Hilarious posts about Fortnite

Although there have been a huge variety of games released this year, there is one that has got the world talking more than most. Fortnite. Yes, this game has faced fierce competition from the likes of Player Unknown Battlegrounds and has divided the world on who will come out on top, but we know there can only be one real winner.

Not only is Fortnite now one of the most talked about games in the world, but it’s also named as the most played game of 2018 thanks to the 3.4 million people that switch on their consoles to get a piece of the action. As if that wasn’t enough, the battle royale also had a staggering one million players on launch day alone. So what is all the fuss?

Well, Fortnite Battle Royale pits up to 100 people against one another. All you need to do is drop onto the map, collect as many weapons as you can and start building a fortress that will keep you safe as you battle to destroy all the other players. After all, there can only be one victory royale. Although the game has been in the works for the last seven years, it seems as though it was all worth the wait for many.

Fortnite might be the game that has seen us lose many hours over the last few months, but it’s more than just a game; it’s a way to make friends, build bonds, and even enjoy some of the hilarious posts about Fortnite when we’re away from our screens.

Dressed for the occasion

One of the best bits about Fortnite is being able to fully customize your character to wear just whatever you like. That’s right; you can create a mini-me or fashion someone entirely different. As if that wasn’t enough, there are regular releases of brand new skins meaning there is always a variety throughout the map. If you and the squad are known for your fashion skills, or lack of, in real life, then why not take them to the game, too?

Together we stand

Being part of a team means pulling together to get the job done and always being there to look out for one another. So how is anyone supposed to do that when one of your team lands in Pleasant Park while the rest of you are over in Lucky Landing? C’mon guys, we need to stick together. Although it can be one of the biggest pains of the game, we all know there is no way we can leave a member of the squad behind. It’s time to go and get them back.

The struggle is real

Although we might not like to admit it, many of us can hold our hands up and say we have been in this situation. Sure, we want to help out a friend and get them back on their feet, but why should we pass up the opportunity to finally take all that loot they have been hoarding? After all, we wouldn’t let a stranger get away with it. Perhaps our friends should learn to share? Just better hope they don’t find out it was you that ended their game as a punishment.

Playing tricks on us

Epic Games are the ones behind the ingenious Fortnite and the ones we can thank for hours of entertainment. However, they aren’t just set on making the most successful game of the year so far – they are also here to keep us entertained in the real world, too. After all, how many other games companies do you know that will point and laugh at their players? Even so, we can’t help but love them and still keep coming back for more.

The way to her heart

Finding love can be tough for many of us, especially when there is so much competition out there in the world. Thankfully, Fortnite is here to help us win over the hearts of the nation. While everyone else is out there trying to further their careers or build a bank balance for themselves, we’re over here racking up some serious v-bucks and preparing for the next battle royale. Chew on that, world. No one can keep us away from our victory royale title.

Looking for a thrill seeker

Many of us have a list of things we look for in a partner. A pulse, a head, and some kind of personality are always a great start, but what about when it comes down the nitty gritty parts of a relationship? This is when we need to look for the ones that keep us on our toes; the ones willing to take risks. In 2018, it seems as though there is no better way to prove your bravery than by landing yourself a spot in Dusty Divot, are we right?

Those disappearing “friends”

Have you ever found yourself about to lose the house only to discover you’ve lost your wallet? Maybe you’ve just arrived home, and no matter how many times you pat your pockets you just can’t seem to find your keys? It looks as though these have been talking to the rest of our squad on Fortnite as they, too, have perfected their disappearing act. Don’t worry guys; we’ll single-handedly take down everyone else on the map. You just sit there with your milkshakes.

A forever memory

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, then chances are you’ve seen one of the most heroic rescue missions in the history of the world, let alone the game. Muselk noticed Chappadoodle was stuck down on the back and couldn’t build himself back up. Determined to help, Muselk built a structure to rescue the fellow player. Tragically, when he drove a cart of the edge to try and help him reach the structure, Chappadoodle lost his life. Thankfully, Epic saw the funny side and have since commemorated the fallen player with a gravestone on the spot.

Surprise surprise

Tilted Towers is the location on the map that many of us talk about in whispers. However, it seems as if we were talking a bit too loudly as everyone else heard. The key is to make it to the drop point before everyone else so you can get your hands on the available loot and set up shop ready to take on anyone that challenges you. Although we think we might be the first to have this idea, it looks like everyone else already beat us to the punch.

Just keep still

What is the key to making it through Fortnite? Surviving. Although we like to believe we can do this all on our own, it seems as if there are sometimes we need a little help from our squad. So what happens when they’re all gone? It’s time to embrace the camo and get hiding. Without the rest of the team, it seems as if our chances are slim. Now, it’s time to sit back and wait out the round until we are the last one to survive.

