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Walmart shoppers gone wild

Walmart Stores Inc has been a staple of America for longer than most of us can remember. Originally founded by Sam Walton in 1982, the brand has grown to a whopping 11,695 stores under 63 different names, spread out over 28 countries. There is a reason the Walton family are one of the richest in America! In terms of revenue, Walmart is the world’s largest company, with impressive sales of over $480 billion. Woah! They also employ 2.3 million employees, making them the largest private employer in the world.

The company was incorporated in 1969 and by 1970 it has 38 stores. The Walmart brand quickly spread and soon stores were popping up all over America, however Sam Walton didn’t want to stop there. Various subsidiaries of Walmart were opened up all over the world, such as Asda in the UK, and it wasn’t long before the company was one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Sam Walton set up Walmart to sell lots of products at lower prices. While he knew this would bring his profit margin down, the key was to entice people to buy a lot more. And turns out, his idea was spot on. To have some of the smallest profit margins of any company and still have the biggest revenue of any company in the world means you are doing something very, very right. By 1988, the business was the most profitable retailer in the US and the rest, as they say, is history.

The thing is, anyone can afford to shop in Walmart, and that’s where they have done so well. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you can shop at Walmart. There are no rules here! Well, maybe a couple (as you’ll find out a little bit later on in the article) Because it offers such a huge range of things at such low prices, you will find a wonderful mismatch of people browsing the aisles of Walmart at any one time – particularly during the holiday season and big shopping days like Black Friday! Some people bring their pets, others wear their pajamas, and then there are some who are just plain wild, that we have no words for. We have rounded up some of the most amazing pictures of the kookiest Walmart shoppers we could find from across America. These people are our heroes – we salute them!

Laundry day

By the looks of this photo, it’s laundry day and the washer has broken down. This means the poor guy has had to leave the house in the only clean clothes he has, which just so happens to be a Harley Quinn onesie (which we all own, right?). Now they’re having to pick out some new threads, just so that the Quinn wannabe doesn’t have to go to work in that same onesie the next day… As the caption says, only at Walmart!

Furry fox

Some people think that they were animals in a previous life. Some believe they are still animals. Others just can’t help but channel their inner animal. This guy clearly had enough of being a human for the day, so decided he was going to go out as his true self – a fox. We’re not entirely sure what real foxes think about baked goods, but then they do eat from trash cans, so maybe they’re not fussy.

Mrs. Claus

Santa… Is that you? In a dress? Walmart is the kind of place where you can be your true self – and it seems this guy wants to be Mrs. Santa Claus. That’s totally okay with us! We think that perhaps the best bit about this entire outfit is not the dress, but the socks and shoes combo. That’s the kind of look we stopped rocking when we were six-years-old, but this Grandpa totally pulls it off.

Lizard Queen

We’d all love to be able to take our pets with us wherever we go, but sometimes that’s just not possible – especially if you have some kind of exotic pet. However, this Walmart shopper was definitely not bothered about breaking the rules when she decided to bring her pet lizard along for the ride. Unless that isn’t her lizard and it’s simply fallen from the ceiling (it’s Walmart, it COULD happen) and decided that she is his new owner.


“Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga.” Why shop on your own when you could join an entire conga line of shoppers, all in handicapped carts? Turn your Walmart experience into something fun, without even having to step foot on the floor. We want to know what happens when one of them needs to use the restroom, however, as we feel that may be a little bit difficult somehow.

Role reversal

If you’re a parent, then you’ll know it can become a real pain having to push your kid around in the trolley the whole time. However, you can always do what this smart mom has done and swap roles. Instead of YOU pushing your child, get them to push you instead. This teaches your kid many valuable life lessons, and it means you can put your feet up for a little while too. Smart, right?

DIY fashion

Look, we can’t all afford to have the latest and greatest fashion trends, okay?! This Walmart shopper obviously really care about labels but doesn’t have the spare cash to invest in real Uggs. So, she’s fashioned her very own Uggs label and stuck them to the back of her boots instead. Sure, Uggs don’t do what looks like pleather boots, but maybe she’ll inspire them to consider branching out. We’re going to start trying this with all of our clothes – pass me that D&G sticker!

