27 tweets that will make you laugh if you consider yourself a dog person

We’re just gonna put this out there – dogs are the best animal ever. We’ve heard all the arguments from cat people about how fluffy they are or whatever, but we always go back to the dogs. They’re kind, they’re loyal, they’re soppy, they’re adorable, and some are kind of dopey. Below you’ll find some of the best dog tweets. Prepare for tweets that are going to make you laugh out loud, get the feels, and definitely make you want to buy a farm filled with dogs right now.

Beautiful butterfly

There’s no denying we all have a little soft spot for pugs, so of course, this tweet was going to melt the hearts of literally everyone. This cute little pupper has spotted a butterfly on his toes and seems pretty besotted. We love how he’s sitting there, just staring. He doesn’t want to fight the cutesy bug, he just wants to watch. What a beautiful soul that little pug has, we just have to squeeze him!


Cuddles in the rain

We sometimes forget that to our dogs, we are their entire life. Why do you think they’re so excited when you walk back through the door? Our dogs idolize us, so it’s only right we know how much we love them too. Just look at this doggo getting cuddles in the rain. It’s cold, he’s wet, and all he wants is his owner to give him a squish. This pooch proves that no dog is ever too big for cuddles.


Feeling sly

Dogs have some of the best facial expressions ever. How many times have you caught your dog smiling? Turns out, this one is feeling pretty smug with himself. We love the caption on this too, proving that dogs really do know when they’re being a good boy. This doggo knows that he’s the best and he has the sly smile to prove it. Or he’s up to something naughty, and his owner doesn’t know yet…


Bath time

Not all dogs like the idea of bath time, but seems as though this chocolate labrador can’t think of anything better. When his owner was trying to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath by herself, this pooch decided it was time for a wash himself. First, he eyes up the bath. Second, he makes his entrance. Third, he just sits there staring at his owner. Totally normal day in the life of a dog owner.


What’s happened?

Sometimes you can just tell when your dog has been up to something. Just look at this one’s face! While their owner has said that everything in the house seems fine, we’re willing to bet there’s either something missing or chewed up somewhere. Apparently, dogs can feel guilt, but we’re pretty sure they can when they pull faces like this. Now to find what’s broken or half eaten! We’re willing to bet the owner will soon realize something significant has gone missing.


Cuddle time

Introducing a puppy into a house with a dog already can be hard work. Sometimes they don’t get on and won’t want to play with each other. However, it seems as though this little Boxer has got his own way, eventually. After a while of just laying on the older dog, it seems as though the older dog has admitted defeat. He’s conceded and will just have to live the rest of his life as part-bed, part-dog. Pretty adorable though!


What’s on my head?!

The look on this Sheepdog’s face is absolute comedy gold! “Please mom, please tell me what this thing is on my head. And then get it off, quickly!” Leaving your dog outside for longer than 5-minutes unsupervised always leads to some kind of drama. Whether it’s that they’ve dug up the vegetable patch, you spend all last weekend laboring over (cough, true story) or they’ve just made friends with a snail. Doggo and Snail’s Adventures is definitely something we need more of.


Present for you

What did we do as humans, to deserve such wonderful creatures? This Tweeter said that whenever she is sad, her dog goes outside and brings her things. This time it was a pine cone. However, it’s not just the thought of the gift that’s so adorable – it’s how happy the dog looks with itself for bringing their owner a present! Look at that smile… How could you ever be unhappy again with a dog like that in your life?


All dressed up

We don’t know what’s funnier about this tweet – the picture of the caption. The fact that Charlotte refers to her dog as a future child is both hilarious and also totally relatable. Our dogs are our babies too. However, we’re not entirely sure whether we’d dress ours up in our old baby clothes. Admittedly, this fluff monster does look totally adorable in matching hat and booties. Maybe we are going to have to dig out some of our old baby clothes after all…


Pet dog?

Yet another tweet that wins for both the picture and the caption. Seriously though, did the dog write the sign himself? Why does it say aware of dog? And why does it say ‘pleas pet dog’?! We can imagine this doggo calling up the sign writer himself – “I’ll email you over what I want it to say, that OK?” Also, his little face definitely says pet me. Okay, we’ll oblige, come over here for an ear scratch!


Along for the ride

Dogs are such kind and gentle creatures, who just love affection, making friends, and uh… Pretending to be horses? This gorgeous pooch ticks all three boxes with his little bird buddy. According to the Tweeter, this is a picture of her friend’s bird who likes to ride her dog like a horse. Totally normal, nothing to see here. Well, both the birdy and the doggy look pretty happy with the setup anyway.


Stroke me

This is such an adorable photo and tweet that we couldn’t not include it on the list. This beautiful golden retriever is taking herself for a walk – see her holding her lead? Is it just because she wants to stretch her legs or does she have an ulterior motive? The person who tweeted this seems to think that she was walking herself up and down the train just for strokes. Seems legit something a dog would do.


Romeo and Juliet

This cute kissy photo is sweet enough as it is, but it’s the caption that makes it all the more adorable. This isn’t just a one-off – oh no. These two dogs have to stop and kiss every time the owner takes his dog for a walk. It’s like a real life Romeo and Juliet, as they lean over the hedge to smooch. Won’t somebody just let them hang out and be together forever, PLEASE!


Donut take it off

Dogs do make us laugh sometimes; they really do the silliest of things. Take this pooch, for example. His owner placed a donut cushion around his head – clearly for the classic photo opportunity. However, 20 minutes later and he won’t let her take it off. In fact, it seems as though this doggy and donut pillow have become best friends for life. Never get in between a dog and their donut cushion – fact.