Not a good start

Your health in Fortnite is the most precious thing. After all, once it’s gone, so are you; there’s no more round this time. However, some people land themselves next to some pretty impressive loot or are able to get a good shot before we even stand a chance. Now, it’s time to panic. Although there is little you can do to rewind the clocks, at least we can see the funny side, right? If you don’t laugh then chances are you might cry.

The path to danger

As much as we might not want to admit it, chances are you have a game plan figured out in your head of how to handle most situations on Fortnite. It can be great to think ahead, but can also be the downfall when your squad also has ideas of their own. They just won’t listen; our plans are tried and tested, and we can’t imagine anyone else coming up with such genius ideas. Although we know their plans will never work, we will humor them to prove we’re right.

Turn to the dark side

If you have played Fortnite over the years, then chances are you’ve taken a visit to Tilted Towers – only to realize you never want to return. The drop point is excellent as it is filled with so many treasure chests and the opportunity for loot, but someone told everyone else that secret fact, too. Now, just about every player wants to land here, and your chances of survival are looking slim. At least Mufasa and Simba know what’s up.

The small touches

There have been many petitions over the years that have got a whole host of results, but it seems as though Fortnite players are looking for something much more straightforward. All they want is to thank the lucky bus driver that gets to drop them off across the map. Is a little politeness to much to ask from the world? Amazingly, more than 8,000 people have signed their name to the petition looking for 10,000 signatures before it can be submitted.

The complications of love

Being with someone means there might be times where you wish you knew what they’re thinking. Perhaps you’ve just had a big fight, or they forgot to mention it was your birthday? These are both things and more than can roll through our minds. However, it seems as though we might be overcomplicating the situation when dating a Fortnite player. It looks like all they really want to think about is how they let themselves down so epically…

One way or another

While Fortnite Battle Royale is now known as the most played game of the year, there are still people that worry about the full release of the game. After all, did you know Fortnite: Save the World is actually a game about saving us all from a zombie apocalypse rather than taking down 99 other players? Although Fortnite might not have been the first to release their battle royale, its success has seen many games cotton on to the idea.

Let’s roll out

It’s one thing to jump in and help out the rest of your squad; it’s another to know when you’re outnumbered and need to move on. Sure, you might have lost the rest of your team along the way, but will your ending really be able to bring them back? No. Instead, they need to watch as you go on to become the champion of the round. We’re sure they’ll be proud of you. Just make sure the opponents don’t see you sneaking away…

Straight to the top

The building aspect of the game is the feature that separates Fortnite from the rest. Here, you can create all kinds of incredible pieces, including the all-important tower. Now, you can look down on the rest of the folk in the round and take them down one by one. However, you need to be quick if you want to make it to the top before someone sees your plan. Once there, feel free to pull any pose you like as you are now officially the king of the castle.

There’s no choice

We love Fortnite, but why does getting our hands on those v-bucks have to be so expensive? Sure, it’s a free to play game, but do we really have to make these microtransactions if we want to get the latest skins? Apparently so. In a world with some of the biggest tragedies happening all across the globe, it might be tempting to put an end to it all. That is until we remember the importance of Fortnite. Sorry guys, we need that look.

The choice is easy

Every time the map loads and we hear the start of the game, we know we have to think long and hard about where we are going to drop. It needs to be somewhere no one else will go but have enough supplies we’ll be able to collect weapons and ammo. At least then we can make it to the others prepared for anything. That’s all very well until it’s time to choose a drop point, we just can’t help ourselves – we need the thrill of Tilted Towers in our lives!

To honor it all

Occasionally, we can find ourselves wondering where our names came from. It could be a long-lost relation, a character from a TV show, or even a unique creation thought up by our parents. Whatever it is, our names are forever and, unfortunately, we have to learn to love them – whether we like it or not. One way many parents name their child is by the things they love. So what about if you have children in the future? Yeah, we thought so.

The fallen comrade

Battling against another squad in the game is one way to get hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. After all, only one can walk away victorious, and it’s time to battle it to the very end. However, not everyone will make it out the other side, even if you are victorious. Sure, the celebration of winning might be enough to see you through, but it’s important to remember the fallen soldiers that have given their lives for our success. See you next round, buddy.

Tale of two sides

Have you found yourself donning your superhero cape and rushing to the rescue of one of your squad? Us, too. They might have fallen, but we will always be there to help no matter the cost. Unfortunately, it seems as though not everyone feels the same way. While we are busy being awesome and saving our team, they are busy dragging their feet when player number one goes down. Thanks, guys – we’ll fix this one too shall we?

The inevitable fate

Most of us have that moment when we think about playing one more round with the squad before logging off and remembering we need to adult in the morning. However, the best thing about being a grown-up is the fact we no longer have to stick to a bedtime. No one is there to tell us to turn off the TV. Although this is one of the perks of life, it can also be the thing that turns us into living zombies as all those 4am bedtimes slowly catch up.