Jill Duggar has wowed fans with a recent photo of her

Can you imagine having 18 siblings? Jill Duggar doesn’t have to try too hard to imagine this, because she lives that life every single day. After making a name for herself as a member of the infamous Duggar family, Jill Duggar has come a long way. She is now a wife and a mom, and she seems to have adopted a rebellious streak. After a life of rules and regulations, Jill is now breaking all of her family’s rules one by one. Don’t believe us? Her latest photo will provide all of the proof you need.

The photo in question

Jill Duggar is known for her time on the reality television show, 19 Kids and Counting. As one of the 19 children of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, we have been able to watch her grow up before our very eyes.

However, we have also come to learn that the Duggar family have some very specific rules when it comes to their children – especially when it comes to their attire. So, when Jill posted this recent photograph on Instagram, fans couldn’t believe what she was wearing. This was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

The Duggar Family

However, to understand why Jill’s photo has shocked fans so much, we need to know a little more about the Duggar family themselves. As the heads of the family, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are the proud parents of 19 children.

After tying the knot in 1984, they have since welcomed a huge horde of sons and daughters into their home – and all of them have names that begin with the letter J! Jill is the fourth oldest, and also the second oldest daughter in that family, which means she is often seen as a role model for her younger siblings.

Their faith

Of course, it’s not every day that you hear of a family that has 19 children. Although they have countless mouths to feed, the Duggar family have always been happy with their busy brood.

They have always followed a devout Baptist faith, and as such have denied the use of birth control in their lives. Jim Bob and Michelle have always allowed their fate to sit in the hands of God, and they believe that this God has blessed them with so many children for a reason. Having a full house has just become a part of their lives.

A sneak peek

Thanks to their unusual situation, TLC were eager to give people at home a sneak peek into the home of a family where the parents have 19 children. From this, 19 Kids and Counting was created.

When it first came on the air in 2008, it was created as 17 Kids and Counting, before then changing to 18 Kids and Counting. Now, we know it as a reality show that follows the life of the Duggar family and their everyday life – which is certainly different from the lives of others across the globe. This is how we were first introduced to Jill.

Schooled at home

Because of their devout religious beliefs, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have raised their children with certain values and morals. Of course, all of the children have been raised in their devout Baptist home, but they have also been sheltered from the outside world.

Jill’s parents made the decision to not send their children to school, but instead to teach them at home. Rather than teaching the national school curriculum, Jim Bob and Michelle reportedly follow the teaching program from the Advanced Training Institute, which largely focuses on Bible teachings.

A sheltered life

Although the Duggar family have had their very own reality show in the past, they have come under fire for bringing their kids up to live very sheltered lives.

The time they spend on their cell phones, watching television, or even going to the movies is limited and has often been controlled by their parents. Because of this, their family beliefs have often been linked to the infamous Quiverfull movement. Both Jim Bob and Michelle have denied these claims and denied any association to this movement.

Shrouded in controversy

However, this isn’t the first time that the family have been shrouded in controversy. In 2015, a report from the mid-00s made its way to the press.

This report immediately pushed the Duggar family into the limelight, with a particular focus on Josh Duggar. It was noted that Josh had physically abused young children when he was a teenager and that some of the victims were actually his sisters. Jill Duggar later confirmed that she was one of his victims, something that has plagued her for much of her adult life.

The end of the show

In the wake of these allegations and the police report, TLC decided to cancel the production of 19 Kids and Counting. They did not want to associate with Josh Duggar in any way, because they did not condone his past actions.

However, they weren’t going to leave it there. The network decided to produce a documentary about child abuse that would air on their network for a whole hour, without any commercial breaks. They also enlisted the help of Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar to appear in this documentary.

A new love

Although many people have criticized the way that Jill Duggar has been brought up, they have had mixed reviews on her love life.

Because Jim Bob and Michelle are very specific on who their children can and can’t date, and how they go about their dating life, Jill’s relationship was incredibly structured. As the prayer partner of Derick Dillard’s father, Jim Bob decided to pass on his daughter’s number. That number was then passed onto Derick, and the two teenagers started to message each other – under the Duggar’s supervision.

A blossoming love

Jill and Derick would talk on the phone, they would message each other, and they would even Skype for hours on end before they finally met each other after months of online communication.

