These nurses are as impressive off-duty as they are when they’re working

Francesca Woods at work

Francesca Woods is clearly a woman who loves her job. That being said, she seems like the type of young woman who loves everything she does, in all various avenues of her life. It’s all in that contagious smile of hers. She’s wearing the uniform, and she’s clearly enjoying herself at work. While working in the hospital, you constantly encounter patients who are constantly in need of a vibrant personality, so something tells us that Francesca is pretty awesome at providing that.

Francesca Woods outside of work

Well how about that. It seems as though we may have underestimated this young lady. We originally thought that Francesca was an energetic ball of life that brings her positive attitude into everything she does. While that may be true, the picture she posted her gives off a completely different vibe – and we have to be honest – we’re not complaining about it in the slightest. With a pink top, blonde braids, and that killer pose, Woods has got her fans under her hypnotic spell.

Kateryna at work

Hailing from the rainy yet iconic city of Seattle, Kateryna has always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She’s extremely passionate of what she does, and she displays this passion time and time again in the her Instagram posts. As you can see, she not only enjoys being a nurse, but she loves it so much that she wants to show off her uniform whenever she gets the chance. She actually has uniforms in a variety of different colors, and here she’s rocking the pink.

Kateryna outside of work

It goes without saying that most jobs are pretty tiring, and being a nurse can be one of the most tiring jobs around – especially when you consider that you’re sometimes required to work night shifts. Kateryna says that she works 40 hours a week as a nurse, meaning that she is constantly on her feet. It’s to see that she allows herself to relax and let her hair down, such as the way she’s kicking back her on this comfy lawn chair.

Dacy Gaston at work

And here we have a sweet young woman who goes by the name of Dacy Gaston. And no, she’s not related to “Gaston” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – we checked. Originally from California, she currently lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she works as a family nurse practitioner at South University. We get the strong feeling she likes the idea of being a nurse – especially when we see a picture of one on her smartphone case.

Dacy Gaston outside of work

As you can see, Dacy likes to have fun taking all kinds of various Instagram photos. We already showed you one that she took while she was in her uniform, but it obviously goes without saying that there’s nothing like a good selfie when you’re able to kick back, relax, and change back into your comfortable clothes. We can’t help but wonder if this young woman was ever offered a job to be a professional model.

Sonja Schwartzbach at work

Sonja rocks her scrubs all day every day, as this nurse works as an intensive care unit registered nurse. This means Sonja has experienced everything from cardiac arrests to open chests, but that’s not all. Sonja is also trained in exsanguinations, which means she can drain a person or organ of blood, or treat someone that has suffered severe blood loss. It seems as though this nurse is used to a hectic life on the frontline. Unfortunately, Sonja’s line of work means she is also used to her fair share of loss but says that all her experiences at the hospital have helped shape her into the person she is today.

Sonja Schwartzbach outside of work

When she isn’t saving the lives of hundreds of people, Sonja manages to keep herself busy with her book all about the things they forget to teach you at medical school. Here, she tries to prepare the nurses of tomorrow about the struggles they might deal with their new profession, as well as keep things light-hearted with some stories of her own and other nurses. Still not impressed? In addition to her book and hectic work schedule, Sonja runs a successful blog that talks about her experiences at work and keeps her 25,000 Instagram followers up to date with motivational photos and behind the scenes snaps of her life.

Yaya Genfi at work

Yaya is a nurse with a difference. This leading lady is a trained pediatric nurse meaning she helps diagnose, treat, and care for children and teenagers, as well as helping to educate their families on how they can help manage their child’s injury or illness. However, Yaya isn’t set with just assisting youngsters in one hospital. No, she moves every 13 weeks to start life at a brand new hospital with brand new patients. As if nursing wasn’t tough enough already?

Yaya Genfi outside of work

Although she regularly ups her entire life and moves everything, Yaya is also set on getting out and seeing the world thanks to the travel scratch she just can’t itch. It seems as though her lifestyle and work go hand in hand. Yaya loves to post photos of her adventures to her 11,100 Instagram followers, but that’s not all. The nurse also runs a YouTube channel with over 9,000 subscribers, so far, who all get a chance to see behind Yaya’s lifestyle as well as find out all about her exciting job.

Kristin Nesselt at work

Kristen had known she wanted to be a nurse since she was a teenager, but before that had always dreamed of being a doctor. It wasn’t until she saw the birth of her niece that she knew she wanted to be a delivery and labor nurse. However, that all changed again at college when Kristin fell in love with working in emergencies and changed her major to suit her new passion. Kristin has been working as a cardiac intensive care unit nurse ever since, and says she wouldn’t change it for a moment.

Kristin Nesselt outside of work

Kristin isn’t just there to save the lives of thousands of people every year; she is also a successful beauty blogger. The internet star has over 34,500 YouTube subscribers who all get to see makeup tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and even a few question and answer sessions with her new husband, Jimmy Nesselt. Kristin also posts her many tutorials to her 18,600 Instagram followers who also get the chance to see her many adventures around the world as a newlywed.

