This couple didn’t think they’d ever see each other again – then a miracle happened

How do you know you have found “the one”? You could have met through a dating app, a friend of a friend, or a complete coincidence in the street. Wherever it is you found your partner, something might just feel different this time. Perhaps you can’t get them off your mind? Maybe you find yourself having fun even when you aren’t doing anything? Or maybe you’ve also seen yourself making little sacrifices without even thinking about it and don’t seem to mind? These are just some of the many signs that you are starting to fall in love with someone that is set to be around for a long time. That gooey feeling might be enough to make some people run for the hills, but others crave to find this type of relationship, no matter the cost. So what would you do if your loved one just suddenly disappeared without a trace? Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence for many around the world. Only, this man was about to discover that miracles really do happen after all…

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Gone Girl was the thriller novel to hit the shelves back in 2012, and was so popular that it was turned into a movie just two years later. However, did you know that the story is based on the actual events of the disappearance of Laci Peterson? Although the stories have two completely different endings, the twists and turns along the journey have left many people on the edge of their seats. These aren’t the only disappearances either. Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to make her way across the Atlantic Ocean unaided. The problem is she never arrived and has been missing ever since. If that wasn’t enough, Anastasia Romanov was the grand duchess of Russia when she walked away one day only to completely disappear. Her remains have never been found, and historians can only guess at the fate of this youngster. Will they ever be able to find out an answer?


Have you ever found yourself with a strange feeling? Maybe there isn’t anyone around, or nothing seems out of place, but something just feels unordinary? It could even be the feeling of someone behind you even though you turn to find there is no one there. This can happen to many of us and sometimes has no explanation. However, occasionally these feelings prove to be right after all. Everything seemed to be going to plan for the Papinis until everything changed. What would have happened if they had listened to their feelings? Could everything have been different? Now, this family was about to be in for the most rollercoaster journey of their lives as they battled to survive and make it out the other side. Maybe love is stronger than we think, or perhaps there is something else at work..?

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