During this time, Jill noted that she fell in love with his online persona. She had never met Derick, but she knew that she wanted to spend her life with him. Many have criticized the nature in which Derick and Jill got together, but you can’t deny that their love seems real. In fact, they tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first son that same year.

The mom life

A few years on, Jill and Derick still seem as happy as ever. They now have two sons and live away from their family. Although Jill sees her brothers and sisters regularly, she now has a new life to focus on.

She wants to ensure that her sons have the best life possible, and she wants to ensure that they grow up in a loving home. In fact, many fans have seen a change in Jill since she has left the Duggar household. They have even noted that she has become a bit of a rebel…

A sense of freedom

We can’t blame Jill for branching out of her comfort zone. Now that she has her own children to care for, she may have come to some conclusions about her own childhood.

Thankfully, she is the kind of Duggar to keep the fans of 19 Kids and Counting up to date with her life. She is incredibly active on social media, and her Instagram page has amassed a whopping 1.6 million followers! She posts photos and videos of her kids, as well as selfies of her life with Derick.

The first sign

The first sign of rebellion came in 2017 when Jill debuted a new addition to her look on Instagram. Eagle-eyed fans were used to see her selfies every now and then, but it seemed as though Jill had donned a brand new accessory.

She had got a nose piercing! Considering the Duggar family have strict rules in terms of their children’s clothing and their appearance, we can’t imagine that Jim Bob and Michelle would be too happy about the fact that she got her nose pierced. However, she’s now an adult, and she has her own life.

Breaking free from the mold

Yet, this isn’t the first time that Jill has been spotted breaking free of the mold. In the summer of 2018, Jill posted this photograph on her Instagram page.

As a rule, the Duggar women have to be very cautious about their clothing as soon as they hit puberty. They are have to dress modestly, and they have to wear clothing that is loose and covers their knees. Because of this, fans were shocked when Jill took to Instagram wearing this above-knee-length dress and some pretty fancy heels! This was a brand new Jill.

The biggest shock

The biggest shock, however, has come in the form of her latest Instagram photo. On November 12, 2018, Jill posted a selection of photographs while attending an event that honored past and present military veterans.

Once again, Jill decided to move away from the clothes that she was told to wear as a child and teenager, and decided to go for a whole different look. She showed off her legs in this dress and even donned her favorite high heels. She looked a vision of beauty, and fans were over the moon to see this new side to her.

Not the only one

What’s incredible about Jill’s new look is that she’s not the only one to break out of her comfort zone and try something new as they have got older.

Many members of the Duggar family have changed their ways since getting married and becoming parents, and they have begun to question the rules they have been plagued with for much of their lives. For the most part, this has been through their appearance and their choice in clothing. We can’t help but wonder what Jim Bob and Michelle have to say about all of these changes.

Newlywed life

In fact, Jinger Duggar first started changing her appearance as soon as she tied the knot. When Jinger married Jeremy Joseph Vuolo in 2015, we immediately started to see a new side to her.

She was no longer wearing loose-fitting dresses that covered her legs and her knees, or clothing that simply swamped her small form. She instead decided to go against her parents’ wishes and wear jeans. More specifically, she decided to wear ripped jeans! These were always a no-go when she was a child, as her parents did not agree with anyone wearing this type of clothing.

The in-laws

Although the direct Duggar family were brought up with certain rules and regulations, their spouses were also chosen in terms of their own beliefs.

Jim Bob and Michelle would only allow their child to marry someone if they approved of them – and they were pretty harsh critics. While these spouses have always been incredibly clean-cut, it seems as though even the in-laws are starting to rebel. Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, has also been spotted wearing tight pants and dresses that have a significantly shorter hemline.

Starting a trend

It seems as though Jill Duggar is starting a trend within her family. Although she loves her parents and her siblings dearly, she has made no secret of the fact that she wants her own life.

She has made her own career, she has starred in her own spinoff series, and she has even written her own book. We can only assume that she wants to establish herself as a separate person, rather than a member of the famous Duggar family. It’s safe to say that she is doing just that with her new look and her rebellious ways.

A new life

Fans seem to love this new side of Jill Duggar because her photos are constantly inundated with people from across the world who want to congratulate her on her confidence.

They note that they love her outfits, they love her shoes, and they love the fact that she is not afraid to show off the new her. It’s no wonder that this photograph of her and her husband has racked up over 52,000 likes and countless comments. Is this new Jill here to stay? We guess we’ll find out soon enough.