Kaicyre Palmers at work

Being a registered nurse can come with all kinds of challenging tasks, but Kaicyre Palmers wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, Kaicyre works 12-hour shifts in a critical care unit at her local hospital in New York. This type of care is there for any patient in need of constant watch and medical attention meaning Kaicyre gets to deal with all sorts of patients. This could be anyone from someone with a spinal injury to those being prepped for heart surgery.

Kaicyre Palmers outside of work

When she isn’t busy saving lives, Kaicyre is traveling all around the world taking in the sights and the sounds of the planet. So far, she has more than 333,000 followers on Instagram after the internet first saw her social media back in 2015. All of these followers can enjoy sneak peeks behind some of Kaicyre’s personal posts, as well as getting a chance to join her on all her vacations, and seeing what life looks like on the other side of the hospital.

Lauren Drain at work

Before becoming a fitness pro, model, and Instagram influencer, Lauren Drain worked as a nurse for nine years. She graduated with a nursing degree from Washburn University in 2007. That was just one year before she left the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. That’s right – she was a member of the hateful and infamous church for nine years before she was kicked out for questioning the church’s doctrine. Most of her family are still members and choose not to speak with her.

Lauren Drain outside of work

A few years went by after getting kicked out of the church and Lauren fell in love with fitness. She started training more and began documenting her newfound passion. After her photos went viral she started to model professionally. She no longer practices nursing but she wrote a book about her former career and life in the church. In 2013 she married her longtime partner, fellow fitness guru David Kagan. She loves to use her popular Instagram account to motivate her followers to live their best lives.

Carina Linn at work

Sneaking a selfie at work can’t be the easiest thing to do, especially when you’ve got a boss running around. But sometimes tells us that in a hospital it’s a little bit more laid back. Carina Linn, a nurse from Taiwan who has recently taken the world by storm with her perfectly crafted Instagram photos, clearly enjoys work. The smile that she’s wearing in this picture is too genuine to fake, and her patients probably feel her warmth easily.

Carina Linn outside of work

Speaking of warmth, there are a number of different ways that it can be transmitted. Sometimes it can come from a natural, pure hearted smile, such as the one we saw while she was in the hospital. And sometimes it can come from raw, fiery photos filled with passion. We’re not necessarily saying that those were the exact elements she was focusing on when she took this picture, but… she’s certainly singing a different tune in this cozy dress she’s wearing.

Julie Eze at work

This nurse works as a practitioner and registered nurse, so is capable of doing a lot more than many others in her profession. Julie is in charge of diagnosing illnesses, as well as providing treatment and prescribing medication – much like many doctors within the hospital. However, Julie has also recently graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing which gives her the opportunity to work with youngsters suffering from chronic illnesses all the way through their childhood and teenage years.

Julie Eze outside of work

This nurse sure does like to keep herself busy when she isn’t working. Julie founded The Nurse Link Nurse Expo which works towards connecting nurses around the world, as well as inspiring any future nurses and helping to bring people into the career. So far, Julie has hosted expos all across America and plans on setting up many more annual events in the future. All her hard work and dedication has seen the star win a number of nursing awards, including the Excellence In Nursing Award.

Rona Dadayan at work

Rona never wanted to give up on her dreams of becoming a nurse, even when she failed her first nursing exam. Rather than giving up, the nurse went back for round two and walked away a success. As if that wasn’t enough, Rona signed up for a graduate program which quickly fell apart and was forced back to square one once again. Now, Rona is working as a definitive observation unit nurse while training to become a trauma intensive care unit nurse.

Rona Dadayan outside of work

When she isn’t at work, this nurse loves nothing more than spending her time outside enjoying nature. At the moment, Rona’s work means she works night shifts so often misses out on the sunshine when catching up on sleep. What better excuse to pick up your walking boots and go hiking? Rona keeps her 17,000 Instagram followers up to date with her ventures, while posting her medical videos and questions and answers to more than 41,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Mindy Kayser at work

This nurse always had dreams of working with people who had illnesses in their jaws, mouths, necks, and faces, and needed surgery. However, that all changed when Mindy realized how long it would take to earn her qualification. As Mindy had never enjoyed school, the idea of studying for 12 years was too much to handle. Instead, Mindy opted to become a post-anesthesia care unit nurse who works in the recovery room dealing with patients that have recently been put under.

Mindy Kayser outside of work

This rock and roll nurse has over 7,500 followers on Instagram, but they are there for more than just her nursing posts. Mindy is also a competitive bikini model! The nurse regularly posts updates on her life at the gym where she trains hard all year to get the look she is after. As if that wasn’t enough, Mindy also finds time to prep and eat healthy meals, and loves nothing more than posting her inspiration online to help anyone in need of a push.

Patricia Charitable at work

What could be better than saving hundreds of people’s lives each and every day? Helping teach other people how they can do the same, of course! Patricia studied hard through nursing school before becoming a traveling nurse for many months. However, Patricia decided that a life in the hospital wasn’t for her. Now, the nurse works as a nursing instructor where she helps train future medical staff in how to deal with all kinds of emergencies. What a woman!

