5 good reasons to refrain from sharing your milestones on social media

In today’s day in age, it is common to feel pressure from our friends and peers to share everything on social media, whether it be an achievement or even a less exciting milestone. We are living in the age of social media.  But sometimes, things do not work out as planned and then we feel stuck owing an explanation to all of Facebook.  Here’s 5 reason why should you wait until you announce a milestone.

Unexpected things happen

Nailing a job interview is a great feeling. You are the perfect candidate and can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t hire you.  Therefore you are so excited to share the news with everyone and post about it on social media. But then, unfortunately, you get a call a few days later from the company saying they are sorry, but they have found a better fit for the job. As if not getting the job was not upsetting enough, having told everyone on social media can cause all lot more distress.  So sometimes it is valuable to wait it out before you announce things.

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It creates time pressures

If you share your news with your circle of friends, then you will be faced with a lot of questions about when these events and changes are actually happening. When are you moving? When do you start your new career? These questions can cause a lot of extra stress and pressure.  By refraining from posting your future plans on social media, you can save yourself from a lot less questioning.  People often think they have your best interests in mind when they ask you such questions, but it does not usually help.

Not everyone will give you the response you were looking for

Unfortunately, not everyone who is your friend on Facebook wants the best for you. For some people, it is very hard for them to see other people’s success and be happy for other people.  In turn, they may not send you the messages or encouragement you were hoping for.  Tell the people that are really important to you about your milestones.


Protect your ideas

The reality of society is that competition exists in every industry.  By not posting about all your ideas, dreams, and goals you are actually protecting yourself. If you have something you want to achieve, go for it, by social media is not always your way to get there.

It’s simply your business

Many people paint a perfect picture of their lives on social media, and this is not always the case. Our social media profiles are a filtered reality.  This also means that you do not need to share every one of your accomplishments. It does not mean any more or less if you are the only one aware it. It is important to feel significant even without any validation from others. It’s your life, your business, and your success.