Say Hello To The World’s First Human-Carrying Drone

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the world is introduced to the very first human-carrying drone.


Manufactured by Ehang, the Chinese made 184 drone is unique thanks to its single passenger seat. It has four arms which hold a total of eight propellers. While it has already been unveiled, it’s not yet ready to fly.  The drone will first require several clearances from the Chinese government. The 184 weighs some 440 pounds – around the same as a sport motorcycle. And while the drone measures 18 feet long, it is able to be compacted into the size of a parking space. Once it is approved for flight, it will take off vertically and is able to reach speeds of 62 miles per hour. It can reach a height of 11,480 feet and fly for 23 minutes with its battery pack.