Celebrity endorsement deals you need to see to believe

Let’s admit it. When we see our favorite, most influential celebrities promoting a new or updated product, it motives us to at least want to purchase it. Advertising companies and big name brands know exactly what they’re doing when they show off the beauty of Julia Roberts and the charisma that comes along with Ellen DeGeneres. We’re total suckers for the faces of these endorsement deals and after seeing how much our favorite celebrities get paid, we certainly understand why they sign on the dotted line.

Beyonce Knowles: Pepsi – $50 Million

Beyonce locked down an exclusive endorsement deal with Pepsi-Cola back in 2012 for $50 million. The Lemonade songstress has received critical backlash as of late for affiliation with the beverage, due to its unhealthy ingredients and excessive sugar use. Queen Bey doesn’t seem to be backing out of the deal anytime soon, though. In exchange for spokesman-ship, Beyonce receives Pepsi sponsorship for each creative project she releases.


Angelina Jolie: Louis Vuitton – $10 Million

Angelina Jolie signed an endorsement deal with Louis Vuitton in 2011, which is a rarity for the humanitarian and award-winning actress. She was reportedly paid an estimate of $10 million, a large faction which she quickly donated to charitable causes.


George Clooney: Nespresso – $60 Million

In 2005, George Clooney signed on as the international spokesperson for Nespresso coffee company and has reportedly been making $5 million a year since. Today, the veteran actor has raked in about $60 million from his 12-year endorsement deal and recently made his first domestic appearance as the brand’s face in the history of the contract.


Nicole Kidman: Chanel – $56 Million

A beautiful face for a beautiful brand. Nicole Kidman has been the spokesperson for Chanel #5 since 2003, cashing an annual check of $4 million from the fragrance line. By 2017, Kidman has an estimated $56 million and without a doubt, has steadily contributed to the rise of #5 fragrance sales over the last decade.


Kim Kardashian: Glu Mobile – $43 Million

Kim Kardashian cashed in on her family’s imminent fame in 2014 when Glu Mobile recognized the clan’s influence on pop culture media and entertainment. Kim signed an endorsement deal with Glu Mobile for $43 million and used her business talents wisely to ensure a massive payday not just when the app launched, but as it continued to profit for the following 3 years.


Charlize Theron: Dior – $55 Million

Charlize Theron signed on as the Dior spokesperson in 2003 for $3 million a year. By 2016, the Oscar winner made $55 million as the face Dior J’Adore fragrance but soon made the mistake of entangling her business attachments together. After signing an endorsement deal with Swiss watch company Raymond Weil Genève, she wore a Dior watch to a domestic charity event and was sued by her new employers for not wearing their product instead.


50 Cent: Vitamin Water – $100 Million

50 Cent’s endorsement deal with Glaceau Vitamin Water literally fell into his lap. After being photographed drinking the beverage in public, the water company approached the rapper to create and brand a new flavor after him – Formula 50. Not long after, Coco-Cola bought Glaceau out and 50 Cent was granted with $100 million due to the exchange in ownership.


Usain Bolt: Puma – $30 Million

Usain Bolt has been collecting endorsement deals since 2003 but it wasn’t until 2013 that he was approached by his biggest profit-maker yet – Puma. The gold medalist has been making $10 million a year since signing with Puma and even after he retires, he’ll be guaranteed an annual $4 million as long as he continues to promote the sneaker company.


Catherine Zeta-Jones: T-Mobile – $20 Million

T-Mobile threw Catherine Zeta-Jones for a loop in 2005. Initially, they offered the Welsh beauty $20 million to endorse their cell phone service and by 2006, they had a sudden change of heart. By 2009, they were asking Zeta-Jones to come back and she replaced her replacement from a few years earlier.


Cristiano Ronaldo – $32 Million per year

Christiano Ronaldo’s $32 million per year pay-off is a result of multiple endorsement deals. Besides his personal underwear and t-shirt line, he’s currently signed with big name brands such as Nike, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, and Monster Headphones. It must be nice being one of the top 2 players in the international soccer league.


Britney Spears: Pepsi – $8 Million

Britney Spears was the face of Pepsi from 2001 until 2010, putting out some of the most infamous soft drink ads (and Superbowl commercials) the advertising world has ever seen. When she initially signed the endorsement deal, she was offered $8 million for dance moves and that perfect 1950’s wink.


Novak Djokovic – $31 Million per year

Novak Djokovic is quickly making a name for himself as the tennis world’s top player but until that time comes, he’s just going to reap the benefits of the endorsement deals that are rolling in. Since he made waves on the court in 2011, he’s signed on with multiple high-profile brands including Adidas, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Uniqlo, Seiko, and Jacob’s Creek Winery. By 2017, he’s made about $31 million.


Ellen DeGeneres – $75 Million

Is anyone surprised that Ellen DeGeneres is just as profitable to others as she is to herself? No? We didn’t think so. The daytime talk show host has made $75 million since 2010, just from endorsement deals alone. American Express, Covergirl, and Glaceau Vitamin Water are a few of the notable names she has lent her perfect, smiling face to.


Ashton Kutcher: Lenovo – $10 Million

When Kutcher signed on to represent Lenovo in 2013, he literally dived into the company and his work. Sure, the Punk’d host was paid handsomely, with $10 million to be exact, but he also jumped on board as the product engineer for the tech company. There’s a little Steve Jobs in him, after all.


