Stunning twin sisters take internet by storm

Every once in a while, the world delivers us something extraordinary. And sometimes, those extraordinary things come in twos. In this case, we are talking about twin girls, Ava and Leah – identical twins from California who were born on July 7th, 2010. Their story is quite an amazing one, and it has understandably taken the world by storm. They evolved from unknown little girls into Instagram sensations in the blink of an eye – and they never saw it coming. Well… that’s not entirely true, as you’ll soon see.

Something about them

The story of Ava Marie and Leah Rose’s lives has headlines across the web reading “twin beauties captivate the world.”

Considering a substantial portion of their popularity is derived from the fact that their exterior looks are so stunning, we can’t help but wonder what it is about their looks that is so engaging to people. It would be easy to stop and say that they are simply “beautiful girls,” but perhaps there is something much more interesting at play here.

What is beauty?

There is an old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what does that mean, exactly? Does it mean that everyone has their own style? That some people prefer blondes, and some prefer brunettes?

Is this message trying to say something more? Perhaps it means that what we think we know about beauty is in fact all wrong. While there is probably a lot of truth to this statement – that is not what this story is about.

Mystery girls

While there is definitely a place to discuss the inherent beauty that exists inside all of us, that would be more appropriate if we were to analyze the movie Shallow Hal.

And so, while these two young ladies’ personalities do come across in some of their photo shoots, it is the combination of their angelic features and natural talent for posing that allows them to offer classic, timeless images like this one.

Objective beauty

For this reason, we believe that it would be more appropriate to approach the admiration they have received worldwide from a strictly analytical angle.

We’re sorry, but you don’t get called “the most beautiful twins in the world” by accident. We believe that a proper explanation is warranted for this prestigious title – and lucky for you, we have got the goods. Recent studies have aimed to prove that beauty is not always in the “eye of the beholder.” Apparently, some people are just objectively beautiful.

Symmetry in my eyes

Studies have emerged over the years stating that physical attraction actually depends a lot on math. What does math have to do with beauty though?

When talking about ratios and symmetry, a lot apparently. According to these studies, our attraction to another person’s face depends a lot on how symmetrical or in proportion it is. Scientists have additionally said that we perceive proportional faces to be more healthy. The studies aim to prove that these perceptions are hardwired into our very being.

The golden ratio

Continuing further with this thesis, the ideal symmetry and proportions for human beauty as mentioned earlier are actually in reference to something called the golden ratio.

It seems that there is an actual ratio – 1.618 to be exact – which makes a human face look it’s most appealing. Dr. Stephen Marquardt has performed countless studies on the average human perception of beauty, and he claimed that for the most part, we are all attracted to the same facial features. Hmmm, so much for having a “type”.

Too early?

Perhaps this explains the worldwide admiration these young twins are receiving. Maybe they were simply gifted with genes that provided them with facial features that appeal to the masses.

But if this is true, there is a certain level of sensitivity we must have. These girls are seven years old, and quite possibly not ready for all of the attention they are receiving. Even adults have a hard time dealing with fame, so we must ask ourselves – should they have been exposed to the spotlight so early?

The very beginning

But before we jump to conclusions, as we all love to do, let us try to acquire some more background first. Let us go back to the way, way beginning, right when they were born.

In fact, their mother Jaqi discovered the news of her pregnancy two years after her son’s birth. Naturally, the family was ecstatic to add more people to their party. They had no idea that the new arrivals would grow up to be celebrities.

No way of knowing

They obviously could have never predicted the magnitude of fame that their precious children would ultimately accumulate, and why would they even concern themselves with such a thing?

When a couple has a child, the last thing they are probably thinking about is how many Instagram followers they will have when they grow up. Imagine if someone were to approach Jaqi and tell her that her newborn twins were going to be famous!


It turns out that this hypothetical scenario wasn’t that far away from what actually happened. Almost immediately after the birth of Ava Marie and Leah Rose, Jaqi got bombarded left and right from people fawning over her children.

These people were insistent that her daughters should be models, and they would constantly beg Jaqi to sign them up. These people even offered to do it themselves! But they were babies – and Jaqi wasn’t sure that it was a good idea.

Baby model

After much contemplation, Jaqi signed her baby daughters to a modeling agency. The twin girls were a mere six months old at this point!

It seemed to Jaqi that everyone that was speaking to her about her daughters’ potential had a point, and she felt that if anyone would sign them up, it would be her. She was very excited about this idea – but it would seem that a new change of heart would emerge very quickly.

Change of heart

Everyone comes to a point in life where they must contemplate what the “right” thing to do is. How does one make such a choice?

Where do morals live when we are dealing with areas that are not black and white at all, but in fact many shades in between? Jaqi was originally hesitant about signing her daughters up for modeling when they were six months old, and even after she did it – she was still having misgivings about the idea.

Pull back

In the end, she decided to pull Ava Marie and Leah Rose from the modeling agency.

