Perfectly Timed Pictures of Pouncing Predators

Hippo vs Crocodile

It’s a commonly held assumption that the only creature in the animal kingdom the crocodile fears is the hippo. And, from this picture, it isn’t difficult to understand where that fear might come from. Not only are hippos huge with enormous teeth, but they can also be highly bad tempered and protective. This croc is getting a valuable lesson is why you shouldn’t drift into hippo territory.


Hippo vs Elephant

The bottom line is, sometimes you have to pick your battles. Sure, the hippo might be a certified killer in the water, able to take on a croc. But, on the ground, there are plenty of animals that can cause it harm. You can see from this picture what happens when a hippo tries to mess with an elephant. It’s all going to end in tears.


Tiger vs Fish

Tigers are not only among the most powerful, fearsome and majestic creatures in the animal kingdom. They are also incredible swimmers too. We bet you didn’t know that, right?! The fact that they are less agile in the water doesn’t stop them from continuing to be formidable predators. And their love of fish makes their aquatic adventures all the more worthwhile.


Golden Eagle vs Deer

The Golden Eagle is the symbol of the United States, and it’s easy to see why. This majestic bird looks amazingly elegant, even when swooping for a kill. And look at how brazen this eagle is as she attacks a deer! With talons like that, powerful wings, and an aerial advantage, Bambi never had a chance!


Crocodile vs Elephant

It’s a bit like rock-paper-scissors this game, isn’t it?! So, we know a hippo could take a croc, and we’ve seen an elephant could take a hippo. Well, now we see that a crocodile could make short work on an elephant. They are known to have the strongest bite in the animal kingdom, so unless the elephant is related to Dumbo it’s definitely not going anywhere!


Lions vs Hippo

The tiger may be a larger and more elegant beast, but in Africa, the lion is king of the jungle. This little hippo knows that only too well, as he is unsuspectingly surrounded by a group of lionesses. They must still be careful because hippos are incredibly dangerous. But this guy is no match for this pride of perfectly designed killing machines.


Jaguar vs Crocodile

Ever wonder where the Jaguar car found its name? Well, wonder no more. This majestic and elegant beast is one of the coolest cats around. And, incidentally, it has the strongest bite of any cat. So, this crocodile looks to be in real trouble, unless some of his friends can come to his rescue.


Elephant vs Woman

As human beings, we are the apex predators, but we have to remember that there are still real dangers. And underestimating animals leads to events like this where this elephant reared and attacked a 29-year-old woman. This American tourist was on safari in South Africa when she was attacked by the huge elephant. Why was she driving without a guide for protection?


Bear vs Salmon

Don’t be fooled by the cumbersome size and appearance of bears, they are still formidable hunters. And they thrive in water just as much as on land; that’s what makes them so deadly. This salmon probably just figured this was a day like any other. He certainly wouldn’t have expected to be caught in a bear’s mouth, in mid-air, at the top of a waterfall.


Cheetah vs Wildebeest

One of the great standoffs on the plains of the Masai Mara comes between these two beasts. The cheetah and the wildebeest both have great power, poise, and speed. But, if the cheetah catches you it’s pretty much game over. And, being that they can reach speeds of up to 60 mph, we reckon this wildebeest was doomed from the word “go.”


Hippo vs Crocodile II: The Crocs Strike Back

It’s not all one-sided you know?! As formidable as hippos might be, crocodiles are still one of the world’s most perfect killing machines. This baby hippo knows that only too well as he has fallen foul of this predator. Nature can be cruel like that, but sometimes the youngsters don’t make it very far.


Chameleon vs Grasshopper

Predators in nature are not all about power, muscle and teeth you know?! This close up shot on a much smaller scale has a wonderful quality to it. The chameleon would be deadly if it were larger. It can camouflage, use rotating arc vision, and it has a tongue twice its size! What a photo this is!


Cat vs Pigeon

Cats might be domesticated household pets, but you can’t take the killer instinct away from them. Take a look at this amazing picture of this ferocious feline. He’s taken out an annoying pigeon, much to the relief of probably everyone. Just make sure your cat doesn’t tear the bird up all over the house!


Toad vs Mouse

Even the most unexpected of animals can turn out to pack a mean bite. Check out this extraordinary photo, and you’ll see a toad gobbling up a little mouse. We’re not sure exactly what kind of toad this is, but we’re sure you’ll agree it looks pretty gnarly! It looks as though it has massive fangs and a bad temperament.


Lioness vs Zebra

The male lion might get all the credit, but lioness is the one who does all the work. She will go out hunting and kill food for the pride. The lion reigns supreme in the jungle, and these gals only have to worry about rival lions. This zebra has tried to get away, but it’s no good. She’s too quick and powerful for it.


