Hilarious home renovation fails


Water and electrics

Hands up if you remember anything from science at school? If so, you probably know full well that water and electrics definitely don’t mix. Even if you didn’t learn that in science, any Pokemon fan knows that water is weak against electric – for good reason! Unfortunately, whoever was renovating this house definitely didn’t attend science lessons at school or play Pokemon. There is no way you should put a faucet so close to an electrical outlet, especially not that close to the ground where kids could get hold of them either. We can safely say, do not try this at home, ladies and gentlemen!

Garage for hovercrafts

Is this a renovation fail or is someone just preparing for the future? Perhaps this person is awaiting the delivery of their new hovercraft and wanted to keep it safe in a modern garage, attached to their futuristic looking home. Or perhaps whoever built this garage really didn’t consider the logistics of getting a car in and out. Unless they’re planning on ruining their suspension everytime they drive in or out of the garage, we would highly recommend they get some kind of ramp or bring the ground level up to actually meet the garage door. Maybe they just didn’t want to ruin their pretty gravel yard with a ramp?

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