The untold stories of Todd Chrisley and his family

These days, reality TV shows are everywhere. There is the cult classic ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, ‘The Osbournes’, and even ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ but nothing has topped the most dramatic, hilarious and addictive show that is ‘Chrisley Knows Best’. Reality shows have known to fizzle out after only one or two seasons. What we once laughed has now just turned sad. But for Chrisley Knows Best’, the show has only gotten better.

Todd is a hardworking man, however, his kids don’t exactly have to be since they were born into the fortune that is why Todd tries to help his kids stay grounded, especially Chase who is Todd’s son that is always trying to a new get rich quick scheme with his friend Parker. Todd, with his second wife Julie, try to run a tight ship in their Nashville mansion and there are five seasons of Todd and his family relationships unfolding right in front of America’s eyes.

The rich and the famous

In 2014, Todd Chrisley became a household name when his television show called ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ first aired. It has now been running for five consecutive seasons and the Chrisley name keeps getting bigger.

Todd is a real estate mogul who he has let America into his private life showing us all how the other half lives as well as some hilarious moments along the way. The family is full of drama, ex-wives, step-siblings, botox, and even a bit of good-ol-fashioned love. So make yourself comfortable, grab a blanket and an ice cream sandwich, and just chill out as we continue to learn more about Todd and his eccentric family.

A TV show was born

Todd always wanted to have his own television show. He is a wealthy Georgian who started his own business and he knew that his family had a lot of entertainment to offer. So when ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ aired five years ago Todd was not surprised when over one million viewers tuned in for the show’s pilot.

The USA Network immediately picked up the second season and the show has been airing ever since. Todd, along with his wife, children, their fortune and their first world problems truly make for an entertaining 22-minute show. But here’s something you’ll find just as entertaining – what went on behind the scenes throughout it all.

Mom and dad

Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley, have been under the microscope since their parenting methods have been seen by all of America. However, Todd simply says that he is just trying to bring his children up right. Todd is constantly trying to make sure his daughter doesn’t grow up too fast and wears age appropriate clothing.

Todd may have thrown a MacBook into a pool but he is always trying to teach his kids a lesson. Like when his son wanted to go to an interview, Todd role played and prepared him for what lies ahead.

Past love

Todd Chrisley met a beautiful woman named Teresa Terry at a party when he was only 19 years old. Todd and Theresa dated for three years and by 1989 they got married. The flowers in their wedding photo are actually covering a little secret.

Todd proposed to Teresa when she was pregnant so that he could properly provide for their new family. But how was Todd, who was only a kid, going to make a living? Especially when he had all these glamorous dreams.

The adventure of starting out

Todd and Terese’s first child was named Lindsie Chrisley and she was born on September 17, 1989. To years later on August 29, 1991, the couple had another child, this time a boy. They called him Kyle Chrisley. Todd had begun investing in properties, forcing the young and adorable family to move around quite a bit.

The family struggled with all of their liquid money now tied up in investments, they didn’t have much for themselves. But the couple admits having enjoyed the adventure. However Terese wasn’t the one that ended up starring in the hit show Chrisley Knows Best…

Drifting apart

Despite the fun adventures of moving around and their amazing family, the couple started to fray at the seams. It seemed as though they were not as well fitted for each other as they originally thought. They may have had two beautiful and loving children together but that doesn’t always mean that a couple will stay together forever.

Sadly Teresa and Todd were very far away from the love that they once felt and the smiling faces that were plastered on their faces on their wedding day.

Officially split

In 1994 Teresa decided to do it once and for all. Teresa left with her son Kyle, while their daughter remained with Todd. Teresa had stated that she had left her husband a few times before but it clearly never stuck. Todd had claimed that Teresa had kidnaped their daughter but she gave her back in the end.

This time she meant business. By 1996 the two had officially divorced and they maturely made the decision to both have joint custody of the children.

