The top 30 colleges for Greek life on campus

We give you the rundown on the universities and colleges that offer the best opportunity to partake in Greek life.

Sororities and fraternities are a huge part of campus life at many universities and colleges across America. While many Hollywood movies such as Animal House make us think that Greek life is comprised of drinking and partying, in reality it is much more than that. Sororities and Fraternities are organizations that focus on building friendships and are often involved in charity and community work.

While it is true that many frats and sorority members do enjoy a good party now and then, that is only one aspect of Greek life. Greek life is a great way to get involved in life of campus and make friends that you will have for the rest of your life. That is why so many students choose to rush and join Greek life.

So if you are applying to colleges and you are interested in joining a frat or sorority, you need to know which schools offer the best opportunities to participate in Greek life on campus. We did all of the work for you and have put together a concise list including top 30 universities and colleges that offer the best Greek life.

The criteria for the rankings include; the amount of students involved with Greek life on campus, the number of sororities and fraternities on campus, and their average ratings. Since you’ll be spending four years away from home, you’ll want to know what school will provide you with a home away from home and friends that will become your family.

30. Denison University

Denison University is a small liberal arts college in Ohio, Granville to be exact. Involvement in Greek life at Denison University is sizeable as almost 35% of the students are in a sorority or fraternity. The University’s administration expects that the Greek Chapters maintain a certain standard and has even given some chapters suspension after they violated the campus code of conduct. These high standards have made Greek life enjoyable for everyone on campus which has lead to over 700 students joining in on the fun.


29. Villanova University

Villanova University is located in a suburb of Philadelphia, offers a lot of choice in regards to Greek life. The campus boasts an impressive 24 chapters on campus and almost 30% of the students have chosen to get involved, that’s around 600 students. Villanova is a Catholic University and the students involved in Greek life are very involved in Philanthropy. Students have raised almost $180,000 for charity and have taken part in food, clothing and blood drives.


28. Lafayette College

Lafayette College is another liberal arts school but this one is located in Pennsylvania. 35% of the 2,400 students on campus are involved in Greek life on a campus with 10 chapters. Lafayette is another school that focuses on charity and the Greek chapters raised $50,000 in 2014. Another great aspect of Greek life on the Lafayette campus is that they participate in an honors society. The society recognizes chapter members who have excelled in leadership and academics on their campuses.


27. Bucknell University

Pennsylvania seems to be a great state to get involved in Greek life as Bucknell is another liberal arts school located Lewisburg Pennsylvania. Bucknell has a very large Greek presence on campus with 8 sororities and 8 fraternities. Like many other schools on this list, Bucknell Greek members are committed to charity work and raised thousands of dollars for an organization that fights childhood cancer. Not only do they have great Greek life but the institution also offers great academic and they were ranked as the 32nd best liberal arts college in the country.


26. University of North Carolina- Wilmington

This quaint, Georgian style campus is located in where else but Wilmington, North Carolina. The school opened in 1847 and has approximately thirteen thousand students. The school has massive opportunities to participate in Greek life as there are 28 sororities and fraternities to choose from on campus. This is another charitable campus as the Greek students participated in over 25,00 hours over philanthropic work in the 2014 school year and raised seventy five thousand dollars for different charities and organizations.


25. Presbyterian College

As one could assume by its name, Presbyterian College was founded on Christian values in 1880 and is located in South Carolina. It is closely linked to Presbyterian Christianity and Greek life on campus is heavily involved in community service and philanthropy. Almost half of the students on campus are members of a sorority or fraternity with 6 frats and 3 sororities on the campus. The campus’ motto has been “While We Live We Serve” since 1915.


24. Allegheny College

Pennsylvania is on a roll. Allegheny College is another liberal arts college but this one is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania and was founded in 1815. The Greek chapters on this campus place an emphasis on camaraderie and they are home to many traditions such as a badge pinning ceremony for new members of sororities and fraternities. Every chapter on this campus prides itself in donating seven-thousand hours of charity work each year. Go Allegheny!


23. Northwestern University

This well known school has campuses in both Chicago and Evanston, Illinois and is a private research school. Over 20,000 students are enrolled at Northwestern and due to its size, there are multiple options to choose from when joining Greek life. There are a whopping 47 Greek chapters on campus that all vary in mission and values. One of the biggest Greek events at the school is the campus wide dance marathon. It must be enjoyable time as 40% of the students at Northwestern are involved in Greek life.


