79 perfectly timed photos in sports

When looking at these photos, it might take you a few seconds to figure out what exactly went wrong and some might even get you wondering if they were staged or not. We assure you all of the photos you’ll find in the following pages have not been doctored in any way, shape, or form, however – they are 100 percent real. All it took was, as we said earlier, capturing the right frame at the right time.

79. Mad skills

While many sports inspire passion from the players, Nicolas Devilder takes it to a whole new level here. It’s almost a demonic transformation as he realizes he’s won a point during the Men’s Singles 2nd round. While this was probably only a momentary lapse in sanity, the cameras caught everything, and now this moment from the French Open tennis tournament in 2012 is immortalized. He looks more like he’s facing his archnemesis in battle rather than playing a game of tennis.

79. Mad skills

78. A brutal celebration

While many sports inspire passion from the players, Nicolas Devilder takes it to a whole new level here. It’s almost a demonic transformation as he realizes he’s won a point during the Men’s Singles 2nd round. While this was probably only a momentary lapse in sanity, the cameras caught everything, and now this moment from the French Open tennis tournament in 2012 is immortalized. He looks more like he’s facing his archnemesis in battle rather than playing a game of tennis.

78. A brutal celebration

77. Never mind the racket

You know, sometimes it’s been a long day, even for these tennis athletes. Clearly, here it had been a rather long one for Stanislas Wawrinka, who left his racket behind and thought it would be a good idea to serve with his hand. Of course, the picture makes it look more like he’s a toddler sitting on the ground playing with the tennis ball, particularly with that brilliantly vacant expression on his face. At least he tried!

77. Never mind the racket

76. Not at me!

Mid-swing, Vitalia Diatchenko noticed that the camera was watching. Unfortunately, it was already too late, and her hilarious facial expression was caught. When you’re in the middle of playing a tournament, it can be tough trying to pay attention to your expressions. If you’re trying to win, then your head is going to be in the game rather than controlling the muscles in your face. Well, a few years later, Diatchenko won the number one spot at Wimbledon in 2018. It only took a few hilarious expressions to get there.

76. Not at me!

75. Don’t hold your breath

Apparently, when you’re meeting your match, it means holding your breath. Here is Tathiana Garbin, an Italian tennis player. She was unexpectedly defeated by Justine Henin back in 2004. This picture was taken a few years later in Australia. She certainly got a run for her money there, as she went up against the French tennis opponent Marion Bartoli who made the day quite challenging for Garbin. It was so challenging that Garbin forgot to take a breath while batting back!

75. Don’t hold your breath

74. It’s coming, Murray

Unfortunately for Andy Murray, his time as reigning champion came to an end. If you think about it, this tennis ball was like the impending end for his time as champion, and Murray is watching as it grows ever closer. Of course, in reality, it hit him straight in the face. It’s kind of strange seeing a moment in time where the person knows exactly what’s about to happen to them, but they don’t have the time to do anything about it. Well, here it is.

74. It’s coming, Murray

73. Another day at the office

Believe it or not, this really isn’t all that strange for Taylor Dent. According to a number of sources, this is simply the face he pulls when he’s serving. It sure isn’t his most flattering photo, but it sure does make us want to watch more tennis for these moments. Dent was recognized at one point as ranking as singles World No. 21. It wasn’t easy for him to get there either, as he had back surgery in 2007 and had many issues since then.

73. Another day at the office

72. Batting back with style

While his bottom lip might need looking at after this match, Richard Gasquet clearly made the decision to act as if he’s singing a hit number from a top Broadway musical while playing tennis. Of course, he is also putting on that super cheesy grin at the same time. You can tell he’s pulled in a breath, but is he going to breathe it out like a regular person, or is he about to hit an operatic note that no one has ever heard before?

