The Best Shows That Are Returning For Another Season This Year

While we’ve just finished the transition between 2016 and 2017, we can probably say that 2016 was a stormy year in the entertainment world but it also was the year that we were introduced to some of the best shows on television or online. There’s nothing like a good binge-watching session of your favorite show (or shows), unless you’re one of those who prefer the anticipation of waiting a whole week for an episode to air. If you’re more like the latter, then you’ll have no problem waiting a few good months for a new season.

You don’t have to be a big TV addict to understand the excitement that lies in knowing that the storyline in the final episode of one season will continue in the upcoming season. However, in some cases, the thrill can easily turn into anxiety if you’re not sure whether your favorite show will be coming back or if the networks will decide to cancel it. As we truly understand the need to know this vital information and the frustration in hearing rumor bits flying around, here are 10 of the best shows that we know will be coming back for another season sometime in 2017. Spoilers Alert!


Stranger things – 2nd Season

While there isn’t an exact release date for the second Netflix hit, it is expected to come back before the summer of 2017. The sci-fi horror online show starring Winona Ryder and many more great talents, was released in 2016 and soon received some critical acclaim due to the great acting, the special atmosphere, the writing and the music. The captivating season 2 will be a direct continuation of the first season, but with some new cast members and will have many of the unresolved questions, answered.


This Is Us – 2nd and 3rd Seasons

NBC’s hit drama, This is Us, is probably the biggest pleasant surprise of 2016 in television. The drama is well crafted and the storyline doesn’t really get more real than that, leaving people feeling more and more connected to the heartfelt characters. The best news are that the show is already scheduled for two more seasons consisting of 36 episodes in total. We can’t wait to see how the story unfolds for the Big Three and their parents, actors Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore.

This Is Us - Season Pilot

Game of Thrones – 7th Season

It wouldn’t be a complete list without the Emmy-winning Games of Thrones. The fantasy drama by HBO is coming back, and as far as we know an eight season is also in the plan for the show’s creators, David Benioff and D.B. Among the new cast, will be Academy Award winner, Jim Broadbent and actor, Joseph Quinn.


Silicon Valley – 4th Season

The tech-themed comedy series will air its fourth season in 2017, and while the fans may not have been so shocked with the way things ended in the previous season (unlike season 1 and 2 finales), they are still excited to see what fail these guys will have to fix next.


Girls – 6th and Final Season

The 6th and final season will be aired on February 12 so get yourself ready for one last outing with Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna. Since the groundbreaking show debuted in 2012, the fans had a chance to grow with the dynamic characters and see how they blossom as women, each in their own way. You can definitely say it’s the end of an era, and by the trailer of the final season, you can say the show will return to its classic roots, but with a twist.

Divorce – 2nd Season

The shady comedy series marked Sarah Jessica Parker’s television revival since HBO’s Sex and the City where she starred in. The show deals, in its own unique way, with some of the most basic issues that many married couples deal with, but in a different tone that we’re not used to from the blonde actress.


American Horror Story – 7th Season

The Harmons are coming back for the seventh time, probably around March 2017.  While we don’t want to give away many of the spoilers, we can say that if you pay close enough attention to the final episode of the sixth season, you could find a few hints that throw some shadow on the upcoming season.