Homeless man gets a life changing makeover and looks like a model now

People often say first impressions are everything. This is usually the case, in fact, as appearances are very important, especially since much of society is focused on wealth and success. If someone is dressed well, others around them may think they’re professional or wealthy. If someone isn’t dressed well or even looks unhygienic, strangers might think they’re poor or simply do not care.

It can therefore be a life-changing experience to receive a makeover, and it can alter someone’s whole perspective on life. People often say, “You are what you eat,” but more often than not, we are what we look like. Our outward appearance makes up a huge portion of who we are, especially in how we appear to other people. This was certainly the case for a homeless man named Jose Antonio.

Struggle with depression

Jose Antonio is a homeless man who spent 25 years of his adult life living on the streets in Palma, Spain. However, he did not always live life that way.


It was his painful struggle with mental health, that lasted for several years, that ultimately led him to life on the streets. Before Jose was homeless, he was working as a skilled electrician. He began sleeping rough after his struggle with depression started taking over his life completely. Suddenly, he found himself so depressed, that he was unable to get out of bed in the morning, unable to function, and unable to work. As a result of his being unable to work, he was left homeless.

Well-know in the community

As Jose became more used to the homeless lifestyle, and life on the streets became more and more routine, he started to become a fixture in Palma. Because Jose was homeless for so long, he became somewhat of a celebrity of sorts in his tight, local community. Many people who lived there were quite fond of him, as they were accustomed to seeing him frequently. They would often stop by on their way to work or school to say hello. Jose became so familiar, that the locals even gave him the nickname Josete. Little did Jose know that one of the people in Palma would soon change his life forever.


Because Jose was homeless for so long, he became somewhat of a celebrity of sorts in his tight, local community. Many people who lived there were quite fond of him, as they were accustomed to seeing him frequently. They would often stop by on their way to work or school to say hello. Jose became so familiar, that the locals even gave him the nickname Josete. Little did Jose know that one of the people in Palma would soon change his life forever.

Working odd jobs

Jose was 30 years-old when he became homeless. In the time that Jose was homeless he made some money by working odd jobs such as being parking attendant in Majorca.


While he did not earn very much, he was able to survive and use it to buy food. One day a local woman who worked in the area, Salva Garcia, came up to Jose and proposed something to him that would change his life forever.

The proposal that changed his life

After 25 years of being homeless, Jose had gotten used to his life. He was now 55 years-old but looked even older due to his living conditions.


But after Garcia approached him, he was about to break out of his difficult situation. Garcia happened to be the owner of a hair salon in the area named ‘La Salvajeria’. Garcia suggested something to Jose that would change his life. She offered to give Jose a makeover at no cost.

A makeover

She did not offer to just do his hair. She wanted to give him a whole new look including his clothes. Jose, who had not had his hair cut in years saw it as an amazing opportunity to turn his life around.


He agreed and told Garica that he thought it was a good idea. It was a great chance to change not only his look but also to give him the confidence he needed to change his life for the better.

First impressions

Garica took Jose to her salon where Jose felt like he did not belong. He sat down in the salon chair and looked in the mirror.


There, Jose told Garcia his story of what led to him becoming homeless 25 years earlier. Jose also told her that he believes first impressions are important and that the way someone looks can affect the way people feel about them. Jose was about the change his first impression entirely.

No more mirrors

Jose sat and looked at his reflection for a while before Salva began the makeover process. Before his transformation began, all the mirrors in the salon were removed so that he would not see the results until the end.


Before Salva started, Jose requested that she, “Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this, then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.”

He wanted to looked good

When Jose entered Garcia’s salon, he had a long gray beard and long gray hair that came down to his shoulders.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 14.27.52

Over the past 25 years, Jose payed little attention to his appearance as he was, understandably, more focused on survival and finding food. Of course, like any other person, Jose wanted to look good and feel better about himself but he was unable to do it on his own. Through the help of Salva, he was about to look better and feel better too.

He was getting nervous

When Salva took out her scissors and started to cut his beard and hair, Jose began to get nervous in the chair.


Jose had said yes to the makeover quickly without putting much thought into it and was now anxious about how the results would turn out. On the other hand, he thought that his new look might open new doors and many opportunities for him and he might even be able to get a proper job.

Too much hair

Salva Garcia was assisted by her team of very talented hairstylists and they were all working tirelessly on Jose’s hair.


