The Bella twins’ most unforgettable Instagram snapshots

Just as you can’t have a hamburger without fries, to truly appreciate celebrity wrestler Nikki Bella, you need to account for her equally talented twin sister, Brie. We aren’t implying that Nikki here is the “hamburger” in this scenario, we were just making a point that these two sisters are inseparable. It’s just about the fact that they are constantly doing things together, and posting all kinds of eye opening pictures of them together. It’s the fact that they truly have so many things in common – beyond just their genetic makeup. And thankfully, they’ve given us a plethora of photos to see for ourselves.

Here’s what we mean when we say that their careers truly are so similar. First off, they are both professional wrestlers. Secondly, they are both members of the Total Divas and Total Bellas brand. Third, they both married fellow prominent wrestlers, John Cena and Daniel Bryan (although we should note that Cena and Nikki recently called their relationship quits). But beyond their career, they have both taken to the world of social media, mainly Instagram, to post all kinds of head turning selfies that have been driving fans wild. If you’re not careful, one of those fans could soon turn out to be you …

Tag team

The bond of two loving sisters stretches into many different aspects of their day to day lives. It goes into their professional careers, throughout rigorous wrestling matches. It exists at family gatherings, as they joke about their extended relatives in hushed tones. And last but not least, it exists in their exciting photo shoots, when it’s arguable to say that that’s when they are at their peak of professionalism. For these two, it’s just another reason to hang out.

Sister sister

In true twin sister form, these two girls truly are alike in so many ways. Nikki is so good at nonchalantly giving her fans exactly what they want, from the “chair” in the wrestling ring, to a simple pose on her Instagram page. Brie is the same way as far as being able to connect with her fanbase, and in the beach photo you see here, it’s obvious that these girls are masters at being able to combine having a good time with provide an entertainment service.


We look at this picture and we’re speechless… Well okay, maybe we’re not actually speechless, but for all intents and purposes, we are. Have you ever seen a person and felt like your night would now be forever changed because you saw them? For the lucky few (or perhaps not so lucky few) that have experienced this magical feeling, they can perhaps understand what we’re feeling as we look at this picture – it’s simply transcendent.

Style change

We already know what you’re thinking… There’s something different about this picture, right? We bet you’re wondering what it is, but have no fear, because we’ll tell you. In many of the Bella twins pictures, they like to dress themselves up in red and black. And as you can see here, they’re wearing silver, to a great effect. These dresses allow us to see the girls in a slightly different light, a less raw and more proper energy.

New York selfie

Ahh, the big apple… What place better than New York for Brie to take a selfie for her loving fans to appreciate. She obviously went with the color red as a vibrantly rich theme here, from her lipstick to her blouse. The aesthetic effect is really quite stunning, but the colors are nothing in comparison to the domineering expression she’s giving the camera. She doesn’t feel like smiling here… her motive is to provide a completely different level of appeal – the kind that takes us for a ride.


Well, hold the phone girls, and give us at least a few seconds to prepare for this one! As we can see here, these girls aren’t just wrestlers – they’re exceptionally talented models as well. We’ve already acknowledged that the girls know how to take selfies, but this is different. This is posing on a professional level, with a photographer who isn’t using a smartphone. They are proving to us time after time again that they know how to deliver quality photos.

Sisterly bonding

You have to admit that there is something really touching about the way these girls connect with each other on screen. It’s cool that they do the kind of things that all sisters do, such as share clothes and have fun dressing up, and invite the rest of the world to partake in their excitement. Indeed, this picture seems to sum up how much they love spending time with one another, because every moment with the other is pretty much heaven the whole way through.


If this picture doesn’t make you want to grab yourself a nice, hot, steaming mug of coffee – we don’t know what picture will. Just look at the way Nikki is holding her drink in her hands, carefully making sure that it doesn’t fall, while still allowing herself to lounge gracefully on the comfortable couch chair that resides beneath her. As we mentioned earlier, this is a girl who knows how to take a memorable picture – can you disagree with that?

Kodak dynamite

Speaking of memorable pictures… it takes two to tango, and Brie is just as good as Nikki when it comes to pulling off Kodak dynamite. It’s a good thing that Instagram exists, because something tells us that otherwise, this picture would never have been so lucky to see the light of day. And as such, we as a people would not have been so fortunate to see it for ourselves. Indeed, it is a time to be grateful, so let us appreciate the goodness that hath been bestowed upon us.

