The Most Hilarious Prom Photos of All Time

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the high school prom. Is there anything better? There’s the girls in their beautiful dresses, the guys in their penguin suits and perfectly hair-sprayed hair (or more like concrete hair by the time your mom is finished with it). Everyone is covered in dazzling sparkles, wearing awkward corsages, and then there’s the inevitable dad-giving-your-date-a-stern-look moment (which is even worse if you’re on the receiving end of it). Everyone looks forward to the limo ride on the way to your high school – complete with the soda you convinced yourself was champagne.

As much as we loved our prom, we have to admit – it wasn’t what we expected. Unfortunately, the movies lied to us. We didn’t have an awesomely romantic moment on the dance floor just like Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger (swoon) in 10 Things I Hate About You. Instead, we had a room full of people doing the two-step to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ We didn’t have our prom streamed live on TV for our favorite waitresses at the Frosty Palace to watch us dance like in Grease. Instead, we used our disposable cameras to TRY and get a few shots to develop later.

We didn’t get the chance to perform our epic interpretive dance to ‘Time After Time’ like Romy & Michele at their high school reunion. Instead, we left that to the super embarrassing teachers and chaperones. And we also didn’t get the chance to get the whole school up singing and dancing along to ‘A Night To Remember’ like the gang in High School Musical 3, which was the biggest let-down of all time.

Thankfully, there is one aspect of prom that is the same in movies and real life. Yep, you know what it is. The prom photo. There is nobody in the history of prom photos that has taken a beautiful and natural picture that looks effortlessly flawless. It’s just not possible. Instead, you get hilarious prom photos just like these ones to cringe about for the rest of your life.

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Jungle Love

That’s definitely a jungle, not sure if it has anything to do with love, but one thing’s for sure, there is a lot that’s going on in just one picture! The polka dot layered dress that looks like it was stolen from the Little House on the Prairie, the look on this couple’s faces, the exaggerated 4-piece suit that this guy’s wearing or the staged plants that were placed in the background to create a green setting that is supposed to ‘throw’ you straight into the jungle. Well, the only direction this throws us to is to awkward-land.


Face Swap

Wow these two were really a head of their time, it’s like they were predicting the future of technology and the endless world of unnecessary and quite ridiculous apps, otherwise how can you explaining the fact that it looks like they were using the ‘face swap’ app? And oh that hair, the 80’s really were about indecisiveness – do I want a mullet? are bangs the right thing for me? do I want highlights or just simple black hair? and of course that crybaby mustache that just seals it all together!


She’s mine

This grumpy little guy goes through all of the seven stages of grief when he realizes his prom date probably doesn’t really care about him or his beautiful bouquet of flowers. There is nothing better than this perfectly timed photo with so much happiness, sadness, anger and mostly bad taste all at once. We kind of feel bad for the little guy!


The Addams Family at Prom

These two couples were going for a very clear concept, a very Gothic one. Or was it only the couple on the left trying to look very different because ‘why would I want to look like everyone else at prom’, and the other two just happened to pass by? either way, their facial expressions are far from being synced, they should have probably talked about it before taking the picture. Can we talk for just a second about that top hat and that long hair covering half of his face? Even that dog at the back felt weird about it that he was trying to escape the frame.


Love in Aldaraan Places

We’ve heard of Trekkies going the extra mile to express their love for their favorite fandom but we had no idea the lengths to which a Star Wars couple could go to. We hope their prom was galaxy or at least sci-fi themed, because if it wasn’t, they must’ve made a lot of heads turn. Clearly, the lady pictured below is a replication of Padme and her escort is the 14 year old version of Anakin Skywalker. Either way, we’ve gotta give Prom-Padme some serious props; she got that costume down to a tee!


A Stiffy Situation

This picture makes us express an array of emotions. On one hand we can’t help but feel extremely sad for that poor dude who seems dateless for his biggest night at high school. Not only does he not have a date for prom, but he also looks so stiff and nervous to the point that he might have an anxiety attack any minute now. On the other hand, we can’t help but feel a little scared.. this is exactly what someone who just killed their prom date and his her body in the bushes looks like. Yikes.



