The benefits of growing a beard

Are you a fan of the clean-shaven look or a man who’s never been able to grow anything more than stubble? Or do you have a beard that you are proud of and you are looking for some beard-spiration? Today we are going to look at some of the obvious benefits and some of the less obvious reasons why having a beard can be beneficial. The rate of hair growth will depend on your climate and lifestyle choices, but it is always possible to get your beard on swag. So why is having a beard so beneficial?

Say goodbye to shaving rash

One of the worst parts of having to shave is the undeniable fact of shaving rash, we have tried everything released from sprays, to wipes to balms and none of them seem to get rid of shaving rash completely. This can damage your skin over time and also be uncomfortable or somewhat embarrassing when doing your daily activities. Imagine having a well-groomed beard; then you would never have to worry about such problems!

Sun protection

Some studies have shown that having a full beard can block out UV rays from the sun by up to 95%! So why go for sun cream when you can do it naturally by letting your beard grow! This option is best for men who want to grow a thick beard or live in hot or warm climates. Doing so means you will decrease your chances of skin cancer by a large chunk.


A beard can help prevent your skin being damaged; let’s face it! None of us want to age prematurely or unnecessarily. Having a beard will help your skin stay hydrated and be less affected by environmental impacts on a daily basis. UV rays, the wind, and many other pollutants can damage skin so beard up and build up your natural defenses against such problems. If you suffer less skin damage, then you are probably going to age much better too!

Strengthen your immunity?

A nice full beard can keep you warm in the colder months or blistering climates, scientists also believe that a beard will keep you from catching a cold as easily as somebody who doesn’t have a beard. Keeping your neck warm allows your body to regulate a warmer temperature, giving you an extra barrier that would have the same effect as wearing a scarf!

Less Allergies

Beards may possess the power to prevent allergies! We thought it sounded too good to be true, but beards can trap pollen, dust and other debris which could strengthen your immune system by being exposed to small amounts of irritants. How cool is that??

Beards are becoming more and more fashionable in the modern world and the ladies seem to love a man with facial hair now, there are so many different designs and looks that you will surely find one that matches your unique style and looks. Grow for it!!