Robert Downey Jr: HTC – $12 Million

We don’t care if he is becoming one of the most mainstream spokespeople in media, Robert Downey Jr. is still the coolest actor we’ve ever seen on the big screen. In 2013, the Iron Man star signed an endorsement deal with HTC for $12 million and all he had to do was show up in some commercials and print ads. In the past, Downey Jr. has also endorsed Apple and Nissan.


Jessica Simpson: Weight Watchers – $4 Million

Jessica Simpson signed up for Weight Watchers Family following the birth of her first daughter, Maxwell, and at the same time, she made $12 million as the weight loss company’s spokesmodel. Jessica was the perfect representative for the Weight Watchers demographic – beautiful, bold, and totally relatable.


Tom Brady – $7 Million per year

Tom Brady isn’t just one of the NFL’s favorite quarterbacks, he’s a sought-after spokesperson for pretty much every sports company in existence. The New England Patriot makes an estimated $7 million per year as the representative of brands like Under Armour, Ugg, Movado, and Tag Heuer. He’s allegedly quite picky when choosing which endorsement deals to sign but we don’t necessarily think he needs to be.


Justin Timberlake: McDonald’s – $6 Million

Believe it or not, Justin Timberlake once endorsed McDonald’s before going solo and well, becoming one the greatest entertainers in the modern industry. In 2003, Justin agreed to a $6 million endorsement deal that still haunts him today. In the fast food chain’s commercials, you can still hear the jingle “I’m Lovin’ It” in the SexyBack singer’s unique, yet highly lucrative, voice.


Brad Pitt: Chanel – $7 Million

In 2012, Chanel finally chose their first male representative for Chanel #5 -Brad Pitt, obviously. For the deal, Brad was offered $7 million and was obligated to appear in a series of black and white commercials directed by Joe Wright, the creative artist behind Pride & Prejudice.


Lionel Messi – $22 Million per year

The direct rival of Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, has an impressive list of endorsement deals of his own. The Barcelona player promotes bands like Adidas, EA Sports, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, and Pepsi (isn’t that gig exclusively reserved for Beyonce?). Annually, Messi cashes a cumulative check $22 million for his product endorsements.


Venus Williams: Reebok – $40 Million

Following Venus Williams’ wins at the US Open and Wimbledon, she was signed to a 5-year contract with Reebok that guaranteed the tennis star $40 million. Venus hasn’t been the face of the sneaker brand since 2005, but she’s kept busy regardless of that one endorsement deal.


Julia Roberts: Lancome – $50 Million

Lancome made the best decision they could for themselves when they signed Julia Roberts for a whopping $50 million in 2010. The Hollywood actress was contractually obligated to promote the cosmetics brand for 5 years and during that half decade, the company made double their usual profit. Good decisions all around, people.


Dale Earnhardt Jr – $9 Million per year

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the indisputable favorite driver in NASCAR and was voted so for 12 consecutive years. The race car driver has a long list of endorsement deals that sum up to an annual payoff of $9 million. He promotes brands such as Chevrolet, eBay, Wrangler, and Nationwide Insurance.


Serena Williams – $40 Million per year

Serena Williams was listed in Forbes Magazine’s list of highest-paid athletes for 2015. The tennis star reportedly makes $40 million thanks to her many, high-profile endorsement deals. In 2013, Serena signed a 5-year contract with Nike and also promotes Wilson, Hewlett-Packard, Beats by Dre, Delta, Chase, and Gatorade.


Tiesto: 7Up – $30 Million

In 2014, Dj Tiesto was offered the largest endorsement deal of his career. 7Up agreed to pay the electronic musician $30 million in exchange for his promotion of the “Live It Up” campaign. He’s currently the richest artist in the dance music genre.


Michael Jordan: Nike – $60 Million per year

Michael Jordan has signed on to endorse multiple big name brands over the years but his most profitable partnership has always been with Nike. When the legend was drafted to the Chicago Bulls in 1984, Nike picked him up as their brand ambassador for $500,000 a year. Today, even in retirement, Michael is earning at least $60 million from Nike royalties alone.


Tiger Woods – $50 Million per year

Tiger Woods may not be so wealthy in his personal life these days but the pro-golfer is still sensationally rich financially. From the combination of his many endorsement deals, he pulls in an estimated $60 million annually. Nike, Rolex, Hero Motorcycles, and MusclePharm are just a few of the brands Tiger promotes.


Taylor Swift: Coca Cola – $26 Million

Taylor Swift was offered an endorsement deal by Coco-Cola in 2014 to promote their Diet Coke beverage. The pop-country singer happily obliged, making a reported $26 million in the process. Taylor’s deal included a series of commercials and print ads.


David Beckham: Adidas – $42 Million

David Beckham can do no wrong. Really, he can’t. In 2003, the retired soccer star agreed to a lifetime endorsement deal with Adidas that guaranteed him $160 million. Beckham didn’t stop at Adidas, though. He still represents brands like H&M, Samsung, and Diet Coke and makes a daily estimate of $55,000.


Maria Sharapova – $20 Million per year

If Maria Sharapova ever decides to retire from tennis, she could easily make it as a supermodel. According to Forbes, the blonde bombshell was one of the highest-paid female athletes in 2015 with endorsement deals that attach her to Evian, Nike, Samsung, Porsche, and Avon. Since 2014, Maria has been making a reported $20 million.