Patricia Charitable outside of work

Although Patricia now works behind the scenes at the hospital, this nurse keeps the frontlines dressed and prepared for whatever may come their way. Patricia and her sister run a medical apparel line that offers everything from tops to pants, as well as a small jewelry selection and a liquid lipstick range. Still not enough? Patricia is a huge hit online with her 42,000 YouTube subscribers and 7,000 followers on Instagram who get to enjoy her motivational posts and life advice.

Alexis Nicole at work

Like it or not, many of us will end up in the emergency department at some point in our life. Whether we have been in an accident or are there with a friend, it’s the brave men and women on the frontline that can be the difference between life and death. Alexis Nicole is no different. This new college graduate has headed straight out into the emergency department where she could be dealing with anything from discharging patients to administering life-saving care.

Alexis Nicole outside of work

Now she is a qualified nurse, Alexis wants the world to know how much she loves her life. The nurse has over 37,700 followers on Instagram who are greeted with regular posts about what Alexis gets up to when she isn’t in scrubs, including her trips out and about and enjoying nights on the town. Alexis is also a massive hit on YouTube with her channel that has documented her journey from medical student to qualified nurse so far. Plus, Alexis has no plans of giving up her videos – bonus.


Monique Doughty at work

Monique, or Nurse Mo as she is better known to her patients, is another traveling nurse on our list. This means she will typically work in one hospital for around 13 weeks before moving on to her next role. As a result, Monique is used to working with a whole host of different people, as well as adapting to life with varying patients with each new role that comes. However, this also gives Monique the chance to learn from nurses all across the country.

Monique Doughty outside of work

This nurse does more than just keep people safe, Monique also owns the brand The Resilient Nurse – a place where nurses from all around the world can come together to support one another, as well as offering everything from clothing to stationery. Followers can also read Monique’s inspirational blog posts that follow why she became a nurse, advice for people looking to train as a medical student and how to balance your life. As if that wasn’t enough, Monique also has over 112,000 followers on Instagram – quite the feat.


Marie-Luise Klietz at work

On Marie’s Instagram account, she goes under the title of medical doctor. Does that mean that she’s a bit higher on the totem pole than a nurse? Perhaps these types of superficial assessments don’t really matter, but we just wanted to acknowledge the talents of this lovely young lady we’re looking at right now. Clearly in the zone as she takes a fun looking candid snapshot of a stethoscope to her heart, we’re positive that her patients are in good hands.

Marie-Luise Klietz outside of work

There are a few other things that Marie mentioned that she’s a big fan of, outside of her regular day job. She’s a fan of sports, she loves going on adventures, and most importantly – she’s all about those good vibes. And after checking out this picture, we can certainly see what she’s talking about. Can anyone be any more relaxed than she looks in this picture? Hanging out in a hot tub on a beautiful sunny day… it just doesn’t get any better.

Jazmine Reyes at work

Here’s another nurse who the world has slowly but surely loved getting to know, while she continues to add to her Instagram followers. Jasmine Reyes seems to be either on her way to work, or on her way back. Either way, seeing her in her outfit like this gives off a certain confidence, where we feel inspired to do our own daily jobs to the best of our abilities. She seems exhausted, but in a good way, like she knows she’s been doing good work.

Jazmine Reyes outside of work

Speaking of doing good work… how about this Instagram selfie she took a little while back? She’s actually very humble about this type of thing, making a comment in one of her posts, “I don’t know how to take photos anymore.” Of course, after checking out her in the photo, it’s clear that her statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Her hair is looking good, she’s rocking a pleasant smile, and from what we can see, her outfit brings it all together nicely.

Katie Duke at work

This lady has got an impressive number of accolades under her belt. And if you visit her Instagram, you’ll see them all written down on her bio like soldiers marching across a field. First of all, she’s a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. But she’s so much more than that. She’s garnered herself a social media following for her ability to be a mentor and an empowerer of women all around the world. Not bad for a Duke…

Katie Duke outside of work

Wow! This picture is yet another whopper of a curveball when it comes to what this lady can bring to the table. In addition to her talents in the hospital, and her skills as a social media influencer, it seems that Miss Katie Duke is also some sort of a fashion girl. Based in this glamorous dress she’s wearing, there is no doubt in our minds that she knows how to shop to for some serious head turning outfits.

Angie at work

Angie’s Instagram account is private, but there are still a handful of pictures of her out there for those who are interested in getting to know more about her. As this picture indicates, she is indeed a Licensed Vocational Nurse, for that’s exactly what it says on her name tag. Of course, she seems to be hovering in limbo, somewhere between a nurse and a model. With those glasses, and that pose, we can’t imagine that her profound impact is an accident.

Angie outside of work

It goes without saying that if Angie looked like a model wearing her nurse uniform, she would look even more like one when she wears what she wants. She seems to have really hit it out of the park on this one, pulling off a nonchalant mirror selfie, while wearing a daring, slightly revealing and dark laced outfit. She also isn’t facing the camera, which is a nice touch. We’re not surprised her Instagram account is private – you’ve got to win her over, apparently.