Mom texts her dead son but never expected to get this reply

Texting has long since taken over our lives. Amazingly, we send around 1.2 million texts every single minute, which add up to more than eight trillion messages a day! How can we have so much to discuss? Well, from dinner plans to date nights, questions to memes, and random nonsense to replying to a message, there are so many reasons that we can pick up our phone and send someone a text. However, does that really mean we need to check our cell phones a reported average of 46 times a day? Probably not. You never know, someone could have sent an urgent cute puppy video that needs replying to that very instant.

This is probably why most text messages are read within five seconds of them arriving on our phones. We really need to start doing more with our lives! As hard as we try, we just can’t resist the pull of the phone anymore. One mom had no idea that she was about to text her son for the last time, or was she? Yes, texts are powerful. They can get us in contact with people from our past. But can they really get in touch with someone on the other side? This mom was about to discover that the final text may not have been the end after all…

Motherly love

A mother’s love can be one of the strongest bonds. After all, these women need to love and protect their young to raise the next generation. Mothers both human and throughout the animal kingdom will often do anything to make sure their little ones are kept safe. Nothing can stand in their way. Even when children grow up, many mothers will usually be there to help them along the path to adulthood. Carole Adler had raised her son, Taylor, his entire life. The pair were incredibly close and couldn’t imagine life without each other. Unfortunately, the world had other plans for this duo. Only, what seemed as though it was set to be the end turned out to be just the very beginning…

Brighten up the room

Taylor always had a way to improve any room he entered. Carole admits her son would brighten up everyone in the room thanks to his vibrant and bubbly personality. Without even trying, Taylor had been one of the most loved people in the neighborhood since he was a teenager. However, that wasn’t the only thing that made Taylor the talk of the town. As well as befriending all the neighbors, Taylor had another plan in store. He made a list. Many of us make bucket lists in our lives. These are the things we want to do before it’s too late. Only Taylor was determined to complete every single one. There were no exceptions.

Number one

So what was the first thing on the list? Taylor wanted to join the army. His mom Carole, however, wasn’t quite so supportive. After several talks, Carole finally realized that her son was determined to be the person he had always dreamed of becoming and didn’t want to be the one to stand in his way. So that’s when number one could officially be ticked off the list. It looked as though everything was off to a flying start! However, there were still plenty more items on the agenda.

Lucky for some

The number thirteen may be unlucky for some, but it is the luckiest in the world for others. For Taylor, this was the number on his list that would shape his future. It was time to get a job. After serving in the army, what could the youngster possibly want to do? Become an engineer? Continue to work with the army as a professional? Oh no, Taylor had big ambitions and wasn’t about to let them slip away. After working hard, Taylor signed up to become a Colorado state trooper.

Ride along

May 23, 2015, nearly marked the end of Taylor’s training. At long last, he was about to become a free officer that works to protect the citizens of Colorado. Carole couldn’t be prouder of her son. After months of hard work, Taylor was looking forward to returning home to unwind. However, there was one last job to do before he was free to go. Taylor was the passenger in a ride along with another officer when a call came in. The call that changed everything.

Motherly text

Taylor had been used to texting his mom throughout the day. In fact, he would often tell Carole that he loved her as well as thanking her for all her parenting efforts over the years. Taylor wanted his mom to remember how special she really is to him. To top it off, Taylor often referred to his mom as his best friend. The bond truly was unbreakable between the pair. So it was no surprise that Carole picked up her cell to see another message from Taylor.

Filling her in

Being a police officer means life is always changing. One minute you could be rescuing a cat from a tree while the next you are helping someone that has been in an accident or a high-speed chase. The possibilities are endless on the journey to enforcing the law. Taylor thought he would soon be home, but a call had come in of a fleeing suspect. He and his fellow officer, Clinton, were tasked with helping at an accident. At 7.30 the text was sent. Little did Taylor know how everyone’s lives were about to change.

