31 dogs that want you to know how sorry they are

Every dog owner knows that their beloved dog does not always behave as they want, and can often be rather creative in their actions. Most dog owners have come home to find their furry best friend with that terribly cute and funny guilty look, leaving them no way to possibly get angry at these helpless and innocent little creatures.

Nothing to see here…

This super adorable puppy duo have this look on their faces as though they are saying ‘‘There is nothing to see here, move on away people…’’. Well clearly, these bad boys have been up to something while mom and dad went out for the night. It seems as though they tore apart the entire home, and ripped up some pretty important documents with absolutely no shame. Whoops. Don’t get mad, we are so cute!


I was just trying to help…

This dogs face says it all, but then again, so do the broken curtains, as well as his body bent in between the curtains. His face says ‘’I’m sorry, not sorry, I was totally just trying to help you, and got a little clumsy along the way’’. But he’s still entirely shameless and knows he can get away with murder since is an incredibly cute and obviously innocent creature.


Ok, you got me…

Ok, well this dog is definitely more shameful than the rest since he was pretty much caught in the act. He knows that he has absolutely no excuse for ending up in such a position with some part of the house on his head, other than, of course, being the cutest thing ever and putting on that sad puppy dog face. So basically, he is not all that shameful just like the rest of dogs. Excused.


Nope, wasn’t us…

These two dogs are standing trial by their owners, and both look as though they are trying to show how innocent they are. So much so, that we all know that they are so incredibly guilty. Their closed mouths and eyes just say it all. But no matter what sort of thing they are being accused of, there is no way they will ever be blamed. They’ve got no shame whatsoever since they know how cute they are.


Guilty, but too cute for charges

This picture is the epitome of what puppy dog eyes means. This cute little creature is obviously guilty of what his owner has caught him doing, but he is a shameless dog that knows exactly the secret to getting away with everything. All he has to do is just show those eyes and stand in that exact position. What he broke is right in front of him, but none of that matters.


It wasn’t me!

Seriously, what is going on here? This dog looks guilty as ever, but has the most innocent look on his face, as though he is saying ‘‘Mom, I swear it wasn’t me!’’ . The cat, his partner in crime, looks pretty terrified about getting caught in whatever mischievous things they have been have been up to, however definitely has a lot more shame than his friend. Well here’s proof that dogs seriously have no shame!


Just wanted to make the couch better…

So with all of these feathers, this super happy and hyper dog cannot deny that he completely tore apart the couch and the pillows. It is a little bit too obvious to hide. But he seems to be entirely unfazed by it. He is enjoying himself so much and his face just says ‘‘All I ever wanted to do was make the couch better and more comfortable for you dad.’’ Absolutely shameless.



His face just says ”Well…” He is very well aware that there is no hiding or denying that he has ripped up the garbage bag, or whatever of papers it may be. But he really does not want to admit to it, or have much to say or do about it. Basically, just like the rest of his dog friends, he is shameless. He’s asking to be excused merely with that look.


I may be old, but I’m still cute

This dog is as guilty as possible. And he most certainly knows that although he is no longer a little puppy, that he is still really, really, really cute, and that his owner who may be a little angry right now could not possibly keep any harsh feelings towards him. All he needs to do is lie there comfortably and pretend to feel bad, but deep down, he’s got no shame.


It was me, but so what?

The dog seriously depicts how shameless dogs truly can be. He is not even trying to pretend to be innocent or show any signs of feeling bad. He is literally just lying there on the ground in his own crime scene of destroying the entire toilet paper roll, saying ‘‘Yeah, it was me, but so what?’’. He is completely calm and knows that he is so loved and is so cute that nothing will ever happen to him.


Why are you looking at me?

This adorable dog who is standing right in front of his own mess is looking at his owner with a complete look of innocence. He is basically asking them ‘why are you looking at me? leave me alone!’, as though he had nothing to do with this pile of dirt, and happen to just casually be there and the time of the accident and has no idea how it happened.


He’s got nothing to do with it

This shameless dog is just looking at his owner like‘‘Really buddy? Don’t look at me, I have nothing to do with this’’. So the Christmas tree of course magically fell down from the wind and the dog just so happened to be there to try to prevent it from falling but simply was not strong enough. That’s exactly what he wants you to believe and what he know he is going to get away with.


No comment needed

This precious little creature knows that there is nothing he needs to say or do. He knows very well that he has been caught and is responsible for this mess of wrappers. But he also knows very darn well that he is totally in the clear merely due to the fact that he is insanely adorable. So he is going to just continue standing there looking cute and that everything’s good. No need to be ashamed.


Oh, yeah here I am…

This dog is just casually hanging out in his owner’s shower and is sort of trying to hide behind the curtain, but not really. This is because although he knows his owner would rather not have found him in his shower, and was probably looking everywhere for him, he is still shameless and could not really be bothered the stress that he caused his owner. He’s comfortable and happy in the shower, and looks cute doing it, so he does not see any issues.


