Take a look inside Christina El Moussa and Tarek’s house

From the outside

Before you’ve even made it up the driveway, you can tell that you’re in for a treat with this house. The Spanish-style home definitely catches the eye with its use of exposed brick and wooden shutters. They give the property a very classic look, although it’s a sharp contrast to the modern interior waiting inside.

The muted tones of the walls are brightened up by the generous amounts of greenery out the front, giving a much-needed splash of color to the exterior. Shall we take a look inside?

The master suite

Starting in the master suite, it’s clear to see that the color scheme remains relatively the same as it was outside. Neutral shades were what Christina and Tarek had in mind when it came to decorating, and that’s clear to see in the bedroom.

With a fireplace to warm them up and a TV to keep them entertained, we wouldn’t be surprised if the former couple spent a lot of time relaxing in here. With all those cushions, it certainly looks like a cozy place to be.

A place for guests

It’s not only the master suite that boasts a comfortable place to sleep. Although the room might not be as spacious, it’s just as snug when you need to get warm on those cold winter nights. With an ensuite attached, you never have to worry about straying too far from the bed to sort yourself out.

The TV on the wall makes a nice touch for lounging around in the evening, although we’re sure that Tarek and Christina’s guests preferred to spend their time with the hosts instead.

A room of his own

There are five bedrooms in total in the house, with several of them designed specifically for the El Moussa’s kids. Their youngest, Brayden, had this very stylish room with his own name adorning the walls. While the crib in the corner was definitely for him, we reckon that plush armchair was probably for his parents who wanted a bit of comfort while tending to him.

With a mirror-plated wardrobe and plenty of floor space, this is definitely a room Brayden would have grown into if he’d stayed in it longer.

Fit for a princess

It wasn’t just Brayden who needed his own room. Tarek and Christina’s daughter, Taylor, lived in a palace fit for a princess. At least, that must have been what it felt like. With the thrills, fur and splatters of pink, this is definitely a room that would please many little girls around the world.

The little bunny on the bed is a nice touch, although we’re surprised it’s the only toy in sight. Then again, when it came to playtime, the kids had their own dedicated room for it.

Somewhere to play

Christina put a lot of love into designing this room. She made sure it was filled with all the things that her children love, including plenty of toys and books to keep them entertained. The table in the middle was the perfect place for doing some coloring, although we’re not sure whether or not their work would have ended up on the fridge.

The kids even had a TV on the wall, though Tarek and Christina were reportedly restrictive over when their little ones could watch it.

Their own bathroom

Not only did Brayden and Taylor have their own bedrooms and playroom, but they also had a dedicated bathroom too. Judging from the touches of purple brightening up the muted gray paint job, this is definitely a bathroom that appealed to the couple’s daughter.

While the room is a tighter squeeze than the El Moussa’s ensuite, that would have suited the kids just fine. They didn’t exactly need much space when they were only a few years old. Speaking of Tarek and Christina’s bathroom…

Getting clean

You can definitely tell a lot of effort went into this ensuite. With a sizable bath and a shower taking up most of one wall, the couple wouldn’t have had much difficulty getting clean. After spending all day renovating properties, that’s probably what they needed.

The chandelier above the bath adds a touch of class to the ensuite, and we imagine it adds to the atmosphere when you’re having a soak in the tub. We’re not surprised there’s yet another TV in here, although it’s smaller than all the others.

Time to think

The El Moussas seemed to have as many bathrooms as they did bedrooms. With the couple and their kids having their own dedicated ensuites, the guests needed somewhere to go. This is the room they got. Although there’s no bath, the showering facilities are more than adequate for getting the job done.

There’s even a little bench in there if you fancy taking a rest and pondering life’s big questions before, during or after you wash yourself. After all, showers are the best place to do some thinking.

Upstairs, downstairs

Most of these incredible rooms are found upstairs, with the downstairs mainly dedicated to lounging and dining. You can get between the two areas via this spiral staircase which really is as grand as it looks. The intricately designed banister fits nicely with the dark, glossy stairs and pearlescent wallpaper, complete with a chandelier that looks like it was plucked from Medieval times.

To the side of this area is the formal dining room, with the main kitchen and family room over at the back of the house.

Classy dining

When we say formal dining area, we really mean it. This classy table laid out for eight people has what Christina described as a “clean look,” and it fits the color scheme perfectly. The black decor is brightened up by the crystal chandelier hanging above, ensuring everyone who dines there feels as fancy as possible.

We can only imagine the kind of meals that Tarek and Christina served up for their guests here, especially since they had the money to buy all sorts of wonderful ingredients. Anyone else hungry?

Doing their own cooking

As with pretty much everything else in their house, the El Moussa’s had more than one kitchen. The smaller one was set out for guests who wanted to worry about their own cooking without bothering their hosts. Although it’s not the main kitchen, that refrigerator sure is big enough to feed everyone in the house several times over.

