Hoffman family of twelve

For a lot of people, the idea of having children and being the head of a household is a concept they deliberate and seriously consider for many years – it is a big life change, after all. As adults, they may have dreamt of the day they’d finally hear the tiny patter of feet throughout their home – but it seems that this need for children goes back much further than that. In fact, the concepts of motherhood and fatherhood are instilled in us from an incredibly young age. As toddlers, some of us are given dolls and toy babies, as well as kitchen sets, toy building tools, and more. As children play with these items and watch as their parents interact with them, they know what truly makes a mom and dad, and how they can become one in the future.

These ideals are further enhanced if a child later has a younger brother or sister. They might help to wash their younger sibling, help to feed it, play with it, and even help raise it. It’s all good practice if they decide to have a child of their own.

Most couples have an idea of how many kids they want – and whether they are planned or unexpected, many couples these days are able to control when they get pregnant and how many times. However, every so often expectant parents find their lives turned upside down when they attend their first prenatal scan, and discover that they have twins, triplets, quadruplets, or even quintuplets! Although multiple births are not uncommon, the numbers are low, and they often come as a surprise. According to the Multiples of America website, 3,978,497 babies were born in 2015 in the United States alone. Of this number, 139,862 were multiple births. There were 133,155 twin births, 4,123 triplet births, 228 quadruplet births and just 24 births of those who were quintuplets or larger. On the grand scheme of things, these numbers are relatively small. However, what may surprise you is that some women can have two sets of twins – including one lady by the name of CaMarie Hoffman.

Unlike many women, CaMarie Hoffman and her husband never gave themselves a limit as to how many children they wanted. Over the course of their marriage, they have welcomed not one, but two sets of twins into their life – and it hasn’t stopped there. In fact, their large family home is now filled with ten children! In a new YouTube vlog on her All Boys But 9 channel, the matriarch of the Hoffman clan has given us an intriguing insight into their home, and the children that make up their impressive (and large) family…

The Hoffman family

For most parents, the thrill of having a child is unlike any other experience they’ve ever had. However, there comes a time where the house begins to fill up, their bank accounts begin to dwindle, their attention gets distracted, and they realize that having any more children is not in their best interests. But what if you had no limit? Well, one family knows what it’s like to have ten children in their lives, and now they’ve given the world an insight into each member of their family, one person at a time!

A miracle meeting

At the top of the Hoffman family are father and mother Michael and CaMarie. The two were introduced by a mutual friend almost 20 years ago. They immediately clicked, and couldn’t thank their friend for their “miracle meeting.” After dating for nine months, Michael popped the question, and they tied the knot just eight weeks later. CaMarie has noted that she is incredibly thankful to have Michael in her life, and that she believes he is one of the most hardworking people she’s ever met.

Exhausted and overwhelmed

As the mother of the family, CaMarie Hoffman often finds that her whole is consumed by her family – and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She chooses to be a stay-at-home-mom because she wants to ensure all of her children are well looked after and have the motherly care and attention they need in life. Although she does enjoy spending time with her children, she has noted that she sometimes feels “exhausted and overwhelmed” by the number of kids in her house, and how much attention they need.

Family outlets

Though CaMarie’s life is focused primarily on her children, she also makes sure to spend some time tending to her own needs, as she feels self-care is one of the most important aspects of life. To relax and step away from her children for a while, CaMarie loves to text her friends, write in her journal, and spend one-on-one time with her husband. She would love to get back into horseback riding and reading, but for now is focused primarily on her family.

The big brother

After Michael and CaMarie decided to expand their family, they were first blessed with their first and only son, Isaac. As the oldest child in the Hoffman household, Isaac is the eyes and ears when his parents are busy. He often helps with the laundry, the cleaning, and most importantly – he helps to look after his little sisters. In fact, his sisters have a lot of respect for Isaac, and know that if they ever have any problems, they can look towards their big brother for help.