Cheeky pupper

Many of us are used to some kind of creepy experience on the subway, such as someone trying to flirt or chat you up. However, have you ever been had a dog try and flirt with you on the subway? By the looks of it, this little dog decided to give Fred a cheeky wink after he took his original picture. We just hope that Fred took the initiative and gave the pupper a wink back. We totally would.


Oracle dog

The photo of this dog by itself made us seriously laugh out loud. However, add that to the caption, and it’s pure comedy gold. It does kinda look like some oracle slash fortune teller dog, that knows your deepest, darkest secrets. We also want to ask her (or him) how on earth to get such incredible looking hair. We spend a fortune at the hair salon and still don’t have hair as good as this dog!


Party dog

We’ve all had this happen to us at a party right? You’re having an OK time, chilling, chatting, and then the dog comes down. Nothing makes a party better than being able to pet a pooch! Cue sitting on the floor and spending the next few hours talking to the dog, as opposed to anyone else. Also, if you’re ever having a party and feel like people are bored, the best thing you can do is add a dog into the mix.


Pampering time

Seems like this tweeter, Kate, had every reason to be suspicious when her child and her dog both went upstairs. If the two are being very quiet, then you know you need to check on them. We also completely idolize Kate’s child for her nail painting skills. We couldn’t pull off this piece of art on ourselves, nevermind a dog! We think the glittery pink is totally fetch (wait… did someone say fetch? Woof!).


Terrified pug

This little giraffe toy looks totally innocent, right? Turns out that this pug doesn’t seem to think so! We can’t actually deal with the look on his face when she presents him with the toy. He’s clearly not happy with the giraffe’s wonky eyes by the looks of things. Or maybe he’s more scared of its teeny weeny antlers. Either way, it’s absolutely hilarious. Poor little pug… Although, most pugs are big scaredy cats anyway.


Mini me

Okay, stop everything you’re doing right now. Our hearts have just exploded with happiness. No, this is not Photoshop genius, this is a mother and her son looking equally adorable. They both have matching expressions which makes it all the cuter. If this doesn’t make you want to run out and get a Golden Retriever puppy right now, we don’t know what will. We must have all of the puppies, right now!


College dog

One of the worst things about going to college is leaving your family behind… Even more so when the biggest part of your family is your dog. This guy’s mom had the perfect cure for him getting homesick, however. A cardboard cutout of the dog to take to college. We’re not sure what Carl’s friends (and potential dates) will think of this, but we think it’s the best thing EVER. Where do we get a cardboard cutout of our own dogs?!


Holy dog

There is something particularly funny about dogs in costumes (most of the time). However, we think this cutey definitely wins the award for the best – and most random – dog costume ever. We have so many questions! Why does your dog need a pope costume? What kind of fancy dress party is this? Where on earth do you get this kind of dog costume? And finally, most importantly, can we pet your Pope dog? Pretty please?


Explosive dog

We’re totally torn on our feelings for this dog. Because we really, really wanna pet it – but we’re also totally petrified that it might blow up in our faces. Just kidding, of course, we’re gonna go ahead and assume this is some kind of bomb disposal sniffer dog. It’s not actually gonna explode. At least we hope not, that would be utterly devastating for so many reasons. What a clever doggy though!


Best dog ever

You know that expression, “Butter wouldn’t melt?” Well, we feel as though that expression is where this dog got her name from. She is quite possibly the most beautiful dog on the whole planet – and her eyes are making us melt. We just want to give her a pet and stroke her and take her home with us. We have a feeling the owners wouldn’t be too happy if we took Butter away from them though. She’s just too cute!


Sun dog

Every now and then you’ll meet a dog who likes sunbathing more than anything in the whole world. My dog is a serious fan of finding the nearest sunbeam and catching some rays. Turns out that this cute little pupper has the same addiction – the sunshine. Just look at that face!! Someone has clearly found the best patch of sun and probably won’t give it up all too easily either. We want to sunbathe with this adorable pooch.


Caricature dog

Being a guide dog is hard work, so it’s only fair you get some downtime once in awhile. This dog has not only had the amazing treat of getting to visit Disneyland (like that’s a dream) but is also going to come away with a pretty cool picture at the end of it. Why is this dog living a better life than us?! We guess guide dogs probably do work harder than us… So it is only fair.


Guard dog

Some people have giant German Shepherds as guard dogs, others opt for Rottweilers or Dobermans. This guy, however, has gone for a little bundle of fluff to protect his house. Seems like the idea is to pull funny faces until the burglars laugh so loud they get caught. Actually, that’s a really smart idea when you come to think of it. Where do we get a comedy ball of fluff, like this one, from?


So many sticks

We all know dogs like sticks – it’s like it has been ingrained in their minds to chase, fetch, and bring back sticks. However, this smart pooch wasn’t going to come back to his owner until he had got ALL of the sticks. In fact, it looks like he has half a tree in his mouth there. How he managed to pick them all up at once is something that will baffle us forever. Still, what a good boy! Now his owner can start their very own campfire.


Birthday party

Some people really love treating their dogs; I’m the first person to admit my dogs get so many presents. Then there are other people go totally overboard when it comes to treating their dogs. We’re not judging, we’re just totally jealous. Why have we never thought about a dog birthday party before?! Just look at those (we assume) dog-friendly cupcakes. So cute! How do we get an invite to one of these parties?


Scaredy cat

People often assume huskies are big, fearless dogs. However, this scaredy doggo is here to prove otherwise! He’s crept into his dog-parents bedroom because of a bad dream. He’s even standing on his back legs, to seem more human-like in the hope they’ll let him sleep in their bed. We hope that his mom and dad obliged because he looks so sweet and scared! What an adorable little (slash massive) doggo.