22. Furman University

Furman University holds the title of the oldest private school for higher education in South Carolina and is home to over 2,700 undergraduates. Half of those students are members of a fraternity or sorority making Greek life on campus of central importance. These members seem to be high achievers as over 400 of them made it to the Dean’s list. They also raised over $117,000 for charity in Spring semester of 2013 and racked up over 10,000 volunteer hours.


21. Bradley University

Bradley University is located in Peoria, Illinois and is a private school. It is home to 27 sororities and fraternities. 33% of the students are Greek members which is around 1,400 people. 20 of these chapters have houses on campus where their members live. Bradley is another charitable school as the Greek members have raised over $70,000 for different organizations and charities and have volunteered for over 11,000 of community service and charity work.


20. High Point University

Yet another liberal arts school to make our list is High Point University which is an independent school that associated with the Methodist Church. Located in North Carolina, the campus is home to 15 sororities and fraternities which all have the goal of promoting philanthropy and charity. The organizations have been very successful as one fraternity alone raised $45,000 in charitable donations. If you are looking for prestigious academics, High Point was ranked number 1 out of all the regional colleges in the south.


19. Dartmouth College

Probably the most distinguished school on our list is Dartmouth College. Dartmouth has a great reputation as it is an Ivy League school and was recently ranked 11th out of all the undergraduate schools in the U.S. Along with being an academic leader, Dartmouth is known for high participation with Greek organizations. It was reported in 2007 that 70% of the students were members of a fraternity or sorority. They are another charitable school as they raised over $68,000 for the local Children’s Hospital.


18. Tulane University

Another highly acclaimed school is Tulane University located in the famous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Founded as a public medical school in 1834, Tulane now has 13,500 students, over 40% of whom are a part of Greek life. The mission that the Greek organizations follow at Tulane is to, “foster a positive co-curricular experience for students who choose to affiliate with a Greek organization. Through its various programs, the department is committed to supporting the valuable learning experience that the Greek community offers.”


17. Millsaps College

Millsaps College is located in Jackson, Mississippi and is a private liberal arts school. Millsaps is a smaller school with only 910 undergraduate students and is home five sororities and five fraternities. Millsaps’ Greek members are very charitable as they were the winners of an award for making a difference in 2014 by the a national Greek life related council. The students have participated in clothing drives, literacy programs at the local elementary school, and packed food for six-thousand people.


16. Drake University

Drake University is a private institution in Des Moines Iowa. The school was founded in 1881 and has one out of the 25 oldest law schools in America. There are 14 frats and sororities on campus which makes it a great place for Greek life. The Greek members at Drake University are also very involved in philanthropic ventures such as their ‘Kappa Alpha Theta’ chapter which supports the organization, CASA, which helps children who have suffered from abuse by providing them advocates.


15. Hampden-Sydney College

Hampden-Sydney College has unique title of being one of the only three all men’s liberal arts colleges in the country. It has a rich history as it was founded in 1775 and, “The college expects its students to be gentlemen of good moral character and to be active and informed participants in the life of their communities.” Located in Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, the school had over 70 clubs and 8 fraternities. Around 30% of the students are involved and the members are known for high standards when it comes to their academics.


14. Gettysburg College

Pennsylvania makes an appearance once again as this school is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Gettysburg is another prestigious liberal arts college and was ranked 46th among the best colleges in the category of liberal arts. They offer 69 programs and have around two-thousand and six hundred students. The students are very involved in Greek life as 41% join one of the 7 sororities or 9 fraternities on campus. The Greek chapters have raised over $17,000 for charity and given over 3,000 of community service.


13. Elon University

Elon University, a private university located in Elon, North Carolina, was founded by the Christian Connection in 1889. The 1,500 students in the class of 2020 have the option of choosing from 22 sororities and fraternities that offer a diverse range of goals. Each chapter at Elon is instructed to meet certain requirements as a part of a program that focuses on creating standards to abide by. Some of these requirements include, responsible citizenship, intellectual development, and effective leadership.


12. Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University is an independent liberal arts university located in Bloomington, Illinois. Their mission is to, “Foster the traditional liberal arts of creativity, character, and knowledge.” The students at Illinois Wesleyan are very involved in the Greek community and the chapters are monitored by the national programming board. Philanthropy plays a major part of the member’s lives and they host many events to raise money such as a beauty pageant where they elect a Greek God and Goddess.


