The beach vs. pool debate finally put to rest

Maybe you’re a keen swimmer? Perhaps you only take a dip in the water at the height of summer or while on vacation? Whatever the case, it can sometimes be harder than expected to choose where you will swim. If you find yourself in a water-themed spin then look no further; we have the beach vs. pool debate finally put to rest.

Pros of the pool

Pools are made for swimming, so, of course, one major pro is the fact they have no current, and you can spend hours swimming lengths. Plus, this is all in the comfort of clean water thanks to the chlorine pumped in throughout the day. That’s not all. Pools are often accompanied by loungers meaning you can step out to soak up the sun whenever you like, as well as having somewhere sturdy to sit as you eat and drink. If you’re lucky, there might even be a poolside bar thrown in, too.

Cons of the pool

Being near a pool means you run the risk of being in a splash zone, especially if there are lots of children and families around. Not only could you end up wetter than intended thanks to other guests, but it can also be hard to get your own space at the edge of the pool. This also goes if you have embarrassed yourself. All of a sudden, you will be surrounded by many of the other guests all there to get a good look at the source of gossip.

Pros of the beach

The noise of the waves is proven to have many health benefits as well as being the perfect soundtrack to a day of relaxing by the water. Plus, you might even be lucky enough to get a portion of the beach all to yourself meaning there is no one there to interrupt your tranquility. To top it off, beaches usually come with a breeze. Finally, you can enjoy nature’s natural air con. Not only will this help to keep you cool, but the chances are there will be a lot less bugs at the beach.

Cons of the beach

We love sand, but not everywhere. Sadly, this is often the case whenever we head to the beach. As if that wasn’t enough, that calm sea breeze might soon turn into a strong breeze that can leave you pinning down all corners of the blanket as you see out the storm. Another con of the beach is the potential to find some unwanted visitors in the deep. Yup, sharks are real guys. As are jellyfish and all other kinds of potential hazards in the sea thanks to plenty of garbage.

Which is best: beach vs. pool?

When it comes to making the call between beach and pool, it can be tough. There are many pros and cons to both so how is anyone meant to choose? Chances are, if you’re not a very strong swimmer or perhaps want to spend a day chilling with plenty of refreshments then the pool is the better option. If you’re going to be a bit more active or enjoy some fresh sea air, then the beach could be the place for you!

So, it seems as though the beach vs. pool debate can finally be put to rest. Sure, there might not be one right answer, but isn’t that one of the many joys of us all being different?