72. Batting back with style

71. Taking things horizontal

Now, this is a guy who clearly knows how to relax, even if that means up in the air and hitting a tennis ball. What’s kind of bewildering is the fact that his face barely looks strained, it’s almost as if there’s no effort going into this at all. Well, Dustin Brown is known for more than this picture, as he has a unique style of tennis, along with unfathomable speed. Not to mention, he also quite likes a good laugh in between games.

71. Taking things horizontal

70. Oh dear

At a glance, it looks as though Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is doing some kind of wild dance. Unfortunately, it was more like he got served with a ball to his… well, you can probably guess. To add insult to injury, he lost this game, but we’re not surprised after he took a hit like this. This wasn’t his losing moment however, as he decided to soldier on and continue the game. Hopefully, he got some serious medical attention after that blow.

70. Oh dear

69. Hanky Yankee 

Did A Rod just invent the Flying Bat move? There’s no doubt that the famous Baseball team knows how to work its magic, but who would have thought they would want to show off their new hobby on the field? right in the middle of a game?


It’s probably a good idea to face your fears before you choose a sport you are passionate about. It seems like this player is way too afraid of the ball to be playing.


67. We Got Your Back

There’s noting like a friendly bicycle ride between a couple of bikers. These guys are so supportive of one another and they’ll always have eachother’s back even when one of them needs to go in the middle of the ride.


66. Super MotorcycleMan

Is it a bird? a plane? No, it’s the poor motorcyclist who lost control and pretty much flew off his bike looking like a super hero.


65. Mouth Watering

These synchronized water dancers must feel very comfortable with each other, so comfortable that it looks like one of them is sticking her finger down the other girl’s throat. The water coming out of their mouths doesn’t really help the association a person gets from looking at the picture.


64. Curve Ball

More like curve hand! what’s going on with this pitcher’s hand? We understand that he wanted to throw the ball a certain way, but by the look on his face, this pitch is either extremely painful or he just realized that he needs a chiropractor on field ASAP.


63. The Ball Is In Her Hands

Now that’s one soccer move we’re not quite familiar with. She must have literally been thrown back by that ball coming her way.


62. A Face Lift

Now we understand why all British gymnasts don’t need to money on botox or face lift! They just use their hands to lift up their face when they hang down from the bar. Smart.


61. Is That Mine?

Gymnastics is known to be a very flexible sport that involves the use of many different body parts and muscles. But with all that flexibility and plasticity body parts could seem like they were misplaced during an exercise so we can totally understand that gymnast below looking at her foot wondering if it belongs to her.


60. Horse Back Falling

A horseback rider falling off his horse must be very tired of the repeated old saying that he should ‘get back on the horse’. What can the poor guy do that he just keeps flying off?


59. Put Your Right Hand In

This defensive wall is all over the place, with each player literally pulling to a different direction. Not sure why the player on the left side decided to pull his teammate’s shorts, but hey, whatever works in order to stop the ball from going inside the net.


58. The Invisible Man

Talk about timing and capturing the moment to make a picture perfect. That must have been quite a hit! the player in the blue uniform is probably still getting over this one as the hit was so strong that his helmet flew off. Where’s his head by the way?


57. Batic Instinct 

Talk about a save. This boy who was probably too busy with his phone that he didn’t see that bat flying straight to his face. He really has this guy in his right to thank for saving his life.


56. Disc-oh no 

Now that’s creative, using a hockey disc to pretend to have a clown’s nose. Oh wait, that’s just the ice hockey player not sure how to react when he realizes a disc is flying straight to his face.


55. Reflections 

One of the coolest things about water sports are the cool effects that can be captured on camera. Check out this wakeboarder looking himself in the water mirror.


54. The Runny Pose 

It sure does get cold inside that ice skating rink, so we could excuse this poor skater who had a runny nose during her performance.


53. Clown Face 

We’re not sure if this is a part of their dance or whether synchronized water dancing is just a very competitive sport, but these two dancers pulling each other’s dresses does seem a bit catty of them.


52. SupeRodman 

Dennis Rodman had gone to great lengths during his lifetime to pursue different things, so it’s no surprise that he will basically fly if he had to just to catch a ball.


