What ever happened to the cast of The Wonder Years?

The hit television show The Wonder Years isn’t just about a middle aged man reminiscing about his childhood and what it was like for him growing up in the sixties. It’s really much deeper than that. The Wonder Years is actually about a specific time period in America, after the Vietnam war and the Great Depression. This television show expressed the traumatic experiences that America went through effected that generation. The Wonder Years let the world zoom in on that exact struggle by letting us in on how Kevin’s dad reacted to these major events, because Kevin’s dad fought in the war and lived through the Great Depression. But more importantly, The Wonder Years showed us all how America changed and bounced back from these hard years. The Wonder Years showed us this by letting us all feel a part of Kevin life with all his family and friends for six glorious seasons and 115 heartfelt episodes.

Kevin and his friends go to school like everyone else and they experience dating troubles, fights with friends, school problems and every other drama that would happen to a kid going through the seventh to eleventh grade. And thats what made this show so great and such a staple in the childhood of so many kids growing up. This is one of the first shows that wasn’t afraid of truly being out there and talking about the touchy subjects that most television shows shied away from at that time. Kevin even had his first kiss on film and touches a girls breast for the first time, these kind of things hooked America and got the show promoted to the prime time slot of premiering right after the Super Bowl.


The Wonder Years gave us all 6 great years, winning award after award like the Top TV Sereis Award, Best Family Television Series, Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Comedy Series and even Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

The last episode was released on May 12th, 1993. Aren’t you a little bit curious where these actors ended up and how they look now? Some actors got recognized on this show and it jumpstarted their careers into stardom. While other child actors just did a brief stint on The Wonder Years and decided to quit acting soon after the show wrapped up. The Wonder Years was ranked high on the Rolling Stones’ best television list and ranked even higher in the hearts of most Americans.

Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold – Then

Fred Savage played the lead role as Kevin Arnold, the narrator and main character in the Wonder Years television show. Kevin grew up in the the early 1970’s and now as an adult he reminisces on his years as a teenager and what is was life to grow up in that time. He has many experiences together with his on and off again girlfriend Winnie and his best friend Paul. In the suburbs, with a Chevy in driving lot, Kevin experiences life with his friends and family like getting his first kiss.

Fred Savage – Now

After the Wonder Years ended, Fred Savage starred in the movie Vice Versa and then in the movie Little Monsters in 1989. Little Monsters and the television show Boy Meets World both gave Fred the pleasure of working on screen with his little brother Ben Savage. Fred’s voice was also featured in Family Guy and Kim Possible. Fred is now 41 years old and has won many awards and nominations for his work in Hollywood like the People’s Choice Award and 2 Golden Globe and Emmy nominations.

Dan Lauria as John “Jack” Arnlod- Then

John “Jack” Arnold is Kevin’s father. He was a veteran of the Korean war and grew up during the Great Depression. He even served in the US Marin Corps as a First Lieutenant. This history turned him into a gruff and sometimes overbearing father. He works at a corporation called NORCOM in middle management dealing with military defense, which he absolutely hates. He later decides to start his own company selling furniture instead. In the last episode of the season it is revealed that he dies in Kevin’s first year of college.

Dan Lauria – Now

Dan was born in 1947 in New York, USA and is now 70 years old. He is also known for his work in One Life to Live and the movie Independence Day. He is known for playing characters that are tough and authoritative but yet well respected on the big screen. Dan has kept himself busy guest starring in many TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, Royal Pains, Elementary, Hot in Cleveland, Blue Bloods and the Good Wife. He is currently woking in a few up and coming movies.

Alley Mills as Norma Arnold – Then

Norma Arnold is Kevin’s mother and Jack’s wife. She is an upbeat and positive person, unlike her husband Jack. She embodies feminism in the 1960’s by increasingly trying to break out of her role as a housewife. She does this by completing her degree that she had not previously completed since she had dropped out of school to move across the country with her husband Jack. Once she completes her degree she starts working at a startup called Micro Electronic that deals with Software. She is a much loved matriarch.

Alley Mills Now

Alley Mills was born in Chicago, USA in 1951 and was not a regular Hollywood actress. She graduated Yale and studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Alley was in quite a few television shows after the Wonder Years ended like Sabrina the Teenage witch, Yes, Dear and The Bold and the Beautiful. She sometimes does theatre work in Los Angeles with her actor husband Orson Bean. They live in Venice, California together with Orson’s daughter Susie Susannah Bean.

Jason Hervey as Wayne Arnold – Then

Wayne Arnold is Kevin’s older brother. He is most famous for tormenting Kevin and his best friend Paul. His infamous line directed at the two younger kids is “butthead!” Wayne doesn’t have much luck in the romantic relationships department. As he grows up Wayne matures and eventually takes over the family furniture business that his father had started, only after his father passes away. He begins a more serious relationship later on with Bonnie, but sadly she ends up going back to her husband leaving Wayne alone and heartbroken.

