After this man dug a hole in his yard, his neighbors wished they’d done the same when they saw why

We always want the things that we can’t have, and this is especially true in this story. When one man began to dig a hole in his backyard, his neighbors were perplexed. What was he doing? Why was he digging such a big hole? They watched on in wonder as he worked up a sweat and his creation began to take form. As he dug further into the ground and got closer to his end goal, his neighbors soon realized what he was up to. Before too long, they wanted the finished product for themselves…

A new project

When you have your own home, you’re constantly looking for new inspiration. Even if you love the way that you have decorated your house and landscaped your backyard, there’s always something you want to change – especially if you see something you like in your neighbors’ backyard.

That’s exactly what happened when Wayne Martin’s neighbors spotted him in his backyard. He had started a new project, and it involved a giant hole. At first, they were confused, and then they were extremely jealous of what he had created.

An unusual delivery

Wayne’s neighbors first wrinkled their brows and peeped out of their windows when he had a rather unusual delivery. As they were going about their day, they noticed a shipping container on his land.

Wayne had been able to knock down the price of this shipping container, which had made him extremely happy. He was able to get on with his project, but his neighbors were bemused. Where was he going to put such a huge object? What was he going to use it for? They had no idea the answer would make them all envious.

Starting to dig

As Wayne started to dig, he took another look at the shipping container that had turned up on his property. If he wanted to pull this project off, he was going to need a much larger hole.

He continued to dig until he got to his desired size, and then poured a whole layer of pea gravel on top of the newly uncovered earth. This would not only create a flat base for his project but would also protect the soil underneath from the rain. It was all starting to come together.

Getting the right equipment

Wayne’s plan was to get the container into the hole, but he soon realized that he had a problem on his hands. How would he be able to lift the container and place it in the hole?

He didn’t have the right equipment for the job himself, but he hoped that someone in the local area would. He contacted various different companies, before stumbling across a septic company that had their own crane truck. He would have to shell out a huge amount of money to borrow the crane, but it was definitely worth it.

All coming together

Amazingly, Wayne had not put a foot wrong. As he used the crane truck to lift the shipping container and place it in the hole, he realized that it was the perfect fit.

All of his hard work had paid off, and all of that time painstakingly digging the hole had all been worth it. However, before he could make his way inside of the shipping container and deck it out the way that he wanted, he needed to make sure that the outside was secure. He didn’t want anyone stealing his creation.

Getting inside

If you’ve ever seen a shipping container, you’ll know that they often feature two double doors on one end of the container. Although this would have worked for Wayne’s plan, he had a different idea in his head.

He didn’t want two doors but instead wanted a single door. So, he sealed up the two doors on the one side of the container and then cut another door on the other side. This would be the entrance to his creation, and he wanted it to be truly special.

A big step up

When Wayne finished cutting his front door, he knew that he needed to step up to the plate and build some steps.

Although he could jump down into the hole or use a ladder, he wanted to make something more permanent, and something that would make it easier for him and those who knew his secret to enter the container. To do this, he mixed up some concrete and built concrete steps that made their way down into the hole. He knew the steps would stand the test of time.

Keeping it supported

Every step of the way, Wayne was becoming more and more excited. He could see that his plan was really coming together, but he knew it was also an incredibly vulnerable structure.

To add some strength to the container and the ground around it, Wayne bought two I-beams to lay across the top of the structure. This would ensure that the container could take the weight of the earth and that the earth would not collapse around the container. His neighbors were growing even more confused. What was he building?

Avoiding a flood

Because Wayne’s structure was in the ground, he knew that he needed to protect it from the elements. If he didn’t do anything, his beloved structure could flood as soon as the rain came pouring down.

To stop this from happening, he stumbled across a piece of equipment called a sump pump. He buried this in the gravel and hoped that it would provide all of the drainage he needed to keep his container safe and dry. He also hoped that this addition would help his creation last for years and years.

Covering it up

Although Wayne could have left the bunker as it was, he didn’t want it to be on show for all of the world to see. He wanted to cover it up, and he wanted it to be once again shielded from the elements.

To do this, he bought wooden and metal beams that would lie on top of the container as if making his very own roof. This task wasn’t easy, as the ground was chock-full of giant rocks and dirt that got in his way. Because of this, he enlisted the help of a jackhammer to break down these larger pieces.

