27 secret confessions from policemen and women

Police officers of both genders have their own secrets, confessions, and tricks in the trade that they don’t always share with the general public. A lot of the time, expressing the good and bad of their job description can be difficult to do with a civilian and the private interactions and boundaries that occur within members of law enforcement are exactly that – private. If you’ve ever been curious as to what cops don’t tell us or prefer to keep mum about, then you’ve stumbled across the right list that’s gonna clue you in on the juiciest policemen and women confessions to date.

Speeding tickets are their least concern

Speeding tickets are one of the last things cops worry about when they’re on the clock. Sure, they’ll always pull someone over if they’re caught going above the limit red-handed but there are external circumstances that will derail their call of duty. If the roads are too crowded and traffic is a problem, they’ll probably let you slide by with the extra 5 miles you’re driving at.


They love happy drunks

A police officer’s favorite civilian to cross paths with is almost always a ‘happy drunk.’ The happy ones usually just want to have a good time, pass around compliments like it’s their job to make people feel good, and most importantly, they treat cops with kindness. I think we can all agree a happy drunk is the right type of patron to run into when you’re feeling a bit down.

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They use body cams for their protection

Police officers find cams of all kinds to be a necessary evil when they’re patrolling and have to make an arrest. These include dashboard cams and mirror cams but it’s the body cameras that give them actual insurance. The body cams are strictly for their protection and not to use in a court of law against you.


They love watching crime shows

Crime and cop shows are literally the exact opposite of an accurate depiction of law enforcement life. Cases are not solved in under an hour and you’d be surprised how hard it is to actually get a decent fingerprint to test. However, cops love watching these shows, anyway. Even if they do give civilians the wrong impression.


They’re suspicious of tinted windows

In some states, having your windows tinted past a certain point is illegal and there’s a good reason for that. Most police officers are automatically suspicious and even a bit wary when they need to approach a car with blacked-out windows. Why? Because they never know what’s going on inside of the car and if they should be prepared with their own weapon or not.


They race their patrol cars

During the graveyard shift, it’s not uncommon for cops to find a safe space of desolate road to race their patrol cars on. We kind of can’t blame them, though. If we had cars that matched the prototypes of the Fast and Furious franchise we’d want to get a good spin around town in those babies, too!


They’re more generous on Christmas

Most cops won’t let you in on this special little secret, so listen up closely while you have the chance – On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, police officers are usually feeling extra generous and won’t ticket you if they have to pull you over. Instead, they’ll let you off with a warning and wish you a ‘Happy holiday.’


They hate breaking up house parties

The truth is that most cops absolutely hate breaking house parties. When they were young, they got to enjoy themselves and have a little bit of fun, too; even if it was sort of illegal at the time. What they really care about is that you make good decisions and always have a designated driver. Thinking smart and being responsible is what any police officers expects and respects.

Nighttime alarms scare them, too

When an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, police officers are just as frightened for the reason as you are. During the evening hours, more criminal activity is likely to occur and you never know what you’re going to find in the dark. It’s much spookier having to check out a break in around midnight than it is at noon in the middle of the day.


They have a hard time dating

For a female police officer, it’s difficult being in a new relationship because her role in law enforcement motivates the man to let her become the primary protector. For male police officers, they have a tendency of scaring off women who are intimidating by their authority. Either way, dating as a police-person is hard to succeed at.

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They use their sirens for fun

This is another one we really can’t blame them for. Once in a while, when policemen and women are feeling extra feisty, they’ll enjoy the number 1 of their job and turn on the sirens for fun. They aren’t necessarily doing it to scare anyone or pull a driver over. They also just happen to think the siren is really cool.


Their uniforms are really uncomfortable

This one goes out to all the lady officers, out there. Police uniforms aren’t as comfortable as they appear. Oh, who are we kidding? Those uniforms don’t look comfy at all. For women officers, it’s especially uncomfortable because of a female’s figure and form. They still make it look good, though.


They avoid ticketing senior citizens

Most police officers, whether they’re male or female, really don’t like ticketing drivers that are old enough to be a grandparent. Usually, they aren’t intentionally breaking the law and at the time, it’s nice to give senior citizens a break. Especially, when they get enough flack for being behind the wheel in the first place at their age.


They’ll accept small bribes

Any cop who does their job on the straight and narrow doesn’t actually accept bribes of any nature but on the rare occasion, they’ll make a deal with a cute kid who wants to help their parents out. These bribes are usually something harmless like a tootsie roll for a warning. Monetary bribes are a whole other story.


