60 hysterical kids’ test answers that are too brilliant to handle


Technically, this kid was right. When one year ends another one begins, that’s the circle of life we guess. In any case, we think he should at least get some points for logic.


The finish line

If the drawing on this test was to come to life , we would say the person who drew this deserves to finish first, just for that sweet and honest spelling mistake. Ok so he didn’t make the connection that these are all Scandinavian flags, but he did draw the Finnish line flag pretty neatly.


Your mama

Whether it’s a coincidence or a case of bad quiz planning, we sure hope the writers of this test changed the whole order around after this innocent, but very funny result.


The power of movies

Not only kids are like sponges that absorb everything they see on television or in video games, so are adults. Someone has been watching a little bit too much of the Hunger Games franchise. Can someone please tell this person that killing people is not the first and most appropriate solution for overpopulation.


Mommy issues

This is a classic example of how kids just see everything and they are so sincere that they don’t have any filters. This girl’s mom sure would have hoped her daughter was a little less truthful about what goes on at home. Hey, who said that a nice glass of red wine at the end of the day isn’t what every mom needs from time to time.


We’ve got a situation

We’re still trying to figure out if we should laugh or cry over this one. Has reality television taken over our lives so much to the point that when being asked to describe a ‘situation’ the first thing that pops in someone’s mind is a shirtless Mike Sorrentino?


They know how it works

This boy knows how to set his priorities straight and we have a feeling he will be doing quit well in life when he grows up. At least he didn’t write ‘kiss her’ before ‘getting a girlfriend’.


No for an answer

We have a feeling this wasn’t the answer that was expected, but you have to admit, it is quote confusing because it was a direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. An no, if yo ask us, we can’t draw this ship, it looks too complicated in our opinion.


The X factor

Wow, someone really studied hard for this one! If all test in life were as easy as this one, we would all have a better life. This kid definitely has the X factor when it comes to solving math problems.


It all started with..

Do you think someone is influenced by television shows? When you think about, the Big Bang Theory really has become such an inseparable part of our lives that it could totally be counted as a legit answer on a test.


Hugh Jackman

What’s best about this test answer, it not the obvious and very hilarious answer (although it’s not the exact spelling), it’s the teacher’s cool answer of someone getting the joke. Clever.


Sweet math

The guy who answered this test question was so confident about his answer that he needed to repeat it twice. This is pure comedy gold, in fact we don’t even think this kind of question should be allowed on a test these days with the growing trend of becoming healthier and healthier.


In the name of

It’s too cute we can’t even handle it. We just wonder how Hope came up with these names for these shapes. Bob does seem quite fitting for a square, it just sounds like a ‘Bob’.


The perfect essay

Ok smarty pants, this won’t get you any extra points. We guess this student had nothing to write so he wrote the first thing that was came up to him when he saw the instructions.


Pure love

This is so innocent, lovely and adorable that we think this kid should get the extra credit just for being so sweet. His or her parents must have such a lovey dovey relationship that this is what they think about the world and about relationships.


All the Saturn ladies

Someone here is a really big fan of Beyonce that they think every question in life has something to do with a song by the Queen herself. It’s like a life musical based on her songs.



We have to give it to this guy, he already answered the question correctly, why does he have to explain how he got to the answer. It would take him longer to explain than the entire question itself.


On the subject of racism

A for giving the best answer in the world. We don’t think we could have said it any better. We really think this test answer should be enlisted in the Best Test Answers Hall of Fame.


Let’s work it out

We’re not sure in which context this question was asked, but if you do hit the gym from time to time, you must know that there really isn’t nothing worse than the smell of burned fat.


Lost in translation

Hysterical! if we ignore the tiny bit of racism in this essay, we think this person couldn’t have nailed it any better. He sure did take on the role of a Chinese immigrant describing his experiences, even if he had no idea what he was writing about. To us it looks like a very authentic Chinese letter.


Heavy Stuff

We have a feeling this was a science test, but it does sound confusing ‘to name a heavy metal’, because in our narrow-minded world, there is nothing else in the world other than heavy metal bands in that respect.


Money grows on trees

Love the term ‘free loader’, we’re consider suggesting it to the stock market or other financial organizations, because it couldn’t be more correct in many cases. At least this kid was honest about his financial deals at home. Lucky him.


Bi Polar

Hey, at least they figured out they got the math wrong so they crossed out the original number and corrected it. We’re pretty sure they wanted them to name six different animals, but oh well.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

You know what, most chances this person will be dead in 100 years, so this question is wrong in so many ways to begin with. They should rephrase it and perhaps ask ‘what would you look like in 60 years’?


The only right answer

We certainly don’t want to imply that this kid is dumb, let’s just agree on misunderstood, or not being able to comprehend the instructions.


A for creativity

This is the most literate answered test we’ve ever encountered. Some of the answers here, despite them being cheeky, are actually pretty straight forward and correct. Like, what is the reason for divorce? marriage.


Simple math

If there is one thing more annoying than math questions, are those questions asking to explain how you reached your answer. Why is it so important for teachers to understand the logic behind your answer if you got it right?


The hands of a clock

They did ask to draw the hands, even of they have nothing to do with the picture, it’s still very sweet to see the effort in drawing not only the hands of the clock but the actual human hands.



