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Ultra fit celebrities over 40

If you could, would you go back in time? Would you take yourself back to your younger years and try to avoid growing older that little bit longer? Well, we assume that many of you would take this opportunity with your arms wide open – because as a society, we have been taught that younger men and women are much more handsome and beautiful than older men and women. But is that really the case? After all, with age comes wisdom and an even better appreciation for the world around us. Yes, as we reach each new decade and new milestone in our lives, we try to make the most of our time on earth. When we get to forty years old, we try to ensure that we make as many memories as possible with our friends and family.

We aim to create an impressive career for ourselves and one that we don’t mind waking up to in the morning. We may have children in our lives, that are growing up and bringing us new joy every day. Being forty and over is pretty darn great. However, being forty and thriving in the celebrity world is not as easy as those who are not in the public eye. Thanks to social media and paparazzi following their every move, these older women often feel the pressure to look their best and stay in shape – especially if they have younger actresses, singers, or performers on their tails! Yet, while many celebs go through weird and wonderful procedures in an attempt to look even younger than they do, there are others who decide to take it back to basics and keep their body fit and healthy. They take themselves to the gym, they maintain a scrupulous workout routine, they rid their houses of unhealthy produce, and they fill their bodies with fruits and vegetables. It’s all about the structure! Don’t believe us? Well, check out the ultra-fit celebrities over 40…

Elizabeth Hurley

The Brits have taken over the world of Hollywood, and we’re totally okay with it. Over the years, Elizabeth Hurley has proved that she is more than capable of keeping up with the other actresses in Tinseltown, and at 52 years old she looks healthier than ever. So how does Elizabeth stay in shape so easily? Well, it seems as though her answer doesn’t lie in the gym. Instead of spending her days pumping iron and running on treadmills, Elizabeth prefers to stay in her own house and do her own smaller workouts. Much of her exercise comes from walking her dogs, as she often takes them on long hikes and gets her blood pumping. Well, it’s certainly working for her!

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is one of the most famous television hosts of the moment, and fans can’t help but wonder how she manages to stay in shape throughout her high-octane career. Well, it seems as though the 47-year-old has found the perfect routine to ensure that she looks as fit and healthy as she can be. As well as working out regularly, she also ensures that she sticks to a high-alkaline diet. She regularly cleanses her body with a cleanse diet and fills her body with natural goodness.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is known for her pear-shaped physique and her athletic frame, so you’d think that she spends hours in the gym working up a sweat! However, that just isn’t the case. On occasion, the 45-year-old occasionally gets into her gym wear for spinning classes or pilates classes, but that’s about all she does. For the most part, her figure has come from her healthy eating diet. Most days she will feast on vegetables, salads, fish, and chicken. If she’s feeling a little cheeky, she’ll also add something sweet into her life.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Although we know that Jada Pinkett Smith is 46 years old, we’re having a hard time believing it. It seems as though healthy living is just a way of life for the whole of the Smith family because they get bored otherwise! They love to eat meals that are packed full of superfoods and greens, and they love to be active. Her children and her husband get incredibly bored if they stay in at the weekends or during the week, so they are always doing something active. They spend a lot of their time snowboarding.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston seems to have found the miracle cure for the effects of aging – because she is still the spitting image of Rachel Green in the hilarious ‘90s sitcom, Friends! Yes, Jennifer has managed to maintain a hugely healthy lifestyle over the past few decades and has enlisted the help of some of the best health experts and fitness gurus in the world of Hollywood to help her achieve her body goals. Right now, Jennifer incorporates cardio, interval training, and yoga into her life as she believes variation is the spice of life.

Gwen Stefani

Can you believe that Gwen Stefani is now 48 years old? We’re having a hard time believing it ourselves, but it’s true! Over the years, Gwen has wowed us all with her flat stomach and her abs and has told the world her secret to success. However, she has not been easy on herself or her fans with these secrets. In her words, you cannot obtain a fit and healthy body without putting in blood, sweat, and tears. You need to push yourself every day in the gym and avoid all of the foods that are bad for you.

Sandra Bullock

Over the years, Sandra Bullock has taken on a variety of roles, and they have almost always relied on Sandra getting in shape to play a brand new character. After all, it’s not easy being stuck in space, you know! When Sandra was getting ready to film the 2013 sci-fi movie, Gravity, she was trained by some of the leading health experts to make sure she was ready for the ruthless task of being a spacewoman. In fact, these trainers were all dancers and gave Sandra all of the tips she could possibly need.

Cindy Crawford

Although she has been in the world of show business for many decades, Cindy Crawford is still one of the most impressive ladies out there, and it’s hard to believe that she is now 52 years old. This former supermodel does everything she can to ensure that she maintains her famous figure, and it seems like a lot of work! Three times a week, Cindy does 20 minutes of cardio, alongside another hour’s worth of exercise that normally involves squats, lunges, bicep curls, and exercises that involve weights. That’s just how she keeps fit.

