When one guy caught his girlfriend being unfaithful he decided to take public revenge


When most people enter into a new relationship, they like to think that it’s going to be the real deal. They hope they’ve found “the one,” and they hope that they will have the perfect relationship. Of course, relationships don’t come without their difficulties. You often have to compromise, and you often have a few bumps along the way, especially in the beginning. However, if you can work through these issues like adults, there’s a high chance that you’re in it for the long run.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always quite as simple as that, and some people soon realize that maybe things just really weren’t meant to be after all. When this man caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he knew he had a decision to make. He could ignore the situation and try to move on from it, or he could get his own back. In the end, he decided to get his own back…

Cheaters never prosper

Relationships are the best and the worst things in the world. On the one hand, it’s an incredible feeling to know that you’ve found someone you just click with. They know everything about you; you know everything about them; and you just can’t wait to share your lives and experiences together. It’s great.

On the other hand, relationships require you to put a lot of trust into the other person – and if you don’t have trust, you have nothing. When you are faced with a cheating partner, you have to take yourself away from the situation and weigh up your options. Do you stay with them and hope that they change? Or do you realize that cheaters never prosper and move on from the experience? Duston Holloway wanted to move on, but not before he took public revenge on his cheating girlfriend.

Working away from home

However, to truly understand this revenge story, we need to learn a little more about the man in question. Duston Holloway currently lives in Killeen, Texas, but he works all across the country. As a superintendent at a construction company, Duston regularly has to work away from home and leave his family and friends behind.

This is especially hard, considering he also has to leave behind his young son, who he welcomed into the world with a former partner. However, his son wasn’t the only one he was missing in April 2017. Dustin also had to say goodbye to his girlfriend, who was living in his home at the time. In his eyes, they were in it for the long run. Oh, how wrong he was…

Waiting for him

Because they had been together for many months, the 23-year-old assumed that his girlfriend would be faithful to him while he was away. In fact, he didn’t even consider the notion that she wouldn’t be! He believed they were incredibly happy, and he was counting down the days until he could see her again.

His life was perfect, and he was completely in love with the woman. Because of this, Duston had no idea that his girlfriend was being unfaithful behind his back while he was working away from home. He only found out when he tried to surprise her by coming home a bit early, only to find another man in his bed, sleeping next to his girlfriend.

A complete shock

For Duston, it was a complete shock. He had expected to surprise his girlfriend and spend time together, but instead, he was faced by a sight he could never forget. There they were, lying in his bed, and going behind his back. Holloway was incensed, but he was also incredibly upset. He didn’t know what to do, and he played through a few scenarios in his head.

He contemplated waking the man up and fighting him for sleeping in the same bed as the woman he loved, and he also tried to wake his girlfriend up. Yet, she was so intoxicated that his prods and his pokes didn’t even stir her. They were both passed out, and there was no waking either of them.

Making a joke of it

While he was standing over his cheating partner and a complete stranger, Duston continued to roll through various different scenarios in his head. He imagined a scene where he woke up his girlfriend and asked if he would have to go and sleep in the spare room if she was busy in that one, and he even jokingly thought about asking what the man wanted for breakfast in the morning.

However, behind the jokes was a fit of boiling anger and sadness. He couldn’t believe that a woman he thought was perfect would do such a thing, but he was also glad to see that she had finally shown her true colors. He knew he deserved so much more than her.

What to do next?

Of course, Duston didn’t want to really cause a scene or fight with the man who was sleeping next to his girlfriend. However, he also knew that he couldn’t just ignore the situation and move on from it.

He was not going to be played by anyone, and he wasn’t going to have the wool pulled over his eyes. After much deliberation about what he would do next, he formed the perfect plan. He wouldn’t need to wake either of them, and all he needed was his cell phone.

Posting the evidence

Duston whipped out his phone and switched it onto camera mode. He needed to have evidence of what he had seen with his very eyes, and he knew that a picture spoke a thousand words.

So, he took numerous pictures of his girlfriend and the man in his bed and made sure that their faces were clear as day so she couldn’t deny it ever happened. He then posted the evidence on social media with a caption that said it all.

Good men deserve good women

As he posted more and more photos of his cheating girlfriend, he also noted that “good men deserve good women.” He was not the kind of man to condone cheating of any kind, and especially not when it happened under his roof and in his bed.

It was clear to see that his girlfriend had specifically gone behind his back to deceive him and that his kindness and love was too much for someone who was willing to throw it all away so easily. He deserved better, and he wanted the world to know that.

Not his intention

Although Duston wanted to seek revenge on his cheating girlfriend, it was not his intention to humiliate her completely. He made sure that the photos were all PG, and did not show any more of his girlfriend than he needed to for the rest of the world to see.

While he was angry and annoyed by her actions, he also prides himself on being a respectful and loving man. Because of this, he knew when to stop and when he was taking it too far. Thankfully, many people on the internet agreed with him.

A viral sensation

In fact, Duston’s post soon became a viral sensation! While the post has since been deleted, the pictures still remain out there for the world to see, and he has obtained a huge number of fans for what he did.

He was inundated with comments and messages from those who had been cheated on themselves, and they confessed that it was one of the hardest things they had ever had to experience. They sympathized with the 23-year-old, and they wanted to send their love. However, this wasn’t all they had to say.

Congratulating him

These people also sent messages and comments in the hundreds to congratulate Duston. Considering the fact that he walked in on his girlfriend cheating on him in his own bed, they noted that he could have done much worse.

He could have started a verbal or physical fight, or he could have taken his revenge to a whole new level. Instead, he decided to keep his cool, and he even posed for a selfie for some of the photographs! His supporters were proud of him for staying level-headed during the ordeal.

