Believe in yourself – you got this

There is a saying in Hebrew which states “if I am not for myself then who will be for me?” This ancient theme has helped to lead history’s greatest artists, politicians, generals, and business people to succeed above and beyond their wildest imaginations.

The principal in question, to be put in much lighter and easier to understand terms, is simply “believe in yourself.” Without self love and internal strength, nothing will be possible.


In business, if you are not able to sell yourself or your company, no one will believe in your product or your service. They will not see that you have confidence in your product, and they will not see any reason to invest resources into you. If you are a politician, especially in a democratic country, if you do not believe in yourself nor your message, no one will, and you will not get elected.

Why don’t you believe?

A big part of believing in yourself means that you take responsibility for your actions. It does not mean, however, that you become a martyr. Martyrdom, for all intents and purposes, perpetuates a victim style mentality, a mentality which says that you can not do anything because someone or something is always keeping you down.


While this may be the case in certain examples, in many, this mentality is developed because they are unwilling to admit when they are wrong, and constantly want to find a reason not to believe in themselves or in others.

Jumping into the deep end

One of the best ways to start believing in yourself is by doing something you never thought you could do. It means going out on a limb and trying to do something. Perhaps it is swimming a long distance, training yourself to run in a marathon, or even just the simple act of proposing a new idea at a meeting.


The thing is, you may fail. In fact, if you almost never try anything new, there is a very good chance that you will fail. But this failure is part of the process of gaining self esteem and believing in yourself. You will be able to see how you failed and adjust for the next time. Additionally, you will feel better about yourself for having simply tried.

One of the most fundamental things about humanity is that we are always changing. Think about how much you have changed from elementary school to college, and from college beyond.


If you always viewed yourself as a shy, innocent person who never wants to rock the boat, that is just fine. There are plenty of people like that. However, you must realize that you are the only person who can defend yourself at the end of the day. You are the one who must finally say “enough” when it becomes such. You are the only person who can say “no matter what, I have my back.”

It is a tough, harsh, cold world out there. But as long as you keep your head up and continue to live for yourself so that you can impress yourself in order to believe in yourself, that is all that matters.