Lord of the Rings’ Sean Astin used a paternity test to learn which of three men was his real father

We have all seen feuds on the Maury show where multiple men are fighting over who the biological father of a kid really is. While this over-the-top daddy drama might seem like something “staged” for daytime talk shows, it is actually the reality for many people – even celebrities.

From the moment Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin was born, the tabloids followed him and his mother, the late actress Patty Duke. Duke – who had been involved in a string of scandalous and highly-publicized relationships at the time of his birth – was questioned as to who her baby’s daddy really was.

In the end, it was between three different fathers. It took Sean 26 years until he eventually discovered the truth about who is father was after undergoing a DNA paternity test. Even after finally finding out who his biological dad was, he chose to maintain a close relationship with all three men.