Best gadgets for preserving wine

That first glass of wine on a Friday after you’ve punched out at work is the best feeling in the world. Feeling that delicious, fruity bouquet hit your palate and tantalize your tastebuds is a sensation we dream about all week! If you’re anything like us, you love your vino and want to protect it at all costs! And, that means not screwing the top back on after a few glasses – we’re not savages!

Instead, wine should be preserved properly in order that it retains its delicious flavor for as long as possible. When opening it you need to let it breathe, but, once you’ve had a few glasses, and you decide you’re going to save the rest, you can’t just leave it on the side uncovered. But, at the same time, simply recorking it, or screwing the lid back on, isn’t going to keep it fresh, no matter how much we kid ourselves. With that in mind, here are some of the best gadgets for preserving wine properly – welcome to the revolution!

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This cutting-edge gadget is an absolute must for wine connoisseurs out there and is perfect for anyone wanting to keep their wine as fresh as possible. This is actually a device that comes as part of the double set along with the VinSert. The VinEdge is a spout from which the wine is poured that inserts into the top of the wine. While the VinSert is a plastic bag that goes into the VinEdge and seals off the bottle to prevent oxygen from getting to the wine. It all seems incredibly hi-tech to us, but just know that it absolutely works!

Pump preserver

The pump preserver is like the Holy Grail of wine preserving gadgets. By that we mean it’s the absolute top of the pile when it comes to keeping your pinot noir as fresh and tasty as possible. The kit, by acclaimed company United Wine Savers (we should get shares) comes with 4 rubber bottle stoppers and 1 excellent United Wine Saver pump. The way it works is, you pop a bottle stopper into the top of the win, pull out your trusty pump, place it over the stopper and pump for a few seconds. This creates an airtight seal that perfectly preserves the freshness and flavor of the wine, and the bottle stopper is crazy easy to take off afterward.

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True Spray

True Spray is a concoction by the company Private Preserve and is ideal for those who want something a little less gimmicky. If gadgets really aren’t your thing, but you still want to preserve your wine, this spray is the thing to use. The non-toxic spray is FDA approved and will add a layer of gas above the wine that protects it from going stale until you’re ready to polish it off. You might be a bit skeptical, but remember, this is what they were using to preserve wine before those fancy schmancy gadgets!

These are just some of the awesome gadgets and tools you can use to ensure you have the freshest wine. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you can always offer them fresh, tasty wine anytime they come over. It’s time you started taking your booze more seriously, and this is an excellent way of achieving that with your vino.

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