5 Easy Businesses Any Car Owner Can Start

If you’re looking to start your own business with a low budget, generally starting something online is the most obvious way to go. However, there are many businesses you can start that are outside of the internet. If you own a car and can get yourself around in order to service your product to your customers, then you have plenty of super simple options available to you! You will, of course, have to decide how and when to formalize your company with a legal structure, although overall the process of starting your own business is fairly easy! So what are you waiting for?

House Painting

House painting is a wonderful business that any car owner can start. Especially since in many states, such as Florida, you can become a painting contractor without a special license. If you start with working only with indoor painting, then it really requires little equipment and keeps costs very low.  If you need to brush up (pun intended) on your painting skills, YouTube offers a ton of helpful videos on house painting. Furthermore, Home Depot even offers free workshops, or you can practice painting in the comfort of your own home.  If you master this trade, you can have an extremely successful business.


Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is another great business that any car owner can start on a low budget. To efficiently clean big retail store windows, you might need to invest in more expensive equipment, although relatively it does not require such big purchases. But if you start with homes using basic tools, you will quickly have the funds to take your business further. You can learn the rather simple trade from online videos, similar to house painting.


Pet Sitting

Pet sitters can charge a large sum for their services, and all you really need is a car to get to the pet owners home. You can start out small by offering your services to people who know you, such as friends and family. With the revenue, you can try to promote yourself and obtain more professional credentials, for example by joining the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  Once you have made a name for yourself, you’ll have to start hiring other employees or sub-contracts to truly expand your business success.


Taxi Service

Offering a taxi service is something that any car owner can do. The best part of is that this requires absolutely no investment. If you successfully get your business started, you can use the profit to even make yourself into a regular service.  And like most other businesses, you will eventually want to expand your company to having more employees.



Tutoring is another very easy business that any car owner can start. In the past it was more of a challenge to market your services, however now with so many online platforms, it is rather simple to promote yourself. If you are interested in tutoring with academic subjects, then a website such as Tutor.com is the place to get your name out there and find clients. However, if you have a certain specialty other than academic subjects, such as sports, singing, dancing, cooking, chess, guitar, or basically anything then try registering on Wysant.com.  These websites sometimes take a percentage of the money you’ll make, although, on the bright side, they provide a free way to get started. Once you gain a clientele, you can continue without the help of these websites.