Technically, the American Declaration of Independence was signed at the bottom.


Not original

Kids today are so used to their parent purchasing fake goods online that usually arrive from China or the nearby countries, that they assume that the opposite of original is actually China.


They are also communists

To be honest, this answer isn’t the funniest of them all, it’s just simply true and to the point. What is funny about what’s written in the picture is how this person came from electrons to communism.


A compliment from the right angel

we’re sure that BDC angel were very flattered by the compliment they received from the person taking this math test, even though this wasn’t the exact meaning of the question.


That’s true

These prominent and powerful leaders wouldn’t be very impressed with this answer, but you have to admit, the kid has a point.


You don’t say

More than outsmart answers, we love cynical replies. When you don’t have enough answers, just state the obvious, sometimes it will work for you, and other times it won’t.


Brain food

We don’t judge what people have for dinner, even if what their parents serve them with are inner body parts like the brain. In fact, a brain is considered delicious to people who understand in food.


The spelling bee

Ten out of ten – brilliant. No one said you can’t copy the words from the instructions in this spelling test. This kid was so smart that we can forgive his semi-cheaty answers.


Kids can be cruel

We already know that kids tell the truth and they have no filter mechanisms, but this also results in some very cruel answers and behavior. At least the teacher was there to say that it’s not a nice behavior.


Inappropriate relationship

Student-teacher relationships can be a very sensitive topic in schools and it is definitely not something that is seen in a good light. However, it is kind of funny that the student thought he would answer ‘no’ to a presumably date request.


Literally amazing

How do you explain the fact that of all words that this kid was asked to spell, the only one they got right was the one word which means not being able to read or write.


He killed it

It’s like those ‘which famous person would you want to have dinner with’ kind of question. The answer is very considerate, thoughtful and caring of the person who answered this.


Oh Mrs. Edwards

We hope this kid didn’t take his test home with him to show his parents, otherwise we’re pretty sure Mrs. Edwards, who we assume is a math teacher, would have been fired immediately.


Ice baby

Why should you elaborate if the answer is so self explanatory. At the end of a cold day, who cares what hard water is or how it is formed if we all know it as ice?


Because i’m so smart

When you don’t know how to back up your answer, you can always just brag and say you git it right because you’re just so smart. As condescending as it may be, it does make sense in a way.


Simple math

There are new rules to thousands of years of math, and here they are. To the greatest mathematicians, this act might be considered as a sin, but it pretty funny.



When you are being taught your entire life that ghosts are not real and you have nothing to be afraid of, you can’t really expect a kid with a healthy common sense to answer this question in any other way really.


Gary Busey

The actor did have a couple of movies or television shows, that could sound like they come from the world of science, such as Point Break or Gunsmoke, but to have an answer based entirely on Gary Busey is a bit far fetched.


Deal with it

What do you do when you fall on the ground and scratch your knee? You get up and deal with it. We think that’s the essence of dealing with life problems, kids.


Bacon is always a good idea

Some questions remain unanswered, and that’s true in many aspects of life. But when you are required to answer an exam question and you have no idea what to write, just go with bacon or your favorite choice of food. Maybe the teacher would be so hungry while grading that they would actually accept it.


Revenge of the nerds

We certainly do not imply that playing the piano makes someone a nerd, but this is just too hysterical. It just proves how kids see other kids and their straight forward answers, as insulting as they may be, are just simply hilarious.


Dream big

If all dreams were so easy to achieve like this one of becoming Michael Jordan, except for the whole becoming black part. It’s just so sweet to see how kids think dreams can be so easy to accomplish sometimes.


The dream job

Hey, we don’t judge. If this kid’s dream is to work with his mama at Taco Bell, so be it. It’s just too of a juxtaposition with the King’s dream.


The shape of a number

Is it just us, or does this answer sound like it was taken from Clueless? It just sounds like something Cher would say.


The got Caryed away

Mariah Carey is known for her super high notes and incredible voice, we’re sure she would very much appreciate the fact that someone thinks she is ‘the highest frequency noise a human being can register’.


The world as a video game

Wow, we’ve never seen anything like this before. Besides the fact that Nima did not answer any of this test’s answers, we have to give it to her that she has a very strong imagination. The teacher was impressed with her drawing, but it wasn’t enough to pass her.


What is love?

What is love? who can really answer this question? We think answering it with lyrics of a famous song is pretty legit. We bet the teacher was very amused when she read the answer.


The animal activist

Kids are the best. They say it like it should be, and you know what, there really shouldn’t be an option for an answer that is even remotely related to animal abuse. We’re on this kid’s side in this case.



First of all, why would anyone command their sister to do anything? And second, if this person doesn’t have a sister it would be kind of hard to boss a nonexistent family member around.


Take it out

It took us a few seconds to understand what’s wrong with this answer, after all, technically, if you take out ‘centi’ from the word ‘centimeters’ you do get meters.


It’s like magic

When you’re not sure you have your mathematical skills right, use your drawing ones to sway the attention from your answers on the test. It is very burlesque-y of this creative person.


When in doubt, draw a cat

Drawing a cat when you have no idea what the answer doesn’t seem all so weird all of a sudden after we’ve seen all of these test answers. When in doubt, just sketch.