51. Doubles 

Or should we say playing triplets? we can’t pinpoint what is so perfectly timed about this photo, but perhaps it’s the combination of the colors (the yellow shirt and the yellow tennis ball) and the fact that the ball is positioned right in the middle of this player’s chest “aerial” line.


50. Over the Moon 

This breathtaking photo was taken at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The full moon formed the sixth Olympic ring. Imagine how hard it was to hang those structured rings in the perfect spot to fit perfectly with the sixth natural one.


49. Defense Mechanism 

Yes, this picture was taken during a game of soccer, although it does look like a WWE fight. But this is actually not what caught our attention, check out the guy in the red shirt laughing at the whole situation.


48. Censored 

The Oklahoma guard, Buddy Hield probably made a very nasty face when he was trying to put the ball in the basket, because his face is totally censored and covered up with that ball.


47. Surfin’ USA

Motorcycling racing is usually pretty staight forward. You ride on your motorcycle around and around in circles until the first one reaches the finish line. So it’s pretty exciting to see this rider perform a surfin’ move on his motorcycle.


46. Beer Pong 

This table tennis player must have gotten very confused with his after-partying and his professional playing, because it seems like he was trying to catch ball with his mouth, maybe he was thinking of last night’s game of beer pong.


45. Gloat

This wrestler is definitely now hiding how happy she is with her victory. But why did have to gloat like that with the other wrestler is just lying there on the floor right next to her? That doesn’t seem very nice, though it is pretty funny.


43. Flip Flop 

This runner probably got so excited that he was proceeding the other runners that he either ran so fast that he tripped and flipped over, or he was doing his victory flip way too soon and way too fast.


42. Oh Well 

When you are involved in any kind of sport, you really need to collect your inner peace so you could show your strength on the outside. It seems like this athlete took it one step further because she looks a little too relaxed for someone who just landed on her bum.


41. The Royal Referee 

It must have been a very royal game between Dallas and San Antonio, because by the crown that sits on the referee’s head, it seems like that game was a very important one. Maybe he was paying tribute to a member of the royalty that was sitting in the crowd. It also looks like he’s playing it very snobbish next to the other referees, which is understandable if you’re wearing a crown.


40. Bi – Polear 

We get that jumping that pole jumping can be quite scary, after all you have a pretty good chance at crashing into the pole itself, but did this jumper was a little a head of her time with the frightened face? She didn’t even pass the bar yet.


39. The Greek Relay 

These two relay racers are so synched it is almost inhuman. It’s the combination of their painted faces with their body gestures that makes it look like they’re almost photoshopped.


38. The Mary Poppins Move 

Number 8 of the New York Knicks just took his basketball jump to a whole new level. We wonder if he was trying to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious while he was jumping so gracefully like Mary Poppins.


37. Expressionism 

Here’s a suggestion to the Olympics board: try to include the art of making faces, or expressionism (not the artistic movement) as part of the scoring system. We’re sure these divers could gain a lot of points just from the faces they make during their dive.


36. Run Cinderella, Run  

It’s a Cinderella story all over again, in it’s Olympic spin. Awards granted for whoever finds the missing shoe of this Ethiopian runner!


35. Toilet Matters  

Sometimes it;s all about context, but if you could take that same positioning with that exact same face, you could think that he is doing something entirely different. We’ll let your imagination work here.


34. Lost in Translation 

By the name written on the back of her short, you better not mess with this Japanese player, because she won’t take “takeshita” from anyone. Got it?! LOL


33. You’re Going Down! 

Rugby is a strange, strange sport. It’s basically like American football, only without the body armor and with a lot more violence. This photo seems to be a case in point, where the gentleman (and we should probably be using that term loosely) in the yellow and green is grabbing a player from the other team by the collar.

33. You’re Going Down!

All the while, however, he’s got another opposing player by the back of the jersey. Is he saving him for later? Was he in the middle of beating him up when the other guy interrupted? We’ll never know.