The road to Cali

The couple shared custody of the children and they had an extremely detailed plan as to how they were going to share the kids between them. However, the shared custody came to an abrupt halt when Todd’s work forced him to move to California.

As the kids were old enough now to make a decision of their own Lindsie decided to follow her daddy and Teresa was not going to be the one to come in between her kids so she told Kyle to go with them as well. Teresa wanted to keep the kids together.

Julie’s turn

Only one month after the ink had dried on the divorce papers, Todd was married to Julie Hughes. They got married in May of 1996 but the couple had met back in the early ’90s when Julie was still living in a trailer.

Julie had struggled growing up and had wanted to be a Miss South Carolina but instead, she was busy dealing with the aftermath of her brother taking his own life behind their trailer home.

Chrisley kids

That same year Julie gave birth to her first child, Chase Chrisley on June 1, 1996 only one week after their wedding. Todd clearly has an apt for marrying a woman and having a child with them in the span of less than one year.

Only one year later Julie had her second child, this time it was a girl! Savannah Chrisley was born on August 11, 1997, and they couldn’t have been more excited. Savannah grew up as a beauty pageant contestant and even became the Miss Tennessee (fulfilling her mother’s own dream) while Chase was more of an athlete.

The hard paved road

All the while Todd was hard at work. He was going to make his family proud and he was taking the real estate world by storm. Todd was turning run-down homes into gorgeous buildings. And he was doing it fast.

Todd was slowly building a reputation for being a real estate mogul that knew how to make hard earned cash with his own two hands. That’s when Todd started his own company called Chrisley Asset Management, Todd was slowly becoming the glamorous person he always dreamed of becoming.

Tough times

Just as quickly as Todd’s assets grew, they fell as soon as the market crashed back in 2008. The market crash hit Todd hard seeing as no one was interested in buying new homes or upgrading anymore. Todd was forced to sell his properties for lower and lower prices forcing him to take out loans to cover his costs.

Todd was sinking fast. About that same time, Todd and Julie had another child named Grayson. Which simultaneously happy but also scary since Todd now had another mouth to feed.

Strapped for cash

By 2012 Todd was at an all-time financial low. Todd hadn’t recovered from the market crash and his loans became astronomical. It was reported that Todd had a whopping total of $49.4 million dollars of debt.

The debt was made up of $600,000 in taxes owed, $12 million in mortgages, a business deal went rotten that costed him another $30 million in debt, and a $4.4 million loan that Todd took from his generous wife Julie (it seems like they are the type of couple with separate bank accounts).

A new show was born

In 2017 Todd received his second show. He worked hard to win over the network in order to get behind his new idea. Maybe to gain some of that liquidity that he lost back in the market crash. Either way the new show ‘According to Chrisley’ has been a success.

This semi talk show hosts Todd and his family along with their opinions on society, relationships, parenting, and much more. For 30 minutes Todd entertains his live audience and viewers from around the world with celebrity guest stars and his witty humor.

A singing stint

Ever since Todd’s bank account has been seeing plus signs again and is in the clear he has had more time to focus on his other interests, including singing! Todd teamed up with the amazing country singer and songwriter Shane Stevens to take the country music world by storm.

Todd cleverly gave his fans a taste of the song in the fourth season of his show and the song shot up to the most pre-ordered single in history. The song was officially released in November 2016 however it seems that Todd has crossed this dream off his bucket list and now has turned to fashion instead.

Dad to the rescue

With all this fake news swimming around in this day and age, Todd decided to take action. He came to his daughter’s rescue when social media and news outlets were spreading the rumor that his daughter Savannah (only 21 years old) had split up with her boyfriend, Luke.

The two are still very much in love and Todd couldn’t stand to watch his daughter get hurt so he went to social media and posted this picture of the couple still standing strong.

The third show

Savannah and Chase have clearly made an impression on social media and are usually in the public’s eye so it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that there is a spinoff series being discussed about the duo.

