29 Funky Tractors You Don’t See Everyday

If you thought tractors were strictly meant for mowing the lawn and pushing around stacks of hay, then boy, were you wrong! We’ve got a list of the strangest and rarest tractors you thought couldn’t possibly exist. These funky tractors put showmanship to the test and raise drag racing standards everywhere. Fords, John Deere’s, and home-made contraptions couldn’t escape our collection of the oddest tractors you’ll ever encounter in your lifetime.

Triceratops Tractor

This dino tractor was created in London by artist, Alex “Wreckage” Wright. We think we know where got that nickname from. Clips of the triceratops tractor in action found on the web, first uploaded in 2011, and Alex brings his masterpiece to events like Burning Man to show off his “innovative” style of thinking. We can’t even lie- we wouldn’t mind jumping on that army green dinosaur and pretending we’re a part of Jurassic Park for a while.


Hungry Like A Wolf

With a custom built tractor like this one, you won’t need a scarecrow to keep the unwanted wildlife out of your yard. This beauty was built in Russia, and thankfully, is only taken out by those who choose to purchase its showmanship purposes. Its primary purpose is to advertise and entertain, although, we’d expect it to be more frightening than amusing. This tractor is a work of art, though. The personalized paint job is enough to keep you hypnotized until you realize you’d rather just back away. Or, maybe you’d rather drive it. Who are we to judge?


The Racecar Tractor

If you’re into racing and want to kick it up a notch, this racecar tractor will get your gears grinding good. Some mechanical genius modified a large-sized tractor into this fast-moving automobile meant for the track and stacked it with 4 engines. If you don’t want to get into the racing game, or just don’t care to watch, we bet this super tractor can help you tow large and heavy quantities of equipment all around town. Or at least, all over your yard. We don’t reckon this piece of machinery is too street or police friendly.


The Monster Tractor

This monster truck-tractor is called Rat Poison, as you can see by the logo on the machinery’s rear. This tractor probably makes some appearances at the ruck driving range and it’s not to cut the stadium’s grass. This monster truck has a total of 32 valves on it, which in layman’s terms, makes it really, really fast. Rat Poison isn’t just intimidating, he’s actually poisonous to the environment. At least he’s cool looking and has a nice paint job.


The Mechanical Spider

Arachnophobes everywhere should be terrified of this mean machine. This tractor is pretty identical to a mechanical spider and isn’t fit for the average worker. You have to know how to handle this tractor if you don’t want anyone to get hurt in the process of using it. That wheel in the front? Yeah, that doesn’t actually work. It’s just for show, leaving the spider to function and move just as its real-life, arachnid counterpart would – using each and every leg. Made and operated in Russia, this giant tractor is another testament to what those folks are capable of creating.


The Giant

This Giant tractor definitely has something to prove! This is a racing tractor not meant for an inexperienced driver, and it’s definitely not meant for the trivial activities of everyday farming. There are 4 huge exhaust pipes on the front of the automobile (if it’s okay that we call it that), which lets out some fairly noxious fumes when the engine gets going. Tractor drag racing is both big in The States and Russia, but judging by the style of this big creation, we’re going to assume the Russians modeled this one.


The Power Hearse

Now, this is the way to make an entrance when attending your own funeral. This power horse is actually a hearse, as you can see the coffin (probably occupied by a dead body) being towed from behind. By the look of it, this power hearse is native to Scotland or Ireland, just in case that bagpipe player in a kilt didn’t come off as obvious. The tractor itself, morbid duties aside, seems to be holding its own. It’s an antique piece of equipment and looks as if it shouldn’t be judged by its quaint size. It’s clearly very strong… physically and emotionally.


A Rebel-Farmer Without A Cause

If James Dean rode a tractor, it would probably be this one. The piece of equipment is made from antique, Scottish materials and was meant to be placed in one their scotch distilleries. This tractor was created from a vintage car, not the other way around. It’s not actually used for its original purpose these days, though. Like the Russian wolf tractor, it’s driven around the Islay region to advertise for paying customers. If it was in a car show, we’d definitely give it a second look for its 50’s style model.


Punch Buggy Tractor

This tractor isn’t a customized hybrid – it’s actually a vintage model that didn’t sell back in 1950’s. The closed cab tractors weren’t appealing to old school farmers, so salesmen used to remove the cabby covering for prospective buyers. The punch buggy tractor goes up to 20 mph and it’s street legal, can be driven around as a super-slow, yet really cute car instead. If you’re into collecting antique cars, or tractors, you can still find a few these puppies owned by private dealers.