32. The Push Up Catch 

Hey, doing push ups with a glove on while you’re trying to catch the ball is not an easy exercise. That’s what happens when you have no time to warm up before the game.


31. Little Red Wrestling Hood 

There are not many boundaries when it comes to wrestling, especially when it comes to body parts. Don’t mind us, but do you think you could have stuck your head somewhere else?


30. One Last Selfie  

Who knew that taking selfies could be so dangerous? This motorcycle ride at least has one good memory before this fatal flip, not only from his point of view, but from the camera’s that captured his crazy flip.


29. I Got This!

Handball is one of those sports that not so many people tend to be interested in, to say the least. But if they only knew how dedicated its players are, maybe it would get more attention. Look at this goalie’s face and how she is so determined to stop that ball! She’s got the whole net covered.


28. Vogue 

Some people are just so aware of the camera that it’s mind blowing. This hunky player managed to look handsome and straight at the camera during a football move. It almost looks like he’s posing for a magazine shoot or something like that.


27. Oh Bolt.

When you are considered the fastest and most amazing sprinter of all time, you are allowed to point at the other competitors and smile while you’re doing it. After all, he knows and they know that he is going to win anyway.


26. Don’t Lose Your Head 

Gymnasts have to extremely flexible to perform the exercises that they do. But we’re a little scared for this one who looks like she lost her head sometime during the performance. At lest she has her foot placed instead so it won’t look completely creepy. Joke aside, this is actually an amazing position that was caught on camera, the gymnast looks like an ostrich.


25. No Sweat 

It’s either a ton of sweat that’s being splashed from the soccer player’s head or just a very wet ball that landed on his head in the exact moment. We just love how the ball matches his shirt.


24. Double the Trouble 

We don’t know what’s more more incredible, the fact that these two divers look insanely the same, or the fact that they are almost synched with their funny expressions. Can you guess who is more scared out of the two?


23. Just Catch the Ball Already 

Women are just so much more considerate than men when it comes to sports. Look at these basketball players who are just pretty much letting the ball stay in the air as a courtesy to one another. Now that’s a good sport.


22. Catch a Grenade 

When there’s a potential attack, you can clearly see the crowd being divided into two groups. Those who are afraid and are trying to move away from the fire and the ones who would take one for the team and risk their lives by  catching the baseball. The woman in the middle is as determined as can anyone ever be.


21. Putting on a Show 

Do you know that thing people do sometimes with their hands that they hide behind someone else and place their arms in front of the other person to pretend like its his hands? Well it can be quite entertaining, even it it’s during a soccer game.


20. Culture Shock 

One of the beautiful things about sports, and the Olympic games in particular is that it’s like a big melting point of cultures. When you play, it doesn’t really matter who you’re playing against, it’s all about the competition and the game. This picture just portrays that in the most classic way. Look at the Arab volleyball player in her burka, with the other two almost half naked volleyball players as her backdrop.


19. Love is on the Field 

When in doubt, hug the goal. When there’s so excitement and love going on, and you’re the only one without anyone else to hug, no worries, just go to the closest goal, especially if you’re the goalie, and cling to it.


18. The Magical Helmet

Ice Hockey is known to be a dangerous game, so it’s no surprise to these two pretty much attacking each other. But it does seem odd and quite unfair to see the player in the blue shirt attack the headless player!


17. Symmetry

If you’re one of those people who get’s annoyed when things are unbalanced or uneven and have a tendency to move things around so they line up symmetrically, then you’ll probably be very excited about this picture. Look how the skater’s ponytail is inline with her skirt fringes. Beautiful.


16. Perfect Mustache 

The person who caught this perfectly timed scenario should be very happy, because he caught a priceless moment. It almost looks like that mustache is staged, but that’s ok because professional wrestling is argued to be a pretty staged sport itself.