Todd responded to the TV show rumors that “I’m extremely proud of Chase and Savannah as they continue their journey into adulthood. This show will follow them as they live on their own and give their parents huge headaches and potential heart attacks. The plot thickens with love.” We cannot wait to see how these new TV shows unfold!

Father son relationships

While father daughter relationships tend to be strong (especially Savannah and Todd’s), dads and sons have always had a bit more complicated relationships. Boys want to pave their own way into becoming a man while fathers just want to ensure that their sons are making the right choices.

And in the end they always tend to butt heads – that’s what growing up is all about. Todd and his son Kyle are no different. Kyle mysteriously was absent for most of season two of Chrisley Knows Best and both have different versions of why that happened.

Claims against daddy

Kyle has made quite a few accusations against his father over the years. He has even gone as far to say that his dad doesn’t play fairly when paying his taxes. However, we need to look deeper to find out why is Kyle accusing his father left and right.

Is there any truth to this? Surely the IRS would have caught on and we would know by now. Maybe this is just one kid’s way of leaving his father’s shadow.

Kyle’s version of events

Kyle went to the press and made quite a few allegations back in 2014 against his father. Kyle claimed that the entire show was scripted by Todd. But if we’re being honest, aren’t all reality television shows pretty scripted?

Todd, however, responded that the show was not scripted and that the USA Network has given them artistic freedom to just be themselves on camera and have fun with it. Todd says that the show portrays the family’s relationships without any script whatsoever.

A business man

Clearly, it is a “he said, she said” the type of situation with Kyle and Todd and we’ll never know much more than what the tabloids tell us. However, Todd does have the upper hand in relatability and believability since he built his company from the ground up and became a millionaire in his own right.

Todd serves as the current CEO of Chrisley Asset Management in Atlanta, Georgia but he runs the company from his home in Beverly Hills, California.

A deeper look into Kyle

Maybe now we can understand why Kyle has been making so many accusations against his father. Kyle might feel like Todd left his mother and made a new family with new children. In psychology, this is called Replacement and the first-born children tend to feel a sort of animosity against “the replacement family”.

When Kyle was 19 years old he was placed in rehab. But Todd was short on cash from the market crash and the rehab center sued Todd for $18,000 in costs and the legal fees added up forcing Todd to shell out an extra $24,000 all for his son.

Meet Todd’s granddaughter

Kyle and his girlfriend Angela Johnson gave birth to Chloe Chrisley on November 10, 2012. Sadly, two years later Angela and Kyle split up and Todd was once called in for help. The Chrisley family wasn’t able to see Chloe so they took Angela to court for another Chrisley custody battle.

The Chirsley’s had a right to see their new family member and they were not going to let Angela stop them from being with their family. So the Chrisley’s banded together to get their baby back.

The second custody battle

The custody battle didn’t exactly turn out as Kyle would have liked. When the Chrisley’s took Angela to court because they were denied visitation rights to Chloe, the judge awarded sole custody to Todd and not to Kyle.

Understandably, Kyle was still only a kid so it made sense to give the child to someone who has more experience with parenting and was more stable as Kyle had recently been in rehab. So Todd kept Chloe safe and Kyle left feeling bitter about it to say the least.

Happily ever after

Kyle has admitted that he has started over and that he has had no more issues for the past four years. He has married a woman named Lexi and they have a happy life together with their dog named Milo.

Sadly, Kyle does not talk to his family anymore but his animosity has been forgotten and forgiven, he wishes his family only the best and said” “I cannot wait to start a family with my wife after we’re all settled in, she’s my best friend.”

A survivor

Recently, Julie Chrisley opened up about another family secret – six years ago she went through a double mastectomy. In 2012, Todd reportedly pushed his wife to get a mammogram, which showed something irregular.

After a biopsy, Julie learned that she had cancer. Following research and discussions with the doctors, Julie decided to undergo a double mastectomy to remove the cancer, and several weeks later had reconstructive surgery. Years later, Julie is still cancer-free and the couple says that the experience strengthened their marriage.