Most memorable women from Married with Children – then and now


Christina Applegate then

Kelly Bundy, played by Christina Applegate, is the older child of the Bundy family, affectionately nicknamed ‘Pumpkin’ by her father. Renowned for not being the smartest cookie in the box, Kelly is your stereotypical ditz who is constantly making poor life choices – especially when it comes to her love life. Unfortunately, her father, Al, is never best pleased with the men she brings home. Her brother, Bud, loves to make matters worse when it comes to her blissful ignorance of the world, often making fun of her naivety to comedic effect. Kelly loves her childish pursuits, including reading Garfield and watching cartoons. She once even referred to Yogi Bear as a documentary show, much to her family’s amusement.

Christina Applegate now

Christina Applegate had already had a few acting credits to her name by the time she starred in Married…With Children, but it was clear this show was her big break. A year after the sitcom ended, she starred as the title character in another sitcom called Jesse, for two years. Since then, Christina Applegate has been in countless TV shows and movies – mainly comedies. She played Veronica Corningstone in The Anchorman comedy movies and recently starred as Gwendolyn in the comedy Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas. Back in 2008, the Hollywood star was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and went through a double mastectomy before being given the all-clear the same year.

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