This woman wrote a 5-star review of her eyeliner after a car accident

Kim Kardashian has wowed us with her contour kits, Rihanna has blown us away with Fenty Beauty, Kylie Jenner has watched us pucker up at her Lip Kits, Kat Von D has made us feel all dark and mysterious with her beauty line, and Jessica Alba has left us feeling incredibly Honest about her cosmetics. However, with so much competition out there, companies and celebrities are now relying on product reviews more than ever to show the world just how good their products are. That’s exactly what one woman aimed to do when she wrote a 5-star review of her eyeliner after a car accident.

The makeup world

The world of makeup is a cruel mistress. One day a smokey eye is all of the rage, and by morning it’s gone into the depths of the makeup graveyard. Although it’s hard to keep up, it’s what most of us love to do. We spend all of our free time researching the best new brand and product to add to our ever-growing makeup collection, we watch beauty bloggers do their thing on YouTube and immediately add the products to our Sephora cart, and we constantly read fashion magazines to see what’s in and what’s out. Another way to do this is to read product reviews, but some customers weren’t expecting this brutally honest review from one woman…

The woman in question

However, to truly understand this epic story of honesty and hilarity, we have to learn a little more about the woman behind the story. So, say hello to Shelby Pagan! Shely is the kind of American citizen who can do just about anything – so you might get a little jealous. As an emergency nurse, Shelby spends most of her time in the ER helping patients and dealing with immediate injuries, but her talents don’t end there. Shelby is also a volunteer first responder and firefighter, and generally just on hand to help those in need. Yet, that isn’t all she has to offer this world.


Coffee, Cats and Cuss Words

Although it may seem impossible to think that Shelby has any free time in her life, she also finds brief moments to fulfill her dream of being a blogger. With her own little corner of the internet called Coffee, Cats and Cuss Words, this blog follows her everyday life, as well as her obsessions with all of the above! Like most bloggers, Shelby has also linked her blog to an Instagram page where she posts beautiful photographs of her cooking, her tattoos, her cats, her fashion, and even her makeup.

Catching their eye

With over 15,000 followers to her name, Shelby’s fans were used to catching up with her life and her new makeup routines. However, it was one particular post in June 2017 that caught the eyes of the world. Alongside all of the perfectly filtered and photographed posts on her page was a brand new addition. This picture was unlike any other on her profile, and immediately sparked concern and worry for her fans. In this photograph, the emergency nurse found herself in grave danger as a patient in the emergency room…

A concerning caption

Alongside her worrying picture, Shelby also posted a concerning caption that updated all of her followers on her radio silence. In this caption, she told the story of a recent car accident she had been involved in. After breaking down on the highway and parking by the side of the road, a car proceeded to drive into the back of her at 56mph. Shelby was in the car at the time and was severely injured in the accident. However, she had no idea how this incident would change her life.


Seeking treatment

Luckily, Shelby was immediately taken to hospital and treated for her injuries. After examination, the doctors and emergency nurses confirmed that she had multiple injuries that needed to be tended to straight away. She was treated for a cervical strain, forehead lacerations, a knee contusion, and a closed head injury. During this time, all Shelby could do was think about the accident, and lie on her hospital bed with her neck in a brace and tears rolling down her face. The whole experience had shaken her to the core.


Taking a photo

As Shelby continued to spend more and more time in the hospital, she decided it was finally time to look at herself in the mirror. Although she had perfected her makeup on the day of the accident, she just knew that her face would have been a mess. After all, she had been crying, her face was banged up, and she had been wearing the makeup for several long hours. Yet, she was pleasantly surprised. While her foundation and mascara had run down her face, her cat-like eyeliner was as good as new.

Writing a review

The eyeliner in question was the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner eyeliner, and although she was still shaken from the accident, Shelby couldn’t believe just how perfect the product had remained. As a makeup fanatic, Shelby knew just how much other makeup lovers would appreciate her honest review of the product. She prided herself on her fair judgment and loved to update her fans on new and unique products through her blog and her Instagram page. So, she decided to write a review on the Kat Von D Beauty website!

Giving it 5-stars

However, Shelby did not just give this product any old review. She gave it a 5-star review! As she wrote her thoughts on the product on the website, Shelby once again told the story of her accident. She noted that, while all of her other beauty products had been wiped off during her stint in the hospital and washed off due to the tears, her tattoo eyeliner had remained as perfect as ever – and she wanted potential customers to know just how amazing it is. She even posted the same photo for evidence.