The 1940’s Red Hybrid

If you’ve been wishing for the opportunity to drive a tractor and a vintage pick-up truck at the same time, then your prayers have been answered! This odd tractor is a hybrid of the two; the front-end came from a 1940’s automobile and the back-end is straight from the tractor itself. One glistening coat of red paint seals the deal perfectly and makes a bold statement as you ride this beauty around town! As unusual as a tractor like this may be, we must admit, it’s a nicely done piece of machinery.


The Cyber Tractor

For the Sci-Fi fans out there – this tractor has your name all over it! This cyber looking tractor might have been inspired by War of the Worlds or some type of post-apocalyptic scenario. How could it not have been? It’s a walking, fully-functioning machine that performs the duties of a standard tractor without causing a mess and is supposedly much quieter. Its high-tech capabilities are programmed by the computer system located in the center of this giant, Cybertron. Now, this is a tractor that knows how to keep it green!


World War Tank Tractor

This tractor deserves some serious respect. It looks like a World War ll tank because it was one of 500 tractors produced by the British Army when they were fighting the difficult war. 500 of these babies were produced and used to cut the lawn for the British Army, and they probably had a lot of grass to mow over. It was also used lug bomb trailers and fuel browsers around. It’s a tractor with a triple purpose during one of the most infamous and tragic times in human history. Props to this World War ll tractor, right here!


The Ford Pick-Up Tractor

This Ford pickup tractor is a clean-cut, piece of red meat that any redneck would like to sink their teeth into. We bet you this piece of equipment cost a pretty penny and we can certainly see why. The model is a large one, comes with a custom dual paint job and looks brand-spanking new. It’s a newly produced tractor that’s meant to stay true to its original style. We wouldn’t necessarily call this one funky or strange, but it’s definitely a pretty slab of metal you don’t see too frequently.


John Deere’s See-Saw

If John Deere wanted to build a tractor that reminded him of his favorite playground item from his childhood, then this would be it. We’re not exactly sure how this see-saw tractor is supposed to get the job done, but it does look pretty cool at first glance. It looks like there was once two separate tractors and they found themselves in a head-on collision they just couldn’t be detached from. One model looks more modern (only slightly), and the other looks a little older. It’s a cool combination of past versus the future, don’t you think?


The Batmotractor

If Batman was a redneck this would be his tractor. This batmobile in tractor form hails from Netherlands and isn’t allowed to park its big rear end on the street; it’s only legal for work purposes and could probably run over the average street car without much effort. We do need to give this tractor kudos for its slim, chic paint job and curvy shape. It’s awfully pretty look at.


Barbie’s Dream Tractor

When we look at Barbie’s Dream tractor it reminds us of those miniature power-operated cars that kids got on their 5th or 6th birthday. A clearly custom made ride, it still reveals itself as a Ford with the logo placed up front and center. This princess tractor comes complete with a sun-shade because, after all, every Southern Belle needs to keep it classy even when she’s hard at work. If this tractor isn’t for a Southern Belle, then we can see it belonging to Nikki Minaj. You know the reason why.


The Yellow Rhino

The Rhino was invented by Elie P. Aghnides and was meant to revolutionize the use of tractors during its time. For a tractor that weighs about 5 tons, we don’t quite understand how it was supposed to be easier to use and more advanced than the smaller and open-spaced tractors farmers were already so accustomed to using. Regardless, the Rhino did have its perks and it was able to trespass at a high speed in the water. That actually sounds kind of cool. Maybe it would have been appropriate to call it the yellow submarine?


The Chopper Tractor

This John Deere tractor is truly original; it’s modeled after an iron motorcycle and seems like it’d be a real hoot to ride. Given that this chopper tractor is fully equipped in the way a motorbike would be, it’s possible to do your lawn mowing and harvesting in the dead of dark with bold headlight front and center. Although, if this tractor is as loud as a Harley Davidson, maybe it would be best to wait until the middle of the day to take care of your house chores.


The Green Machine

Another antique tractor to gawk at is this handsome looking green machine. This is a vintage Samson tractor, originally manufactured in the early 1900’s. GM bought the Samson company in 1917 and wanted to try their hand at the tractor game. This particular type of tractor can be found at elite home shows and private dealers certainly collect them, but only with the special knowledge of how rare they are and the place they had in agricultural history. The one pictured is a restored Samson tractor that looks as if it’s still functioning.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

This miniature steam-powered tractor makes us want to put a red bow on top of it and place it underneath a Christmas tree. This little tractor, that we like to call Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, is a special treat to see but probably doesn’t mow the lawn as well as you’d want it to. However, if you have a young farmer in training or want to teach them while they’re young, it’s the perfect starter tractor to learn the ways of the South (or Midwest) on!