Can someone please get this guy a scrunchies? His hair is all over the place it’s kind of painful. Maybe he can use his date’s corsage even, just anything to get it out of the way. She could also use a little help in the hair department. We get it, she was probably going for the Daryl Hannah look when she was in Splash, but one – her dress is a little too Gothic for that, and two – he is no Tom Hanks. Sorry.



We didn’t know Poison had a female member!? The successful band from the eighties had sold millions of records all over the world, but besides their famous hit songs and metal vibe, there was one thing you couldn’t ignore, and that’s the hair. Oh my, that hair. It looks like C.C. DeVille and Bret Michaels were going to prom together, and all we have to say is ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’.


The Ginger Duo

This is epic! These two not only matched their outfits, but they matched their hairstyles. Just look at that puffy red hair! Their identical expressions (not sure if that’s a smile or a scared face), makes you wonder if these are in fact twins who decided to shop up at prom together. Throw in those unrelated black boots and an arch of purple balloons, and you get an 80’s classic.


Oh Boy

Boy George is asking for his prom picture back! Is it just us or does it look like a very subtle version of a young Boy George without all that make up and funky hair? We do realize it’s a little hard to notice with that dark fro on the right, but just give it a shot. Also, these two are a match made in hair heaven.


More than One Direction

Do you see it? Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis were all there in the eighties, just normal teenage boys waiting to take their date to prom. We’re almost glad this gang wasn’t all facing the same direction because that would have been too much! This takes bromance to a whole new level, did they not realize that this photo is immortalized?


Scary Starry Night

You can always count on some good old fashioned 80’s nostalgia to bring the cheese you need for your crackers. This prom photo op may be super corny but hey, at least this couple seems to be enjoying their special night. Plus, this looks like the backdrop for the school photo shoot they used to make you take upon arrival. We do think her braces add a nice touch, though.


Eyes Wide Shut

What do you do when you can’t be bothered to take a picture or stand the look of your date? Just close your eyes, that will assure you a couple of seconds of peace and quiet. By the way, did you notice their bangs have the same gap? What it will also assure you is not getting a kiss at the end of the night!



Can this photo scream ‘the seventies’ any louder? Not sure if plaid was the thing back then, but we just have a feeling those mushrooms have something to do with that. The color palette, the outfits, the GIANT corsages and the whole thing together is just a lot to look at. Either way we are sure they had a terrific time at prom!


Our Ride for the Evening

When you live on a farm, you really just work with what you have and what you’re mostly familiar with. For example, when you can’t find a limo, take a Llama! We wonder what this girl was thinking adding a llama into her prom photo. Did she not realize that it looked (hilarious) but also ridiculous? The llama, though, turned out fantastic!

Prom12 (1)

King of my Castle

This girl took the whole ‘magic kingdom’ concept a little too far when she dressed in a Victorian style dress. Her date is so proud to be taking this picture that it makes us think maybe she’s a real royal! We sort of wish that our prom was a magic kingdom style of event, especially with Game of Thrones being all the rage right now.


Is that Karen Carpenter?

This prom couple seemed to be into the woodland theme. They wanted to capture their special night out in the forest or maybe, just maybe, that’s another classic backdrop! We cant ignore that corsage, though. And you know what? It’s beautiful! Awkward prom memory aside, at least this lucky lady can say her date got her a decent collection of red roses. Chivalry wasn’t dead… back then.


Hand in Hand

Holding hands is one of the most romantic gestures between couples, but we’re not sure what’s going on in this hand situation, we think they were so embarrassed by the situation that then ended up holding all four hands! It’s understandable to be nervous to go to prom and be photographed by embarrassing parents who want nothing more than take a billion photos of you when you just want to party.


The Snowmobile

When he told her he was picking her up on his new automobile, she probably never imagined in her worst nightmares that he would show you in a snowmobile. By the expression on her face, she left him to ride alone. Hold the phone, though, what if it was snowing outside? It would be totally practical for him to take this sweet ride to prom!


Short Story

We really don’t care what year it is or whether it was acceptable back in those days, no matter how hot it is outside or how cool you think you look, you, under no circumstances, wear shorts to prom. It’s a big no no. This guy’s date is thinking in her head as to how quickly she can get out of this situation.