Black on black

Nikki Bella doesn’t mess around when it comes to taking Instagram pictures that captivate her audience. As you can see in this picture, she has the ability to enchant us in many different ways. Let’s start with her outfit: With tight leather pants, a stylishly see through black top, and black nail polish, she seems to be sticking to a tone-on-tone look here. Then you’ve got that daring look she’s giving the camera. It’s a sort of half-serious half-innocent pose that pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as getting through to her fans. You just can’t teach this type of stuff – you’re simply born with it.

Forces to be reckoned with

Sharing a nice cocktail in a high class setting such as the Vintage House in Portugal may or may not have been what the Bella sisters signed up for when they became famous wrestlers, but something tells us that they aren’t too huffed up about it. As they pose for a well arranged selfie, it’s clear that these two girls were made for show business. To be a successful wrestler, you need to have a flair for the dramatic, and the ability to be charismatic in front of a camera. It’s one thing for one girl to have it, but when you’ve got twin sisters that both have the gift – they become a major force to be reckoned with.

Double trouble

And here’s another one of the two of them. Ahh, how beautiful is it when these two get together? It just makes us want to call us our siblings and bond. Isn’t the love that these two Bella sisters have for each other so apparent and contagious? And how about that selfie game? What we have here is something truly unique, because one sister is doing the classic “tongue out” pose, and the other is doing the iconic “kissy face” – the dual effect is pretty adorable.

Premiere selfie

Here’s another one of the two of them together, because we know how much you all love it when we give you the tag team. In this picture, our two lovely girls are celebrating the season the U.K. premiere of their show, Total Bellas. In fact, this selfie was taken exactly one hour before the premiere started, so it makes sense that they were so excited. As you can see, Brie even busted out a cold beverage – champagne, perhaps?

Kitchen snack

How many times a day would you say that you have yourself a little kitchen snack? There’s something about a kitchen that allows us to feel comfortable, and it’s clear that this is how Brie feels right now. It seems like she made herself some sort of smoothie in her blender, and is now reaping the rewards on her kitchen counter. Can someone tell this girl that we’d love to try some too? Please Brie… you wouldn’t hold out on us, would you?

Car selfie

Here’s another mesmerizing photo of Brie. It speaks for itself, and yet we still feel the need to discuss what she’s up to. At its most basic level, what we have here is a standard car selfie… But if this picture is any strong indication, it’s that some are a lot better than others at pulling off an outstanding car selfie. Seriously, she makes us want to buy the car she’s in, and we don’t even know what car it is! And that outfit she’s wearing doesn’t hurt, either…

Lady in red

And we’re back to red… we knew it wouldn’t take that long. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s so unique to them that it never gets old. They’re so good at refreshing the look in all kinds of interesting ways, to the point where we never knew how many different ways we could look at the color red. In this picture, Brie Bella is posing with a couple of peace signs, and a flowery headgear to go well with the background nature setting.

Getting pumped

As you can see, Brie is giving a nice kissy face pose to the camera as she stands by a door that has her own name on it. If you were wondering why the door as her name on it, we’ll explain. She actually appeared on the TBS show Drop The Mic, and this was her getting pumped up for it. No matter how successful or popular you might, it’s always exciting to appear on a show that you’ve never been on before, and that shines through with Brie.


One of Nikki’s favorite poses is the kind when she nonchalantly looks down toward the floor. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it, and something tells us it won’t be the last. At NBC Universal Holiday Party event, it goes without saying that Nikki was probably pretty excited, and got herself inspired to take another one of her iconic Instagram pictures. As usual, she managed to hit the ball out of the park, and no extra innings were necessary.

Stunna glasses

In a previous generation, people that wore glasses didn’t exactly have an easy road in high school. In other words, other kids would tease them. But what this picture is representative of is the time we live in now, where glasses are the furthest thing from uncool – in fact they are a big fashion element of the hipster scene. As you can see here, Brie is using a large pair of glasses as a fashion accessory, and boy, does she pull them off nicely.


Well hello there, Nikki… tell us how you really feel. No, but seriously, Nikki really just doesn’t quit it when it comes to making outrageous statements with her outfits. It’s not that there’s actually anything particularly radical about the outfit she’s wearing. Her light brown leather boots, tight jeans and white top are the type of clothing you see quite often. It’s just that when she wears them, she elevates her accessories to another level.