29 Celebrity books you should grab with both hands

Amy Poehler – Yes Please

Yes, please read this New York Times number one bestseller! Funny woman, Amy Poehler, released her semi-memoir in 2014 and it’s too funny to be true. In her book, the television writer and actress and pretty much offers the juiciest and funniest life lessons. She talks about everything. From parenthood to love to sex through friendship, it’s all in her in her hilariously charming way that we know her for.


Lena Dunham – Not That Kind of Girl

Ever since she broke into our lives with her hit HBO show, Girls, we knew Lena Dunham was here to stay, to say and to leave a mark in whatever she decides to do. We actually couldn’t expect anything less from this brilliant writer and producer. Dunham, one of the brightest female authors of our days, shared in this memoir from her personal experiences, how one can survive in the real world of work, love, disappointments, weight and more.


Lea Michele – Brunette Ambition

The Glee Star shares her knowledge on everything fashionable: from beauty tips to styling. The actress also goes deeper to share her experiences on a more psychological level, for example how to find your inner strength and how to keep things in perspective, based on her time in the show business. She is very candid about what has worked fir her throughout her life and career and remains optimistic regardless of all the hurdles she’s been through.


Tina Fey – Bossypants

It’s almost a crime to mention Amy Poehler in a list without mentioning her funny sidekick, Tina Fey. In her very down-to-earth book, the Saturday Night Love alumni, shares the dreams she had ever since she was a little girl, about wanting to become a comedian. When it comes to Tina Fey, you can pretty much be assured that nothing will be left off the table and that whatever you will be reading will be bitter-sweet, probably more on the sweeter side of life. The bottom line, Fey claims, is that you are practically no body until, of course, someone calls you ‘bossy’.


Hugh Laurie – The Gun Seller

We can’t help but refer to Hugh Laurie as genius. The British actor (yes he is British and can pull of an amazing American accent), and the House phenomenal actor, published his first novel in 1996, however when he handed the manuscript, he actually submitted it under a pen name so he wouldn’t earn the title ‘celebrity author’ that he was so dreading. The novel has been translated to French later.

hugh laurie

Chelsea Handler – Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea

There is something about funny ladies and writing books apparently, because the next one on our lost comes from the sassy late night show host, Chelsea Handler. Handler is definitely not afraid to speak her mind, and she knows exactly what she wants. In fact, any obstacle she had to face along the way, just pushed her forward. In her entertaining memoir, Chelsea will keep you laughing the whole way through with her unbelievably hysterical life stories.


Neil Patrick Harris – Choose Your Own Autobiography

In his book, Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography!, Neil Patrick Harris shares in an innovative an entertaining way his most intimate secrets and hysterical experiences from his life and career in The City of Angels. In addition he spills some juicy details from the set and backstage of his famous show, How I Met Your Mother, as well as life with his partner and their two kids. You will find cocktail recipes, pictures from his childhood and even a song all in one place.


Rachel Dratch – Girl Walks Into a Bar

It sounds like a beginning of a typical love story that probably won’t end on a happy note, but one thing’s for sure, when it comes to a story told by the former Saturday Night Live funny woman, Rachel Dratch, it sure will be a good laugh. Dratch shares her adventures of the dating world and of becoming an unexpected mom at the age of forty. Motherhood, dating and Happily-ever-after never sounded so refreshing.


Hilary Duff – Elixir

The former Disney Channel star who played the role of Lizzie McGuire has mostly been linked to sweet-romantic roles and therefore to have her release this fictional novel is a very pleasant surprise, especially to find out that it was a New York Times best seller. The book had two sequels, one in 2011 named Devoted and the other named True in 2013. The novel has pretty much everything from romance to supernatural, a combination that can always be appealing to all kind of age groups.