Sure, we understand how people can get confused between prom and Halloween, after all it’s all about dressing up, but do you think Batman and Spider Man here took it a bit too far? These guy’s dates are smiling now but we are sure they are thinking of just how quickly they can run away and find real dates.


A Leap of Faith

We’d probably consider jumping as well if we had to wear these dresses. Spare us the grand show and just jump already. Only good things could come out if it. Poof that size is meant to remain in Disney films and anything related to fairy tales, not for prom night and definitely not for a photographed prom night.


Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

Is it just us or does it look like this dude asked his teacher to be his prom date? That New York skyline backdrop doesn’t help the whole ‘oldies’ vibe over there. We are not judging here at all, good for you dude! But honestly, this teacher or mother is the one we are concerned for, she could get into some serious trouble with the law. HA!


Mr. Roboto… Literally

You know what? It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. The look on this female prom date’s face is priceless. She’s staring up at her hunky man, albeit dressed like he was just deployed from space ship, like he’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen! Lesson noted – find someone who looks at you like you’re a shining star. Or like your makeup resembles a shining star.


It’s Raining on Prom Night’

We hope the theme of this eighties prom was based on the film, Grease, otherwise it would be a little too cliché. Do you think that the guy had his sister or mom put the eyeliner on his eyes or he did it all by himself? Well, at least his date if looking adorable as can be! Yay for prom night!



Taking prom photos are awkward enough, so to have your friend photobomb them and then realize it a couple of weeks later, it really doesn’t get any worse. We have to say though, this friend did a pretty good job hiding himself in the bush behind. The guys in front have green on too, coincidence? We think not. Either way, embarrassing.


The Chicken and the Date

Were these young ladies hoping these chickens would turn into three prince charming before prom night? We just hope they didn’t give them a kiss in the mouth. The girls, who probably live on a farm, thought it would be a cool idea to snap a photo with their plucky friends. We had to do the play on words, sorry!


All the Colors of the Mullet

Is this an ad for a barber shop that experts in mullets? or is it just a case of group of friends trying to outdo each other with their repair shop hair do’s? We can’t help but wonder why they look so sad though? Maybe it’s because their outfits match the color of the tablecloth.


Family Portrait

As if prom photos aren’t embarrassing enough? It’s one thing if your mom and sister wants to be part of the photo, because as we all know it’s more about them than you, but why do they have to make the situation as awkward as can possible be with these poses? The prom couple doesn’t seem to mind too much but we would.



Nobody wants to admit it, bit prom night is full of rushing hormones and young teens trying to get lucky by the end of the night. Well this couple certainly doesn’t hide their intentions and is pretty much ready to go. Guys, your mom and dad are going to see this photo, so put some pants on!



These two definitely got the memo that they need to fix their hair like plants at the backdrop of their prom picture setting. It makes them blend perfectly in the background that it makes you ignore that horrible red dress. However, we are not here to judge (too much) but they look so happy to be at prom that it almost, just almost, makes us look away.



There’s nothing worse than looking back at photos and remembering that time in your life you had braces. This girl realized if she can’t fight it, she might as well embrace the situation, and here are the results. We did not plan the pun on embrace and all but it was there and we are taking it! This girl can handle it.


The Boy Next Door

That poor girl, her parents made her take the neighbor’s son to prom. No wonder it looks like she’s about to burst into tears. After all, she did put a lot of effort in matching that green dress to her green suede shoes. Yes, this is what your ‘boy next door’ looked like in the eighties. Oy with the neighbors already!


Matching Hairstyles

It’s cool for Hollywood couples to have matching hairstyles, like Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow had when they were dating. It’s less OK to do it with your prom partner, especially if it’s a punk hair style you are sure to grow out of and most definitely not want to document. They look all up to no good and we kind of like it, though.


Carrie On

And we thought we hadn’t missed any Sex and the City episode! By the look at that picture, is seems like we missed the one where Carrie was going to prom, either way this girl totally nailed that Carrie style with those blonde curls and Jimmy Choo shoes (at least we’d like to believe they are Jimmy Choo). We wonder what Big would say about her date.