That famous look…

Well this is nothing new. It’s that famous look. You find something that you are sure your dog did, you point it out, he pretends to check it out and act concerned. He then makes looks at you cute face and opens his eyes widely, pretending that he has no idea what’s going on. And then when you point the finger at him, he immediately makes that famous look of complete innocence, which we all knows means guilty as charged.


No denying here

This dog’s face says ”I’m not even going to try to deny what I did” He knows there’s nothing he can do to get him of this situation, he very clearly tore up the wall. But from his own personal experience, he has learned that the best thing to do it just make that face and that all will be ok. How could anyone possibly punish this little cutie? He knows he has little to worry about. The good life.


Just going to stand here…

This super guilty dog is just going to stand here wait for the situation to pass. Yes, he very clearly ate up his owner’s favorite soccer ball, but that’s just too bad, it’s done and over with. He enjoyed chewing it up and has no shame. He’s got nothing to say or do, other than just look at his owner and wait for him to come cuddle with him. That’s just the way it works when you’re a dog.


Do you really think I would do that?

Hmm. Well there just so happens to be one missing muffin from the muffin tray. And the dog also just so happens to be standing next to it. And no one else was home while they were baking. But the dog is giving his owner this innocent look like ‘Do you really think I would do that to your precious batch of freshly baked muffins?’. Of course he did, and he really enjoyed it.


I stole your food, but I can explain…

When you can’t find the sandwich you just made for lunch and you then see your dog walking outside with the same sandwich in his mouth, you can probably figure out what happened. But he surely has a different explanation for it. Simply that it wasn’t him and something else but has happened to it. And all he had to do was look away from you and continue eating your lunch, shamelessly.


I know I messed up, but we good now?

This sweet little dog knows he has been up to no good and that his owner is less than pleased with him. It’s all over his face. So he decided to pop his head in the room, just to check that everything is alright between them. But deep down, he knows his owner cannot resist those eyes and he is really coming in for a cuddle session to make all negative feelings go away.


Wonder what happened here…

This little creature is standing in his own mess. But his face still says ‘Wow, I really wonder what happened here?’. Well, very clearly he destroyed the house and started by tearing open an entire bag of dog food. Although there’s obviously no one in the house that would do such thing, he still stands very proudly against the fact that he had nothing to do with it. Why fess up when he knows he can get away with it?


No shame at all

This dog not only does not feel shameful whatsoever about taking a bite of the cake that his owner spent a very long time perfecting, but he actually feels quite proud of himself. He’s totally showing off his adorable icing covered nose and saying ‘‘Look what I did mom! How cute am I?’’ with the biggest smile on his face. If only we could all act like this, right?


I was just baking for you?

This dog was just caught completely destroying his owner’s baking project, causing all of the ingredients and hard work to go to waste. Not good, not good at all. But this cutie is pretty composed. That’s because is a shameless dog. He knows he’s in the clear. All he has to do is stand there with that innocent look and all will be good. His owner will probably end up giving up some goodies for the new batch.


I woke up like this..

This dog is totally acting like he just woke up like this. He is just chilling there next to the totally ripped up walls as though everything is fine and as though he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Although no one else could have done it, there’s no testimony needed, just a cute look of despair and he is in the clear. Oh, the shameless life of dogs.


I was just having fun…

This puppy totally looks like he had a blast tearing up his owner’s mattress and who knows what else. And he is completely shameless about it, because he knows how much fun he had doing and that his owner only wants the best for him, of course. This cutie has no worries in the world, and especially not that his owner can hold any anger towards him even after finding him in this situation.


Yeah I ate all the snacks, but so what?

This dog looks completely unfazed by the fact that he knows that he just ate all of his owner’s favorite snacks. He knows that his owner is probably left hungry and hungry. But he certainly does not really care, because his stomach is satisfied and happy. So why worry? He’s just like “I’m a dog and can do whatever I want.’’ Totally unfair. But that’s just the way things work in the animal kingdom.


Couch destroyer

This dog was probably just bored and figured that it would be cool to just casually eat up the couch. No big deal, right? Well that’s exactly the way he see’s it, as he is just comfortably lying on the couch, feeling no guilt or shame. He’s just looking at his owner like ‘’hey, you left me home alone, I was bored, what do you want from me?’’. And he knows his owner gets it.


Pillow eater

This dog seriously looks like he had way too much fun eating up those pillows. His eyes are sparkling as though he just had the time of his life. He surely no idea what he just did, and how expensive those pillows were. But either way, he really couldn’t care less about how it affected his owner. He surely cares and loves about his owner dearly, but when it comes to situations such as these, he is completely shameless.


Too cute for words

This little puppy is too cute for words. Literally. There is absolutely nothing that can be said against him with that killer look. Whatever he may have done, he is most certainly guilty. But those eyes just scream out innocent precious creature. All you want to do is just hug and kiss him like crazy. And he knows just that. He’s not really sorry for the accident he made.


Oh, you’re home early…

‘’Uh-oh, I totally was not expecting you to come home so early’’ is exactly what is written across both of these super guilty and hilarious dogs faces who are enjoying each other’s company maybe a little bit too much. But how could you hold it against them? They just wanted to have some fun, and you did leave them alone together, so what did you expect? They were just shamelessly passing the time, of course.