A bit of fun

Although he is invaluable in the Hoffman family, Isaac also knows how to have fun. With an incredible sense of humor, he constantly makes his parents and his sisters laugh, and was popular at school. As a gifted and talented student, Isaac not only played soccer and ran track, he also is an avid music fan. He started playing the piano when he was just  four years old, and continues to do so today. Isaac has gone on missions with the Church, and recently got engaged to his college sweetheart!

The next in line

After welcoming Isaac into the family, Michael and CaMarie were blessed with their first set of identical twins – Emily and Anna. Unfortunately, this pregnancy was much harder on the parents than their experience with Isaac. Over the course of the nine months, CaMarie was in and out of the hospital, and found it extremely tough. Nevertheless, she was later blessed with her two daughters, and forgot all about the pain. Emily was the first of the twins to arrive, and graced the world 20 minutes before her sister.

An organized soul

Because she is the second-oldest sibling in the Hoffman household, Emily takes it upon herself to organize herself and her younger sisters. According to her mother, Emily makes every decision with an organized and deliberate plan, and thinks through everything very carefully. Because of this, CaMarie would feel comfortable leaving her Emily in charge of the family, as she puts an incredible amount of love into everything she does. In CaMarie’s words, her family is “immensely grateful for Emily.”

Small but strong

Of course, Emily’s counterpart is equally as lovable. Like her twin sister, Anna also ensures that all of her sisters and brother are looked after, and always helps out her mother and father when needs be. Although Anna is a bit smaller than her sister, she is small but strong. Thanks to her bubbly energy and her determination, Anna is the kind of person who succeeds at everything she does. If she sets her mind to do something, there will be no doubt that she will complete it perfectly.

Seeing double

Although Emily and Anna are slightly different and have a few different likes and dislikes, they are very close. Like most twins, the sisters feel as if they have a connection like no other, and can normally tell what each other is thinking. In fact, they are best friends. They spend all of their time at home and at school together, and they love nothing more than having a slumber party each day where they sing at the top of their lungs. They both hope to one day become teachers.

The fourth child

Soon after the twins, Michael and CaMarie discovered that they were pregnant again – and later found that it was another girl to add to their clan. Their lovely Mikela became the fourth child to join their ever-growing child and, according to her mother, immediately tried to take control of their household. From a young age, Anna and Emily would often call out to be “me first!” whenever it came to any treat or activity. However, when Mikela came along, it all changed, and CaMarie had a new daughter to spoil.

An inquisitive mind

Mikela has grown up to have an extremely inquisitive mind. Unlike many of her sisters, she has a calming effect on the rest of the family, and uses her knowledge to inspire her younger siblings. Mikela is the kind of child that questions everything around her to ensure she understands the deeper meaning of life, and fills her mind with books. She spends most of her time reading, but when she’s not taking in the latest classic, she is playing the harp or singing.

The Baby of the Classic Five

After Mikela came Kate, who the Hoffman family often refer to as The Baby of the Classic Five. In the years before Kate entered the world, Michael Hoffman had been studying at medical school to earn his degree – all while looking after his four children together with his wife. As they welcomed Kate into the world, Michael and his family moved cross-country to allow him to start his residency. Because of this, CaMarie often calls Kate their “residency baby” as she spent her early years watching her father pursue his dream.

A loving sister

Kate had been born during one of the most testing periods of the Hoffman family’s life, and has grown to be one of the most loving souls in the house. Kate loves nothing more than spending time with her sisters, her brother, and her parents, and showing them how much she really cares for them. She is also extremely loving to all of her friends at school because she loves life and all it throws at her. In fact, she even loves getting her homework done as quickly as possible!

A smiley welcome

Three years after Kate made an impression on the Hoffman household, Michael and CaMarie welcomed another beautiful daughter into the world. However, Esther wasn’t too happy when she was born. In fact, she rarely liked being around strangers and didn’t like being apart from her mom. However, viewing the world from afar has given her an impressive knowledge of what is really going on in someone’s life, which allows her to be incredibly understanding. Esther is the energetic one in the Hoffman family, and is always bouncing around the house on her ball.

