Brave stories from foot doctors

We can bet that you have met a person in your life who does not like feet. While Ariel from The Little Mermaid was fascinated with feet and even gave up her voice to have them, most of us are weirded out by them. When we see a pair of bare feet coming close to us, our immediate instinct is to get as far away as possible. Whether feet make people grossed out or they do not want feet anywhere near them, it seems that a lot of people share the same fear of the body part that lets us walk. But what’s the deal with feet?

A video recently went viral after a passenger on an airplane caught a video of the woman behind her putting her bare feet up on the side of the wall. Her feet were poking through into the seat in front of her and this girl was stuck staring at a pair of stinky feet. Everyone watching the video couldn’t help but cringe and we are cringing just writing about it. But why does everyone think this is so icky? Everyone has feet and most people are not grossed out about their own feet.

So what is the basis behind this widespread dislike of feet? Is it because they touch the ground or because they are prone to infection? Your are not the only one baffled by these questions. doctors cannot understand the phenomenon either. Foot doctors, also known as podiatrists, see dozens of pairs of feet everyday and they have a lot to say about the weird things people do to there feet. Read on to see find out the best foot doctor confessions.

Foot doctors (Podiatrists) don’t mind feet

Foot doctors, also known as podiatrists, obviously do not share the same aversion to feet as the rest of us. Otherwise they would not be able to do their jobs and look at feet all day. Many podiatrists think feet are positively fascinating. Feet are very intricate body parts as they contain around 8,000 nerves, 33 joints,, and 26 bones. Most of us would not be able to get very far without them even if we think they are not appealing.

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Looking at feet on the street

Some podiatrists are so interested in feet, that they look at feet when they are not at work. Some may research feet in their time off and many look and passersby and watch them walk. They can sometimes even tell if they have feet related issues just by watching how they walk. But while people who studied feet for years are obviously interested, the rest of us are not so excited by the idea of looking at feet all day.

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Pedicures might cause infection

If you never want to get another pedicure again keep reading. While you may think that your local nail salon is very hygienic and that they sanitize their tools, however, this is not always the case. Some tools cannot be properly sanitized and as a result, they are prone to growing germs and bacteria.That can put you at risk to catch a nasty infection. You might be better off painting your toenails at home.


Podiatrists are checking out your legs

Podiatrists are not only admiring you feet, but they are also checking out your knees, ankles, and legs, which as we know from the song, are all connected to each other. So if you even find yourself in a podiatrist’s office, they might just have to check out your legs in order to figure out what is wrong with your feet. For example, by watching the way you walk, a podiatrist can examine if you have an issue with your feet.



One of the main reasons that people go to a foot doctor is for toenail issues. A common ailment that people get with their feet is ingrown toenails. In addition to being very painful, if left untreated an ingrown toenail can lead to infection that may require an antibiotic. Maybe that’s why some people think feet are gross. Tight fitting shoes are one of the causes of ingrown toenails. So if you want to avoid them, make sure your shoes fit. 

Don’t remove it yourself

One of the reasons why ingrown toenails lead so many people to go to the doctor is because they try to take them out themselves. This is definitely a no no as you might put yourself at risk for infection because your hands have bacteria on them that could potentially infect your toe. Yuck. If you really have a painful ingrown nail, we suggest heading over to your local doctor so he can assess you situation.

Dirty dirty feet

If you have ever been to the dentist (we really hope you have) you probably brush your teeth really well before your appointment. You don’t want to get a speech from the dentist explaining how important brushing is so you make sure your teeth are squeaky clean. However, podiatrists have noticed that no makes sure their feet are clean before their appointment. Whatever the reason is for this, podiatrists really wish their patients would wash their feet.


Stinky and gross

Podiatrists look at feet all day, every day, however it is hard to get used to some of the pungent smells that come along with feet. While most people do not wash their feet before going to the doctor, some do not even change into clean socks! We do not want to even think about that nasty smell. We hope these doctors are getting paid well and we urge their patients to wear freshly laundered socks!smelly-feet-1200x800

Embarrassed by feet

You may be surprised to know that a lot of doctors notice that women are embarrassed to show their feet in appointments. Maybe it is because they have a wart or corns but whatever the reason, they do not feel comfortable in the examining chair. Many women would rather take a trip to their gynecologist rather than to the podiatrist. While we realize feet are not the nicest things to look at, it is better to get them checked out if you think something is wrong.