It’s decked out with all the things you’d need, from a stove and a microwave to tons of counter space. There’s even another bathroom off to the side because why not?

Feeding a thousand

If you thought the refrigerator in the guest kitchen was big, that’s nothing compared to the one in here. You could fit a wardrobe’s worth of clothes into that thing, if not enough food to end world hunger. With a chilled wine rack alongside it, it’s clear that the El Moussa’s were partial to hosting guests, especially when there are so many seating options around.

The small table and marble countertop make for more chilled places to sit and eat without having to class things up at the formal dining table.

Coming together

The main kitchen and living area are part of the same room, making it easier to bring everyone together. The L-shaped leather couch can comfortably sit at least half a dozen people as they settle down for some evening TV.

Do you think the El Moussas made their kids watch their show? With a fireplace for added warmth and an abundance of cushions, this is definitely one of the coziest rooms in the house. Plus, it gives you a great view of what’s going on outside through the patio doors.

Dip in the pool

You know you’ve made it once you own a pool. Just on the other side of the family room is this beautiful place to go for a dip when the Californian heat becomes too much to bear. We’d love to have somewhere like this to cool off in the summer, especially when you can just sit under the rocks and feel the cool water rain down over you.

With views like that right behind you too, there couldn’t be a more perfect place to bask in the sunshine.

Soaking up the sun

If swimming’s not your thing, then Tarek and Christina’s old house offers plenty of other things to do while chilling by the pool. The sun loungers at the side are ideal for topping up your tan as you relax with a book or magazine.

If things get a little chilly, you can always jump into the hot tub instead. Few feelings compare to the pleasant warmth of the jets as they blow bubbles around you. This house must have been the perfect spot for the El Moussas in the summer.

Barbeque time

The outside of this Californian house isn’t strictly reserved for enjoying the pool. Tarek and Christina had an outside kitchen installed so they could enjoy meals in the sunshine without having to slave away inside. It’s primarily designed for cooking barbecues, the perfect summer meal, and looks like it could grill a fair few burgers in one sitting.

The couple even had a drinks tap installed on the counter so they could easily serve soda or beer without any hassle. Talk about convenient.

Outside dining

Although nowhere near as classy as their formal dining area, the couple did have a separate dining space set up outside for everyone to enjoy their meals. Sat alongside mosaic tiles and a built-in water feature, guests probably felt they were in another country when they dined out here.

However, things really became magical once the sun disappeared and night took over the house. The globe lights set into the ceiling kept the exterior dining area illuminated continuously and meant no-one ever had to go back inside too early.

Chilling at night

Of course, people probably don’t want to spend their whole evening sitting at a dining table. That’s why Tarek and Christina had a separate living area on the other side of the kitchen which offered more comfortable seating.

People could lounge on the wicker couch – complete with plenty of cushions – and talk the night away. Alternatively, if they were in the mood to watch something, the couple also had a television fitted onto the back wall. People could distract themselves with the TV while enjoying the cool nighttime air.

Sitting under the stars

As if all that wasn’t enough, the El Moussas also had another seating area outside designed for some of the colder nights. With a roaring fire pit in the center, people had no trouble warming themselves up as they spent time with the hosts.

Surrounded by water features and the pool – all of which lit up at night – the couple must have enjoyed many magical nights together here. This scene does certainly look like something out of a wonderful dream we’d never want to wake from.

Hole in one

The couple’s old house wasn’t just all about having somewhere to sit, though. They had plenty of other features that really made their property stand out from the crowd, including a putting green. What’s more relaxing than clearing your mind and playing a bit of golf?

We’re sure this place provided Christina with a lot of opportunities to relax following her split from Tarek, especially being surrounded by so much greenery. Here’s hoping she landed a few holes in one during her time there.

Wanna play?

It turns out the El Moussas had a thing for putting balls in holes. If a putting green outside wasn’t enough, they also had a pool table indoors. Being one of the classier games you can play, the table was set up in a room very befitting the sport.

A fire would crackle by the brick wall as Tarek and Christina carefully plotted what ball to hit next. We’re not sure who was better, but we’d have loved to see them go at it in this rustic game room.

Working out

What celebrity with a multi-million dollar house doesn’t have their own personal gym? It’s no wonder the pair always kept in great shape when they had the freedom to workout from the comfort of their home. With a treadmill, barbell, and a vast assortment of weights and machines, the couple probably spent a lot of time here on their days off.

It’s a good thing they had fans installed because things probably get hot in here during a workout. At least they could watch their progress through the mirrors lining the wall.

Movie marathon

Topping everything off is the most extravagant part of the house. Not content with having a pool, putting green and a gym, the El Moussas decided to add in a home movie theater too. With reclining leather seats more comfortable than the ones you’d find at the cinema, the couple never had to compromise on quality when it came to watching a film.

The biggest blockbusters came to life on this spectacular audio and visual system, saving Tarek and Christina the hassle of ever leaving the house to watch a movie.