The Go-Kart Tractor

Compared to the other tractors on our list, we would doubt that this little go-kart would stand a chance against the big boys in a drag race. Size aside, it looks pretty handy and like it could get the job done. It’s aerodynamically swift and sturdy as it stands for strong wheels in the terrain. We’d bet anything that it’s able to make some pretty high jumps if you’re up for venturing out in the woods. This go-kart tractor may not be meant for the mean streets but it’s definitely qualified to have a good time.


The Tiki Tractor

We really don’t blame this guy for installing a sun umbrella on his tractor. It can get brutally hot when you’re running operating a heavy piece of machinery under the beaming sun, especially in farmland. Besides the extra shade, this tractor is fairly old and still runs on steam. It’s not quite restored like some of the vintage tractors we’ve seen but if it were, it would certainly be something to admire given its history and most likely, old age.


John Deere 8400

The John Deere 8400 is only for the tried and true enthusiasts of the tractor world. This big hunk of metal is meant to crush others on the drag race track and can complete your most difficult farming chores in record speed (we assume). We are curious about those front exhaust pipes, though – they’re awfully large and expel high-temperature heat from them. How does the driver protect himself and his view from the smokey fumes if they shoot straight up in the air like so? It’s just another strange and mysterious things about tractors you never get to see in real life…


The Space Invader

The Space Invader is definitely the coolest tractor on our list (in our opinion, at least)! What slightly resembles a time machine is actually a dragstrip racer that could probably win a grand prize or two on the track. The three massive exhausts you see from the top shoot flames after the gas pedal is slammed down on. This tractor isn’t just another funky find you don’t get to see very often, it’s an experience to witness the operated machinery in itself!


The Makeshift Tractor

This makeshift tractor may not the ideal piece of equipment most modern farmers dream of, but to this old-school grandpa, he’s mighty proud of his mini-accomplishment! When we call it “makeshift” we mean that it was made at home, probably with materials he had lying around his house while he was bored one morning. This clever grandpa stuck a small, edger motor on the front of his newly-created tractor and seems to be traveling around just fine. A for effort!


The High-Rise Tractor

This high-rise tractor is a one-of-a-kind product you come across everyday. We’re not exactly sure if it’s meant for someone who’s super tall or if it’s ideal for a person lacking in height, but either way, it reminds of a children’s booster seat. This little baby right here probably zips up and down the lawn in a timely manner, but the question still remains, though – how much grass and debris can it actually measure up against? It definitely wouldn’t make the pay grade during harvest seasoning, as cute as it is.


The New Holland Hay Baler

The New Holland Hay Baler has two separate engines that gave this tractor a special sort of reputation. This tractor a two in one deal that was capable of extending its use past your daily farming needs. It was good for bailing hay, plowing, and heavy-duty harvesting. There aren’t many New Holland Bays around anymore and the one pictured is below is an antique, undoubtedly restored by a collector or a redneck who appreciates the benefits a revolutionary machine such as this one.


The Artist’s Tractor

This is a tractor created by Swedish artist, Gunilla Klingberg. The purpose is to create art, not alter the environment or use it to harvest. This artist’s tractor is meant to leave beautiful patterns on the beaches of Switzerland and surprisingly enough, Klingberg finds more time than the average person to do so. The front-end metal drum is decorated with heavy rubber stamps. They create the design you see in the sand and we gotta say – we wish we could see some of this artwork on our beaches.


Toon Town Tractor

We call this one a Toon Town tractor because it reminds of the car Roger and Jessica Rabbit drive. It’s a glossy model and looks as if it’s in pristine condition, which makes us think it’s not for use and only for show. If taken out of the garage this tractor would be most suitable for a new rider who’s learning the ropes around the farm or their front yard. To be completely honest, we wouldn’t mind driving it not to cut the grass, but ’cause we want to look super cool!


Raggedy Tractor

This Raggedy Ann parody tractor is actually kind of sweet. It may be for display purposes only, but you’ve got to give the artist credit where it’s due. There’s s fun use of color and while the pattern is creative, even if the face at the front is a bit startling at first glance. Our favorite part is the grandma teddy bear up front! She looks warm and snuggly enough to pick up and cuddle during the cold Winter harvest.