Monkeying around

We thought that taking a lizard into Walmart was kinda strange, but then there’s this. One – why does this woman have a monkey? Two – why did she take it into Walmart? Three – is she clutching it so close in case she gets into trouble or because she thinks the monkey is her baby? We have so many questions, and we really need them answered. Oh, final question… Where can we get a pet monkey?

Double identity

At first glance, this looks like one cool dude. Just look at his suave t-shirt and its slogan, complete with red cap and cargo pants. However, on closer inspection, there is something very wrong about this whole picture. Is he wearing bikini bottoms underneath those cargo pants?! We’re hoping this was just some hilarious dare that this Walmart shopper had to go along with. Otherwise he’s got a lot of explaining to do.

To tan or not to tan

These two girls look like they have had very different summers indeed. While the one on the left clearly cares about keeping her skin safe from the sun’s harmful rays, the girl on the right has totally ignored all the warnings. We really hope that they’re shopping for some kind of aftersun to soothe that burning skin. Or maybe some suntan lotion to make sure this never happens again. Ouch!

Keeping it classy

Don’t you just hate it when guys wear their pants down so low you can see their underwear? Well, this gentleman didn’t want people to think he was one of thoooose guys. So, he decided to wear an extremely long vest and tuck it into his pants instead. This way, he can still ride low, but no one has to see what kind of underwear he has on. We think this is a totally classy outfit choice, don’t you agree?

She can walk!

Walmart provides some really awesome handicapped trolleys for those who struggle to get around, and we think it’s such a good idea. However, some people totally take advantage of this, as the woman pictured goes to show. It turns out, she probably can walk, and she was just using the handicapped cart because she was lazy. She proves this by standing on it to reach the top shelf – either seriously genius or heartless, we’re not sure. The “It’s a miracle” caption had us in stitches too.

Embracing baldness

It’s most men’s worst nightmare, the thought of going bald. However, this guy has totally embraced the fact that he was losing all of his hair. While the rest of it may be gone, he’s done what he can with what was left. We’re not sure this is going to start any new trends anytime soon, but at least he is trying his best. Only in Walmart will you see someone with this kind of hair-do (or lack of hair-do).


What’s a sneakal we hear you cry?! Well, a sneakel is when it’s too hot to wear sneakers, so you turn them into sandals instead. All you need to do is cut off the toes of the sneakers and voila! You’ve got your very own sneakals. Wait… Has she cut off the toes on her socks as well? She may have ruined a pair of sneakers, but at least she didn’t commit the worst fashion crime of them all – wearing sandals and socks!

Who let the dogs out?

We quite enjoy the fact that people bring their pet to Walmart – it certainly makes for some interesting shopping companions. However, there surely should be a limit as to how many pets you can bring in at one time? We feel like a trolley filled with dogs is perhaps too much. Where is she going to put all of her shopping? Also, you can definitely tell which one is the favorite… Hint: It’s the one in the child’s seat.

Meat blanket

Shopping is tiring, and sometimes you just need to have a bit of a lie down to recover. This woman didn’t hesitate to get comfy, but chose somewhere rather strange to do so… The meat aisle. As if that wasn’t enough, she then proceeded to cover herself in meaty goods like some kind of blanket. She also looks like she’s wearing her pajamas, so perhaps this was her plan all along. Each to their own.

MJ, is that you?

You might have thought the King of Pop was dead, but it turns out he was just hanging out at Walmart the whole time. Or perhaps this is the ghost of MJ, haunting Walmart? Or maybe, it’s just someone who looks scarily like the deceased popstar… We think that’s probably more likely. Although we would love to know what the real Michael Jackson would have bought at Walmart. Lots of blankets, perhaps?

Hair or tail?

Holy macaroni! When you start looking at this woman’s hair, you can’t really see anything wrong with it. Then, as you pan your eyes down the screen, you’ll notice that this is no ordinary hair. This is perhaps the longest hair we have ever seen – and we’re still not entirely sure if it IS hair or if it is a tail. How did she manage to weave it so tightly together? It’s like something out of Avatar.