Telling her story

In an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2018, Shelby spoke about her decision to post the review. She confessed that after her initial Instagram post, she was inundated with comments and questions from friends and fans, and they all wanted to know the same thing… How the heck had she kept her makeup so perfect during her accident? As the questions mounted up, Shelby thought it would be easier for her to share her story on the website and leave a review that would help others choose the right product.

Helping others

From her own experience, Shelby knew just how difficult it could be to choose the right product. With claims from companies and celebrities about their products, it is often hard to determine the real deal from something a little less extraordinary. By posting her own story and posting the photo to prove it, she hoped that she could help others in an honest way. If they knew that someone who had experienced a tough time could keep their eyeliner perfect, she thought that they would be more inclined to buy it.

A lonely review

From July 2017 until April 2018, it is unknown how many people saw and interacted with Shelby’s review. After all, how many of you scroll through every single review of a product? Nevertheless, we’d like to think that her open and honest opinion and experience with the eyeliner helped others make the right choice in terms of their makeup purchases. Yet, that’s not the end of Shelby’s story. In fact, she had no idea how this lonely review would soon blow up into something even more exciting…

A viral sensation

In April 2018, a Twitter user by the name of @guadalahari was searching through the Kat Von D Beauty website, looking for a new eyeliner to add to her collection. Throughout her searches, she stumbled upon Shelby’s review and was completely taken aback by the honesty and the hilarity of the situation. She decided to share the screenshot of the review on Twitter, and it has since become a viral sensation. At the time of writing, the tweet has since racked up a whopping 618,000 likes and over 230,000 retweets.


Making fun

Although Shelby’s review went viral, it’s not the only review that has garnered attention over the years. Many people are now turning to product reviews to make jokes, or even make fun of the product itself. In 2012, this hilarious product reviewer decided to unleash her wrath on a new brand of Bic Ballpoint Pens that were specifically aimed towards women. Of course, we all know that women can use any pen they want, but this women’s review perfectly ripped their product to shreds – and we’re totally living for it.

A bad review

For some reason, people just can’t get enough of being sarcastic within product reviews, and we’re definitely not complaining about that fact. Although we bet the head honchos of Tuscan were excited to see that they had been reviewed a cool 5-stars for their whole milk, if they read a little further, they may have been a little surprised. After all, nobody really wants a gallon of chunky milk, right? Well, this reviewer made sure that nobody made the same mistake he did, and steered clear of the milk…

Where is it?

Reading scathing product reviews makes us ridiculously happy, and this children’s book review is no different. This person obviously didn’t want children to be exposed to such a ludicrous story, so they wrote their thoughts down on their keyboard, and let their review do the talking. They believed this to be of utmost importance because it’s a complete waste of time reading a book that has already been spoiled for you by the cover. We have much more important things to do, like writing hilarious product reviews.

Ruining lives

We’re not sure why anyone would pay $80 for a giant inflatable beach ball – but this person did, and regretted it immediately. Not only did it take hours to get it sufficiently inflated, but it then ruined lives as it hurtled down the beach and left destruction in its wake. We’re talking crying children, crushed sand castles, and flying sand all over the place. Thankfully, this person wasn’t going to be too harsh and saved them from a 1-star review. A 2-star review is more than enough.

For the greater good

Like Shelby, most product reviewers put their fingers to keyboard to help other potential customers complete their purchases. They want customers to know exactly what they can expect from a product, and they want them to know the pros and cons. In this case, this product reviewer wanted to reassure the introverts in the world that buying this book would allow them to sit human-free on the train. Would you sit next to someone who was reading a book on crafting with cat hair? No, we thought not.

A true review

Product reviews are a tricky business. How honest do you need to be? How detailed are you expected to be? Well, this reviewer made sure that any potential buyer was completely up to date with everything they needed to know about this Medium Portly Frog. His essence is described to the littlest detail, and the reviewer even details the efficiency of the company. That’s definitely sold it for us then. We’ve finally made the tough decision. It’s definitely going to be the Medium Frog instead of the Small Frog.

All about the truth

What these hilarious product reviews have told us is that they don’t have to be doom and gloom. Yet, in Shelby’s case, her honesty and her truthfulness about her situation and the eyeliner she used has since changed her life forever. Thankfully, she has since made a full recovery, and her blog and her Instagram page have since garnered even more attention since her story went viral. What’s even better is that she has reassured potential customers that the eyeliner is the best on the market! How could you say no?