High-speed chase

While Taylor and Clinton were at the scene of the accident, they had a warning call come through on the radio. They were waiting at an intersection with the damaged vehicle. However, the high-speed chase was heading their way, and they might have to be on the lookout for flying police cars. After all, suspects can do anything in their bid for freedom. It was just another day on the road for the two officers. At least that’s what they thought…

Taylor to the rescue

Taylor and Clinton were already on a task, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t help out with their fellow officer’s chase. The two set about putting stop sticks in the way of the speeding vehicle to try and capture their perpetrator. Would they be able to catch them before there was another accident? Time was about to tell. The driver flew into view, and Taylor and Clinton were ready to pounce thinking the car must finally come to a stop. Sadly, the vehicle carried on driving…

Phone call

Carole was at home when she got the phone call. She knew that Taylor had been at the scene of the accident, but she had no idea there was a high-speed chase going on as well. An officer phoned the mother to inform her of what had happened. Only, the car hadn’t just flown by – there had been an accident. A tragic accident. Carole’s world went numb. One moment she was texting her son, and the next he had been with Clinton when they were both hit. Only one had survived.

Triple danger

The tow truck driver that was picking up the car from the previous accident was there when the high-speed chase flew passed. Although he was involved in the crash, he managed to walk away unharmed. However, Clinton and Taylor weren’t so lucky. Who would survive? Clinton was left critically injured after colliding with the vehicle. Taylor lost his life at the scene. He was just 21 years old. The paramedics team said there was nothing they could have done to save him.

Final hero

However, Taylor’s death stood for more than just the incredible man he had grown to become. In the seconds before the collision, Taylor screamed at the tow truck driver to jump out of the way of the car. If he hadn’t he, too, could have lost his life. Even in his final moment, the 21-year-old had been there to protect the life of someone else so he could go home to his children, even if it meant Taylor would never see his family again.

Another item

Miraculously, Taylor had also managed to complete another item on his list. Number nine: save a life. Had he known what he was about to do, or had Taylor’s natural protective instincts kicked in at the last minute? The universe wanted to exchange one life for another in the only way it knew how. How had it all come down to this? Sadly, Taylor never imagined that his final good deed would lead to such tragedy.

The terrible phone call

Carole had no idea what to say when she heard the news of what had happened at the accident. How could her precious son be gone? They had to have made a mistake. He was so young and had so much of his life left to live. Plus, he had the other items on his list. What about coaching a lacrosse team, or swimming with sharks? These were all chapters left to come of Taylor’s life. Instead, all Carole could do was scream.

Checking the phone

Amazingly, Taylor’s cell had survived the crash. So when his things were released back to Carole, she couldn’t wait to check through his phone. Many of their conversations had always spoken about the goals Taylor had set for his life. She couldn’t let him slip away that easily. It was only then that Carole realized that she had been the last person Taylor had ever texted while he was alive. There was no way it could stop. The mom just had to keep sending texts.

Please come back

Carole knew that Taylor would never respond, but she still couldn’t stop herself from picking up her phone and sending a message. “I love you.” “I miss you.” These were just some of the many words the mom would send to her late son. Grieving can be a tough process for any of us, and Carole knew this would help her come to terms with what had happened. Only one night it was different. She wanted to send a longer, more heartfelt message to Taylor.

On the other end

Carole explained to her son that she just wanted him to come home. She was having a bad night and needed someone to talk to. Never did she expect to get a reply. However, looking at her phone, Carole could see a message had come back. How could this be? Was it Taylor? Sadly, no. Instead, Carole discovered she had been messaging Sgt. Kell Hulsey. Another police officer – how could this be? How did he have Taylor’s number?

Explaining the truth

No one could believe what was happening. Kell asked who had been sending the messages all these weeks as he had always ignored the texts, but now something seemed different. Carole explained who she was and why she had been texting her son’s cell number. Kell had no idea what to say. How do you console a complete stranger? Plus, Kell and Taylor worked in the same line of work. Kell knew the dangers more than anyone else. He had to do something.

Change of number

Kell explained that he had recently got a new phone and had been assigned a new number. After a while, numbers are recycled and handed out to new owners. This is what had happened with Taylor’s. Kell believed the only way he could help the grieving mother was to change his number. Now that Carole knew she would never get a reply, would she be able to cope with that? Carole decided to insist Kell keep Taylor’s number as a way to remember her son.

Angel in the pocket

Although Taylor never made it to a fully qualified state trooper, part of him has been able to make its way into the forces. Kell uses Taylor’s story to remind himself of why he signed up to the force all those years ago. Over 30 years to be precise. To top it off, Kell admits that Taylor was very similar to himself when he was younger. He may never have finished his list, but Kell now works every day to see as much of the world as he can. For himself and Taylor combined.