Walking the turtle

We have had lizards, monkeys, and a trolley full of dogs, but this Walmart pet is quite possibly the best of them all. Sure, we’re totally cool with turtles, and if people want to keep them as pets, then that’s okay too. But, to put one on a leash and take it to Walmart – that’s too far, even for us. Where did she get a turtle leash? And what if someone steps on it by accident? Clean up on aisle 3, squashed turtle!

Hourglass figure

When you look at people like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, it’s clear to see that a big booty is what it’s all about. However, what happens if you’re upside down? If you’re big up top but practically non-existent at the bottom? Well, then you look like this. It’s not quite an hourglass figure, and we like the dedication of squeezing into the clothes, but we’d really like to spend a couple of hours picking out a more appropriate wardrobe for this lady in gray.

Fitting rooms? Pah!

Who needs a fitting room in Walmart, when you can just get changed in the middle of the store? Sure, it’s fine if you’re just trying on a sweater over your top, but we personally wouldn’t go the whole way like this lady. We actually feel kinda bad for her, as someone has obviously stopped to take a photo, and she probably thought she was being totally subtle just changing in the middle of Walmart.

The ferret man

As you may have noticed by now, pets are a pretty common theme in Walmart. We have seen some weird and wacky ones, but this is definitely one of our favorites. This guy is taking his pet ferret to his grocery shop, and that’s A-OK with us! Our only small gripe is why he is clutching it quite so hard. Will it escape if he lets go? Perhaps he should invest in a ferret leash – you’ll find them in the same aisle as the turtle leashes, we’ve heard.

Rainbow lady

Okay, so there’s nothing wrong with someone wearing all of the colors in the world – we do, on a regular basis. We love the big bow in her hair, the rainbow teddy-bear shirt, and even the brightly colored high top sneakers. The only thing we are so very, very confused about is the stuffed caterpillar on her leg, like some kind of leg warmer. Where did she get this idea from? Why has she done it? We have so many questions right now.

Somebody stop me!

We love The Mask movie; it’s one of our all-time favorites. However, we have never felt compelled to run out for some groceries wearing The Mask itself. Oh wait, that’s a face mask right? Did she forget to take it off or is she just one seriously sassy lady who doesn’t care what you think? She needed some apples, and she was gonna get them, face mask still on or not. Yeah, you go girl!

Keeping warm

This man ain’t cray! He knows that if you’re going to go to Walmart in tiny denim shorts then someone is probably going to laugh at you and take a photo. Plus, it can get seriously cold, especially near the chilled aisles. So, he showed everyone up when he had the foresight to turn up with leggings under his tiny denim shorts. He got to keep warm, and nobody could laugh at him for wearing short shorts. Oh… Wait.

Keeping cool

What do you do when it’s a bit too hot for jeans but too cold for shorts? You seek out this incredible piece of fashion, for the best of both worlds. By the looks of things, this is a DIY job, and the woman pictured is clearly going to be the next Ralph Lauren. We love the little pieces of denim that connect the shorts to the bottom bits. Absolutely genius – and she’ll stay the right temperature.

Captain Walmart

Where do you think all superheroes get their groceries and random junk? Walmart, of course! Captain America had to make a quick pitstop to stock up on snacks before he met back up with The Avengers to carry on saving the world. He also seems a little bit annoyed with the cashier; perhaps he was being too slow. Captain America is a busy man, you know, he has the world to save so get a move on!

Your underwear arrest

Most people get away with some totally weird and wacky outfits in Walmart, but there is one thing they won’t stand for. You can’t just turn up and go grocery shopping in your underwear. You’re not allowed. End of story. This guy tried his luck but ended up a bit red-faced when the entire police squad turned up to arrest him. In that position, you could probably wax the floor with him though – just a thought!

Keep away from children

Okay… There’s a reason plastic bags say “keep away from children” on them. It’s because kids do dumb stuff, like putting the bags on their heads, and then suffocating. This is like basic parenting 101 stuff. However, this mom has clearly had enough of her kid as she’s letting her not just play with the plastic bag, but wear it over her head. Can someone call child protection, please?!