Jason Hervey – Now

Jason currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family. He managed to steer away from acting, except for a few guest appearances in television shows. He currently co- owns a television company and even was a senior vice president of media and communications for HealthSound Corporation. Jason later sued his employer for fraud for 300,000 dollars in damages. Jason also produced the Word Championship Wrestling television show. Jason is now 45 years old and is married to Shannon Hervey with four children.

Danica McKellar as Gwendolyn “Winnie” Cooper – Then

Winnie is neighbors with the Arnold family and plays the role of the girl next door to Kevin. Winnie’s older brother dies while fighting in the Vietnam war. She turns to Kevin distraught and seeking comfort. Kevin and Winnie fall in love but tragically do not end up together. Winnie travels overseas to study in Paris art but remains in contact with Kevin through writing letters to each other for eight years until she finally returns back home. But Kevin has already married another woman and has a child.

Danica McKellar – Now

After The Wonder Years concluded, Danica graduated from UCLA Summa cum Laude with a degree in Mathematics. She is clearly a multi faceted women because she even proved a new math theorem coined the Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem. She went on to star in the acclaimed television series, The West Wing. Dianca also filmed, produced, wrote and directed a short film called Speechless in 2001. She is now 42 years old and married to Scott Sveslosky with one child from her first marriage.

Ollivia d’Abo as Karen Arnold – Then

Karen Is Kevin’s older hippie sister. Karen often clashes with her overbearing father because she is free spirited and part of the new generation while her father is conservative, hard working and had been through a tough upbringing. Norma, Karen’s mother is used to mediating between the two when their fights blow up. Later on, during Karen’s first year of college, she moves in with her boyfriend when her and her father get in one of their bigger fights. She later marries him and they have a kid together.

Ollivia d’Abo – Now

Olivia was born in London, England in 1969. She also starred in Conan the Destroyer and Point of No Return. She is not only an actress but she is also a singer and song writer as well. Olivia was also featured on Law and Order Criminal Intent as a recurring villain. Olivia was married to Patrick Leonard but they are now divorced and she has one child named Oliver. Olivia started a podcast called Every Friday with Dan and Olivia that released a new episode every week.

Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer – Then

Paul Pfeiffer is Kevin’s best friend. Paul grew up with Kevin and they knew each other their whole lives. Paul is a bit on the nerdy side, he is allergic to basically everything. There are lots of conflicts between him and Kevin with other girls. Paul is a smarty pants kid that sticks with Kevin through out all his years. Not much different to the Josh Saviano, the actor who is also a smart and hard working man.

Josh Saviano – Now

Josh Saviano was born in New York, USA. He didn’t do much acting after the Wonder Years concluded except for his feature in Camp Cucamonga and The Wrong Guys. Just like the character he played, Josh is also a smarty pants in real life. He Majored in Political Science at Yale and then graduated from the Cordozo School of Law. He currently an attorney in New York and is working on two start ups called law firm JDS Legal and celebrity brand consultancy Act 3 Advisors.

Crystal McKellar as Becky Slater – Then

Becky Slater played another one of Kevin’s love interests on the show. However it seemed that Becky was only used by Kevin to make Winnie, Kevin’s main love interest, jealous. Becky did not take this well. She may have been a sweet albeit an overbearing young woman but she was not going to be a pawn in Kevin’s game. She punched Kevin in the gut once she figured out his plan. Kevin pushed her to be a vindictive and bitter girl.

Becky Slater – Now

Crystal McKellar also starred in the Fatal Judgement that came out in 1988. She costarred in the Wonder Years with her older sister Danica McKellar. Josh is not the only genius generated by The Wonder years, Crystal also attended Yale and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She then went on to graduate Harvard law School cum Laude. She is now a lawyer in New York City. But lets not forget that she was nominated for the Best Young Actress Award for her role in Paradise.

Lisa Paige Robinson as Cara – Then

When the Arnold family goes on vacation with the Pfeiffers, Kevin meets the girl of his dreams – Cara. She is a rebellious attractive young woman and by the end of the week long vacation Kevin falls in love with Cara. The problem was that when his family returned home, Kevin never ended up keeping in touch with Cara. This really upset her, so she moved on with a new boyfriend. Unbeknownst to Kevin, he gets frustrated and goes to visit Cara only to find out that she has moved on.

Lisa Paige Robinson – Now

Lisa Paige Robinson is born in New York, New York and is now famously known for her role in the movie The Invention of Lying which was released in 2009 which she played alongside the actor Ricky Gervais. She also starred in the movies like Beethoven, which was released in 1992, and The Rebound, released in 2009. Lisa additionally preformed in a stand up comedy tour. This multi faceted actor comedian grew up to be a beautiful woman and she is  currently married to Matthew Robinson.

Julie Condra as Madeline Adams – Then

Madeline Adams, a beautiful new girl at school catches Kevin’s eye conveniently as Winnie’s family moves out of their home neighbored the the Arnolds family. Winnie now has to attend a different high school than Kevin, putting a strain on their relationship. Kevin tries to remain faithful to Winnie, even though Madeline is falling for Kevin and it does not prove to be easy. Madeline is there for Kevin when Winnie breaks up with Kevin to go out with the school Jock named Roger.

