Household kitchen tricks you can’t live without


Houses are a great way to show the world that we’ve finally landed on our feet, but why are they so much effort? Sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy our free time in our own space without having to do anything. That can be why we are often found looking for the best ways to make our lives easier.

The sad truth is cleaning still take up plenty of our valuable time. We are searching for hacks that give us the freedom we have been looking for. Look no further. We have found household tricks that you can’t live without to give you back all the time that your home has robbed over the years. Are you ready for the best of the best of them?

Key to success

Perhaps you are one of those people who carry around hundreds of keys? Maybe you don’t even know what half of them do, but you can’t bring yourself to toss them in the trash? On the other hand, maybe there are lots of people in your house, and they’re always getting their keys confused? Whatever your reason, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with whose is whose and what unlocks what thing.

Look no further. All you need is some colorful nail polish and a bit of time to get yourself organized. By painting the top of your keys different colors, you can quickly recognize which one you need without having to fumble through hundreds of options every time you want to head indoors.

Iced coffee dreams

Most iced coffee lovers will know the struggle of gulping your beverage down so you aren’t left with a watery mess. Although they are an excellent alternative for hot days, iced coffees can also turn into many people’s worst nightmare. Surely there must be a way to fix the issue?

Thankfully, there is. Instead of breaking out the dull regular ice, freeze yourself a tray full of coffee ice cubes. Yup, cubes made from coffee itself. Then when it melts, you will get the same great flavor you started with before it started melting. Why did we never think of this before? It’s time to amaze your friends with your barista abilities.

Clear ice

Want to amaze your friends with all your drink making skills? Or maybe you want to throw an epic summer cookout, and need everything to look perfect? Tap water will freeze cloudy cubes that can look unappetizing in a glass. To fix the problem?

Simply boil the water before filling up your ice cube trays, and you will be left with restaurant-worthy ice for your guests. Instagram better watch out, there is a new star on the scene to make the foodie crew jealous.

Protect drinks

Summer is the perfect time for heading outside and enjoying the sunshine. Plus, what could be better than taking in the warm weather with a drink or two with some friends? One of the biggest issues with drinking outdoors is the number of bugs that want to take a dip in our glasses.

To combat the problem, all you need to do is take a straw, pierce it through a cupcake case, and place it over the top of your glass. Now you can enjoy your drink without any unwanted visitors

Perfect cut

Baking a cake is a relaxing hobby for many. However, even if you manage to make it through the preparation stage, how will you decorate your finished masterpiece? Cutting it in half may be one of the hardest parts of finishing your bake, but we have the trick for you.

Unflavored (and unused) dental floss is a great alternative to the expensive cake slicers and will leave you with a perfectly straight and even cut. Plus, you can also use this trick when cutting cheese. When does the brilliance end?

Egg-cellent eggs

Hands up if you have ever bought groceries and forgotten they were there? So it’s not just us. Sometimes, it can be hard to see if the product is still fresh.

Rather than instantly assuming your eggs have gone bad, there is a simple trick to check. All you need is a glass of water and your eggs. If they are still fresh, they will sink. If not, they will float to the top. Simple – and you’ll keep the family safe from food poisoning!

Microwave woes

Leftover pizza. Is there a better meal the morning after? We thought not. However, heating it up in the microwave can often leave it dried out and hard. Instead of suffering through mediocre leftovers, just add in a glass of water to the microwave next time you need to heat it up.

The steam will help create the perfect oven for your morning surprise. As long as the container is microwave safe, of course. You may have thought Hawaiian pizza was touchy – what about crunchy glass flavor? Only ever do this trick with a microwaveable container!

Clean slate

Wooden chopping boards look fancy, but they can be a pain to get clean. Plus, if you are chopping any raw meat or produce on the board, you may worry that some of the germs have stuck around?

Instead of worrying, we have a household trick you won’t be able to live without to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Cut a lemon in half and rub the boards with salt and the lemon to keep things clean and hygienic.

Bottle pancakes

We love a bit of recycling. Who doesn’t feel good knowing they are saving the planet? Pancakes are a staple breakfast or a delicious treat for someone looking for a hit of something sweet.

Rather than struggling to make them all equal, all you need is an empty plastic bottle with a squeezy lid, such as a sports drink or mustard bottle. Pour the batter in, and you have the perfect stop/go bottle to help you flip away. Just don’t forget to wash the bottle out first!

