Why most studios don’t want to work with these a-list stars


We have all heard stories of how some stars are hard to work with. Some are total divas behind the scenes, behaving in a very cold manner towards their fellow actors and directors, while other have crazy demands and treat fans in a less than warm way. The problem with behaving badly on set is the side effect of getting a bad reputation with casting directors who as a result won’t hire you for their film while being known as less than pleasant also doesn’t make you agreeable to the legions of fans that a celebrity usually has. The actors on this list are known for being difficult to work with and some have disappeared altogether from Hollywood since no one will give them their next job. No actor is immune to having the doors of Hollywood closed in their faces, no matter how high their star had risen, and this list proves it.

Jessica Alba

In the early 2000s, Jessica Alba was one of the biggest names around. Her leading roles in films like the Fantastic Four films, Sin City: A Same to Kill For, and Honey, had everyone knowing her name and loving her on-screen. However, it was some time after the Fantastic Four films that Alba felt her acting career plateau. Her roles weren’t getting her critical acclaim and she was starting to get offers for only certain kinds of roles, which she was not happy about. Alba decided to put acting as a second tier job and focus on her true passion project – The Honest Company – a toxic-free household products and beauty products. In addition to shifting her gaze to becoming a businesswoman, Alba married and became a mother twice, taking up much of her precious time. While Alba wasn’t known for being hard to work with, she was indeed typecasted as the attractive female role with little substance.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is known as a diva when it comes to her musical background, but her behind the scene film behavior is no different. Lopez comes to productions with a long list of demands that have to be fulfilled by the time she gets on set or else she becomes an increasingly impossible person to work with. We have to say that it explains why Lopez’s roles began drying up fairly quickly. Being a snob like that is something no one likes.


Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is a super good looking leading man who is quite a talented thespian as well. However, there are those who say that he is a very temperamental behind the scenes of his films and has a serious jealous streak with his wife, Fergie. Josh is said to be very controlling of Fergie when he thinks no one is looking and presents aggressive behaviors when on set as well.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 05: Actor Josh Duhamel arrives at the premiere of Relativity Media's "Safe Haven" at TCL Chinese Theatre on February 5, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Relativity Media)

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is notorious for being one of the most difficult people to work with in Hollywood, both in television and film. Heigl has been said to be very demanding on set, cold to the other members of the cast and crew and even snobby with fans who line the streets to see here when she makes an appearance. Heigl also has a very unwise tendency to talk badly about former films and shows she has been on, thinking it won’t come back to get her. Well, it did, as Heigl isn’t acting very much these days.


Lea Michele

The Glee alum got a bad wrap for being a total diva on the set of the show. The fact that she was the leading actress made her feel like she had more power on set and could do whatever she saw fit. The other cast members didn’t like to be around Michele when they weren’t filming, and there is still a rumor going around that Kate Hudson, who guest starred on the show, called Lea a “nightmare.”


Kiefer Sutherland

Sutherland was the hit star of the television show 24. Sadly, his co-star on the show, Freddie Prinze Jr., said that Sutherland would come to set drunk sometimes and would proceed to go to his trailer and sleep it off, halting the entire production until he was able to work. Honestly, that kind of behavior is inexcusable and unprofessional, to say the least. Sutherland has been laying pretty low lately, we wonder if it has something to do with that.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay no longer acts. That very fact is due to the fact that she was so hard to work with when she was hired for a film that after a while it became not worth it. Lohan began to get a reputation of a pain to work with on the set of the film Georgia Rule alongside Jane Fonda. Lohan was constantly late to set and when she did come she had a hard time remembering her lines and keeping it together. James Deen, her co-star on the film Canyons, called Lohan a “child lashing out.” Ouch.


Bruce Willis

This one kind of broke our hearts since we love Bruce Willis so much. Willis is said to be very hard to work with because he is very unapproachable while on set. He doesn’t like being talked to and focuses on his role entirely without distraction. Director Kevin Smith went so far as to calling Bruce “soul crushing” to film with on the set of Cop Out. We are pretty heartbroken over this revelation.