Something Fishy

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea. This young man sure wants to believe that’s true, but until he finds his one, he’s playing it safe with a real fish. What must have possessed this boy to take a toy fish to prom. We are sure it was a joke but looking back at it now he must regret it.


Little Red Riding Hood

When she told her date she was wearing red for prom and asked him to match his outfit to hers, she probably never thought he would show up in a red and white striped suit. It looks like she swallowed Little Red Riding Hood and he was what was left over from it. Matching couples make it last forever? One can only hope.


Love me for Life

Oh my goodness! Steve Urkel totally had a hot date when he went to prom! In all seriousness, who is the person in charge of these tacky captions at the backdrop of these photo sets? If it were our prom, we would be downright embarrassed at the sayings. What if I was taking my cousin and not a boyfriend?


The Devil Wears..

If you’re going to go as a devil to prom, you might as well make sure you do it as couple, that way it will look less weird. We can guess what high school was like for these two? They took their theme very seriously and we totally respect that, he even went with the whole face makeup!


Best Night Ever

Can you guess what the most classic 80s motif in the picture? It’s the lavender wrapping paper bow in the back that matches the guy’s bow tie. We also have to say that this ‘bigger the hair the closet to God’ bit is also very 80s. We were certainly born in the wrong era, the big hair looks like so much fun to pull off.


Mint Anyone?

Mint was fashionable at some point in history. These two are so adorable for matching their prom outfits that’s it’s unreal. Add in that big heart of flowers in the background and you have yourself the freshest prom photo in history. The couple also looks like they actually like each other, which makes us feel less inclined to make fun.


Serious Stuff

How serious can a prom photo get? Well, as serious as this one apparently. We do realize it’s a tricky situation to have to go to prom with two different guys, but it’s probably not as tricky as getting that hair to stick like it did, so you’re good. This girl must feel like a million bucks, taking two cousins to prom!


No They Didn’t

A bag of Skittles exploded all over the place, and the results are right in front of you. Well if you’re planning to go in color, you might go all the way. What color would you choose? We are all about the light pink, to be as demure as can be while still going to match with the rest of my crew.


Three’s Company

This dude must feel very lucky to have not one, but three prom dates! In fact he felt so casual about this fact that he forgot to wear a proper suit and they needed to have him sit down to make sure they could fit him and all three girls in the photo.


The Perfect Date

Way to go! Why should any girl wait around for a guy to ask her to be his date for prom? This one decided she’ll be going DIY for her prom and created her own prom date from a cardboard. We’re sure her parents were happy with this date (who just happens to be Dr. Who).


A Cinderella Story

We’re not sure why but these two ladies remind us of Cinderella’s step sisters. Maybe it’s those matching dresses or vicious smiles, either way we wouldn’t like to be part of this fairy tale. The guys even look a little scared to be around the girls, you think they forced them to go to prom with them?


That Curtain Stole My Look

There’s nothing worse than showing up on the red carpet, or to your prom for that matter, with the same dress as someone else. So to show up looking exactly like the curtain, that’s just on a whole different level of embarrassment. She should just blend into the background and hope no one notices her.


Oh Uh!

You know those photos that are taken with the purpose of looking back fondly and being proud of the momentous occasion taking place? Yeah, this clearly isn’t one of those. There is always a weight limit to a bridge, guys, you should have known this before you decided to get all 25 people on the bridge and hope for the best.


That One Gesture

This picture could have been perfect it wasn’t for that one little but very creepy hand gesture. There are endless things that could go through this guy’s mind when he looks at his date that way that he does, but there’s really only one thing that he must be thinking of. It is slightly dominating that gesture and we feel like smacking his hand away.


High Up There

Sure the 80s were all about the big and puffy hair, but this girl took it one step further. For her it’s the higher the better. That’s one way to get people’s attention. Another way would to arrive looking like your normal self and not like your hand got stuck inside your hair while you were hair spraying it.


Going on a Neon Safari

If we could re-do our bat mitzvah party all over again, we would choose this neon safari situation as the theme. In fact, we’d find this exact prom couple and ask them to plan it for us. If you ever feel like you’re Barbie going on a safari hunt, refer to this prom date’s dress as an instructional guide.