Julie Condra – Now

Julie Condra grew up in San Antonio Texas and she has appeared in other television series such as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Valerie’s Family, Married with Children, Texas Ranger and a quite a few more. Julia has also starred in a few films such as Gas, Food Lodging, Nixon, Crying Freeman, Touch and many more. She has not acted since 2005, but you can find her today with her husband Mark Dacascos and her 3 children in their home in Hawaii.

Carla Gugino as Sandy Tyler – Then

Kevin’s older brother Wayne has been dating Sandy Tyler. What could be more enticing to Kevin than a forbidden older women. Kevin attempts to start a secret relationship with Sandy behind Wayne’s back. Kevin feels that Wayne isn’t treating Sandy well, so he tries to date her instead. After he succeeds, Sandy and Kevin start to move forward with their relationship but Kevin breaks up with her because he gets struck with guilt. Sandy doesn’t take this well and breaks up with Wayne in order to try and get back with Kevin.

Carla Gugino – Now

Carla Gugino is a famous actress today and is best known for starring in the Spy Kids Trilogy, Sally Jupiter in Watchmen, Suker Punch, Son in Law, Sin City, The Space Between Us and many more blockbuster hits. She has also been featured in many television series such as Political Animals, Entourage, Gerald’s Game, Wayward Pines, and Roadies. She started off as a model, discovered by a modeling agency when she was only 15 years old. She now also acts in plays, television shows and movies, a real triple threat.

Alicia Silverstone as Jessica Thomas – Then

Jessica Thomas was Kevins dream girl. But Kevin is too busy freaking out about his upcoming drivers test. He seems to need to work on his parallel parking, like most new drivers. When he asks Jessica Thomas out on a date she tells Kevin to pick her up outside of school. This only adds to the pressure of getting his license. Because now if he fails, not only will he not be able to drive but he will also lose his chance with his dream girl, Jessica.

Alicia Silverstone – Now

Alicia Silverstone is most famously known for starring in the movie Clueless, an all time favorite. Before she was discovered in the movie industry, Aerosmith hired Alicia to star in their music videos which was voted by MTV the number one music video of all time. Alicia’s success only led to more success. She received a ten million dollar deal to be the Batgirl in the Batman franchise. She also opened her own production company, now she is making blockbusters of her own. Alicia is now married with a child.

Shevonne Durkin as Inga Finnstrom – Then

There is a new girl at school that catches all the boys’ interest, especially Kevin. He has a crush on Inga Finnstrom, the new exchange student from Switzerland. Kevin is amazed by her beauty but is still dating Winnie at the time. Kevin arranges for Winnie and himself to go on a double date with Inga and her date Matt Stevens. The four of them go to the dance together which leads to an unhappy Winnie and a fight between Winnie and Kevin.

Shevonne Durkin – Now

Shevonne Durkin was born in 1969 in California. She is best known for her horror film stint in Leprechaun 2. She also featured in movies like the Folly Island in 2001, The Liars club in 1993, Rage and Honor in 1992 and in the Ghost in the Machine in 1993. Shevonne has also starred in television shows like Silk stalking and Beverly Hills 90210. She seems to not have worked in the film industry since 2001.

David Schwimmer as Michael – Then

Michael is Kevin’s older sister Karen’s boyfriend. Karen later moves our of the Arnold family home and lives with her boy friend Michael. Michael finally secures a good job in Alaska, and the two go off to move in together and get married. They eventually have a child together after having a falling out with Karen’s parents. Michael slowly matures and learns how to take care of his wife and baby. The episodes that Michael starred in have won many awards.

David Schwimmer – Now

Do we even need to introduce David Schwimmer? Not only is he an actor, director and a producer but he is also the one and only Ross in the television sensation that is Friends. He received award after award for his role in Friends that lead to David starring many blockbuster releases like Band of Brothers, Madagascar and many more. He now directs and stars in other television series as well like The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. David has one child and is divorced from his former wife, Zoe Bucman.

Giovanni Ribisi as Jeff Billings – Then

Giovanni Ribisi won the award of Best Young Actor Recurring in a Television Series for his role as Jeff Billings in The Wonder Years. Jeff’s parents are divorced and he is forced to live with his mom. He joins Kevin’s life later in the series as a good friend to Kevin. Because of the divorce he joins the school late and switches out of his old school, leaving a girlfriend behind. Jeff tries to stay together with her but he ends up dumping her by the end of the series.

Giovanni Ribisi – Now

Giovanni Ribisi is widely know for his massive roles in Saving Private Ryan, Avatar, Contraband, the Gangster Squad and most recently Ted as well as Ted 2. He clearly has come a long way since The Wonder Years. Each blockbuster release Giovanni stars in is bigger than the last. Four of the films he starred in were nominated for the the Oscar for Best Picture. He is currently filming Avatar 2 and 3 and starring in the television show Sneaky Pete.