In addition to the moral complexities involved in the situation, this was a time in her life where things were a little bit too hectic – and that’s without the additional component of having two daughters who were baby models. It seemed prudent for Jaqi at the time to focus on raising them without so much public exposure.

Raising a baby

Yes, having a baby is a lot of hard work, and having two is a lot harder. Just ask anyone you know who had ever had twins (or more).

are talking about another living being in your care, and you must make game time choices for your child, all of the time, and wonder if what you’re choosing is right. And that’s without mentioning all of the sleepless nights in that first year of your child’s life.

Not too hasty

Perhaps the decisions we make in life aren’t so sensitive to what something is or is not, or what something should or shouldn’t be. Decisions are all about patience, and sometimes it pays off not to be so hasty.

Jaqi decided she wanted her children to be raised without having the public eye upon them – at least for the time being. Once they would get older, they would have the ability to choose for themselves whether or not modeling is something they want to do.

Revisiting options

Which brings us to the moment that Jaqi finally decided to revisit this idea of Ava Marie and Leah Rose modeling.

For Jaqi, the idea of their modeling being their own choice was paramount – she wouldn’t force her daughters to do something unless it was what they really wanted. But as it turns out, they wanted it pretty badly. For the entire duration of her twin daughters’ lives, people would comment on their beauty, and as they grew older, they began to enjoy the spotlight more and more.

The proposition

It was on their seventh birthday – July 7th, 2017 – that Jaqi finally decided it was time to have a discussion with her daughters.

She approached them and brought up the idea of modeling, and asked them if it was a thing they would like to try: “I presented my idea to the girls that, if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.”

Naturals on stage

Jaqi felt that she was justified in presenting this idea to them for a number of reasons.

Not only were they a bit older now, but they also had flourished into young girls with such vibrant personalities, and she knew the public would absolutely fall in love with them. In addition, they had already demonstrated by this age that they loved being on stage, with the girls already performing dance routines to neighbors, friends, and even strangers.

Why that age?

Her reasoning for asking them on their seventh birthday extended beyond the simple fact that they were “old enough.” For then how could she decide that seven is the right age? Why not six? Why not eight?

Who’s to say when an individual truly becomes capable of making certain decisions, especially when the nature of every decision is different, and the nature of every person is different? Jaqi Clements, it seems, had her reasons – and they might take you by surprise.

Lucky seven

Her choice for the specific age of seven was because she is a huge believer in signs – or messages on a cosmic level.

Jaqi had been told by everyone throughout her life that seven is a lucky number, and this concept stayed with her when wondering when to ask her daughters about modeling. The fact that the twins were born on July 7th (7/7) was no coincidence in her mind. Furthermore, the fact that the twins turned seven, on July 7th, 2017 (7/7/2017) was no coincidence, either.

No doubts

It’s true that the date did hold a lot of sevens! The overload of this particular number entering the equation was enough for Jaqi to decide the time was right.

Add to that the fact that she knew it was a lucky number – and there was no question in her mind. Jaqi later stated that she “just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them.”

Take us on

It is also interesting to note that when Ava and Leah were born, it was four and a half weeks earlier than intended. Jaqi considers this fact to reflect exactly on how her daughters take on the world in their day to day life.

She says that their early arrival at birth – showing up unannounced – reflects perfectly upon their exuberant personalities. She goes on to state that this is their year to shine, and that her daughters are “ready to take on anything.”

No surprises

After Jaqi presented the idea of modeling to the twins, they thought it was a great idea.

They probably weren’t surprised, either – chances are they had a feeling their mom would bring it up at some point as they grew older, due to all the attention they received growing up, along with other people’s suggestions that they model. As such, they probably thought about it beforehand, and had likely talked about it amongst themselves.

Debut gig

After deciding together that it the twins were ready to dip their toes in the modeling world, Jaqi figured she’d get them started with something small.

Their first shoot was for a family friend who had recently opened up a boutique shop for children and needed pictures of young models for their merchandise. Eager to take advantage of the opportunity, Jaqi took her Nikon camera and brought the girls over there for a cute photo shoot.

Stunning photos

Naturally, there was a bit of a learning curve during the photoshoot, with the twins entering into a little playful bickering – why is it so hard for children to act like professionals?

However, after smoothing things over, the shoot managed to capture a few stunning pictures of the girls. In addition to giving her friend the pictures for the business, the plan was to send out the pictures to modeling agencies and see what happens.

The Instagram debut

In addition to sending the pictures to modeling agencies, she also posted the photos onto a new Instagram account, under the name of ClementsTwins.

She likely thought that it would get some attention, though nothing too crazy. She also may have thought that the process would be gradual, and that the Instagram account’s fanbase would steady grow, while she tried to pique various modeling agencies’ interests in the girls. She would soon be very surprised.

