The real reason behind Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov’s split

True love – does it even exist in this day and age? Many have experienced love in their personal lives, and some have probably had it taken away too. It’s not often that you find “the one” first time around. We tell ourselves that the heartbreak we endure when relationships dissolve is all worth it because one day we’ll find a partner that we’ll never part from – if that’s what we want.

The separation of Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov is still relatively fresh. It was only in April 2018 that they announced they were no longer an item. As if their split wasn’t bad enough, however, hearing about the reason behind it is just heartbreaking. We don’t know how long it will take us to get over this breakup, but we reckon it will be a while.

Magic man

Vancouver-born Jonathan Scott has become something of a property developing guru over the last decade. Alongside his twin brother, Drew, he’s been wowing homeowners with his skills, but he had to get his start somewhere. Before he was performing magic on houses, he was doing it in his own backyard.

The Canadian has always been adept with his hands, and one of his earliest passions in life was to amaze audiences with his magic tricks. After joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians, it looked like he had found his calling, especially with all the awards he was winning. However, after a change of heart, things turned around drastically for the teenager.

Jack of all trades

Jonathan never could keep himself still. He was always moving from one thing to the next to see what took his interest at the time. He’s been working since he was seven years old when he set up a business with his mom and twin brother selling clothes hangers.

By the time he’d gotten into being a magician, he’d also already acted as a child clown performer, earning up to $100 an hour. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that his career went in a new direction once he started attending college. Was the entertainment industry calling out to Jonathan, or was it time to follow a more structured path?

New career

Although he and Drew both had an interest in finding work in the entertainment industry, they didn’t think it would be able to support them financially. The last thing they wanted was to be “starving artists,” so they decided to try something a little different – property development.

This might have seemed a little out there, but as a student of business management, Jonathan felt he could make the career work. So, in their first semester, the brothers bought a seven bedroom house and renovated it. The result was incredible.

Uniting his passions

Deep down, Jonathan always had a hope that the property development path might one day lead him back to the entertainment industry. He couldn’t shy away from the fact that entertaining people was his passion, but it just wasn’t realistic.

He and Drew were no longer kids, and the adult world had taught them that dreams don’t pay the bills. Luckily, with the amount of money they were about to earn, following their passion no longer seemed unrealistic.

Financial tragedy

When the brothers sold the house they bought, they made a profit of $50,000. That’s nothing to scoff at. After successfully renovating and renting out the home, Jonathan and Drew had proved their capabilities in the property trade.

However, before Jonathan could realize his dream of establishing his own theater show, disaster struck. He was allegedly conned by another magician, which left him $80,000 in debt and filing for bankruptcy. Was his dream over before it had even started? Thankfully, his brother was there with an idea.

Starting over

He suggested that Jonathan join him as a flight attendant while they continued to work on flipping houses. This was just the first of many jobs the two would do to fund their projects.

Eventually, Jonathan became licensed as a contractor, and in 2004 the brothers set up Scott Real Estate Inc. to help other people with buying, selling and renovating their houses. The business was relatively successful, and over the course of five years kept both the brothers going financially. Things were about to get even better, though.

Young love

As his business was growing, Jonathan decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Kelsy Ully. He’d met her while working as a flight attendant following his financial struggles.

The two were very much in love and even moved away together to Las Vegas where Jonathan set up a third branch of his real estate company. However, the honeymoon didn’t last forever. After only being married for a few years, the couple announced that they would be parting ways. The separation definitely wasn’t a happy one, either.

Messy break up

There was a lot of drama surrounding their breakup and divorce, namely because they didn’t part on the best of terms. The split left Jonathan in a slump, and for six months he struggled to overcome a deep depression.

Thankfully, his twin brother was there by his side and helped him get back to his usual bubbly self. In the aftermath of the divorce, Jonathan has said that sometimes people just don’t work together. Fortunately for him, there was another love waiting to be swept up in his arms.

Meeting Jacinta

At a charity event in 2015, Jonathan met producer Jacinta Kuznetsov. The two hit it off instantly, and before anyone knew it, they were dating. It had been several years since Jonathan’s divorce, so the wounds of his past love had started to heal.

However, after what had happened to him before, the property developer didn’t want to jump into anything too soon. Besides, he had other things to focus on that were slightly more important. His career had finally taken off in the way he wanted it to.