Can’t Buy Me Love

Who needs boys when you have such a beautiful group of girls lined up on a fake bridge posing for their prom picture? Honestly, we can’t say anything bad about these ladies who just nailed that 80’s look. It’s almost looks like it was taken from a scene from the classic 80’s film with Patrick Dempsey.


When in Doubt – Pineapple.

Someone in this picture didn’t find a prom date. We’ll give you a second while you look and try to figure out who it is… Anyway. A pineapple is as good a choice as any, right? At the end of the night he definitely tasted something sweet on his lips. That’s prom tradition after all, right?


Gender Equality

If you’re going to make a statement, it might as well be a fashion statement. This prom pulled the old switcharoo by giving each other their prom attire. He pulls off that dress quite nicely, don’t you think? We are all for gender equality! It’s all the rage now with everything going on in the political sphere.


Fur Fetched

This guy is a good prom date, right here. Instead of telling his date that it’s too darn hot to wear that fur out tonight, he’s gonna help her rock it like it’s Christmas time. What a keeper. There isn’t snow on the ground. The only time it is legit to wear (fake) fur is when there is snow on the ground!


Matching Means Everything

When it comes to almost, like, every single prom picture taken in the 80s, we can see there is an obvious trend happening. Lots of neon. And.. lots of matching couples to claim their territory for the evening. There is also another 80s element to the couple – her super high 80s hair is one signature element of the outfit!


Daughter’s First Prom

This father hilariously photobombed his daughter’s first prom photo. One look at his face is enough to see how exactly he feels about this. We would definitely make sure she doesn’t come one second after her curfew. This prom date is super brave, he is just smiling to the camera as if he doesn’t have someone making a bullseye out of his back.


Classic 80’s

We thought spray tans became a thing after the 90s? We also thought neon shades were restricted to clothing items and accessories only? Shows how much we know about the 80s trends. Once again, matching outfits. This couple, as opposite as they seem to be, are kind of adorable in their own way. We love the pink!


Camelot and Genevieve

A lady should always feel like a princess on her prom night. This also means her date should feel like a prince. If this castle in the background didn’t do the trick and make them feel like royalty, then they’re a lost cause. The glitter alone must have come in bulk and gotten stuck on everyones clothes. Oh the good old days.


Pretty in Pink

We love these girls! Talk about individuality! Except for the fact that, well, they’re kind of dressed similar. Oh, well. They look like mighty cute best friends who decided they’d make the best date options for one another. Who needs a guy to ask you to prom? Just take your best friend and have a night on the town without worrying about a boy.


So Raise Your Glass’

When Pink released her hit single, it’s safe to say she took her inspo for the upbeat song from this picture. Turn the volume up, look those lyrics up and see what we’re talking about. Other than that, these girls are all holding onto their glasses of wine while under age. Who was the parent in charge of this one?


Flock of Seagulls

We’re not sure what’s worth commenting in this picture. Is it his flock of seagulls hairstyle or the fact that this dude’s prom date needs to stand a stair up to barely reach half his height. We do like how they coordinated her dress with his shoelaces, though. Now that we are looking at this photo again, this guys is massive!


The Mermaid

It’s not fair to judge, really. Maybe her high school’s prom was happening on Halloween night? Or maybe it was an ‘Under the Sea’ theme? We all want to feel like the Little Mermaid at times, with spikes included. However, we do have to say that this dress is slightly inappropriate for prom. It is too tight and revealing if you ask us.


Two of a Kind

So, they’re both wearing suits. His is more similar to a western style theme and hers is like a penguin. We’re guessing they aren’t dates, otherwise there would be an awkward “prom pose” happening here. This does bring us back to the film Mean Girls, where one of the characters wears a suit instead of a dress and we loved it!


The one with Bon Jovi

Check this out, Bon Jovi was even cool back then when he was in high school. Ok so it’s not really him, but still we’re not sure why his date chose to put her corsage as an ornament on her dress. Maybe she was the inspiration for his hit song – ‘Bed of Roses.’ Lucky girl!


