US Urges Partner Nations To Do More In Fight Against ISIS


Pentagon Officials are not pleased by some of the 64 partner nations and regional groups which are part of the coalition spearheaded by the United States to help in fighting the ISIS. According to the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, some of nations were not doing enough to help in fighting the Islamic State militants.

Ashton Carter also revealed that the US was considering sending more US and allied trainers, special operations and advisers to assist the Syrian, Iraqi and Kurdish opposition fighters in fighting Islamic State militants in Iraqi and Syria. Planners at Pentagon have revealed that recapturing areas such as Iraq and Mosul which have been conquered by the ISIS militants for a period of one and a half year will need more coalition troops to help the Iraqi forces.

The Secretary of State John Kerry will be travelling to Rome this Tuesday to seek for more support from the partner nations who are in the coalition. During the tour, John Kerry will discuss the best ways in which commitments can be intensified across all areas in order to ensure the deadly militants are completely degraded and defeated.

Ashton Carter will travel to Brussels later this month to urge defense ministers from over 26 nations to increase the number of trainers and advisers, provide more reconnaissance and support aircraft, boost the delivery of ammunition and arms and increase their commitment in the ongoing war.

Pentagon officials, “ The US has so far done most of the work in ensuring the ISIS militants are defeated though some of the partner nations have assisted in varying degrees. Out of the 6.655 airstrikes in Iraq, US have conducted 68 percent and 94 percent of the 3,305 airstrikes in Syria. We have also sent more than 3,700 troops to Iraq while the partner nations have sent a total of 2,400 troops.”

Original Source: International Business Times