Sending him love

More than anything, these people on the internet were sending him support. They wanted him to know that he did in fact deserve so much more than what he was dealt and that they hoped he would find someone worthy of his love.

In fact, many admirers posted pictures of themselves and their own stories to grab his attention and show him that he was not alone. One fan even noted that she was sure one day that Duston would “find someone who will think the world of you!”

Not alone

Amazingly, Duston’s post sparked a social media storm, and it became a safe haven for victims of cheating to tell their own stories. Like Duston, many people came forward with stories that involved them keeping their cool and staying calm throughout the whole process.

One woman noted that when she found her husband in their bed with another woman, she simply walked out of the room, closed the door, walked downstairs, and made herself a cup of tea. Duston found it comforting to know he was not alone in his handling of the situation.

The critics

However, there were some people who didn’t quite agree with Duston’s course of action. While many people were praising him for being a “bigger person” and a “better man,” there were others who condemned these phrases.

They stated that if Duston wanted to be a bigger man he should have just walked away and not retaliated. By taking the photos and posting them online for the whole world to see, he was stooping to their level and getting involved in pettiness. Yet, the critics were few and far between, while his supporters were rallying around him.

Thanking his fans

After his post became an overnight success, Duston made his way back online a day after the ordeal. He was overwhelmed with the love and support that he had received from complete strangers, and he confessed that it had helped him get through one of the worst days of his life.

He noted that he was “heartbroken” and that he had thought his world had fallen apart. But the response to his post lifted his spirits and showed him that there was still good in the world, even though he couldn’t see it as clear as he could have.

Not bothered

With thousands of friend requests, likes, and shares, Duston became somewhat of a celebrity online. However, he has since reported that he doesn’t care about the fame or the fact that his name is now known by many across the globe.

In his words, he doesn’t care “to be known all over.” He just wants to know that there are good people out that and that the good people sometimes win. By receiving such an onslaught of praise and support, he knew that the good guy does always come out on top.

An incredible story

There’s no doubt about the fact that Duston’s story is an incredible one. After seeing the worst scene anyone could imagine before his very eyes, he turned it into something magical.

Sure, there are some people who still do not agree with his course of action, but the finer details have been played out behind the scenes. Duston no longer associates himself with his former flame and is now spending time with his friends, his son, and the rest of his family. While he will be careful about who he puts his trust in, he has learned that there are good people in the world.

What do you do when love ends?

Leaving a long-term, serious relationship in such a manner is never easy, and that’s putting it mildly! Duston had been in what he thought was a committed, loving relationship with a woman, only to discover that she’d been unfaithful – and in the same bed she shared with him, no less.

Since we often define ourselves partly through our connections to other people, his story begs the question – what do we do when love ends? How do we redefine ourselves when the very foundations of who we were seem to crumble?

What the pros say

Duston himself admitted that when he saw the scene in his own bedroom, he though his “world fell apart.” Through the support he received from people he didn’t even know, however, he was able to see the light through the darkness.

That’s the best case scenario for such a situation, a professional therapist said, adding there’s no need to remain a victim forever. Fear and resentment can be cast aside eventually, with the breakup leading to a journey of self-exploration that makes us wiser and more self-aware in the end.

Everything happens for a reason

“The world ain’t as bad as we think,” Duston said, and he might have hit on a bigger truth than he was aware at the time. Everything happens for a reason, the old saying goes, but can a silver lining truly be found in something as horrendous as finding your significant other in bed with another man?

Well, consider this: supposing Duston hadn’t caught them, and her infidelity was allowed to continue, would it not be infinitely worse if he had found out after they were already married with children?

Remembering what’s truly important

Still, Duston was a man, and when he felt stricken his first instinct was to strike back. His initial thought, he admitted, was to “kick the guy’s a**,” but he quickly realized that being the better person is the best way.

Thinking of his son may have had something to do with it, as well. After all, he would have the satisfaction of beating up his girlfriend’s lover, but he’d be in jail all the same. His son needed his dad. Being a responsible parent, he simply couldn’t do it.

When it rains, it pours

Sadly, Duston’s troubles were far from over. His job – when not catching girlfriends redhanded – is working an oil rig. Working that kind of job is not without risk, as anyone who does it should be aware, but in late 2018, Duston found that out firsthand.

He was involved in some kind of accident on the rig that nearly cost him his left hand. He had about 70 percent of the muscles crushed and 80 percent of the nerves in that hand torn out, on top of massive internal bleeding.

Maintaining that positive attitude

Proving that he is just as cool as a cucumber, Duston tackled that disaster with the same attitude he had for discovering his girlfriend’s infidelity. After undergoing three major surgeries, and many more minor procedures, he was finally cleared to go home.

He still had a skin graft procedure to look forward to in the future, but stated how blessed he was to have the “best support system in the world.” While his arm won’t ever be the same again, he added, he still had it – “and that’s a bonus.”

The best revenge

At the end of the day, it seems like Duston has figured out that the best revenge really is living well. He has moved on from his relationship, and seems to be stronger for it.

And when he’s ready, he’ll be able to go after the best “revenge” of all – moving on to a healthy, trusting, and above all honest new relationship. Rushing things and jumping headlong into a new relationship immediately is usually not a good idea, experts say, but he has all the time in the world.

Revenge is a dish best served… disgusting

Over in Brazil, one jilted boyfriend had less of a moral compass than Duston. Waiting until Valentine’s Day to put his plan into motion, he gave the young woman no clue he was onto her. And on that special couples’ day, he gave her a beautiful heart-shaped box.

He then stepped out of the car and looked his soon-to-be-ex inside. None the wiser, she opened the box… only to discover it contained dozens of live cockroaches! The entire incident was filmed using dashboard cams, and went viral the world over.