James Franco – Palo Alto: Stories

You could say that Franco himself is a grown teenager, some kind of a Peter Pan, perhaps it’s his eternal baby-face or the roles that he has been offered. It only makes sense that Franco would write about teenagers and their struggles with family and with one another. In his novel, Franco provides an insight into the very vivid, disturbing and confusing minds of teenagers.

james francp

Drew Barrymore – Wildflower

When you think of Drew Barrymore, you can’t not think of her as the ultimate flower girl with her hippy style and free spirit that just bursts out in any occasion. The 42 year old who broke into our lives when she was just a little girl in the movie, E.T, has released a portrait about her life and all of the adventures, challenges and experiences of building a life and a career of her own, despite the hardships of her childhood. Wildflower is the exact combination when it comes to Barrymore.


Macaulay Culkin – Junior

We’re not sure if the Home Alone child star intended to write an autobiography about his life, but in his 2006 Novel, Culkin, intentionally or not, lets the reader in by taking them on a somewhat twisted journey to the most private and darkest parts of his brain. The actor who has had a questionable adventure when it came to his stardom, writes seven endings to the story, which in a weird way, totally makes sense when it comes to him.


Mindy Kaling – Why Not Me?

She is mostly known for her work on The Office where she played the role of Kelly Kapoor as well as her sitcom, The Mindy Project, but what people may not realize is what a brilliant writer the actress is. The comedian offers a comic relief from life basically, to anyone who is willing to join her on her journey where she shares the ways she was seeking fulfillment, love and friendship in her life as an adult.


Lauren Conrad – L.A Candy

The Hills star, who recently announced her pregnancy on social media, is pretty much a young Martha Stewart when it comes to everything related to lifestyle and style in general. The young designer and author, has actually released nine books, and the first one was her 2009 work, L.A Candy. Conrad herself is an L.A Candy with everything she has been up to in her career, so it’s no surprise to read sweet life in L.A as well as the bitter-sweet sides to it.

lauren conrad

Steve Martin – An Object of Beauty

The talented comedian, actor and musician is 71 years old these days, so it’s no surprise that he has accomplished so much throughout his career, including writing a novel. The Hollywood star gives an inside look into the glamorous yet deceitful world of New York’s bohemian art scene. The book deals, amongst other things, with ambition, hard work and dark secrets that threat undermine the hero’s accomplishments.

steve martin

Britney Spears – A Mother’s Gift

It’s safe to say that the pop singer has been through many ups and downs throughout her life, including two failed marriages, but it seems like 2001 was a time for self-reflection for the music star. Together with her mom, Lynne, Britney wrote the novel, A Mother’s Gift, which is based on the singer’s life. It tells the story of a teenage girl who gets accepted to a performing arts school and in the background is her relationship with her mom. In fact, ABC’s Brave New Girl is televised adaptation of the book.


David Duchovny – Holy Cow

Before he became famous with the hit series, The X Files, Duchovny actually studied English at Yale and Princeton, and that is where he probably earned his creative writing style. Holy Cow is, you probably guessed it, about Elsie Bovary, a cow who lives on farm with other animals, however the story is much deeper and has underlying meanings, more than meets the eye. The controversial book deals with an array of topics including industrial meat farming as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

david duch

Joan Rivers – Bouncing Back

The late actress and television host was known for not holding anything back. If you wanted to hear the truth, Joan Rivers was there to deliver it in the most hilarious, real and endearing way that only she was capable of. In her 1997 novel, Rivers describes how she managed to bounce back from the different setbacks she had to face including her husband’s tragic suicide to her financial problems. It really doesn’t get more candid than that.