Jose had so much hair that the stylists had to pin it to the top of his head and let more hair down as they cut. Jose was beginning to start his transformation into the new, stylish man he was about to become. It did not take too much time before the cut was complete.

New color

Due to his gray hair, Jose looked around 20 years older than he actually was.


The stylists and Garcia decided that they would color his hair brown, which was his hair color before it turned gray, to give him a younger, and more professional look. It took a while to dye all of it but the stylists knew that it would be worth it in the end when Jose saw the transformation. Jose was about to look 20 years younger.

Trimming his beard

While the stylists did not shave Jose’s beard off entirely, they trimmed it quite a bit. They colored to beard as well to match the same color as his new hair.


In the last 25 years of not shaving regularly, Jose’s beard had become very long and unkempt. Trimming his beard would make Jose look more polished and younger. The stylists were getting closer and closer to revealing his dramatic makeover. Jose could not wait to see what he looked like.

His head was feeling lighter

As more and more of Jose’s hair fell onto the floor he began to get more anxious about how his transformation would turn out. His head already felt a lot lighter as much of his hair was cut off.


After years of living a life of poverty, it felt very bizarre to have so much attention being paid to him. He had not had the luxury of such an experience before and he was enjoying it.

A whole new beard

Jose’s once scraggly beard was already looking a lot sleeker and smaller. The stylist were finally done dyeing it and they did not miss a spot.


The stylists used conditioner on his beard to bring back the moisture, which transformed it entirely. In just a matter of hours, Jose’s hair was not unruly and shaggy anymore like it was when he walked into the salon. It was then that all of the stylists knew the results would be incredible.

Final touches

Now that everything was cut and colored, the stylists did all of the final touches. They shaved his neck line, and smoothed the edges on his beard to give him a clean cut look.


The barber at the salon used a razor and gave him a traditional shave to give him the closest shave possible. All of the hair stylists put their final touches on his hair. Now that the hair portion of the transformation was complete, it was time to move on to the clothes.

New clothes

The hair stylists also decided to tweeze Jose’s eyebrows to complete his new hair look. To finish the overall look, Jose received a new designer outfit.


He went to a changing room and slipped them on. At that moment, Jose felt that the whole look was coming together and was already starting to feel better. He was curious as to what he looked like but he knew it was probably good as all of the hair stylists were smiling.


This picture shows Jose and what he looked like before his stunning transformation. He was tired looking and seemed way older than his actual age.


He had old and worn out clothes that he had been wearing for the past 25 years. His hair was long and shaggy which only added to his scruffy and fatigued look. Take a long look at this picture and remember what he looked like because you will not believe his transformation.


Jose’s transformation was complete and he looked like a completely new person. He was totally unrecognizable. He looked about 20 years younger than he actually was.


He looked like a hipster! His old and tired looking appearance was totally gone and replaced by a clean, and fresh look. Now it was finally time for the stylists to reveal the look to Jose. He was about to be in for a true shock. Would he even recognize himself?

Emotions running high

Jose was brought to a mirror where he finally saw himself after his long transformation process. When he first saw himself, Jose brought his hands to his face and gasped.


He was in complete shock at his new look. As he stared at himself in the mirror, he became very emotional and tears started filling his eyes. He was thoroughly a new man and he could not fathom that he would change this much from his previous appearance.

Is this me?

Jose was too shocked and could not even speak. He did not know what to say, it was such an overwhelming experience. After the initial shock of seeing himself, Jose was finally able to speak.


Once the reality set in, Jose said, “My God, this is incredible, is this me? I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognize me unless I tell them who I am.” Jose was later proven to be right as he showed his old friends his new look.

A new chance on life

In his past 25 years of homelessness, Jose had never seen himself like this and did not think he ever would.


Jose’s new look was also a sad reflection of what his life could have been like had he not been homeless. But this was also a new opportunity for Jose to turn his life around completely. His new appearance was a sign of hope for what his new life could be and Jose was going to turn this hope into a reality.

A positive outlook

Jose still could not get over the drastic change. He said, “I have totally changed. It’s not me!” Even in the first few moments of the reveal, everyone could see how much Jose’s whole outlook had changed along with his outward appearance.


Even his posture and demeanor seemed to change. He seemed to have a more positive point of view. He was a completely new man. He was still emotional and in shock but he had a huge smile on his face.