The reason for foot odor

If your feet are constantly sweating and stinky you might want to make an appointment to have the problem corrected. The cause could be a condition called hyperhidrosis, which basically means having sweat glands that are overactive. The smell could also be caused by a fungal infection, which would require an antibiotic to get rid of. So if you’ve noticed that your feet are unusually not fragrant, you might want to see the doctor.

Serious issues

Foot doctors do not only remove fungus and odors from feet. They are also able to diagnose bigger health conditions such as diabetes. If a podiatrist sees nails shaped like spoons, they might send you to get tested for anaemia and if you have swollen or clubbed toes, it could mean you have heart disease. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should head over to the doctors office.


Shoe sizes can change

Although you may think that once you are fully grown your feet stop growing, this is not the case. Your shoe size is susceptible to change as you get older since ligaments and tendons can loosen. The height of your arch can also decrease and it will lead to a change in your shoe side. On the plus side, if you like shopping, it is a good excuse to buy new shoes!

Make sure your high heels fit

While high heels can add a sophisticated vibe to any look, they can hurt your feet if they are not the right size. Your weight shifts to the balls of your feet when you wear high heels. This puts a lot of pressure on the toes as well as potentially misaligning your skeleton. While you may not think that your heels that are a bit too tight will cause any problems, they can harm your body over time.

Flat shoes aren’t supportive

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, it is not great to have totally flat shoes either. While flat shoes maybe be extremely comfortable, they do not offer any support. This can have negative consequences for your body including causing pain in your knees or back. If you wear unsupportive shoes frequently, your other body parts will be negatively affected over time. Try to find shoes with good support, your body will thank you later.

Flip flops don’t count

While flip flops make great shower shoes, they are definitely not meant to be worn all the time. However, many people that live in hot climates wear flip flops as their everyday footwear. We can understand wearing flip flops to the beach or around the house, however, flips flops are not proper footwear. They are completely open which leaves your feet at risk for injury and to get burnt by the sun.

More women than men have feet issues

It is interesting to note that women are more likely to be patients at a foot doctor and this is thought to be related to the fact that they wear heels. As we mentioned previously, heels can cause a lot of feet issues if they are worn frequently. While they look great, that can cause a lot of health issues. Fun fact, men actually wore heels before women as they became popular amongst European royalty in the 16th century.

Toenails get thicker as we age

Have you ever seen an older person with really thick yellow toenails? This phenomenon occurs because our toenails grow slower the older we get. That causes the nail cells to accumulate and get thicker and that gives feet an unappealing appearance. It can also happen because of inadequate shoes, stubbing your toes, or dropping items on your feet. They can also thicken from fungal infections so we recommend heading to your local podiatrist if you think you have an infection.

Baby feet

While adult feet make us cringe and gag, baby feet are one of the cutest things in the world. One of the reasons is because babies have pads of fat on their feet where an adult has an arch. This is what gives baby they chubby and cute appearance. Children start developing arches with their around 2 years-old. Overtime, our feet get tougher and our toenails get thicker, which makes our feet way less cute than a baby’s.


More common than you think

Foot conditions are much more common in the American population than most people think. Every year, around 5% of the American population deal with fungal foot infections and ingrown toenail issues. Around 75% of the population will deal with issues involving their feet in their lifetime and a quarter of the population have flat feet. This is why it is so important to take care of your feet and make sure they are healthy.

Feet during pregnancy

A lot of pregnant women experience the swelling of feet and other body parts during pregnancy. This is due to excess fluid that can collect in body tissue during pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, she tends to retain more water and their body chemistry also changes, which can lead to the swelling. The condition is most likely to occur in the third trimester and it goes away a couple days after giving birth.Kim-Kardashian-fee_2565748a

Buying shoes that fit

Podiatrist suggest that there is an optimal time to go shoe shopping. They say that if you want to find the best fitting shoes that will not harm your feet, you should buy them in the afternoon. Since most people’s feet swell during the day due to heat, it is better to do it later in the day. This will ensure that you purchase the correct size and you do not put to much pressure on your delicate feet.


Podiatrists to the rescue

Thankfully, podiatrists are there to help anyone with a foot injury or condition. People can suffer from damage done to their feet, infections, or the wrong footwear but doctors can often correct the problems. Whether you require an antibiotic or another treatment, seeing a podiatrist can help you ensure that you have healthy feet. Although their job is not the most glamorous in the world, podiatrists love helping their patients and making their lives more enjoyable.



This is a pretty gross fact but sometimes, podiatrists will perform amputations related to feet. This is rare but it does occur in some countries. We could understand why a patient would rather have a trained surgeon perform a serious surgery such as an amputation. We hope everyone gets to keep all of the toes.