A famous family

The Duggar family are still one of the most famous families in the United States, and although many people have questioned their parenting methods, Jill and her siblings are still incredibly supportive of her parents.

Although she has decided to step out of her comfort zone and away from the rules she has grown up with, it’s clear to see that this hasn’t stopped her from loving her family with every inch of her being. It seems as though she is just using this newfound age and freedom to show off a bit more of personality.

Mom shaming

After her family’s reality TV show shot Jill to fame, she became quite the star – as you have probably noticed. Of course, becoming famous often means you have people out there whose missions in life are to talk bad about you.

For whatever reason, some people can’t seem to leave celebrities alone. Jill is definitely on that list, often becoming a victim of the latest trend: mom shaming. This is where people feel the need to judge the parent techniques of others based on what they believe to be correct.

Tortilla incident

The biggest thing that Jill was mom shamed for was back in the fall of 2017 when her family were enjoying some time together in the sun – going on hayrides, feeding cows, and of course, having a photoshoot.

Jill posted a photo, that was clearly meant to be a joke, but people did not take it that way. Her youngest son, Sam, was wearing a tortilla as a hat and people attacked her, saying that a tortilla is not proper sun protection. Poor Jill, can’t even joke online anymore.

Not the only time

Of course, when you’re a celebrity with children, there are usually multiple times people jump out to judge the way you parent your little ones.

For Jill, the famous tortilla incident was not the only time that people mom-shamed her. More recently, August 2018 to be exact, Jill posted a photo on Instagram that had her followers in shock. It was of a book that she used to teach her children (ages 3 an 1) about human reproduction. People said this way far too young to be discussing such matters.

Running in the family

Thankfully, it is not just Jill who receives these unkind remarks on her social media. While people should probably keep their comments to themselves, at least the Duggar sister is not alone in her dealing with online trolls.

Both Jessa and Jinger have also received countless comments about the way that they act with their children – it’s almost as if being the victims of mom-shaming runs in the family. It can’t be easy to raise a family with constant criticism.

Jessa and the haircut

While it’s known as a common practice for moms to cut their children’s hair, apparently people had a problem with the way Jessa Duggar did this.

She posted a video in September 2018 of her giving her son Henry his first haircut. It was an adorable family moments, but her follows seemed not to think so. They claimed the technique she used was dangerous and put the boy at risk. Jessa replied saying that there was no risk and she always put her children’s safety first.

Jinger and the mittens

Also in September 2018, Jinger hopped on the train of mom-shaming victims with something that we didn’t even know you could be shamed for.

She posted a photo of her adorable baby daughter, Felicity, on her Instagram and assumed that it was just that, an adorable photo. People had to pick it apart, of course, though. They commented on the fact that she dressed her daughter with baby mittens and it was cruel. They are intended to prevent face scratches, but her followers said it prevented proper development.

Food praises

At least it’s not all negativity when you’re thrust into the spotlight. In fact, the Duggars actually do receive a lot of praise, Jill included. What for you may ask? Their food!

Jill recently posted a recipe for slow cooker lasagna and people were in a frenzy with pleased comments. They were all in love with her recipe and complimented her like there was no tomorrow. While we never doubted their parenting abilities, at least we all know for sure that the Duggars can cook.

Saving money

When you start to have children and raise a family, money can become tight. Thankfully there are many ways you can try to save up and avoid unnecessarily wasting cash.

Jill knows this all too well. In fact, the reality star allegedly admitted that she actually still wears her sister’s hand-me-downs in order to save money. Hey, why not, right? There really is no reason to go out and spend money if you’ve got perfectly fine clothes at home.

More judgements

While on the topic of money perhaps we should return to some of the less-than-friendly comments this little family has received. Over the years, money has been a touchy topic with followers of the Duggar-Dillards.

They are constantly wanting to go on missions around the world, specifically Central America. Obviously, these types of trips cost money, so the couple asks for donations. That being said, Derick allegedly quit his job for the missions. This led people to slam him for asking strangers to donate when he didn’t have a job.

Divorce rumors

On top of negative comments, rumors are also extremely common for those who spend their time in the limelight. The Duggars are definitely well-aware of this.

The biggest rumor lately is that Jill is considering leaving her husband, Derick. While these rumors have not been verified, people can’t stop speculating about the topic, saying that Jill is distancing herself from him. In the end, however, even if she does want to divorce Derick, she knows that her family and religion would be strongly against it, if not forbid it.