Chevy Chase

It’s an old story that Chevy Chase is one of the hardest people to work with, which is why his career is no longer as bright as it used to be. Chevy got his start on Saturday Night Live and it was that very show where Chevy began to display inappropriate behavior and anger issues. Chase reportedly slapped Chery Oteri during a rehearsal and angered Will Ferrel which prompted him to go to the executive director and creator of SNL to complain. Chase was actually banned from SNL from that day forward.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but her roles have dried up recently due to the fact that she isn’t fun to work with. On the set of Iron Man 2, it was said that Paltrow was “not friendly to anyone, and tends to make people feel awkward and uncomfortable. She wasn’t outright rude to Scarlett [Johansson], she just didn’t ever speak to her. Gwyneth went out of her way to avoid Scarlett.” Whether she has personal beef with the actress or not shouldn’t matter, sometimes actors forget to be professional.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has been in the public eye for many years, most of which were for his strange behavior and most recently coming out as HIV positive. On the set of Two and a Half Men, Sheen was so impossible that he ended up getting fired from the show and replaced with Ashton Kutcher. As if one show wasn’t bad enough, during his time on the show Anger Management, co-star Selma Blair said that Sheen was “a menace to work with.”


Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was one of the biggest names of the 80s and 90s. Her leading roles in Total Recall, Basic Instinct, and Casino made her a household name. All of her success got to her head and she became more and more selective about the roles she decided to take. It got to a point that Stone was so selective that offers just stopped coming in, it was only then that she realized that she had become too picky.


January Jones

January Jones shot to fame with the television show Mad Men. You would think she would be grateful and friendly to everyone as this was her big break. However, this was not the case. Her co-star, Jared Gilmore, who was just 13 years old when he co-starred with Jones, said “Be careful around January [Jones]. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”


Mischa Barton

Mischa hit it big with the show The O.C. She was the star of the show and everyone knew who she was. So much fame in so little time was enough to ruin the young woman, who began acting like a true diva, being called by co-star Tate Donovan the “biggest diva on set.” Barton has had some serious problems getting roles after her time on The O.C. for the fact that she gave out an air of entitlement and began having issues with drugs.


Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert was an up and coming actress in the early 2000s. She was in the films House of Wax and Girl Next Door and then she disappeared. The reason no one wanted to work with her was a sad one – her films just bombed and she associated with cheap acts like Paris Hilton. Elisha’s career ended as fast as it began and it left us all wondering what happened. Sadly, the truth of the matter is she was considered a bad investment.


Alec Baldwin

We all know Alec Baldwin has a temper on him. Besides the unfortunate moment he felt it was appropriate to leave a very hurtful message on his daughter’s phone, Baldwin has also gained a reputation for being impossible to work with. In 2013, Baldwin yelled homophobic slurs at a photographer who was trying to take his picture and as a result was fired from his gig on MSNBC. After the incident, Alec decided that he had had enough of the public life. His decision as well timed as the public also had enough of him.


Christian Bale

Batman star Christian Bale, disappointed us immensely when we learned of his shenanigans on set. Bale is known as a very serious actor who takes his roles to heart and is very professional. However, during the filming on Terminator Salvation, Bale was caught on tape yelling at the director of photography, “You are trashing my scene. You do it one more time and I ain’t walking on this set if you’re still hired. You’re a nice guy. But that don’t cut it.”


Shannen Doherty

We feel bad bringing up Shannen Doherty on this list since she is sick but her diva behavior on set was something that was a factor long before her illness. Doherty started being labeled an on-set diva during her time on Beverly Hills 90210 and continued on the set of Charmed. Doherty was actually fired from Charmed due to a dispute between the producers and herself. Doherty also has a name for being very rude to her co-stars who no longer wished to work with her.


Cybill Shepherd

We hadn’t realized that we haven’t seen Cybill Shepherd in anything for quite some time. Apparently, there’s a reason we haven’t seen her. Shepherd was known as a complete and utter diva on the set of her sitcom Cybill, so much so that a character was created on CSI to mimic her behavior. That character ended up being a murder victim. Ouch!


Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer was huge in the 80s and early 90s. However, he has pretty much disappeared from the world since then. Kilmer was famous for films like Batman Forever, The Prince of Egypt, Top Gun and Heat. Val ruined everything by having a serious issue with anger management on set. It got to a point where no one would touch him, not casting director, producers or other celebrity friends whom he tried to have helped him get more roles.


Mel Gibson

Between the racist and anti-Semitic remarks, to his diva-like behavior behind the scenes, Mel Gibson sealed his own fate with the film and television industry. Gibson was said to have a serious temper problem and would go on rants that would make everyone feel downright scared to be around him. It’s a shame such a great actor turned out to be such a disturbed individual in real life.


Sean Young

In an unprecedented move, Sean Young was almost fired entirely from the 1987 movie Wall Street by director Oliver Stone. Sean, who was huge in the 80s, allowed herself to act like a pure monster on set, terrorizing the cast and crew and making it extremely difficult for others to work on the film. It’s amazing how actors forget who they are and how to work when fame rears its ugly head.


Isaiah Washington

Remember Dr. Burke from the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy? Well perhaps you don’t know this but he was written off the show due to calling a fellow co-star a homophobic slur. The writers of the show and the production would not have any of Washington’s nonsense and fired him immediately. Since his time on the show ended in 2007, Washington has been in very few acting roles. That’ what we like to call karma.


Shenae Grimes

You would think that an actress as young an inexperienced as Shenae Grimes would know better than to act like a diva on the set of 90210 the remake of the original Beverly Hills 90210. In 2008, Grimes was said to have told everyone on set that she was the star of the show and that everyone else was just there for backup. Whether she was serious or not, that’s one vapid way of seeing things and we hope she got her head back on right.



Madonna is the pop diva of the last century so it makes sense that she would have an attitude to go with it, right? Well, wrong. Industry folks don’t like Madonna’s behavior on the set of her films and her inability to listen to the director. There is a reason why her films aren’t as good as we thought they would be, she didn’t like taking cues from anyone, even when it would have benefited her greatly.


Russell Crowe

Much like Alec Baldwin, Russell Crowe has a known issue with his temper. Crowe also has a sense of entitlement so high that he was quoted as saying, “It was ****, but I’m the greatest actor in the world and I can make even **** sound good.” Crowe was talking about his film Gladiator. His ego ended up getting the better of him and he slowly got less and less offers as directors didn’t want to work with him.


Edward Norton

Fight Club and American History X star, Edward Norton, is the nightmare of most directors. It has come to a point now where Norton isn’t being considered for roles because no one wants to work with him. For example, Norton didn’t trust American History X director Tony Kaye so he made sure he got the final edit of the movie. We have to say that that is pretty ridiculous.


Shia LaBeouf

Shia is rude without him being on set, so we are not so surprised to learn that he is very hard to work with on set as well. Shia is a method actor, meaning he becomes his character in order to prepare for the role. As such, Shia takes on the traits of his character and it can be rather unpleasant. The situation came to a head while Shia was filming the movie Fury alongside Brad Pitt, who said Shia disappointed him with his behavior.


Mike Myers

We could not believe that funny man Mike Myers is actually super controlling behind the scenes, making filming with him harder than it looks. Myers is known to those in Hollywood as a total perfectionist who doesn’t let anything go by without his approval on it. Cast and crew of his films know that he is hard to handle, which is why after his hit Austin Powers films, his roles were mostly voice over ones.


Tobey Maguire

Tobey looks so innocent and sweet, but don’t be fooled. Maguire is said to be a true pain in the rear during filming and a male diva to boot. A casting director called Maguire “the worst little monster you’ve ever met” and is said to rain terror on anyone who looks him directly in the eye behind the scenes of a film. The worst, however, was when during a poker game he told one of the hostesses to “get up on that desk and bark like a seal.” Oh no he didn’t!


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