They perform background checks before a date

You bet your bottom that cop you’re going out with tonight checked you out! In all honesty, the police officer who performed a background check on you after agreeing to a date probably only did so because he or she was curious and could. They probably wouldn’t want to date you if they thought you were a real criminal.


They take their work home with them

The hardest part about being a police officer is not being able to sleep at night after seeing something unpleasant or heartbreaking. Finding bodies, bringing children to hospitals, and breaking up domestic disputes follow cops home with them at the end of the day. Sometimes, these traumatic memories carry over into other cases and it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good.


They pull other cops over

If one police officer sees another police officer doing something illegal, they’ll definitely pull them over or report them to their superior. Comradery is a favorable trait when you work in law enforcement but so is honesty. All police officers are equal under the law and should be behaving as such.


They don’t always love using their weapon

Carrying a gun comes with a lot of baggage and more often than not, police officers hesitate whether they should shoot their gun. Taking the life of another person comes with serious psychological or emotional repercussions and they don’t like being put in that position. To an officer, firing your weapon in the line of duty isn’t exactly a cup of tea or what they want.


They’re investigated frequently

The average civilian would be surprised at how many filed complaints local law enforcement receives following an arrest or street incident. When this happen, internal affairs launches an investigation almost immediately. It doesn’t matter how major or minor the report is, every cop on the case gets checked out and questioned to make sure no funny business is going on.


They can tell if you’ve been drinking

Don’t bother telling the cop that just pulled you over that you only had ‘one beer’ tonight at dinner. First of all, police officers are trained when it comes to driving under the influence and casing a suspect when they need to. Second, of all, a number of adult beverages you had that night are probably written all over your face, anyway. Just save every the time, trouble, and danger and call a cab.


They do like donuts and so what?

It’s usually assumed that all police officers love donuts and you know what? They most certainly do! It’s not because they work in law enforcement, though. It’s because donuts are freaking delicious and literally everyone in the world loves a good, tasty donut; we don’t care who you are.


They hate mobile technology

Police officers don’t understand why today’s youth takes out their phones to record something illegal happening in public. What they should be doing is helping out instead of being concerned about uploading their next ‘viral’ video. This one is just common sense, people.


They don’t see color before they pull you over

This confession is in no way meant to pry at political opinions; it’s just a fact. Most of the time, an officer who is pulling you over didn’t see who the driver was behind the wheel because they were too busy looking at your speed on their radar gun, the stop sign you just rolled, or your license plate number. At night, it’s especially unlikely they could even make out your gender (especially if you have tinted windows).


They get bored in court

Going back to the whole crime show thing, cops don’t understand how a civilian could believe that courtroom cases and trials are that interesting. In reality, officers get truly bored when they have to be in court. Nothing that exciting usually happens unless it’s a televised, national case. Out on the streets is where the real action happens.


They love calls about animals

Sometimes dealing with handfuls of people can be tedious and redundant. When a police officer gets a call regarding a wild animal it’s usually a breath of fresh air. Not because they’re going to get a cuddle out of the deal but because it’ll be something new and interesting that they haven’t encountered yet. Plus, they’ll probably get to save an animal’s life and that’s always awesome.


They escort women home late at night

Any decent police officer, male or female, prefers to escort a solo woman home if they see her out in the middle of night. It’s a scary world out there, as much as it pains us to admit it, but it just helps an officer sleep at night knowing that they helped a woman get home safely instead of allowing her to walk home in the dark.

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Badge bunnies’ are a thing

The term ‘badge bunnies’ refers to cop groupies or those who hit on an officer because of a fetish they have. Believe it or not, these bunnies are real. Apparently, the cops who get hit on more than not or usually male and happen to be buff. It doesn’t mean they give in to the pressure of their groupie love, though.


They like driving really, really fast

In case none of you have noticed before, police officers enjoy driving fast when they’re given the opportunity to do so. In fact, one of the key reasons many officers went through the training, graduated, and signed up for the gig is so they break it down on the roads! Maybe they even like high-speed car chases a little bit.

They hide to catch you speeding

Speed traps can really grind your gears, especially if you get caught in one of them. Traffic cops don’t see anything wrong with hiding behind a billboard or a solid fence with their radar gun to catch you going faster than you should on the roads. Speeding is dangerous, so hey, us drivers shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Whether or not there are sneaky officers hiding in the bushes and watching.


They like ticketing Ferraris

Police officers have their guilty pleasures, too. They enjoy ticketing Ferraris and other fast, luxury cars because, well, who wouldn’t? It’s really all just fun and games but sometimes it can be amusing to cops when they catch a fast car trying to get away with things that other cars can’t.

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