear that this sweet young little boy is no longer with his family in the physical world. We aren’t one hundred percent certain that he’s the son of Jeff Colvin, but when you consider that this picture was posted as the cover photo on his wife’s Facebook page, it certainly makes us wonder if it is. If Seth was indeed his son, it adds a whole new layer to the man he is.

We don’t mean to say that everything about Jeff revolves around the unfortunate death of a boy who may have been his son, but it certainly shows us more about the kind of things he’s been through. It shows us the kind of character that he has, especially when we’ve already shown you the joy in his face as he laughs with his wife and daughter. This is a man who knows what he has, and more importantly – knows all he has to lose.

Trusting your gut

At the end of the day, life is all about intuition. Malcolm Gladwell, a famous author of the modern age, wrote a book called Blink about this exact idea. The premise of the book predicated around the idea that sometimes, a split second decision can be much more valuable than the kind you might make after hours, days, or even months of deliberation. He talks about the idea that a “thin slice” of a situation is sometimes all you need to know everything about it.

Gladwell understands that this isn’t always the case. He knows that there is certainly a lot of value in research, analytics, and making sure that all options have been accounted for before proceeding to make a choice. But he also understands that sometimes in life, time is a luxury that we simply don’t have. Sometimes we must pounce on the moment that faces us. Sometimes we have no choice but to act without thinking, and trust our heart to guide us the right way.

Such was the case with Jeff Colvin in our story. The fact of the matter is, he had no time to think about anything when he walked by Klynn’s house that fateful day 20 years ago. It was just a feeling of intuition. It was a “blink” moment, where he just knew that he had to investigate the situation. As we all know now, trusting his gut not only paid off for him, but it paid off for Klynn, who went to have two children and become a police officer just like her hero.