Rocket twins

Jaqi Clements had no idea that the Instagram account was about to go viral. Indeed, after posting the pictures she had taken of her twins, it started to garner attention on a grand scale.

People all over the world were following the Instagram account. Very soon, Ava and Leah were celebrities on Instagram. And instead of chasing down agencies, Jaqi found herself being chased by them, which immediately reached out to Jaqi and the girls.

Agents all around

Agents from all over were calling up Jaqi, hoping for a chance to meet the girls. They ended up signing with two separate agents, that both live in California, and they have been super busy since.

Having two agents can present conflicts in scheduling, but that is not something the girls need to worry about. The only thing they’re thinking about is how excited they are to be doing something they love doing – and it doesn’t hurt that they’re awesome at it.

Family girls

The Clements sisters’ meteoric rise to fame has been shockingly impressive, and fans from all across the globe can’t wait to see what they might do next.

Fans are not only in love with the two girls’ external beauty, but their internal beauty, as reflected by the photos of them having fun with the rest of their family. While looking at pictures of the twins with their family – their mother, father, and brother – we are given a bit more insight as to where their magnetic energy comes from.

The most beautiful

Everyone is in love with these girls! Social media followers are especially touched by how much they love each other, as well as their awesome parents.

After being called by some “the most beautiful twins in the world,” fans are excited to see them grow up. Audiences are very happy that the girls have a strong family to support them every step of the way, because at the end of the day – everyone needs family.


Maybe one day, Ava and Leah will grow up and find that they don’t want to be models. Maybe they’ll decide that it’s not what they want.

After all, being in the spotlight can be a very overwhelming thing for anyone – let alone a small child. There is no doubt in our minds that this experience will teach them valuable life lessons, and what they do with those lessons is up to them – all we can do is hope for the best.

No answers

At the end of the day, we are all just going with the natural flow of life. While at times we may think we know what we’re doing, we tend to return to a humbling realization that we don’t have all of the answers.

And for Ava and Marie, they have so much life yet to live – I mean think about it, they haven’t even reached the age of ten! What were you doing when you were seven?


Seriously though… When we reach the age of seven, we are usually walking by toy stores, and begging our moms to buy us that cool new toy that has just arrived.

Some of us hang out with our friends after school, spoiling ourselves as we play video games, procrastinating to do homework (because let’s be real, procrastination is a art for the whole family). Whatever it is we are doing at age seven, it most likely isn’t what the Clements twins are doing.


Sure, the twins are active in their community, and we know they have after school activities such as swimming and dancing, and that certainly makes them slightly more relatable to the majority of the seven-year-old population.

But at the same time, there are certain aspects about being a child icon that are simply not natural for a human. Or to put it more specifically, perhaps it taps in to an innate desire we all have, but shouldn’t necessarily be exploiting. Let us explain further…

Leggo my ego

Let’s be real, we’ve all got egos. All of us have that part of us that feels we are the center of the world, and at the same time, we all have that part that is more objective.

It’s the part that knows quite well how small we all are in the grand scheme of things. Beyond these two modes of thinking, we all have a certain balance between these two core frames of mind that knows the true value that they each bring to the table.

Strike that balance

It is our goal to understand the meaning of this balance. On one hand, we must give from ourselves to others, and always remember that everything we have is a gift that was given to us.

On the other hand, our egos exist for a reason, and perhaps this reason is that sometimes in life, it’s okay to be selfish. The best time to develop this balance is in the very beginning of our lives, when our brains are still developing. Kind of like where the twins are right now.

Crucial early years

How does this tie in to our girls? Allow us to explain. Regarding the development of our brains, the longer we live, the less vulnerable it is to the influence of outside stimuli.

So if a person becomes famous, such as any celebrity you may know – the older they are, they more life they have already lived, the more life experience they have already accumulated without the influence of being under the stifling public eye.

Know yourself

The reason this is important is because being under the spotlight is like being under a microscope.

If you’re a celebrity, every little thing you do is being scrutinized, whether it be from tabloids, newscasters, hecklers on Facebook, or any other media outlet you can possibly think of! When this happens, it’s important for us to be strong, and resilient with who we are as people. We must stay true to our core morals, and rise above the noise when it tries to bring us down.

Too many expectations

Perhaps even more detrimental than scrutiny, is large load of unrealistic expectations that can be thrust upon a public figure when they enter the spotlight.

There is usually a reason people become famous – it’s usually because they’ve presented the public with something appealing – in the case of the twins, it is their looks. But now that they are in the spotlight, the public will not be satisfied with a month’s work of pictures. They won’t be satisfied with a year’s worth of pictures.

Too young?

Ava Marie and Leah Rose are in a position right now where they are expected to provide more and more attractive pictures of themselves to the public.

Is that something we should be expecting from two seven-year-old girls? Right now it is still very exciting for them, and perhaps it will help set them up with a job for the rest of their lives, but we can’t help but wonder if they are still too young to be making these choices for themselves?