11. Lyon College

40% of the students at Lyon College are involved in sororities or fraternities. The school was originally called Arkansas College when it was founded in 1872 but the name was changed in 1994. Lyon is another small college with 700 students so the Greek community is very close and they have many traditions such as a walk on campus where each chapter welcomes its new students to the rest of the school. The Greek members at Lyon are involved with the charity Autism speaks which they raise money for.


10. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology or RHIT is a private college in Terre Haute, Indiana. The school focuses on science, engineering, and mathematics and was founded by Chauncey Rose in 1874. There are 11 Greek organizations on campus and they all, “stand out as a unique and life-long involvement opportunity.” The Greek members at RHIT are involved in many philanthropy initiatives such as a mentoring program and Bikes for Tykes.


9. Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College, a liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan, was established in 1844. The campus has 4 fraternities and 3 sororities with student involvement at 30%. The campus is well known for having rigorous academic programs and the participants in Greek life are known for being high achievers. The Hillsdale website says of the members, “As a group, they’re among our highest achievers. Our fraternities and sororities stress the importance of academics, character, leadership, and service to the community and the mission of the College.”


8. Wofford College

Wofford College’s campus is in South Carolina and is another liberal arts institution set on beautiful campus with historic sites. Wofford is best known for their academic and difficult graduate programs but the campus also has 13 Greek organizations with almost 50% of students being a member of one. Wofford Greek members are very involved in philanthropy one example being the $34,000 they raised as a donation to give to St. Jude Hospital.


7. Union College

This school has a long history as it was founded more than 200 centuries ago and is among the oldest colleges founded in the U.S. The campus is in Schenectady, New York and there has been a presence of Greek life since 1825. There are 18 Greek chapters on campus and 40% of students have chosen to get involved in one. Union College was the founding campus of 6 fraternities and as a result, Union is often considered the “Mother of Fraternities.”


6. Auburn University

Auburn University, a massive school in Alabama, has around twenty-five thousand students enrolled in academic programs. With that amount of students it’s not surprising that there are 54 Greek chapters on campus. Talk about options! 38% of Auburn’s students have decided to join Greek life and they spend a lot time doing charitable work with their chapters. Some of the organizations they have been associated which includes St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Humane Society, and March of Dimes.


5. Southern Methodist University

SMU has two campuses located in Texas and is a private research school. There is a large amount of student activity on campus as the has 200 student clubs and organizations, 21 of them being Greek related. A third of the campus of over 10,000 students has joined a sorority or fraternity where they engage in philanthropic events promoting literacy, cancer research, and helping the visually handicapped. Besides all of the social opportunities on campus, the students are high achievers academically.


4. Transylvania University

Aside from having a very cool name, Transylvania University also has a notable history as it was founded in 1780 back when Thomas Jefferson sat as the governor of the state of Virginia. Over half of the students at this liberal arts university are involved in Greek life as the campus has 8 fraternities and sororities. The University is one of the nation’s top schools and when the students in Greek organizations are not studying their raising money for charities that help fund research for arthritis.


3. Huntingdon College

The mission of the Greek community at Huntingdon College intends, “to create a better student experience through greater involvement in co-curricular activities and in leadership opportunities.” Huntingdon, which is situated in Montgomery, Alabama, was established in 1854 and as a rich history. Greek life on campus is flourishing and the chapter members have raised over $15,000 to different charities as well, they have volunteered five-thousand hours of their time for their community.


2. Culver-Stockton College

Culver-Stockton College has a prime location as it sits overlooking the Mississippi river and was originally founded as a Christian University. 40% of the college’s students are members of one of the five sororities and fraternities on campus where they uphold the mission of the school. “The mission of Culver-Stockton College is to prepare students of promise for a dynamic world through our distinctive experiential curriculum within a supportive learning community founded upon the best values of faith and the human spirit.”


Southwestern University

Located in Georgetown, Texas, Southwestern was founded over 175 years ago and is, “committed to fostering a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity.” The school has 9 Greek organizations and 37% of students are involved. Just like most of the schools on our list they are very charitable as it say on their website, “Southwestern students give more than 39,000 service hours annually to more than 100 local nonprofits and agencies…twice the national average!”