Jennifer Garner

While we cannot believe that Jennifer Garner is now 46 years old, we can believe that she has always looked incredibly fit and healthy during the course of her career. Of course, that kind of healthy lifestyle does not always come easy, and Jennifer incorporates a strict one-hour exercise regime into her life every single day. This routine mixes things up throughout, and she incorporates the likes of boxing, dancing, and rebounding. After these workouts, she also endures a sessions of cryotherapy, which is also known as ‘cold therapy.’

Halle Berry

If you’re not ready for your jaw to hit the floor, then you might want to look away now, because the next piece of information might surprise you! Although she may look like she is still in her 30s, Halle Berry is actually 51 years old! One of the main reasons why this actress looks so young is because she keeps herself incredibly fit. However, if you’re looking to look exactly like this actress, you need to be prepared to put in the work. To maintain an active lifestyle, Halle ensures that she goes to either a yoga or pilates class four or five times a week, and also includes cardio and body weights into this routine. Alongside this, she also abides by the keto diet – which means that she cuts carbs and sugar out of her diet completely.

Naomi Campbell

As one of the most famous supermodels in the world, Naomi Campbell has always impressed us with her tall and athletic frame. Her legs seem to go on for days, and she always remains toned and in shape. Even at 47 years old this former model is rocking the street as though it’s her runway, and making us all jealous. But how does she do it? While she does fill her life with regular pilates and yoga classes, much of her health comes from her diet. She regularly puts her body through a juice cleanse and tries to avoid meat.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is the kind of woman who can do anything. Not content with just being a pop star, Sheryl has made it her mission to introduce elements of blues, country, and rock into her music – as well as learning how to play numerous instruments! However, it seems as though her talents don’t end there, as Crow also likes to test her body and keep herself active when she can. In recent years she has been introduced to the Power 90 Extreme (or P90X) workout, which was developed by Tony Horton. This plan incorporates healthy eating and cross-training workout programs.

Christie Brinkley

She might not look it, but Christie Brinkley is actually 64 years old! Yes, this woman has perfected her health technique over the last few years and has now found the kind of routine that works best for her. To get her body moving and to get the calories burning, Christie uses a Total Gym machine to work her whole body and to keep herself in shape. Alongside this, she also credits her vegetarian diet for keeping her slim. In her words, Christie fills her plate with colorful vegetables and lets them do the work for her!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has always been known for her slender frame and her athletic build, and it seems that her secret is one that we could all get behind. Of course, she takes herself off to the gym and maintains a fairly strict workout routine, but she also gives herself a little leeway to enjoy life. She always has a smoothie packed full of fruits and vegetables for breakfast and then follows that up with a salad for lunch. Yet, she allows herself to eat whatever she wants for dinner, to give her tastebuds a little treat.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has always been idolized for her figure. While she is toned and athletic in her frame, she also has curves in all of the right places – and women around the world follow her tips to maintain their own fitness levels. So, how does the 48-year-old do it? Well, it seems as though JLo incorporates a whole load of fun into her workout regime. Instead of going to the gym and pumping some iron, Lopez decides to don her dancing shoes and attends dance classes to get her heart pumping. She also avoids caffeine in her day-to-day life.

Elle Macpherson

Would you believe that Elle Macpherson is 54 years old?! Because we certainly wouldn’t. However, this actress has been called “The Body” in the past – so it should come as no surprise to learn that Elle is not only famous for her professional talent but also her athletic frame and her lengthy legs. According to Elle, keeping fit and healthy is not as difficult as it should be. She ensures that she makes 45 minutes every single day to get up from the couch and do something active. She chooses fun activities, such as surfing or paddleboarding.

Naomi Watts

There are some people in this world who live and breathe exercise and healthy living, and Naomi Watts is one of those people. In fact, her whole day revolves around diet plans and workout routines! In her eyes, the best way to enjoy this kind of lifestyle is to mix things up, and Naomi utilizes the likes of cardio dance classes, yoga, running, and pilates to keep her figure toned up. She also eats vegetables and either chicken or fish for nearly every meal. Well, it’s safe to say it’s working for this 49-year-old.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is known for being curvaceous and incredibly proud of her body – and so she should be! The 51-year-old actress spends a huge amount of time making sure that she stays in shape and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Although she likes to treat herself with delicious food every now and then, she always makes sure that she pushes her body to the limit whenever she can. She learned restorative yoga while visiting the city of London, and was taught how to work her muscles in the right way and keep them active throughout the day.

Gabrielle Union

In our eyes, Gabrielle Union is still the high school cheerleader we all knew and loved in the cheerleading movie, Bring It On. However, this actress is now 45 years old! In recent years, Gabrielle has been incredibly vocal about her healthy living on her social media pages and is constantly updating her feed with workout videos and photographs of her food. Despite this, Gabrielle does treat herself every so often. She believes in the idea that moderation is the way forward, alongside drinking a whopping gallon of water every single day.

Cameron Diaz

Over the years, Cameron Diaz has wowed us all with her ability to look exactly the same, and she consistently looks toned and athletic. Yet, have you ever wondered how she does this? Is it her diet? Is it her exercise regime? Well, it seems as though it’s a bit of both. As well as eating a well-balanced diet that is full of healthy fruit and vegetables, she also maintains a regular workout routine that involves interval sprints on her home elliptical machine. She also regularly attends workout classes, like yoga and pilates.