Leopard Seal vs Penguin

No! Not the penguin! Who would want to harm a cute defenseless little penguin? Well, that would be Mr. Leopard Seal! This might be a harrowing image, but it’s wonderfully captured. And we can see the sheer deadly beauty of the leopard seal. The whole thing reminds us of something out of the Alien films! We keep expecting Sigourney Weaver to pop up and save the penguin.


Owl vs Mouse

There’s something so majestic and magical about a bird of prey swooping for the kill. And this image perfectly captures the elegance of an owl in motion. The mouse might be tiny, fast and agile, but when it comes down to it, unfortunately, it’s no match for the owl. This mouse should have done a better job of hiding in the snow.


Big Cat vs Hog

This shot perfectly encapsulates the food chain in the African wilds. Warthogs like this may have been friends with the Lion King, but that was just a movie. In real life, the lion would look at this guy and see dinner. And you can see from the expression on the big cat’s face that this is exactly what he’s thinking!


Hyenas vs Giraffe

Hyenas may be scavengers, but they’re pretty proficient group hunters as well. They employ the ‘strength in numbers’ approach, and this is their secret to conquering their prey. They pick off the weak ones and separate them from the rest of the herd. And then the clan track and kill the lone animal.


Elephant vs Car II: Never Forget

It seems like that elephant attack on the tourist’s car we saw earlier went on for a little while longer. Check out this still from the attack that shows the elephant seemingly resting on the roof of the car. In reality, it’s probably actually crushing the roof. This would be pretty scary if you had to experience it.


Fox vs Mouse

Foxes aren’t just a neighborhood nuisance, lingering in car parks and going through the trash! They can also be pretty effective predators when they set their mind to it. You can see from this picture that this little mouse hasn’t got a prayer here. And look at how amazingly the colors work here, the powder white snow, the russet of the fox, and the dull brownish-gray of the mouse.


Dog vs Hare

This is an iconic image showing us something that happens pretty regularly. Hare coursing used to be pretty prevalent in traveler cultures but doesn’t happen so much anymore. However my, out in the wild wastelands, a dog would chase a hare like this. But, even though the dog is quick, that hare is crazy fast, so we’re backing him!


Lion vs Giraffe

It looks like this lion has had a spot of bad luck; she appears to have chosen the wrong giraffe to attack! Giraffes are hardly at the extinction stage just yet, but they face plenty of threats, from poachers and other animals. If the lioness can knock it down, it’s game over for the giraffe.


Cheetah vs Deer

What a photo this is! We don’t know who captured the snap, but whoever it was deserves some kind of award. This photo brings us face to face with the jaws of death. The deer is focused on its escape, but we have a feeling we know how this one is going to end! The deer looks like its days are pretty much numbered.


Two Cheetahs vs Baby Deer

Talk about a mismatch! This is like David and Goliath if Goliath brought his father Goliath Sr along for good measure! We can’t see any conceivable outcome in which this poor little baby deer is going to get out of this. And her mother has probably gotten out of dodge as fast as possible too!


Eagle vs Rabbit

Check out this awesome action shot of the eagle about to move in for the kill. There is so much wonderful imagery all around you. This image will cause nightmares for any rabbit owner, but it’s a powerful image and shows what an incredible animal the eagle is. This is the reality of life in the wilderness for little guys like this rabbit.


Owl vs Mouse: The Sequel

This picture is even more impressive than the previous owl vs mouse one. Look at how agile and quiet the owl is as he silently swoops to collect his unsuspecting prize. Owls are like the ninjas of the animal kingdom, and you never see a ninja coming. We feel sorry for this mouse, but at least it’ll be quick!


Tiger vs Tiger

Predators don’t just attack their prey, y’know?! Often they will actually fight with one another as well. Internal conflict is pretty common in the animal kingdom and look at these two amazing beasts going toe to toe. It’s pretty hard to call a fight to the death between two tigers. But, we reckon the one on the right has the upper hand.27-2

Lion vs Buffalo

Talk about motion capture! This picture captures the exact moment that this lion, well… It’s a little unclear if the lion is engaged in an aerial attack, or has been butted away. We’re guessing the latter, but either way its position with respect to those horns doesn’t look too promising does it?!


Shark vs Seal

Wow! This looks like the sort of image you’d see on one of those awesome nature documentaries. The shark in full flow is a powerful and remarkable sight. The poor seal was probably minding its own business, but it didn’t have a prayer. The shark was never going to fail in its kill attempt. Savage.


Crocodile vs Wildebeest

Those crocs are a menace, right?! This photo gives us a snap of a crocodile attempting to attack a wildebeest. We aren’t quite sure what the wildebeest is doing here. It looks like maybe he’s attempted to hurdle the croc. But, when he hits the water it’s probably going to be the end of the road!


Wolf vs Wolf

Another of nature’s great animals is the wolf. We sometimes forget how aggressive wolves can be because we’re all busy thinking about Lions, and Tigers, and Bears (oh my)! But you can see by the way this wolf on the left is baring its teeth that these two are not on friendly terms. It could get messy!