17 side-splitting plane photos

Unlikely companion

Everyone in this world is a little bit different: Some people like to operate alone, and some people prefer it when they work within with the format of a team. And then of course, there are people who like being by themselves, by only under the condition that they get to bring along their giant stuffed animal wherever they go. Growing up, this man probably never went to sleep at night without his trusty stuffed panda – maybe he named him Shiloh? By the looks of this picture, it seems that he felt that he wanted to go so far as to buy an extra plane ticket so that Shiloh could accompany him. How sweet!

Penguin stewardess

It seems that when they put up job postings for being a stewardess on this particular airline, they didn’t specify that you had to be human. Of course, when these two penguins showed up for the job interview, the airlines were probably taken aback. But it looks like they decided to hear these penguins out, and it seems that they were really blown away in the interview! Now, it looks like these penguins have impressively landed themselves a brand job as stewardesses on this airline, and we are certainly not surprised that this man wanted to take a picture.

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