Career high

Jonathan and Drew were now stars of their own reality show. Property Brothers got the go-ahead when producers realized the prospect of twin brothers developing properties was something fans would connect with.

The show sees the two help homebuyers with their dreams, from finding the home for them to renovating it within a budget. This was only the start of their TV career, as Property Brothers led to many other spin-offs all centered around Jonathan and Drew. With their work so financially successful, were they now set for life?

Working together

With his career doing better than ever, and a new girlfriend in his life, Jonathan felt on top of the world. He couldn’t stop sharing Instagram posts of his new partner in crime, and fans couldn’t get enough.

The property developer was so enamored by Jacinta that she even became a part of the Scott family. The two didn’t tie the knot, but she did become a producer for Jonathan and Drew’s company Scott Brothers Entertainment. It had been founded back in 2010 after Property Brothers became a huge hit.

Coming to an end

Unfortunately, you know what they say about working with the ones you love – it doesn’t always work out. Jonathan was lucky enough to have forged a successful career alongside his brother, but bringing his girlfriend into the mix proved to be too much.

In April 2018, the property development star confirmed that he and Jacinta had decided to separate. This was the second time that Jonathan had lost the love of his life, and people couldn’t understand what had gone wrong. Did something happen we weren’t aware of?

Saying goodbye

Despite their sudden split, Jonathan tried to assure people that he didn’t harbor any negative feelings towards his now ex-girlfriend. He made a post for his fans on Instagram, telling them how amazing he thinks Jacinta is, even though they’re no longer together.

He talked of his respect for her and believes that the two of them will remain good friends despite the separation. However, amongst all the kind words about his former flame, the TV star did touch on the potential reason why he and Jacinta split up.

Drifting apart

In his Instagram post, the property developer stated that “life takes you on unexpected paths,” and no matter how much you may want them to, “those paths aren’t always in the same direction.”

Is he saying that his and Jacinta’s relationship was never destined to work out, despite how much they may have wanted it to? Considering how adamant the star is that there are no negative feelings between them, seeing their split is a hard pill to swallow. What’s keeping them apart?

Wedding bells

The separation comes as an even bigger shock considering some of the revelations that were made just a few months earlier. During an interview with People, Jonathan confessed that he and Jacinta had plans to get married.

Both of them wanted to tie the knot and have kids together, and not too distant in the future either. Although the couple had only been together for a year and a half when Jonathan made the statement, he said they weren’t going to wait seven years like his brother. So, what changed?

Kind words

Jonathan wasn’t alone in posting about the split. When the news broke about their separation, Jacinta used social media to give followers her side of the story. Much like her ex, she too had nothing but kind words to say about the man she’d spent the last few years with.

She called their time together “beautiful and rewarding,” yet felt that she had now finished that chapter in her life. If they still cared so much about each other, why couldn’t they be together? Were they putting on a front?

Trouble in paradise

According to Jonathan’s twin brother, things might not have been as great as they appeared on the surface. Before the separation, he had nothing but support for the couple and agreed that the two were very much in sync.

However, after the breakup, Drew seemed to change his tune. He claimed that the two of them weren’t right for each other, and both were well aware of the fact. Given the close relationship the brothers have always had, does this mean that what Drew is saying is right?

What happens now?

With the couple no longer together, the question of how their professional life will work is a prominent one. As a producer for Jonathan’s company, the two are likely to see each other on a regular basis.

Even if they are still as friendly as they both insist they are, how will either of them cope when one starts dating again. The feelings are still there, even if they’re no longer acting on them. Can they really work together while the breakup is still so fresh?

Busy schedule

Compared to his last breakup, Jonathan is coping amazingly well this time around. He’s thrown himself into his work, which continues to thrive. In 2017, HGTV aired the brothers’ sixth spinoff entitled Drew’s Honeymoon House, where the pair remodeled Drew’s L.A. home.

Next up on the schedule is a new season of Brother vs. Brother, where the two compete head to head in an attempt to outdo each other in various renovation projects. With so much on his plate, Jonathan has a lot to distract himself with.

Bright future

If Jonathan does struggle at any point with his latest split, he always has his brother by his side to help him through it. The pair has no plans to end their work together anytime soon and have even set their sights on becoming talk show hosts.

Considering how much their careers have branched out since they first broke into the industry, we see a good future ahead of them. Who knows, maybe Jonathan and Jacinta will even rekindle their love one day. We can dream, right?