Shoe holders

Shoe holders can be great for keeping all those pesky shoes in order, but did you know they have even more uses than meets the eye? These storage solutions can also be the answer to your cleaning cupboard nightmares.

All you need to do is find one the right size for the back of the door, attach the organizer, and pop in your bits. This will keep them neatly organized, out of the reach of children, and leave your storage clutter free.

Save your charger

Phone chargers – the life source for many of us. How did we ever cope without a cell in our hands? When it dies, it’s almost like a part of us has gone away, too. The worst part of it all is grabbing your charger only to find the wire has snapped and frayed.

This can’t be happening! Many retractable pens and pencils come fitted with tiny springs. Next time one of them breaks, rather than throw it in the trash, save the spring to give your charger some extra strength.

No more boiling mess

The pan is boiling away; you turn away for a second, and all of a sudden your pot of water has boiled over. Great. Now as well as doing the dishes, your hob and surrounding floor all need to be cleaned and dried. Takeout anyone?

Before you rush off to the phone, remember this handy spoon trick. By placing a wooden spoon over the pan, your water will never be able to boil high enough to go anywhere. This leaves enough time to get on with the rest of the meal without the worry of runaway water.

Painting savior

If you’re looking to decorate your home but don’t want to mess with paint cans, then we may have the trick for you. All you need is an elastic band long enough to stretch all the way around the can.

After taking the lid off, wrap the band lengthways around the paint to give you something to wipe your brush on. Rather than having all the mess around the cover – which will eventually dry the lid stuck – you can simply throw the band away.

Search for lost items

Earrings, rings, nicknacks, and other small items are so easy to lose around the home. Plus, it can be devastating to think your precious thing is gone forever.

Instead of giving up hope or spending hours on your hands and knees looking for your lost treasure, you can break out the vacuum and a stocking. The vacuum will offer up the power to suck out any missing items while the stocking will stop it from getting lost forever. Neat.

Squeegee to the rescue

Pets are excellent additions to many family homes. However, they can also take up plenty of time. Not only do they need looking after, but their hair can also wreak havoc when it comes to cleaning up.

No matter how hard we try, we just never seem to be able to get all the lost strands. Now we don’t need to worry. Instead, lightly spraying the carpet or couch with water and using a squeegee to go over the hair will get rid of all those unwanted hairs.

Tile cleaner

No longer do electric toothbrushes have to limit their powers to keeping our teeth clean. Now, these wondrous inventions can help keep the entire bathroom looking spotless!

Tiles can quickly clog up with mess, especially when an entire family is using the bathroom to get ready each day. All you need is an old electric toothbrush, and you have yourself the perfect scrubber for the job without your arms feeling as though they will fall off.

Drill clean

Perhaps you want to take your bathroom tile cleaning one step further? We have the trick for you. DIY is a keen hobby that many of us take up, but did you know you could soon combine your passion with keeping your house ship shape?

If you have a drill lying around, simply attach a brush to the end and watch your tiles come up cleaner than ever before. Did you know they were always white underneath all that grime? No, neither did we.

Sticky note wonders

Sticky notes are great for those little reminders or the passive-aggressive messages at the office. Whatever floats your boat. However, when you aren’t trying to make enemies, sticky notes can have another fantastic purpose.

Sticking them to the wall underneath where you are drilling will help catch all the dust. No longer will have you to vacuum the entire house after hanging a picture frame. No more mess means plenty more time to sit back and enjoy your hard work.

Spaghetti matches

Candles are great, but they can be a pain if you need to light them from far away, or the wick has burned down to the bottom of the jar.

As much as we love the ambiance they bring, we do want to walk away with all of our hair intact. Instead of risking your life, spaghetti makes the perfect long match. All you have to do is light the end of a dried piece of uncooked spaghetti and voila! No longer will you be in danger.

Bread tag labels

What do you do if a piece of technology goes wrong? Turn it off and on again of course. We are all tech gurus at heart. Although we may want to show off our knowledge, scrambling around on the floor looking for the plug can be a pain.

Instead, all you need to do is save some of those plastic bread tabs to label all the plugs. No longer will things randomly turn off around the room meaning you’ll save time and hassle.