15. Lickety Lick 

Not sure what went through this baller’s mind when he decided to lick the other team player’s armpit, maybe it’s a distraction strategy that we haven’t seen before. Either way, with all that sweat it seems pretty nasty, don’t you agree?


14. The Horror Games 

We didn’t think soccer can be a horrifying game! By the look on these two players’s faces, there must have something petrifying going on on the field. Maybe they saw a giant soccer ball coming their way.


13. Water Halo

Water can really create one of the best effects in photography. The way the water covers this swimmer’s head and body like an aureole covering a saint person makes us wonder if this guy is an actual saint.


12. Yeehw-ouch

In some places in the world, bullfighting is not even considered a form of sport, and to some it might even seem like animal abuse. Based on that notion, this bull probably didn’t grow very fond of that rodeo rider. We just hope he lands on his hands first.


11. I’ll Just Sit Here 

The coach of the poor athlete below must have very harsh standards if he thinks that it’s totally normal to grab a sit on her back while she’s stretching. Or maybe he just sat on the closes thing he could find.


10. Front Wedgie 

Uh Oh. That’s what happens when you forget you’re on national television with millions of people watching your every move. The Argentinian player probably wanted to wipe off his sweat with his shirt, but ended up pulling his shorts so high up causing a very bad wedgie. The fact is, we got this image to remember this moment forever, and we are VERY pleased about it. HA!


9. It Takes Two 

These two wrestlers seem so serene and calm and very comfortable with each other that we feel bad interrupting them, they are so relaxed that they decided to go for a little tango dance. Honestly though, they could at the very least be sweating or something, they don’t even look like their trying to wrestle here!


8. I’m Gonna Go For It

This is what probably went through this gymnast’s mind when she just jumped for it: don’t hit your face, don’t hit your face! With that kind of professionalism and performance, we wouldn’t be surprised if the aftermath of this photo would be this young woman landing her trick like no other, she looks as determined as we’ve ever seen.


7. Ride Like A Judoist

As much as sports can be about team playing and fair competition, when it comes to winning, there really are no boundaries. Check this judoist who looks a little too pleased to be riding is opponent’s back like a camel after he won the match. This might not be the greatest display of sportsmanship, but just look at the grin of the guy!


6. Gimme Some Lovin’

There’s nothing like male bonding during a good game of football. It’s heartwarming to see how these two players are so attached to one another. If this picture was placed out of context, you could think that they are actually involved. Ask the guy in the gold helmet, with a surprisingly appropriate name on the back of his jersey. We’re laughing so hard there are tears running down our face; love it!


5. The Beer Opener

We don’t know all the moves in wrestling but we’re pretty sure this is not an official one, or a legal one at that. But if we had to name this move it would probably be called the ‘beer opener’. Just look at the picture and you’ll see it. Ah, when timing and positioning are everything in life. We can’t look away from this photo!


4. Group Hug

These players have survived the hurdles, tackles and obstacles of their football game, but we guess they really want to get squashed up, otherwise how do you explain this exaggerated pile of people. Wouldn’t want to be at the bottom of that mass! But also take note of the top man on the pile’s foot, in conjunction with the guy that’s about to jump in… ouch!


3. Free Willy

We are certainly not implying that this synchronized dancer reminds us of a whale, but it’s the illusion of the animal that is formed from these two swimmers standing at the right spot. The mermaid like tale combined with the frontal part of the other woman. Now that’s one long woman if were to believe that the bottom half was connected to the top!


2. Bad Boy

If you ever thought about playing cricket, make sure you stay away from trouble otherwise there are good chances you’ll get spanked if you’ve done something bad. Just look at the size of that bat! This photo cannot be what it looks like to us, there are rules to these games! Either way though, it’s a pretty funny snap to nab.


1. The Scoring Board

Talk about product placement! Durex sure did a good job advertising their condom on top of the scoring board in this soccer game. That Extra Time caption could not be more perfectly placed. But we can’t help but wonder how this guy felt about holding up the board, we sure would be a little red-faced if we had to!