The Litte Tractor That Could

The color scheme on this tractor makes us think of our childhood toys. Mostly those lego pieces that you’re bound to step on and then scream out loud in pain, but it’s also fairly reminiscent of our toy trucks and trains as well. This nifty tractor looks easy to navigate and has a simple design. However, the tool that sets it apart from the other tractors on the corn field is the chopping mechanism attached to the back. We wouldn’t want to upset the redneck driving this piece of equipment around.


Steel Magnesiums

Now, this is one classy looking tractor! It has an old school vibe and the paint job is done nicely; the tractor is covered in pewter with a matte finish, which is definitely unique compared to other cherry red an cobalt blue shades the flashiest tractors adorn. If you ask, this tractor looks like it could have belonged to the civil war era; pre-battle, of course. Today, it looks as if it’s used to being shown in tractor shows which are popular in the Southern States. We bet it wins the blue ribbon in every competition.


The Hybrid Tractor

Have you ever heard of a Toyota Hybrid? Sure you have! This tractor here is an eco-friendly machine that’s estimated to cut your harvest time in half. It’s much more lightweight than the average tractor and to be frank, looks a lot easier to climb on top off when you need to get down to farming business (or for cutting the lawn). If this were our tractor, we’d pretend that it was a space ship that was taking us on a tour of the galaxy. On second thought, the next tractor on our list may be more suited for playing that game…


Back To The Future Tractor

If you’ve ever dreamed about taking a trip through time and space, then your imagination will get the chance to do so with this baby, right here! This funky tractor looks as if it’s straight out of the future, or maybe a bowling alley from future. We’re going to assume that the engine and necessary parts to make it functional are located under the reconstructed, metal hood. We wonder if this tractor could culminate the type of speed the Delorean does? Eh, probably not.


99 Bottles Of Beer On The Farm

This tractor is overflowing with exhaust pipes to the point that it makes us wonder jus how far the driver gets without dying of toxic fume poisoning. And by the looks of it, every one of those pipes is pointing upwards which would block the driver’s view as well. This tractor as clearly meant for drag racing but compared to some of the monster trucks we’ve seen, this may not be able to keep up with the competition. Our money would still be on the Jet Tractor!


A Tractor Built For A Lifeguard

If the cast of Baywatch needed a tractor to get up and down the beach, we think this would be a perfect for them. This massive tractor comes complete with a holding case, sheltered by a roof and bar rails for those standing in front. The rear takes on the identity of a pickup truck to dump large loads as need be. We particularly like the alarming shade of orange; there’s no better way to make an entrance and shout we’re here! Actually, yellow might be good, too.


Red Rover, Red Rover

This tractor looks like it has bird’s tower installed on top of it for the driver to protect himself while he’s in the middle of harvesting a large field. This tractor is actually a Farmell International 4586. It’s made for heavy lifting and all-purpose harvesting, and was popular in the 1970’s-80’s. It estimated worth is about $80,000! It’s a classic that many modern farmers still use today, regardless of its odd shape and construction worker style.


The First Tractor

The original prototype for the tractor looks the house from Little House on the Prairie, don’t it? We’d reckon that operating this heavy piece of machinery was no picnic. It probably took a long time to complete one task and by the looks of the wheel,s needed to be cleaned thoroughly at the end of a long day. Oh, well. The industry had to start somewhere the useful invention. right? If only these guys in the picture could see what kind of racing monsters tractors have turned into now…


Isn’t This A Character In Pixar’s Cars?

We absolutely adore how this tractor reminds of us of a Disney/Pixar character! Come on – he has the large, portruding nose, the exagerrated back wheels, and the fact that the tractor’s grill looks like it’s going to say something. The seat looks kind of uncomfortable, though. No farmer wants to sit on a pole while he works, even if the tractor does look like it’s straight out of a cartoon.


The Big Wheeler

The big wheeler tractor looks like it was modeled after the very factory it was munfactured in. This is another famous vintage tractor and we know this for certain because Case Coorperation was a flourishing company in the early 1900’s. The first Case tractor was actually distributed in 1904! Now, Case produces self-driving tractors. They’ve certainly come alog way since this train-inspired prototype.


The Tiny Trike

We call this one the tiny trike because if looks like one of those practice tricycles young children use when they’re learning how to ride a big kid’s bike! The Farmhand tractor is actually a mini-loader that a small farmer could probably learn to operate and believe it or not, it is possible to get them in toy model size. This one must be functional considering the engine positioned in the back, but we can’t help but to think how cute a daddy and son redneck would like riding side by side.