Pete Wentz – Gray

Not everything is black and white in life, especially not in the rock n’ roll world. The Fall Out Boy bassist gives a darker insight of the fascinating world of rock. In fact, writing is not new to the rock star as he has been writing for a very long time. He started with a book named The Boy With the Thorn in His Side, based on his childhood nightmares. Gray was released in 2013 and it was co-written with MTV News writer, James Montgomery.

pete wentz

Naomi Campbell – Swan

It’s impossible to look back at the fashionable nineties without thinking of Naomi Campbell. The British supermodel was recruited when she was only fifteen years old and that must have taken its toll on the young girl who was thrown into a life of instant adulthood. In her novel, Campbell tells the story of how five supermodels line up to try and get the multi-million contract with a cosmetics company that was originally handed to Swan, a retiring supermodel.

naomi campbell

Chris Harrison – The Perfect Letter

You would think that the longtime dating reality host, Chris Harrison, was ever going to release a book it would be about the secrets from the set of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, you name it. Instead, in his first published work, Harrison lets us in on his insights when it comes to exploring love and the consequences it may have along that journey. Harrison believes in those fairytale endings, otherwise he wouldn’t have done the show for as long as he did.

chris harrison

Rob Lowe – Stories I Only Tell My Friends

From teen idol to author, Lowe is one of Hollywood’s leading men with several shows under his belt including The West Wing, Brothers and Sisters and The Grinder. In his memoir, Lowe shares his experiences about growing up as a child actor and how misunderstood he was at many times. Living in the public can have its disadvantages and it doesn’t get more authentic than reading about it from an insider’s perspective.


Bella Thorne – Autumn Falls

She is only 19 years old, and the former Disney child has already managed to release her own original novel. Thorne tells the story of new girl, Autumn Falls who is clumsy and on top of that manages to get on the wrong side of the popular girl squad. Just like any other teen story, her reputation is jeopardized and she needs to deal with everything good and bad in high school. Thorne’s work had received some critical acclaim.

bella thorne

Nia Vardalos – Instant Mom

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star writes in her novel, Instant Mo, very openly about her road to parenthood and everything that eventually made he a big advocate for adoption. When a woman wants a baby, she would pretty much do anything in order for that to happen, even if it means drinking disgusting tea everyday or paying daily visits to the fertility clinic. Eventually she adopts from a foster family a three year old which she immediately embraces into her family.


Shonda Rhimes – Year of Yes

Rhimes is already known for her brilliant work as the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, so it’s no surprise that her novel became an overnight New York best seller. In her book she explains how saying ‘yes’ to pretty much everything has changed her life. As busy as she was a a mother and a career woman, Shonda decided to make a major change in her life by starting to say yes more often. We’re pretty sure the characters in this one will live boldly in readers’ minds the same way her on-screen characters do.


Freddie Prinze, Jr – Back to the kitchen

He is mostly known for his work in romantic comedies such as She’s All That and also for being married to Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Many people don’t know this about the actor, but Freddy Prinz Jr is actually a very talented cook who likes to pamper his friends and families with some amazing home-cooked meals. He brings to the plate his New Mexico style with all kinds of recipes.


Alison Arngrim – Confessions of a Prairie B****

In this comic autobiography, the former Little House on the Praire star reveals some of the juiciest behind-the-scenes secrets and stories from the set of the successful show as well as shares her experiences from growing up in West Hollywood. If you’re a big fan of Little House, then this novel is a must-read on your reading list. After all who doesn’t want to read about Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon all over again.


Carly Simon – Boys in the Trees

In her memoir, the seventies rock star reveals an extraordinary life story and childhood that revolved around music, but in the shadow of all of that musical scene there were also many secrets that threatened her family’s wholeness. The Grammy Award winner has had some of the greatest hits of all time including ‘You’r So Vain’. In fact, the talented Simon was the first one to win a Grammy Award, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the theme song of ‘Working Girl,’ – Let The River Run.

carky simon

Tom Brady – TB12 Nutrition Manual

Would you pay $200 for a cookbook? Well, apparently, the New England Patriots quarterback thought so when he released his cookbook that’s called TB12 Nutrition Manual. Brady’s hunch about how well the book would do despite it being overly priced turned out to be a right one as it sold out quickly. it features 89 recipes that are supposed to help you with ‘achieving your peak performance’. Who doesn’t want to know how a handsome athlete and his gorgeous supermodel wife keep themselves healthy and in shape?

tom brady cook book