How to become an aspiring writer

It’s important to have dreams and aspirations, and many people out there do. The thing is, a lot of people like to be creative, and harbor aspirations of creative careers, much like writing. The difficulty is that these sorts of careers, and the preparation for them, are not the kind of thing that’s usually covered in school or university. For the most part, your teachers will try to point you in the direction of something a little more, well… stable.

So, how are you meant to gain experience and become an aspiring writer if you aren’t getting coverage in school? Well, there are plenty of things you can do yourself if you are serious about becoming an aspiring writer. These are some of the best tips and ideas that will help to improve your skills and increase your chances of becoming a working writer.

Write every day

The first and most important thing to remember is that you have to write every day. Writers write, it’s what they do, and, by writing every day, you will make sure you develop and improve into a much better writer. You have to keep up with it and make sure you take the time to do at least a bit of writing every day. If you miss a day, it will get easy to miss subsequent days, and you will wind up putting it off. Make sure you are dedicated and that you have a plan in place to help you write every day.


Find your voice

It’s really important to find your voice as an aspiring writer, so you develop your own unique style. It’s so easy to come across as derivative and to wind up copying what you have already read and seen before. This is the worst thing you can possibly do as it ruins your credibility. Take inspiration from your icons and writing heroes, and make sure you learn from them. But, also be sure you have your own unique style as well – your voice is the key to what will make you a successful writer.

Broaden your scope

You also have to make sure you broaden your scope as a writer. That means, to begin with at least, you need to try to write anything and everything. It’s important to find your niche and discover what you are good at. And the best way to do this is to have a go at everything. Make sure you read lots of different writers and novelists as well and get a feel for the sorts of things you like. These will help to shape the future direction of your writing.


Use what you know

There’s an old adage that you should always write about what you know, and it’s true. This can be in a variety of contexts though, of course. So, make sure you use what you have learned or experienced in life to influence the sorts of things you write about. The best writing is always the stuff that people can relate to – and that can be in a thematic, emotional, or literal sense. Writing about what you know means you’re knowledgeable on a topic and can write about it with authority.

Becoming a writer is not an easy job, and it’s likely going to fill you with frustration, but the rewards can be huge. This is pretty much the sort of career people pursue because they love to write, not because there is the promise of riches at the end. And you need to understand how difficult it is going to be to develop success as a writer and make sure you work hard to get it.