Two furry friends with a tough past get another chance at life

These two furry friends stuck together through thick and thin, as well as when they were abandoned. The story of their lives and how they were rescued will make your heart melt.

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Who doesn’t love dogs? Most of us let out an “awww” anytime we see a picture of puppies or a dog doing something silly or cute. Anyone who owns a dog could tell you how much joy their furry friend brings into their lives.

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Dogs are known for being attached and loyal to their owners and they are also known for how much happiness they can bring into a home. So when a dog is abused by its owner, we ask ourselves, how anyone could ever treat an animal poorly?

The abuse of animals is something that no human being with a heart approves of. It is a horrible thing that affects more animals than we would like to think. Whether an owner cannot properly care for their pet or they simply choose to neglect them, the harming of helpless animals is simply unacceptable. Thankfully there are many shelters and organizations that try to help animals who have been abandoned or abused. These shelters often search out abandoned animals and rescue them and work to give them a better life.

This was the case for these two doggie best friends who were abandoned by their owner. The dogs were forced to live on the streets and struggled to survive and things were looking bleak for the pair. But everything turned around later for the pups when the kindness of a stranger led to their ultimate rescue. It is beautiful to see how these two friends remained by each other’s sides.
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Abandoned by their owners

How sweet are these little guys? They may look like your average dogs but these two canines have been through a lot in their lives. After being abandoned, the pair lived on the streets of Los Angeles, California. They became stray dogs and their lives were very tough as they struggled to find food and to survive. They barely made it through each day until they were helped by a very kind stranger…


Living in a truck yard

The dogs stuck together through their whole ordeal and made their home base at a truck yard in LA. They were starving and alone until a woman who worked nearby decided to feed to pair. Understandably, both dogs were not trusting of humans as they had just been abandoned and as a result they relied on each other. They were even wary of the team who eventually came to save them.


They were inseparable

The dogs teamed up in order to look for food and eventually became inseparable. They were by each other’s sides as they attempted to navigate the tumultuous existence of being a stray dog. The friends helped one another in the search for food scraps and water and fought to survive. As they were domestic dogs, they were not accustomed to fending for themselves but they did the best they could.


Domestic dogs

Many people believe that since dogs are animals, they should be able to care for themselves in the wild or in the streets. This is not the case, however, as domestic dogs have been bred either as pets or guard dogs. They are used to being fed and taken care of by their owners and while they do have instincts of survival, those have been considerably diminished after hundreds of years of breeding. This has created a problem of countless stray and abandoned dogs starving to death.


Help from a stranger

As we mentioned before, the furry friends set up a sort of home in a truck yard and began sleeping there. After they had spent some time there, a woman who worked in the yard noticed them and knew that she could not stand by while they suffered, She started bringing the dogs food and although she was unable to bring them home with her, she made sure that they were fed and looked after.


Someone to rely on

The woman was a sort of guardian angel for the dogs who had no one else to rely on. She continued to bring them food for 6 months and the dogs did not starve during that time due to the woman’s kind heart. However, something was about to change in that woman’s life that would no longer allow her to help her canine friends. The dogs would soon not be able to count on her anymore.


She had to move

The woman had to move to another place that was too far away from the truck yard and she would no longer be able to feed to dogs whom she had grown so close to. She wondered what would happen to them after she moved and she hoped that another passerby would continue to feed them. However, she could not ensure their care. The woman had to move on, and she knew the dogs would be left to fend for themselves yet again.


Finding a rescue

The thought of leaving the dogs alone put a large weight on the woman’s conscience and she knew she had to do something to help them. She decided to search for a home or rescue that would be able to take the two dogs in. She did quite a bit of research and eventually discovered an animal rescue organization, Hope for Paws. She believed that the group might be able to help the struggling dogs.


Could they help?

The woman was desperate and contacted the organization in hopes that they would help the stray dogs. She knew that the organization had a mission of helping to care for animals and ensuring that they get the medical aid they needed. The organization also works to help find abused or abandoned animal new and happy homes. But the woman still wondered if they would be able to take on the case of the dogs that lived in the truck yard.


They were willing to help

When the woman contacted Hope For Paws, she was relieved to find out that one of the founders, Eldad Hagar, was more than willing to help the pair of pups. He drove out to the truck yard to meet the dogs and to figure out what the best plan was to rescue the pair as he knew they would be reluctant to have human contact with people they did not know or trust. However, to let them continue to live on the streets was not an option.