Going to his old hangout

Jose went to the monument where he sat everyday and smoked cigarettes and listen to tapes on his cassette. This time he went with a different appearance and a whole new outlook on life.


He was wearing his new white shirt and stylish pants and his trendy new sunglasses. A stark change to the way he used to look sitting on the monument. None of the locals walking him by would be able to recognize Jose as the homeless man who sat on the monument.

He could be a model

The waitresses in nearby cafes and restaurants could not believe that this was Jose. They smiled at him, gave him a big thumbs up, and told him how impressed they were at his new look.


He now looked like he could even be a model. No one could recognize the man they called Josete. The change was so extreme, no one would be able to detect that Jose had ever been homeless. Everyone, especially the women were very happy to see his transformation.

Where’s your Ferrai?

All of Palma was stopping to stare at Jose. Everyone was wondering who this man wearing red pants was. No one could believe that this was the homeless man they had seen for the past 25 years.


A man mouthed to the camera that was capturing the people’s reactions, “No! Joesete?!” Someone even joked to Jose and said, “Where’s your Ferrari?” They were not the only ones that could not believe it, neither could Jose!

His friends could not recognize him

Jose went to a local bar that he had been to before. He ordered a beer and the waiter brought it to him without saying anything to Jose whom he had spoken to many times before.


When he came back to Jose’s table, Jose questioned him, “Do you not recognize me?” The waiter stared at Jose for a while before replying, “I do know you now!” He was shocked at how different Jose looked and it took him a while to even realize he was the same person.

Women were in shock

Jose then bumped into a couple of women who were totally speechless. They told Jose how “Very, very handsome” he looked and he replied, “Thank you very much.”


Another woman he had known before was very excited and hugged Jose and said she could not have imagined this even if she tried. People were in utter shock and thought that his transformation was absolutely remarkable. Who knew that a simple haircut and change of clothes could garner such a reaction.

Going viral

A video of Jose’s transformation experience was put online and it became viral instantly. He became a local celebrity overnight. People all around the world were now reading his story.


Jose said of his experience, “It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life.” Salva Garcia disclosed that there is now a company who are giving Jose financial assistance. He is now no longer living and sleeping outside and has been giving another chance at life.

The Spanish Hugh Jackman

Jose even shocked people he used to work for. A local in the community, Paola Bocardo said, “I’m lost for words. Jose helps me to park my car every day. When we saw him after his makeover we didn’t recognize him. He’s a wonderful person and the video is amazing.”


The story is going viral and Jose has jokingly been named the “Spanish Hugh Jackman.” He said, “What I want now is a proper job.” Today, Jose changed his look even more and dyed his hair silver and is now looking for love.

Random women talking to him

When we say that no one recognized Jose when he walked out with his new threads and his new due, we mean literally no one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.06.48

He went from looking like a scraggly homeless man who no one would think twice about to a really slick looking guy. He was looking so good that random (and, we must say, quite attractive) women began coming up to him to talk to him. That must have been a shock.

Getting congratulated

Joes was working as an assistant who helped to park cars for one of the local restaurants in the area, and when one of the businessmen who regularly visits the restaurant saw Jose, he was simply lost for words.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.07.33

Seeing Jose looking like a whole new man (almost like a conquistador from the days of yore), the businessman could not help himself and went over to give Jose a huge hug.

Jose Clooney

Jose Antonio has since done away with his colored hair and beard, opting for a more natural silver fox looking style.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 14.17.23

He has also since decided to shave his beard, giving him a much cleaner cut look than he had before. In fact, his look is so clean that locals now say that he looks like one of the best looking men alive – George Clooney. Other people say that he looks like the Spanish version of Hugh Jackman.

Almost blind

Due to living outside, his poor diet, and constant exposure to the sun, Jose Antonio’s eyes were not in such great shape when he got his makeover.


In fact, it was difficult for him to see it at all at first due to the cataracts he developed after being homeless for 25 years. However, after several surgeries, Jose can now see clearly once again, and he is still as happy as ever with his new look and new life.

No longer homeless

Jose’s life really began to turn around after this stunning makeover. He has a part time job, he looks great, and a company is financing him to help him to get back up on his feet.


However, perhaps most importantly, Jose is no longer homeless. He sleeps in his very own bed in his very own apartment, something which is crucial for stability. Jose is almost finished with his transformation, and is currently looking for a job.