This tiny house is a luxurious haven on the inside


The rising cost of living

Following the market crash of 2008, millions of American families lost everything. With the rising costs of mortgages and a series of faulty and illegal refinancing options, the cost of living shot up exponentially. Following the deregulations of banks, Wall Street went crazy swindling people out of their money. Families had payments, utilities, and food to worry about in order to stay afloat and did what they thought was best to provide for themselves. It was a brutal time in our country’s history with the DOW suffering the largest plummet ever. For the average family they have a lot to worry about with living costs on the rise. They have a home, a mortgage, a car, and food to put on the table to worry about. It’s a struggle for most Americans just to stay afloat.

Getting on the housing ladder

Therefore something has to give. The average home costs $330,000. That’s a pretty hefty bill to foot in order to keep up with the “American Dream”. With a price like that it’s easy to believe that the dream isn’t realistic for most people. While housing costs rise, wages aren’t following suit. There has to be an alternative to these crazy demands. There must be a different and better way to live for those who don’t make six-figure salaries.

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