The secrets of Ethiopian cuisine


Ethiopia might not be one of the countries we look at when we consider excellent cuisine, but, if that’s the case, we’re missing out. The country might not be the most fashionable when you think of delicious food, but, they have some of the best cuisine in East Africa. It’s very much a case of understanding the secrets of their success and enjoying them as much as you can.

If you are looking to visit Ethiopia at some point soon, you need to make sure you sample as much of their local cuisine as possible. And this often means understanding a little more about it. Unlocking the secrets to Ethiopian cuisine is a fascinating, and will give you plenty more ideas for delicious dishes to sample. Here are some amazing, authentic Ethiopian dishes we insist you try right now!


It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s delicious – injera is one of the staple foods for Ethiopians, and you need to try them out. The best thing about these is how versatile they are. Injera is a sour and spongy round bread, kind of like a tortilla wrap, only smaller. You can enjoy them with fillings, sauces, and all kinds of condiments. There are darker or lighter versions of the bread depending on the way it is made. Injera is available at most good restaurants and eateries in Ethiopia.



Azifa is another hugely popular dish among locals in Ethiopia. Simply put, it is a green lentil salad that is generally eaten along with injera. The pictures online of this make it look simply divine, and it’s certainly a taste of true Ethiopian culture. You have to make sure you try some of this out when you are in Ethiopia. In fact, there is even a recipe online allowing you to attempt to make your own. Azide is delicious, nutritious, and a big part of the food culture of Ethiopia.



If you want to go extra healthy, you should check out fasolia. These are string beans that are usually sautéed with onions and carrots in order to create a delicious and zesty vegetable part of your dish. This would be ideal to have inside injera, along with some other fillings, and maybe some hot sauce. Fasolia is the perfect choice for those who want a healthy vegetable fix, as well as getting a true taste of Ethiopia.

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Chechebsa is a dish generally eaten at breakfast time and is usually enjoyed with a spoon, unlike most Ethiopian dishes. The meal consists of leftover injera, or other kinds of bread that are cooked with berbere sauce – a spice popular in the country. Sometimes the meal is also served with honey and eggs, but not always. This is a great way of experiencing how the Ethiopians have their breakfast, and it’s pretty darn tasty to boot!


Ethiopian cuisine is rich in flavor and spices, so it’s no wonder it’s hugely popular around the world, whether you originate from there or not. These are some of the most popular and tasty dishes available, with a distinct Ethiopian style to them. Once you’ve tried all of these, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick your favorite.