Recruiting help

Eldad’s organization was international, as involved in it were volunteers from all over the world, including: Australia, Costa Rica, and the U.K. He organized his team members and put together a strategy to get the dogs to safety. The team knew that the dogs would be mistrusting of any human, which added another layer of complication to the rescue mission. It was not going to be easy but it had to be done.


They did not trust humans

Besides the woman who came to bring them food, the dogs had not had human contact in quite a while and their last contact was from their former owners who had abandoned them. When they arrived to the truck yard, the volunteers tried to approach the dogs but every time they did, the dogs ran away from them in fear. The team had to quickly change their plans in order to get the dogs out of the truck yard.


More difficult than they expected

The team enlisted the help of the man who owned the truck yard in order to keep the dogs from escaping. The team devised a more complicated plan to trick the dogs into coming with them. They put a barrier in front of the exit of the yard so that the dogs could no longer run away. After that, the volunteers decided to surround the pair and earn their trust over time.


Tracking down the dogs

The rescue proved to be quite challenging due to the fact that the truck yard was such a large space. It was hard for the volunteers to track the dogs down and navigate the crowded space. Hagar said, “Once we secured the area, [we needed] to try and corner the dogs… The rescue was quite challenging because we always had to watch for our heads as we were under the trucks most of the time.”


Dog #1

The team first focused on the boy dog as he was not showing signs of anger or aggression. He seemed calm but also apprehensive of the humans that surrounded him. He ran away from the volunteers a number of times until they finally caught him and were able to get a leash around his neck. He still seemed fearful of the team but let them approach him and did not struggle to get away once apprehended.


Dog #2

The team had been successful in catching one dog but they were still working on the second one who was female. After seeing her friend get a leash on him, the female was much less cooperative and calm. By now, the first dog had calmed down and was even letting the volunteers pet him! But the team had to shift their focus into finding his friend and putting a leash on her. Easier said than done.


A wild chase

The team tried their best to catch the female dog but to no avail. She was sending them on a wild chase all around the yard which had them ducking under trucks and jumping over boxes to try and catch her. Their efforts were not producing results and their endeavor seemed futile. The team forgot about the one that the dog loved. Her only friend and companion. As soon as the female noticed that the other dog was tied to the fence, the pup immediately ran over to him. That was when the team made their final move.


She gave in

She was one tough cookie! Even after being surrounded by Eldad’s entire team, the female still put up a fight and escaped from them yet again. Their chase continued until she relented and gave in after seeing that the volunteer team was not giving up. She let them put a leash on her, and the team brought her back to her friend who was sitting by the fence. They were finally rescued and they were about to be taken out of the truck yard.


They were nervous

While the dogs were very confused about the whole situation, they did not attack or lash out at their captors and eventually cooperated. They were clearly docile animals but haunted by the past of their abuse, they did not know how the volunteers would treat them. As one could imagine, the dogs might have been thinking the worst and did not want to return to a life filled with abuse.


A successful rescue

After the success of the rescue, Eldad explained, “Both dogs showed zero signs of aggression. They were just so scared, but also relieved. We brought [them closer to each other] so they [could] have a positive experience with all of us. We just sat there for 30 minutes [and] discussed the names they will have.” The dogs were finally safe and it was now time to find them a home. But first they needed names…


What should we call them?

Since neither dog had tags on, the volunteers at Hope for Paws started thinking of name ideas for the pair. They wanted to choose the names of a famous couple who fought challenges in their lives since there was one female dog and one male dog. They settled on Lois and Clark who are a well-known superhero pair. The team first tried to calm Lois and Clark down and then sent them off to be treated in an animal hospital.


Separated for the first time

Unfortunately, both dogs were sent to the hospital in different cars and were away from each other for the first time in at least 6 months. This made both dogs anxious as they were used to being alongside one another. The volunteers tried to calm them on the way to the hospital but both Lois and Clark did not enjoy the ride away from their friend. Their separation, however, did not last too long.



The dogs were reunited at the veterinarian’s office where it was discovered that they were both mixed breeds. Clark was part pit-bull and Lois was part Australian shepherd. The vet discovered that they were approximately 2 years old and that they both seemed to be in relatively good health despite their traumatic ordeal. Things were finally looking up for the pair as they received a clean bill of health. Now it was time to find them homes.


Living inside

Now Lois and Clark have a roof over their heads and they are being taken care of. However, they have yet to find a permanent home as it is challenging to find one family that wants to adopt two dogs. It would be devastating for the dogs to be separated and they are meant to be together. So for now they are happy and cannot wait to find a loving home to join. We can’t wait to see where Lois and Clark go next!