Putting a lid on it

With the beams in place, all Wayne needed now was to put a lid on his container. He knew that the perfect way to keep his creation as protected as possible was to place layers of corrugated iron over the top.

This would act as the roof and would allow him to keep a strong structure in the ground. He needed to know that he could walk over the ground above and not fall into the hole below. Wayne soon realized that the corrugated iron was the perfect choice for this.

Still going strong

Wayne had buried the container, and he had placed a roof on the top of it, how much more did he have to do? As his neighbors watched on, they saw that he was far from finished.

Wayne was a perfectionist, and he wanted complete the whole project to the highest standard. Because of this, he wanted to surround the entrance of the container with cinder blocks. This meant that he had to cement each block down, and place them perfectly around the entrance. It was a painstaking job that took him hours.

Making a container a home

Every step of the way, Wayne’s neighbors were getting more and more confused. They had no idea what he was going to use the container for, but they did get a hint that he wanted to make his container more of a home. How did they know this?

Well, one day they looked out of their windows and were greeted with 11-inch air vents. However, that wasn’t all. Wayne also built PVC piping into the roof that seemed as though it would act as a chimney. With this in mind, they knew he wanted to spend a lot of time down there.

Bringing in reinforcements

Although the whole project was really coming together, Wayne was incredibly conscious about the structure. He wanted to make sure that those who went in and out of the container were safe at all times – especially as they were making their way down the steps.

That’s why he decided to bring in reinforcements around the entryway. There was a gap between the stairs and the door to the container, and it was this space that was the most vulnerable. He once again used beams to make the structure even stronger.

Burying the project

When he was convinced that the whole structure was strong enough, Wayne was ready to complete the next stage in his mission. He wanted his container to blend into the environment around it, but more specifically, he wanted to bury the container!

To do this, he poured six inches of concrete on top of the roof to create a smooth surface and a smooth base to walk over. If someone didn’t know it was there, they could have just walked on by without noticing a thing.

The only exception

In fact, Wayne poured this thick layer of concrete on the whole roof – except for one particular area. He needed a way to get into his container, which meant that he had to keep the stairs clear.

From his backyard, the only thing he could see was the entryway and the hole in the ground. He was incredibly proud of how far he had come and what he had achieved, but he wasn’t over yet. He still had a long way to go, and his neighbors had to continue their wait.

Holding its own

Despite the fact that Wayne had spent hours making sure the roof supports were in place, he knew that he wouldn’t need to keep them there when the concrete had dried.

When he was convinced that it was safe to do so, he removed the beams and crossed his fingers that the structure would hold its own. When he realized that the whole thing hadn’t collapsed, he knew that he had done a good job. The basic structure was done, but what about the inside? This was the next step.

Standing out

Wayne knew that if anyone made their way into the container, they would have to make their way down the stairs. That’s why he wanted this entryway to be as beautiful and as solid as possible.

Although he had already placed cinder blocks around the edge of this entryway, he wanted to add more into the mix. He had visions of a giant entryway that stood out of the ground, and he set about to make that dream a reality. It was looking more and more impressive every step of the way.

Keeping it secret

It was hard to believe that there was a whole container underneath the ground in Wayne’s backyard, but that was exactly what he was going for. He wanted to keep the whole thing a secret, and he wanted it to blend in with the rest of his backyard.

Because of this, he decided to conceal his secret even further. He had buried the container so far under the ground that only the entrance was visible, and he was going to surround that with flowers and plants to shield it from view.

What’s inside?

It wasn’t long before Wayne made his way inside of the container and got to work on its contents. He had wanted to create a storage space under the ground that would keep his essential items as safe as possible.

He had decked the whole thing out with shelving, flooring, and even electricity. The best part? This container would also double-up as a bunker if Wayne and his family ever needed to shield themselves from a natural disaster. In fact, it would be the perfect hideout during a storm.

Keeping it full

As well as filling the container with everyday items such as tools and appliances, Wayne also decided to use his secret space as a drinks cellar. He houses his own brews, while also holding some pretty impressive bottles on the back wall.

After putting in so much work to create his secret, he is determined to keep it as full as possible – and his neighbors are pretty jealous. They had no idea that such an incredible space could exist below the surface, but Wayne made it happen.