A real gem

Although she is incredibly energetic and full of life, Esther is also inquisitive and is always looking for new and unique information to learn. In recent years, she has become fascinated with jewels, gems and minerals, and loves nothing more than inspecting rock formations and checking out sparkly rocks. The Hoffman family often call Esther smiley, because it’s one of the first things people notice about her. With her bright, wide smile, she is guaranteed to light up any room.

Two years later

When Esther was just two years old, Michael and CaMarie welcomed a brand new addition to their house. The arrival of Zoie Grace had a remarkable effect on the Hoffman family, and their lives instantly became brighter. Zoie Grace is the joker of the Hoffman clan, and loves nothing more than making her sisters, her brother, her parents and her friends laugh out loud. Despite her comedic ways, Zoie Grace also acts a lot older than she really is.

A love for learning

When she’s not cracking jokes and taunting her sisters, Zoie Grace just loves to learn. Like many of her sisters, she can’t get enough of learning and will happily spend her free time reading book after book. However, her smarts don’t stop there. Like her mother, Zoie Grace also loves to write and practice her skills on the piano. In CaMarie’s words, Zoie Grace is the most “precocious” of her children, and often thinks that she knows more than the adults in the house! Nevertheless, CaMarie finds it adorable, even though she’s quite the daddy’s girl!

The crying baby

Two years after Michael and CaMarie welcomed Zoie Grace into the world, they introduced Clara Joy into their family. Unfortunately, Clara was not a very happy baby. In fact, she cried for the first three months of her life and suffered from terrible colic. After these few months, though, she amazingly grew out of that stage and became one of the happiest children in the house. Since then, she has never not been without a smile on her face, and brightens up the room.

Mommy’s little helper

As well as being one of the happiest children in the house, Clara has been mommy’s little helper since her younger sisters arrived. Although most of CaMarie’s time has since been taken up by her new additions to the family, Clara has made it her mission to help every step of the way. She doesn’t mind that the attention has since been taken away from her, as she is more than happy to help wash the babies, clean them, feed them, and generally help out whenever necessary.

Miracle twins

Before too long, Michael and CaMarie found out that they were pregnant again. As she had gotten older, CaMarie had become increasingly worried about her fertility and her age, as she had had a few miscarriages after her last child. Because of this, the Hoffman family couldn’t believe it when the doctor told them they were expecting another set of identical twins. Although the twins arrived safely, CaMarie did suffer with problems during the pregnancy, and has noted that it was the hardest pregnancy of her life.

Pregnancy problems

During her pregnancy with her twins, CaMarie suffered from intense morning sickness, problems with her placenta previa, issues with her potassium levels, preeclampsia and she was even diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Nevertheless, she managed to get through the difficult pregnancy and was later rewarded with the arrival of Adelynn and Sarah, her miracle babies. Although they are identical twins, the Hoffman family have been able to identify distinct personality differences between the two of them.

The life of Adelynn

Adelynn was the first of the identical twins to be born, and is the quieter of the two of them. The Hoffmans often call her the “Tiny Twin” or the “Little Sister” and is known for being incredibly content and snuggly. In fact, CaMarie rarely has to fuss over or tend to her, as she is happy to just sit quietly and examine the world. It’s been noted that her favorite time of day is night time, as she loves nothing more than being wrapped up in her blanket and being put to bed by Michael.

A very different Sarah

While Adelynn is as quiet as a mouse, Sarah is the complete opposite. As soon as she was born, Sarah had her eyes wide open, examining every inch of the world around her. However, rather than sitting back and taking it all in like her twin sister, Sarah wants to explore the world around her. From her intense wriggling to her screaming, Sarah doesn’t want to miss out on anything life has to offer, and doesn’t like to be constrained to a chair or cot. Her energy makes for a very lively house of twelve!