Coming Up Short

Either she’s really into short dudes or he’s got some serious pick up skills. In a way, he kind of reminds us of Steve Urkel. Doesn’t he? Say it with us now… ‘Did I do that?’ The height difference shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it is incredibly significant in this case, impractical as well!


What’s so Funny?

More than we’d wish to know what was so funny at that exact moment, we’d like to know what this guy’s holding in his right hand! If we had to guess, we think this guy tried putting his hand in a place where this girl was not about to allow it to go. You go girl! If not, sorry dude.


Forces of Nature

There’s a strong possibility that this prom couple happens to be the chaperone of a pre-school prom. We’re just kidding ourselves, though. Aren’t we? At least she looks like Rainbow Bright! These outfits look home made to us as well, do you think she made their outfits for prom? While it is original, it seems like an awful lot of work!


Group Photo

We’re pretty sure what happened next – after they did everyone a favor by taking this picture, this gang headed to the closest liquor store to kick off the night. Their plan wasn’t flawed, since most high school seniors were all about this exact plan throughout their prom night. Come on, you know you did it too! It’s all about breaking the rules.


Daddy Issues

No daddy, I don’t want to take you to prom! We just hope he dressed for the occasion. This girl does not look too pleased with the guy to her right, which we hope to be a brother or father and not her date since if it was we would have told this young woman to go to prom on her own and forget this undeserving fool.


Batman or Bust

If someone was trying to expose themselves as the one and only Bruce Wayne, we’re not so sure he was successful… Plus, we’re pretty sure there is a token character in this group of friends that should have been placed front and center for the prom picture. This is what happens when you try to blend in, when you’re born to stand out!


Jill and the Beanstalk

We have a feeling Jill couldn’t find a date for the prom. So, instead she found a magical bean and planted it in her backyard. When it finally grew, it became this handsome young stud! This couple has one serious height difference between them, as well as girth. However, they look so happy that it seems mean to say anything negative.


5th Wheel… Literally

We’ve heard of a 3rd before, but a literal 5th wheel? That’s just comedy gold. We kind of feel bad for it, though. Where was his special prom date on this fateful evening? Everyone is in their statement blush pink. Poor guys had to listen to their girlfriends and wear pink when they surely wanted to wear the farthest thing from it.


Revenge of the Nerds’

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the first photobomb ever! Probably not, but these guys got these girls good. These teenagers were set up for the perfect “girl group” prom photo and now, they’ve got quite a different memory to look back on. The girls look adorable either way, though, and we are sure they had a lovely prom night ahead of them.


The Writing’s on Her Dress

Any seniors looking for a good deal on a car were probably in luck when she showed up to the prom. The only question is – didn’t her date have a problem with other people grabbing at her dress for a good coupon? She probably thought she was being original and wearing something she made and that it made a statement, while it did make a splash, we aren’t sure it was the one she wanted.


He Pulled a Selena

Hey, if you can’t get the real Selena Gomez to be your prom date, just make a cardboard cutout of her, dress her up and take her to prom. This will definitely make some girls jealous. This guy just thinks he is one clever dude, doesn’t he? We will give him an A for effort, but his peers may not be so nice.


Barbie and Barbie?

How did these girls fit into the limo with their Barbie boxes? And, wait a minute. They couldn’t find Kens to escort them to their prom? Why would any girl do this to herself? You think you’re being funny? To think that they purchased these boxes and put themselves in them. That probably wouldn’t happen as much these days.


The Barney Show

If these teenagers were Barney fans when they were younger, then boy were they in for a treat on prom night! If they were more of the Sesame Street type, though, this wouldn’t have been a treat at all. Why would Barney be at prom? He is a child star (who has gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years if we remember correctly).


Hug a Tree

It’s easy to decipher the body language in this prom picture. She’s an environmentalist who wants to make a statement on a big night, obviously. He, on the other hand, is imaging that tree trunk isn’t exactly a tree trunk. What would your mother say about this gesture you’re making, young man? This quite hilarious, though.


Planned Parenthood

Alright, look. We know there’s a certain assumption about prom night “rituals.” If this awkward prom photo doesn’t set the standards for being “safe,” then all hope is lost on future generations. We bet her parents set this shot up as a way to plant a subconscious seed in her mind. Kind of like Inception, right?